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  1. This guy is part of the 'Jolly Monks' figure pack made by Foundry miniatures. He's the only one of the bunch that I have. Painted to table top, I hope you like him.
  2. Here's another batch of Talisman 4th Edition mini's. These have been great models to practice on, but good grief the production quality is bad. Also still having trouble figuring out how to take decent pictures. Was having problems with them being too dark, now I'm going the other direction. Thief Monk Warrior Elf
  3. Hi! I painted monk for friends d&d character. I had to make one conversion of weapon - I took staff from warhammer elf.
  4. From the 10033, Mouslings Heroes Boxed Set here's; 03529B, Fenimore the Mousling Archer sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  5. When Namil took ascended to the Order's highest rank, he blanketed himself with followers who held to what he believed the Order should be. Bastian was not one of them. Because he would not bend, he was sentenced to death. With the aid of another in his order, he managed to escape. Being framed for the murder of his friend, and dishonored in his homeland, Bastian set fell into despair. He wandered the land, lost and searching for something to help him redeem his honor, and clear his name. It was an old Dwarf name of Faenon who be his salvation. Now, he travels with Feanon as a friend an
  6. These are: - Ingrid, Female Gnome: 03082 - Lydia Copperthumb: 03399 (Converted to hold rifle.) - Blackjack, Rogue: 60053 - Sajan, Iconic Monk: 89018 - Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger: 89020 The party has set sail on a secret mission in service of The King. They are one dwarven fighter, one dwarven gunslinger, a gnome druid, a human rogue and a monk. I really hope the other players will like their characters. :) Individual pics:
  7. I was having some trouble finding a monk miniature that I liked for my D&D character, so I decided to learn how to use greenstuff to make my own. I played around with it and looked up different tutorials but so far this is my third sculpt, and my second using an armature. Anywho, enough about all that nonsense. There's a lot I have to learn, so any criticism and advice would be very helpful! Here's a shot with the reference photo in the back.
  8. Hi all, I wanted to paint a few minis without intended purpose (no army to build or Diorama to create), and came upon Friar Stone while digging through my Bones box. This is such a great sculpt, full of character. So here is my take on it. A little experiment in browns.
  9. no time for lengthy intro, so here is friar stone, fun to paint. maybe one of my favorite minis. proves they don't all have to be heroic or menacing.
  10. During the last few months I have traded and bought a good deal of second hand metal minis through a forum I joined, and several miniatures I do not know any details about have come into my possession. Here is one of them: Wargames Foundry "Father Liam" from VIK048 Viking Raiders (Thanks to Mad Jack for the info) I have an inkling that it might be Casting Room Miniatures (aka Wargames Foundry), but have yet to get this confirmed. If anybody knows where this is from, please let me know. Anyhow, a lovely little fat friar, and I love my cleric-types. I think I will call
  11. Painted this for a friend. One of my best minis to date. Pictures just don't do it any justice. I may be in the market for a new camera or just shell out some money for a better studio set up. Hope you enjoy.
  12. I've not posted anything here for the last month or so as I've been working on a commission, which I thought I would share here. The minis are from the past & present & are by various manufacturers. I extended the integral metal bases out to the edge of the plastic rim with Milliput & did some light texturing on it, the Frost Giant has Army Painter snow flock on top. The Blight Lord's base was done using Basius's "Dungeon" stamp pad & green stuff. Dark Sword Minis Male Elf Ranger DSM-7105 Ral Partha Frost Giant 01-057 Reaper Minis Brand Male
  13. I finished another trio of Talisman minis. I painted these pretty quickly, even the elementalist where I tried to be a little more creative. First up is the knight: It's a nice little figure. I did tint the metal purple and teal, though it isn't too obvious from the pics. I ended up going a little heavier with the black wash on the shield, that provided more contrast than the tint. I'm very happy with the colours of the cloak, I used the Reaper Spattered Crimson, Gory Red and Fresh Blood triad. This was one of the minis that was base coated black before my buddy bought them, so it took
  14. I finished this guy up a few days ago. I just now got some pictures of him. I'm fairly happy with how he turned out. I've been working on him along with a few other things that I've either been meaning to get to or needed to be finished up. He's the first one done despite being a "meaning to get to" rather than a "needing to be finished." Also, I think I may have figured out this camera thing on the Ipad. He's another Pathfinder Society character. He only gets played when my wife plays her Sorceress though. He'll be a Drunken Master/ Alchemist named Dharim Barrelfist. Enjoy.
