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Found 233 results

  1. I started this project to use colors I really didn't like, and rarely touched. Yellow, browns and Gray are my least favorite colors. They cover poorly, and you have to struggle (at least I do) to get them to look halfway decent, and not turn into mud. So here are the finished Sir Galahad and Sir Kay. There is a mod on Sir Kay, I gave him a Battle Banner (thanks Ub3r for that recommendation). The object was to learn something new, and have fun. I had heaps of both. oh, these are 25mm so I posted a pic with a regular mini. Here are the Knights. C/C are always appreciated and welcomed.
  2. Since I tend to paint these quickly I decided that I would paint two Miniatures in the same WIP. This way it will take longer on my part, and anyone wishing to follow along won't be hanging onto the horse tail to stay caught up. Lots of things to keep my busy on these two. Sir Galahad has an outrageous designed surcoat with those jagged sleeves, and his armor is so spiked it is mind bending. Lot of opportunity to do something different on these. I also have one face, and one helm to deal with. These should be fun. So two knights and a horse..hmmmm.. Will have to see where this takes off to. Here are some photos.
  3. Here's my latest mini, the Elk figure from the Beastmen of the Wyld set. I decided to stick with autumn colors and lots of browns. I'm pretty sure his sword hand was supposed to be a glove, but I didn't want one so I faked a band with the paint. It works better from the front than the back, but I doubt my group will even notice. At some point I'll go back and put something on the shield's banner, but right now I don't really know what I want. WIP
  4. Guenevere stood Pensive, waiting for the trumpet fanfare to begin. In just a moment she would descend the stairs as a new Queen. As always C&C are welcome and sought after.
  5. This is a whole new ballgame for me. I switched over to brush on primer, and had my socks blown off. I didn't realize how much of a difference that primer would make in the crispness of the Mini's edges. Its shocking how much detail is NOT covered over. Makes me look at my former stuff and get a bit upset. I'll just move forward on these. I'm looking forward to painting this one, and see if I can capitalize on the crispness of the sculpt. Going out on the edge :) Here is the Queen Guenevere (Standing).
  6. For the exchange I was given a pretty wide latitude on what to paint (or some might argue, a general lack of direction ). I decided to go with the "try something different" suggestion. Let's see... First mount. First milliput slurry fill. I also tried tried using sealer as a fill in a few places. First water at the edge of the base needing a form. First water effects. First icicles. First wooden base. First moss First flowers First use of a jewelers saw to remove some horns. Second snow base (the Almaran I posted awhile back was the test subject). Tried a new "cold green" layering for the skin. I wasn't sure how well it would work, but if it didn't I wouldn't have to look at it anymore. I also tried making use of gloss vs. matte effects. I was going for a spring thaw look, so I tried leaving the snow glossy so it would look like it was melting while making the mini, flora, and rocks matte. I also like wood to "glow," and tried to cheat it. And yes, I did paint the grass. So to show off my progress after almost one year of painting minis we have the Kargir Tundra Beast Rider. I also took a few pictures before sealing just in case I screwed it all up. Now I have a benchmark to look back on once I reach the end of mini painting year 2.
  7. My son gave me a handful of these Noble Oak Guards. I decided that I wanted to get them painted up as a project together. I am going to paint all three up in a theme. Seasons. I did the first one in what I will call Summer a while back. That leaves (yuck yuck) spring, fall, and winter for the three remaining. I have NO intention of repeating that Orange elf I did before....that was awesome and a stand alone moment. So, this is my project for now. Don't know how long it will take, but it won't be a week's work that is for sure. Here are the Elves: I include two photos of the earlier 1 inch tall elf I did.
  8. I have really enjoyed working on this mini. If you read the WIP you will see the biggest hurdle in painting him was the sword arm ! Sir Kay didn't reach the Ripe old Noble age he had; by being ignorant, nor learning a few treacherous tricks of his own. As he walked past the old monastic ruins the Goblins Attacked ! He grabbed his walking staff and with a swift twirl; he had the hidden sword in hand. He dropped the staff at his feet, and protected himself. Here is Sir Kay. Comments and Critiques are always Invited and appreciated!
