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Found 5 results

  1. I have not painted a miniature larger than a 1/600 scale tank in about 9 years (outside of painting Gundam models which is way different/easier than miniatures). At 1:600 scale it is very easy, even infantry, as it is just a spray of paint, wash and drybrush. If I am daring I do a prick of flesh and black for boots/guns. When I see the detail on some of the Bones and metal figures it just confounds me how people do it. I look at some of the pictures and I see detail that I can't even see on the unpainted figure... Anyway, so I am wanting to paint some figures to use in some games (Rangers of Shadow Deep, Blood on the Blade and Blood in Space) which has brought me here. I am posting here for a couple of reasons: 1. I live in Japan and don't have access to Reaper paints which I used in the past. The 3 stores listed on the Reaper site are not near me and none of the mail order carry them and do not have a re-order date for even the miniatures. I am more accustomed to using Mr Hobby (aka Gunze-sangyo Creos) Color/Aqueous/Acrysion paints. I know Mr Hobby has nowhere near the number of colors but I was wondering if anyone else uses them and/or has made progress on an equivalency chart? A long shot, I know. 2. I need motivation. I am a gamer more than a painter. I have half a mind to just buy figures and never paint them. But that just feels wrong to me. I don't mind plain plastic in boardgames but when it is a miniature game it just feels wrong. I am also half-tempted to pay someone but I can be a stingy bastard. Maybe this will be a New Year's Resolution. If I can get active here it may help motivate me. Thanks for listening to me ramble and Merry Christmas from Japan (it is Christmas morning as I write this and I am waiting on my teenaged kids to get up)!
  2. So I have been struggling with painter's 'block' for quite some time now. I know everyone has been there - you really want to paint but sitting at your painting desk you have no motivation/inspiration to get started - so I am wondering what things have worked for people in getting past it. Also has anyone found a 'trigger' that causes it (for themselves of course - I'd imagine there are as may 'triggers' for this as there are people in the hobby!) Myself I think I have actually found a possible trigger that leads me into not wanting to paint anything. When I see posts either here on my facebook feed (Reaper Miniatures is about the only business I allow to post things in my newsfeed) of these beautifully painted and based miniatures I am, at first, in awe of the skill required to get these results - I truly think people who can paint 2" high miniatures so that they look like they may get up and start walking around as some of the finest artists out there and Reaper seems to attract these experts in droves. My next reaction is often the realization that I will never even come close to the results these painters get - my style is to roughshod and I paint solely to bring miniatures to RPG games (or the occasional miniature-focused board game). I just want them to look decent but I find my self demoralized as I see these works of art. So for the last few weeks I have avoided looking at anything in the 'Show Off' forum and turned off following Reaper on fb. And something miraculous happened 5 nights ago. I picked up a paint brush and finished 2 miniatures I had stopped working of 7-8 months ago. And I have been painting every other night since then.
  3. How is it September already? Not sure how much I'll get done again this month, another busy one, including vacation (FINALLY, my 1st since last Sep). More work on Seza Start work on JB trooper Base Gwen Prep RH plastic/metal comparison What's on your table?
  4. Buddy of mine was searching a car forum today and found a quote that I found so amazing I just had to stare it. Pressure exploits either the greatest strengths, or the slightest weakness in human or machine; whether that pressure stems from forced atmospheric induction, or is psychological in nature. The result is that human, or machine, becomes legendary either for their increased strength under pressure, or for fracturing as a result of the stress. The most important modification is the driver. I thought about how we have to push our painting boundaries to get better. Enjoy, share!
  5. I've been hiding from my little men. There are a horde of them on my workbench, now. Little men and little women, and some dwarves, a hobgoblin, Chibi Cthulhu, and oh so many more. All the Knights of the Dinner Table, modded to be holding paintball guns, for use in a skirmish game I was thinking about. The Black Hands, too, including Gordo wearing a Dalek shell, a joke that makes no sense unless you read the comic or check out the online version.* And I'm afraid of them. I have motivational problems. I was off for the summer for a while, but now they need me back for a couple weeks, and nothing is getting painted. There are so many, so many... And so I sat myself down and forced myself to work on Wyrmgear. And durned if I didn't enjoy myself. Not having to wear the visor, working on something bigger scale, and in two days I'd finished Wyrmgear to my own satisfaction. The bugger's been sitting on my bench since the first Vampire box arrived, and now I finished him in a white heat in two days. And he's pretty. Started on Kaladrax almost immediately after. He's huge. He's also pretty easy to detail. And the work is proceeding surprisingly fast. Who'd have thought I just needed a change of scale?
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