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Found 7 results

  1. Well, it didn't take long to fall behind in the mini-a-week resolution, but the time spent at the paint table hasn't quite been up to where I'd like it to be lately, either. Working on finishing out this pair gets me a caught up by a couple, anyhow. While Sanael's been painting up the Dragonlance PC's for our campaign, I've been working on the major NPCs. Unfortunately, the ones I finished up last year don't really count toward that mini-a-week pledge for 2013.... Without further ado, here are the major gully dwarves the party will be meeting sometime in the next few weeks. These are the official Ral Partha models, and man--they are TINY. Bupu: I find the rat in the sculpt a nice touch! The Highbulp: I had fun experimenting with adding grunge to his clothing. Weathering clothing is new territory for me, so here's where I am with a first try at it: And a penny shot for scale! Thanks for checking them out - C&C welcome!
  2. Well, I've been delayed in getting her posted, but here's last week's mini. Really enjoyed playing with the oranges on her...which isn't as euphemistic as it sounds... ...ahem. The orange shade of her cloak was very fun to paint. She's also heavily weapon-swapped; the greataxe is meant to have been a gift from the PC's dwarven mentor, hence the freehanded "runes" on the blade. For those interested in the other PCs, the WiP thread is linked in my sig. C&C, as always, quite welcome.
  3. Didn't get him posted last night, but here he is: week three. A bit more rough than the others in the party so far, but I wanted to get him done in time for the game last night. And a good thing, too, owlbears seem to fall harder against painted PCs than unpainted ones! ...owlbears. What sick mind..?... Anywho. I'm pretty happy with his stubble. The shadowy green of the cloak isn't the worst thing I've ever painted, and it's the result of some experimentation with a red glaze over the green. The blacks...well, those need some work, I think. The party's wizard will get some of this treatment this week, and I'm hoping to tighten up the transitions a bit. Let me know what y'all think!
  4. Ingrid Southwall, a paladin for our Dragonlance campaign. We're playing through the classic modules, and this PC's scores are racking up quickly. After a single session, she's one-shotted five hobgoblins and three draconians, and contributed to the demise of several more of each. Having put together the photos, she's got some splashes that need cleaning, mainly the blue patch on her leather pouch. And, she'll get more basing once I've painted and sealed the whole party. But otherwise, here she is! C&C welcome!
  5. From the murky depths (and Antimatter Games) come these horrors of the brine! I'm likely to use them in the desert for my PCs, but whatever. They're like adorable baby Sarlaacs! Probably less than five hours' work, so I'm not unhappy with that. C&C always welcome!
  6. I had meant to finish her at the end of 2012, but the fact that she's still lingering on the workbench makes her my first completed mini of 2013. I'm still not sure what to write on that scroll...if it's still bothering me that it's blank by the time I need to display her for the 2013 holiday season, I'll go ahead and put something on there. But for now, for the sake of moving on to another project, blank it is. C&C welcome - this is the year that I try to be more consistent both in the amount of painting I do, and in the documenting of said painting :)
  7. This is Gerwin Southwall, the first completed PC for my upcoming Dragonlance campaign. For those interested, the WiP of this project is here. He's also the first mini to fall to my New Year's Resolution for 2013, namely to finish painting at least one mini each week. Of course, there are a few bits and bobs that I noticed in dealing with the photos, and his base needs some grass, but I'll do the grass when I do all the PC's bases together. C&C welcome; thanks for looking!
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