  15. This is another one I painted for a character. He is a member of a monastary called the Whispering Hand. Think something like Air Bender.. The lighting seems to have bleeched him out a little bit, but I think you can get the gist. I am trying my hand at not drybrushing, and attempting to wet blend a bit for layering of shadows and highlights. And the booty shot... CAH
  16. Mr. Mureica Is a second generation immigrant who runs a hot dog stand in times square. He is fiercely patriotic and quickly strips down to his costume whenever the city comes under attack. He was granted superhero powers when he was caught in a massive battle as a young boy. A Hydra agent threw some super solider serum into his fathers cart, and one thing led to another. He recieved strength speed and toughness from the serum, (although less than some). He is also immune to heat, cold and disease which comes in handy in his day job. He fights with eagle style Kung-Fu but lacks
  17. This is a backup character for my husband. We'd gotten this miniature a while ago and I just got around to painting him now in anticipation we'll be starting Temple of Elemental Evil fairly soon. Was interesting to paint a metal miniature again since I've been doing so many Bones, and I always enjoy painting heroes. Originally I had him glued in a slotted metal base with a little milliput to fill the gap so when I changed my mind about his base it was kind of a pain to cut him out (how easy it would've been in Bones!). Bought a set of the Dragon Forge resin bases (the AZ-Tech set) and been wai
  18. So a Bugbear, a Monk, and an Executioner walk into a tavern...
  19. Okay, not entirely done with this one, but nearly there and quite pleased. I included my concept art (which included him having a leg band to hold wooden stakes or potions or something since I didn't think he'd want a bandolier since he's clearly showing off the chest). I still need to touch up the mouth, finish the eyes, and put the shoulder and hip pads on the jacket. I may do some sort of filigree or decoration along the hem as well. The basic idea of this figure is it's a mini for my multiclassed kensai (magus archetype)/master of many styles (monk archetype) hence, monk-mage. He's an
  20. Hey look, it's another Non-Bones II Show off! :) I just got mine last night - it is a thing to behold but I split it with a friend so I'm waiting until he and I can get together before I open the individual boxes. Besides, it isn't as if I have plenty of things to paint in the meantime. So there is a story behind this miniature. I am playing a Goliath Monk in a D&D 3.5 campaign named "Gauthi Swiftfoot." I initially painted up Uglunuk to be my character's avatar - he has the right look but is outfitted all wrong with steel armor and a big axe. Still, I decided to paint him up in a
  21. So I've been working on this guy for about two months now - I've bought a house and moved in there so that's why it has been taking so long. I tried doing a WIP on this fellow, but I lost so many of the "in progess" pictures there just wasn't any point. I'm going to set the circumstance before sharing the pictures. I'm playing a Goliath Monk in a 3.5 D&D game. I originally painted Uglunuk for my character - he's a poor match since he's clearly a fighter or barbarian, but he made a good substitute and I didn't feel like my customization skills were good enough. I did buy another one
  22. I painted this guy for a friend of mine in a d&d game. I wish I was a little better at filing/green stuffing, then I could have evened up his face a little. My copy may have had a stroke on that left side. :) He's not the best job I've ever done, but it's tabletop quality at least. C&C welcome! Enjoy!
  23. This was a quick table top job done as a Christmas present for a friend.
  24. Finished this guy up today, a really nice sculpt full of character and a real joy to paint. Also finished this little guy up too, he is from one of the animal companion sets...looks like he could give you a nasty nip!
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