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Found 11 results

  1. Awhile back I posted part of the LOOT tavern. Here is part 2, which required me to use a slightly larger paint selection. Since my camera didn't want to play nice we have "blurry, but color accurate," and "in-focus but it doesn't quite look like that." Either way, tabletop ready.
  2. As mentioned elsewhere I got a copy of Rangers of Shadowdeep for Christmas, but due to the fact that I've almost always gamed at other people's houses, I lack terrain. Enter LOOT's welcome pack, which is a tavern. The default scale is 32mm. I could have scaled it to 88% and made it 28mm, but I just printed as is. Below you can see how it looks on a D&L grid (30mm), but it won't really matter at all off grid. And part 1 of the painting, just the wood! The wood grain on some of these is quite shallow so I used a glaze painting method like @AntiMatter wrote about. It did fill in the wood grain, but in order to really make it pop I would need to go back and highlight every board, which I'm not doing. Instead they just got some exterior edge highlighting, which I may yet blend in a bit with an ink wash later. My "nice" pics were overexposed, so I just waited for some natural light on the work table and took a new one.
  3. Hello everyone, something different today. Because adventurers also need a reward, here are pictures of 02313, Treasure Hoard (third from the set) sculpted by Bob Olley.
  4. Here we have a collection of treasure markers made by various manufacturers ( I'm pretty sure the boots are Reaper, and I know the bags are ) that I've done up for Frostgrave.
  5. For the next game of Frostgrave, we're adding a fun element where a treasure marker may instead be a zombie, so clearly, we all need to bring a casualty/treasure marker of some sort. A dead body clutching a treasure chest sounded just about perfect, so I went through my bits, and pulled a tiny treasure chest from GW's Brettonian infantry. For the body, I looked at a whole bunch of options, but settled on using one of the zombies from Bones II. It's the hunched over one on the far left. I chopped off his base, added some cork and the chest, and decided that was good enough. I used grey liner to prime it. Blocked in the base colors. Had a bit of a spill with the red, most of which ended up on a demon. But that's for another post. Then I sloshed the body with flesh wash, and detailed the chest with bronze. (not shown). The pics don't show it well, but I used wood glue when I initially applied the snow. This isn't ever a problem when I'm doing grass, but the yellow of the glue tinted the snow. And while there are times yellow snow is appropriate, this isn't really one of them. So I'm trying a variety of things to fix it. We'll see how my experiments look when I get back to my desk. One thing I can say is that just painting it didn't work.
  6. Hi folks, Decided to take a break from CAVs and make some treasure tokens after seeing a tutorial I on here. Although I cannot find where the original tutorial is now (edit: you can find it here http://http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/33). These two took two hours for my fiance and I to make. I'm generally happy with how they came out, although the one lesson that I learned is that you need to make anything that sits with the gold very, very bright. When I painted the gemstones and the weapons I thought at first that they would look too ostentatious, but after adding the gold they kind of get drowned out. I also need to add another layer of dark wash to highlight the difference between the coins. But this was a fun project and I can see myself making more in the future. C&C always welcome!
  7. Not much to show off, but I have some completed scenery bits to use as treasure tokens in Frostgrave. A chest surrounded by treasure: And some sacks! Are they filled with gold? Potions? Magic scrolls? Brewer's yeast? Delicious potatoes? Only one way to find out!
  8. This is a new Mousling thief from the Bones II Kickstarter. I've painted up six different Mouslings for a campaign. WIP thread here. Other painted Mouslings in the set: Beekeeper, Assassin, Ranger With Bow, Yeoman (Robin Hood), Druid
  9. Needed some simple minis just to keep painting. This is the treasure pile of 77138 (I've done the candleabras already so this completes the set). Apologize for the photo quality, only got one good photo out of the bunch.
  10. I feel very appreciated this Christmas. The girlfriend and I both approached Christmas morning in a sweaty uncertainty. Apparently, we'd both THOUGHT we'd gotten each other things that the other would really like... but there was that sense of "what if I'm completely wrong about this?" floating in the background. Among the items I'd done for her was a limited edition Sandra Garrity piece... I forget what it's called, but it's a cutesy dragon, hugging a bug-eyed knight to the point of strangulation... "I will love him and squeeze him and call him St. George!" I found it at the adoption table at Reapercon, and thought it was adorable. I also assembled and painted the entire Legion of Justice and Caeke on a forest base ... she'd said she thought Echidnox was adorable, so naturally I took it too far. And then worried that I was having so much fun, that I hadn't realized that maybe this wasn't the best Christmas gift for her. She went wild over them. Mission accomplished, and thank you, Jason Wiebe. And then it turns out SHE was worried about what she'd gotten ME. Was it the right thing? The right stuff? She'd bought all these items and then realized that she'd kind of been on a theme... who wants a whole bunch of BOOKS for Christmas? ...well... I do... if they're art books dedicated to specific subjects I'm interested in. The Art Of "The Book Of Life", from the movie's production art, is downright stunning. I didn't even know there WAS a book of preproduction art. The Art Of "How To Train Your Dragon II" was just as welcome... LOVE those movies, and she got me the art book from the first one LAST year, and it was every bit as welcome. Reading art books is not only fascinating, but helps me become a better artist myself. Which is why Talin needs to publish The Art Of Reaper Miniatures, but I digress. Oh, yeah: an action figure. Ash. From "Evil Dead II." Eight inches tall, cloth outfit, retro Mego style. My girlfriend gets me. And I love her for it. Any brags about loot, or interesting stories?
