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Found 13 results

  1. Finally getting around to taking pictures of miniatures from the last 2 years of painting... Reaper Fire Giant Queen. Copied the box art on this one. Still, very happy with how it turn out. Reaper Solar. I don't feel like the NMM really reads as gold but I'm still very happy with how the contrast turned out. I think the sword turned out great and I'm really happy with the whole color scheme (even if it is more rainbowy than I normally like). Reaper Gnomish Bee Rider. I based this off a picture I found online. This was my first attempt "sculpting" my own base and I clearly have a lot to learn. The gnome turned out fantastic though. Mantic Games - Goblin Winggit. Pretty simple paint job but I think this is a very cool sculpt. Mortal Arrow Miniatures - Living Toadstool. Another custom base and one I'm a little happier with.
  2. I'm very excited with how these fungi turned out. All Reaper paints. I was really happy with the colorful mushrooms on this one. I'm always a little worried about getting too much of a rainbow effect, but I think it worked well here. I 3D printed the smaller stalagmite bases. For the larger one I 3d printed parts of the base and then used green stuff to make the water channels. Very happy with this one. The stalagmites on the left are all 3d printed but I cut them apart and made more own base. I'm happy with the strong color transitions on the crystals on the right, but overall I think it looks very unrealistic. I'm particularly happy with how the eyes turned out on the big guy.
  3. For me, March is going to be Demons and Devils month.... Here are the 3 primed Barbed Devils from Mortal Arrow / Fractured Dimensions... Nice crisp castings, no flash, very little mold lines. Assembly was a little finicky, and putting pins into them was a chore.... George (Been sick for the past 3 days, prep work is all I could do.... )
  4. So these guys are finally done! They got attached to their Secret Weapon Bases, I tried to make them look like some sort of blasted ash waste. So here they are! As I was painting, I saw the opportunity to have a little fun. It is something that only the older players are likely to get... (And of course, if my painting skill translates the image in my head to other people!) here is a hint: If you get the joke, please put your answer in a spoiler! Let's see how many people find it, and understand! Thanks for looking, and to all those that followed along and commented in the WiP thread! George ps, there is a little bit of flock dust on the black edges of some of the bases, that is because I was in a hurry to get these posted as I need to get to bed!
  5. Fractured Dimensions' Bearded Devils are currently on the paint-table. Great looking Paul Muller sculpts. One tricky bit is the deeply recessed (as in virtually inaccessible) areas under the kilts (a situation admittedly worsened by basing prior to painting). A heavy initial slathering of black paint (1st picture) has hopefully prevented headaches down the road. (I'll keep my fingers crossed. Murphy's Law suggests a different outcome.) The second picture shows the base colors blocked in. As per recent efforts in the devil department, it's Reaper Cinnamon Red skin and Vallejo Vermillion kilts. The fluorescent orange beards are a new wrinkle.
  6. Paul Muller strikes again. Fractured Dimensions' Bael.
  7. Swear I've seen this guy in a monster manual but I can't remember where. Anyone?
  8. So finished these guys up, a touch of Snakebite Leather on all the claws, followed by Bleached Bone. Their teeth goth Bleached Bone, followed by VMC Ivory. All those got a light touch of GW Devlin Mud. Bases are Secret Weapon, with different types of flocks, and some Silflor short weed tufts. My thanks to everyone that chimed in during my WiP! They would not look as good as they do without all your comments and help! Further comments welcome! George
  9. So here are the 3 Mortal Arrow / Fractured Dimensions Bar-Igura, (NO they are NOT regimental....) Again, nice crisp casts, no mold lines, a few small vents / feeders to remove.... Assembly a much easier on the one piece here vs the Barbed Devils. George
  10. So, those of you who have paid any attention to Kickstarter in the past three years know that Brett Zeleznik and his Fractured Dimensions line of true-to-old-school-D&D demons and devils went pretty pear-shaped, but they did eventually deliver and most of the line is now available through Mortal Arrow. I backed the KS for one reason: the Vrock. I saw the sculpt for this sucker and fell in love. As long as I was picking that up, I got a few other things, including the Nalfeshnee. Sorry...these are Old Skool. These are the Type I and Type IV demons. Vrock/Type I: Nalfeshnee/Type IV: Relatively quick paint jobs, getting back into the swing. I'm pretty happy with the Vrock's wings...both minis could do with some more blending. C&C always welcome.
  11. Found this place by accident. They have a lot of demons from the original Monster Manual. This is a Type 2. Pretty cool. I was tired and phoned in the lava. Next time...
  12. Has anyone ordered from these guys before? They have some really cool demons right out of the original Monster Manual that I just can't pass up, but I've been burnt a few times recently on unrelated sites. Anyone do business with these guys before?
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