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Found 20 results

  1. I just received the rest of my stuff from the Marvel Zombie! Kickstarter, so I figured it was time to get started on the core box....that I received last year some time..... I popped the box open, and had forgotten just how organized CMoN has become over the years with their boxes. So in the core box version of the game (which is a variant of Zombicide) you play Zombie superheroes (the green ones in the above pics) against the humans. A bit different from the original Zombicide. You can play the heroes against the zombies in the X-Men Resistance core box, which is up on the shelf and I'll be getting to...someday. Besides the zombie Supes, you get a bunch of named Bystanders (who are trying not to get eaten) and 3 types of SHIELD soldiers (Troopers, Guards and Specials) who are trying to stop you, as well as some still living Supes. So my goal for the weekend is to get some of these primed (haven't checked if there are any mold lines yet) as I have a bunch of priming to do this weekend for other games as well. Then I'll probably start with some SHIELD grunts to get a paint scheme down and get used to how these paint before going on to the Zombies.
  2. Like many of you my free time is on the rise recently and I've found both the time and muse to paint. I'm trying to learn the game Marvel Crisis Protocol. I used several brands of paint here including Reaper. I need to order a new Saffron Yellow as my bottle has seen younger days. :) J--
  3. At last, the first trailer for the conclusion of Infinity War has been released; https://youtu.be/hA6hldpSTF8 They're certainly not giving a lot away...
  4. The first trailer for Marvel's Infinity War was released today. It looks amazing, but I can't help but worry it will be a big muddled mess. Part of me is a little sad to see this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to an end. There were some highs and lows, but in general it has been a very enjoyable trip. I can still remember watching the original Iron Man movie for the first time. How quickly the years have passed. I will have to plan a big Marvel movie marathon before next May. :)
  5. http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2017/07/mv-challenge-2017.html?m=1 Peace and blessings, brothers and sisters. The crew at Massive Voodoo have let loose their call for their 2017 Challenge. The crew at Massive Voodoo set out challenges to their viewers in order to push our abilities past our comfort zone. This year they have two (2) Challenges for us! 1. Create a base using water effects. 2. Paint a Disney Infinity character. There are limitations in this challenge - like on the basing Challenge: the goal is to create a base with a water effect, not to focus on a figure. They said we can use a small animal to accent the base, and Reaper has some awesome Familiars we can use. Also, Infinity Challenge is one figure, not multiple, which allows us to focus doing our best on one figure. Full details can be found by clicking on the link. I heard that little voice too: "I cannot win this! Why should I even try?" Well shut the front door little-voice-in-my-head! I know I have much to learn and improve in my own Art, which is why this is a Challenge. We cannot lose: we win just by pushing past our comfort zone and learning more about our beloved hobby. :D I said it before and I will keep repeating it: I believe in you. I see the awesome work you all do, and you believe in me too. That love helps me believe in myself and makes me want to work harder to push past my own limits. Plus we get to paint a character from the Disney franchise - which includes Marvel and Star Wars! I didn't even consider painting these as well as playing with them! ( Don't judge too harshly. Elsa kicks butt.) For a full list of characters available, check 'em out here: http://www.portalcharacters.com/disney-infinity/figures.asp You can find them individually and inexpensively on eBay. Now, if you will excuse me: I have some Reaper Familiars to peruse. :D May your efforts be rewarded and blessed!
