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Found 5 results

  1. I did this lioness at the same time I was working on the bear, she's 2 years older, being made in 1982. Let me know what you think.
  2. Design: Artisan Guild - Rakshakin Headhunter. Base: Archvillain Games. Part of my Shifting Sands Project: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79372-shifting-sands-glitterwolf-paints-egyptian-undead/page/25/#comments *************** Wander deep into the Desert and you'll encounter more than you ever hoped for. Undead, Stygian Snakepeople, Nomads, Tomb Raiders and the proud Rakshakin, a fierce race of lionmen. Don't worry, it will be over quick... **************
  3. So I'm still experimenting with glow effects, but I'm pretty happy with this one Painted her to be used as a sorcerer in my 9th age army
  4. So since the (Hob)Goblin Chieftain is having a simple green spa day, I decided to start on my projected diorama for ReaperCon this October. I want to try to recreate the cover of Forgotten Realms Accesory FR1- Waterdeep and the North: In the picture, from left to right, are Slan Thurbel, Slink Monteskor, Ott Steeltoes, Xanathar the Beholder, and Shindia Darkeyes. 2 charmed Intellect Devourers are 'down in front'... So I decided to get everyone out of the boxes and Blisters, and give them a scrub before committing a 'frogcident on them so that they look like the pic. For Slan, I plan on using one of the Town Guard (03165) For Slink, HFV005 Old Man For Ott, Gruff Grimecleaver (03626) For Xanathar, GF9's Eye Tyrant (Mine isn't assembled yet...) For Shindia, an old Ral Partha Figure from Silver and Steel For the Intelect Devourers, the body of the female lion (65050) (Sorry, that's the P-65 number, which is what I have 2 of... Sure none of the minis is an exact match, but It should not be that hard to get a close semblance... I mean the fact the the Dwarf's peg is on the other foot is immaterial to me.... And that is what I am planning, to give you the feel of that pic.... So everything is great, all the figures are here lets start with the hack and slash and pinning and putty... Then I started taking pics: and the Eye Tyrant parts: With Gruff With the Lioness With a Reaper Eye Beast That is just the upper and lower parts of his head!!!! Now the beholder is fine, He is the centerpiece and the crime lord the others work for, but the Ral Partha and Hasslefree minis are to small compared to the Reaper ones, and the lioness are just to large... So now I need to find replacements for those 2 and a smaller body to work the Devourers onto... Anyone have thoughts? Thanks for looking, even at this very early stage... ***You need to find my companions and pets soon, as your time is starting to run out....*** ***EEEEP not AGAIN!!!!!!***
  5. Hi all, So here are the last two I've painted up, to nice little lions sculpted way back in around 1982 ( or at least that's what the bottom of them say ) by painting legend and goddess Julie Guthrie. I'm kind of on my lion- colored kick with my manticore before these and the next one is my chimera also by Julie Guthrie that I'll be trying to finish up next. The bases were literally one millimeter too big to actually set on one of the middle-size bases, so I ended up putting them on large bases. I really did just a quick bit of dirt and grass, didn't want to bother with any stones or anything like that. I ended up finding that the poor Winsor and Newton Series 7 size two brush that I'd given up for detail work works really nicely for base coats and bases and general coverage, so that's inspiring. Anyway hope you enjoy them! Mark
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