  11. The Story - Two years ago, a friend, who used to run a gaming store, asked if I wanted all his old minis left from when he closed the store, since they were just taking up space. As I have no willpower, I said sure. He said there might be 3 or 4 Diamond boxes worth. There ended up being 9 boxes... Fast forward to last year, when the Kickstarters started rolling in. I now have even more minis I will never really have time to paint. So what to do with all these minis in the boxes? Well, I could sell some on ebay or something , but that sounds like work. So how about I give some away? I started by giving Cartmanis's son a few figs to paint. Then used some blister packs as packaging material for Secret Sophie. Still an awful lot of stuff, running out of room for KS stuff. How about I do a contest? A Sci-Fi contest, because I've got a ton of Sci-Fi stuff, I really like Sci-Fi stuff, and I don't see enough Sci-Fi stuff being done on the site. So, here we are. Paint up some cool Sci-Fi stuff and, if you place, you'll get to pick out some (hopefully) cool Sci-Fi stuff and I'll send it to you. TL;DR - I have way too many Sci-Fi figs that I will never paint. Paint up something Sci-Fi and maybe I'll send you some. Contest rules: -- the theme is Science Fiction. Any Sci-Fi is good. But if you want to do cowboys, they had better be Space Cowboys, and there coats had better be brown. -- entries can be of any manufacturer, or sculpt your own. -- any figure which was painted and finished between May 1st and the deadline is eligible -- the deadline for entries is September 7, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST -- you may enter as many times as you like, but only one prize per person will be awarded -- each entry needs to be uploaded to the appropriate thread. Please attach your entries using the forum uploading feature or hotlink from the Inspiration Gallery. We want to make sure they're visible at all times. -- you may submit between one and four images of each Squad or Single Figure entry and up to six images for Diorama. They do not need to be stitched into a single image file. -- you are allowed to enter miniatures that will also be entered into other contests that might overlap this one. -- the judges or Reaper reserves the right to remove entries if deemed inappropriate, but we're pretty laid back here and this is just to cover our butts. -- the judges and Reaper can clarify and amend rules at will. Categories: There are three categories, Diorama, Squad and Single Figure Diorama: A Diorama is defined as two or more figures on a scenic base that helps to tell as story. Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 100 points. The judges will look at the following when deciding: Composition: layout, how well it tells a story, etc -- 50 points Painting Skill -- 25 points Overall Presentation of the miniature (basing, colors used, and so on) -- 25 pts Squad: A Squad is defined as 4 or more figures painted as a cohesive unit. Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 100 points. The judges will look at the following when deciding: Cohesion: how well the unit ties together -- 50 points Painting Skill -- 25 points Overall Presentation of the miniature (basing, colors used, and so on) -- 25 pts Single Figure: A Single Figure is just that, one fig, any size. A vehicle with a driver/rider would be a single fig, but a vehicle with a crew would better fit in squad or diorama. Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 50 points. The judges will look at the following when deciding: Painting Skill -- 25 points Overall Presentation of the miniature (basing, colors used, and so on) -- 25 pts The Prizes: The items I have available are mostly VOID and Warzone figures, including a number of box sets. There may also be a few Sci-Fi items from Star Wars and some really old TSR Gamma World stuff. I will likely split the items up into categories, so a winner may get to pick one from the "boxed sets" list and X from the "Blister packs" list (for example). I reserve the right to throw more stuff in the box if there is room after packing your picks. Picks will be done by where you placed, in the order of Diorama, Squad and then Single. So 1st place Diorama will pick first, 1st place Squad will pick second and so forth. The prizes in each category: 1st place - picks: 2 Large and 20 Small 2nd place - picks: 1 Large and 16 Small 3rd place - picks: 1 Large and 12 Small lucky drawing - picks: 1 Large and 8 Small Best Reaper - Reaper provided award for the best all Reaper entry - $15 Reaper Gift Certificate, plus I'm going to throw in 4 Small picks (just cause I'm like that) See attached pdf for complete list of picks available. contest_minis_list.pdf Image Enhancement: -- digital enhancement ("Photoshopping") of your entry is strictly prohibited. -- no clone brush, healing brush, airbrush, or other brush work. Fix your paint with paint, not with Photoshop. -- no adding or removing background elements from the image -- cropping, global color balance, and global level adjustments are allowed ("global" means "the entire image." You may not "pop" colors by only selecting some areas for level adjustment. )
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