  6. Looks incredibly zany and fun! https://youtu.be/v7MGUNV8MxU
  7. So my friend has decided to run a Legendary Marvel Deckbuilding Games Organized Play event has his new opened store to help advertise his store and to show off the new X-men expansion for Legendary. As he is newish to the game itself and to running events, I have been tapped to help come up with the format. I myself haven't run any Upper Deck Organized Play events, but I have run and played in several other similar other events. For those who play I would like feedback to see if I missed anything, or if anything is unclear. I any one local (or semi-local) wants to play, let me know and I can post the information. The most important thing to my mind was to make sure that the scenarios were balanced but still allow the players to have agency and be able to show off their skill. As such, I have designed 3 scenarios (Scheme, Mastermind, Villains, and henchmen) and will be allowing the players to draft their own Heroes. Normally all of these factors are determined randomly, which can result in games that can range from simple to practically impossible. Since there will be exclusive cards up for grabs, I wanted to make it fair for everyone. Additionally, as the theme of this Organized Play event is the new X-men expansion, I restricted all choices where possible to the cards provided in that set. I also eliminated the "Driven Mad by Power- Phoenix" card from play as it will potentially break the game. Link for the scenario and rules are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z9RIBps8TxOlmgRBKb8L-n3SSVOLbyfhFD9O5eKllD4/edit?usp=sharing
  8. As of this writing, comics legend Stan Lee is alive and well and living in semiretirement in California. He often makes cameos in movies based on Marvel properties. A hoax is going around that he has done croaked. He denies this. I am inclined to believe him.
  9. Herein Lies my Summer exchange piece I did for Pktlnt. He asked for something fabulous and gave some inspiration of "an unlikely superhero". I started thinking of my favorite superheros and was coming up with blanks for how to make them work. Until I dug through my drawer of shame and found 2 things needed to make this work. A paladin and a shield. This ended up having a bit more freehand work than I usually attempt. I also did a bit of converting to make it work including fileing off some details on the shield. But that said this is my favorite piece I've made yet. I'm gonna go order another paladin and make one for me! The pics will explain everything... Closeup of shield and face... Closer look at the freehand...
  10. Just got back from it a little while ago. Really liked it. The shrinking/regrowing while fighting made the action a little hard to make out at times. While not Marvels best outing by far, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable movie. (And let's be honest, that bar is set pretty dang high at this point.) What did everybody else think?
  11. Well this looks like it should be fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTZ2Tp9yXyM&list=WL6EEAF55D66E480E4
  12. Here's the final member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Hulkbuster Iron Man! YAY!! Finished finally. Yeesh! As you can tell, this Large Earth Elemental has had a serious head rebuild. You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery. I'll post a Team Photo tonight or tomorrow back on the WIP.
  13. Here's the sixth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Thanos! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery. There's a nice bonus graphic for the Golems back in the WIP.
  14. Haven't seen any of the other Marvel movies ... ummm, ever, but I am an *old* fan of the comics, so I could watch it without irritating my kids by asking who the heck people were and what was going on, 'cause it was dead obvious from looking at them even if they never mentioned, say, Volstagg's name once the whole time. I did like that no part of the nine worlds was racially monocultural, not even the elves. It was a rip-roaring fun movie, even if they gave the Asgardians Star Wars-like tech (shouldn't they have had cooler developed magic instead?). I always found Malekith a little ridiculous, but the movie and Christopher Eccleston made him magnificently scary. The visuals were nicely designed, I thought. Svartalfheim's sun looked convincingly black, for mindflayer and Spelljammer fans. I liked the Celtic knotwork force fields. All the Asgardians had great hair, fabulous hair, amazing hair, unbelievable hair. Their armor was cool too. The svartalfs had the creepiest helms, all serene faces and big dark eyes. I will say, it was one of the least English films set in England I have seen since Angela Lansbury did a Miss Marple, and this film didn't even have the excuse of being filmed in America. There were more British accents in Asgard than in London. Anyone who does not sit through the entire movie credits is a philistine anyway, but virtue is well rewarded here.
  15. Here's the fifth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Colossus! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery. There's a nice bonus graphic for the Golems back in the WIP.
  16. Here's the fourth member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: Doctor Doom! "Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet -- and, as fate has obviously ordained -- Doctor Doom shall be Master of Earth!" You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  17. Here's the third member of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Hulk! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  18. Here's the second of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Juggernaut! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  19. Here's the first of my Marvel Stone Golems Team Up: The Thing! You can find more about the Work In Progress on all of the Marvel Team and please give him a thumbs up in the Inspiration Gallery.
  20. Fun weekend project. Had the Lily mini sitting around since Christmas waiting to be painted, got inspired by CashWiley's posting in the February challenge thread, and then spotted the air elemental at the FLGS on Friday. My first attempt at painting dark skin. C&C welcome.
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