  9. Finished up the month with Bobby Jackson's Satheras, Elf Warlock. This is the metal version. I'll be using him as an NPC in the Pathfinder Game I'm running--Gerinnes Lefelen, an elven wizard who's the de facto ruler of a town and the PC's benefactor . . . for now. Mwah ha ha. I'd had this mini on my to-get list for quite some time, having wanted to paint it since the moment I saw it, but I must confess that once I started getting into it I found the robes a little silly, regarding what's part of what and what's not. I just kind of winged it, in the end, hehe, without being altogether sure how it should go. But it was still pretty fun. Thanks for looking! Comments and criticism are always appreciated.
  10. I've selected Sir Kay standing as my next Miniature. Bare faced so I get to practice face painting, and this is a tough one. Mustache, and face is blocked by that right arm. Right off the bat I see some major challenges. So lots to conquer here, in a one inch miniature. I think Sir kay is going to be a mixture of purples, and silver, maybe my beloved Gun Metal also for contrast with those Purples. I've already started on him. Primed, lined, and rudimentary face on him. I also am painting as a senior knight (isn't that nicely politically correct)..LOL. He's Old...His armor says that about him. Here he is:
  11. Hey, folks. Picked up some kobolds for the PF game I'm running, and I finally got them painted. These are the metal set of four, by Ben Siens, from the Dark Heaven line. I'm afraid my photos are letting me down even more than my painting skills. I haven't figured out my setup, yet. I was really proud of how I highlighted these guys with orange highlights--I'm still working to eschew the too-white highlights and all--but they're washing pretty well in these pictures. Everything I'm trying lately tends to be either too light or too dark. Hopefully some of it's getting through, though. Thanks for looking. Comments and criticism are very welcome. I've got some Bones kobolds still to paint, so any tips however specific would be most helpful.
  12. Well I continue to make progress on my Legion force for Hordes, and I need to make more progress before the 1st when they need to go out for a tourney, so there will probably be at least one more post in the next couple of weeks. Here is the whole group, followed by a few individual shots.
  13. Back to the little guys again. I love the challenge of doing this one inch miniatures. I must have a masochistic streak somewhere,but I learn so much from them, I suspect that is why I like them so much. So here is Sir Galahad sans Helm ! As primed, Lined, and faced ! I got a jump start on him while finishing the Wood Elf Archer !
  14. This has been an incredible Sculpt to Paint. It started off as "Use a color I haven't used", and suddenly took off on its own. Thank you for the insight, suggestions, and inspiration that the forum has provided. Here is my "Autumn" Wood Elf Archer. C/C always appreciated !
  15. I finished Guinevere the Queen from Thunderbolt Mountain a few days ago. Thought I would post her here now. This is a small mini, so I included a photo of a 28mm to let you see the scale. I adore working on Tom Meier's works, his sculpting is amazing; and he has this habit of putting a little surprise in his miniatures, that you discover when you start washing the figures. Once you start doing his stuff you get addicted real fast. I made the figure a bit darker since I was loosing her face in the photographs. Photography is such a pain when they are this small ! So anyway, here is Guinevere the Queen.
  16. This Miniature was a Freebee when I purchased my Frogs, so I thought I would finish off the DSM's that I have. I did all the standard prep, then Primed, and put a coat of Brown Liner on him. I have now put one coat of Green on his cloak. I am using this as an undercoat for another color that I am going to experiment with. I don't want to do a Green cloak on this miniature; especially since it has been done in yellows, and Green.. I want something louder than that. Complex miniature, with lots of little details to mess with. That face is going to be interesting to deal with, as is that hair nestled in that cowl ! Here are a couple photos. Oh, and I'm not rushing these. I hope that my pace on Guinevere The Queen was slow enough for everyone to follow along ! Here is the Elf Archer: (Edit Note: English Jay, English)
  17. Trick or Treat !!!!!!!!!!! The Trick is I had another Froggy that I could NOT resist painting prior to Halloween ! The Treat is that I painted him up this week. So Here is the Frog Grim Reaper !
  18. I want to order a metal CAV so that I have something to compare the Bones CAV to, and just to paint. I'd like it to be one that I won't be getting in bones though, and while I'm primarily interested in looks, it would be a nice bonus if it was also a good CAV in terms of game mechanics or a niche missed by the upcoming Bones CAV. Just looking at the pictures in the store I'm leaning towards one of the following three (in order of coolness): Centurion http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cav/sku-down/24570#detail/IG_1152_1 Butcher http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/butcher/sku-down/24569#detail/IG_1880_2 Thug http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cav/sku-down/24540#detail/IG_956_1 What do CAV veterans think is the best missing CAV?
  19. Has been an Extremely busy weekend. Got up this morning, then cleaned and primed Queen Guinevere from Thunderbolt Mtn. Spent a lot of time with files, and x-acto knife. So after all the Frogs, I will be taking my time on a 25mm sculpt. So, The adventure Begins.
  20. Here's a quick paint that's getting posted as a "complete for the moment" piece. As you can see, there's plenty of room on the base to add some scenery; I just don't currently have what I want. He'll at least get a dropped weapon, maybe a shield, and of course some grass and such. I didn't want bucket fulls of blood, so he just got a light application of red around the entry/exit wounds.
  21. This is an incredible amount of fun to paint. The details on this miniature are a sheer joy to encounter. I got playful with this one, it called for something to set it off. I took my time, and got some wonderfu suggestions along the way. So this piece can be quite the challenge for your brush control ! Trying to push the color scale up a bit. I highly recommend painting the Frog King, I think I spent a major amount of time just laughing as I got into it. It reminds me of Jackie Gleason actually. Here is the Frog King. C&C, as always, is appreciated.
  22. Upon opening my most recent purchase I noticed that the metal looked somewhat odd. It had an olive cast and looked rather rough. Without expecting much, I went ahead and soaked it overnight in soapy water and then gave it a good scrub when I got home from work today. Some of the discoloration went away, but not all of it. This was/is my exchange mini, so don't look if you really don't want to know: A couple of questions: Is this caused by a decaying mold, overzealous use of mold release, a bad alloy at the wrong temp, or something else? Secondly, this is a brand new Reaper mini. For those of you that have been through the exchange process, is this enough damage to make a return happen or should I sculpt some chainmail and make my first milliput slurry?
  23. This is the last of the Frog Series that I have to work on. I have NO idea what direction I will go in on this one. He just looks hysterical, and a fun Sculpt from my favorite sculptors Tom Meier. It is 28mm, not his normal 25mm. So I'll just begin painting him up. I intend to have a blast along the way, no matter how long it takes.
  24. This has been one of the Great Fun Projects to paint. Since I took a break from Painting the Arthurian pieces by Tom Meier, I discovered that he had sculpted these larger 28mm pieces. The Frog Queen is a lot of challenge, and you can really push yourself as far as you (and your funny bone) can stand. I hope you appreciate my efforts on this Miniature. C/C is always welcome ! Here is my interpretation of the Queen of the Froggies !
  25. Give me a rainy day when I have had the chance to prime a Miniature, and I am OFF to the races. I was lucky that the Norwegian news had a whole lot of stuff I was interested in, or I would have gone nuts on this Miniature. The Froggy Queen is sculpted by my favorite sculptor, AND it is 28mm. Kathud. So I have the best of both worlds, Tom's sculpt and a larger size to play with. I am thinking of doing a Norsk Bunad style gown on the Queen. (I think I have gone insane).. but we shall see. Here is where I am at with the Froggy Queen. I am just going to play, and enjoy this piece of incredible.
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