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Found 6 results

  1. Looks cool: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/648053684/dystopia-city?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=Dystopia City
  2. A raiding of Rad Wasters and a gobbledegook of Goblins.All are converted from "The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town". I can see these filling a large number of roles; Goblins, Mutants, Poxwalkers, Ghouls, or more! Except for the Overseer and Goblin boss, all minis have been converted. Even the fantasy/feudal 40k gobbo-mutants have had weapon swaps at the least; I don't care for doubles and had already painted their base sculpt back in the summer: First, we have the Rad Wasters! I forgot to take a shot of the last one with the others. I guess he managed to sneak into the Goblin cave!
  3. Been busy. Super Shredder, Human Bebop and Rocksteady, a Bruiser and some gunner thugs. Inspiration for 3 of my gunners: Captain Kirk, GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.
  4. These minis are from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Shadows of the Past board game. Fun game, check it out. Anyway, love me some Bebop and Rocksteady.
  5. So, one of the local A.C. Moore stores is going out of business - a fact I didn't find out until they were on the last leg of the journey (and everything was 70% off) - so the place was pretty picked over. Still, I found some decent stuff for terrain building - something I haven't, in the past, been all that interested in, but with some recent sales of GW terrain at various stores, my interest in keeping a single-use gaming room (and attendant regalia) in the house, etc. - I figured I'd pick some up, and scored some trees, ground cover, lichen, etc. from Creative Time (the trees are a little short for 28mm, but still about 12' tall in scale - so, not too bad?), and, well, a bunch of stuff like this - Now, this stuff is way, way too tall for 28mm - unless it's the grandaddy of all mutant redwood forests - but the great thing about weird plastic foliage (intended for who-knows-what originally) is that it's, well, plastic (although often with wires in it, apparently, to act as bendable armatures). And plastic reacts very well to knives (and wires can be yanked out with pliers...). So after a little bit of elbow grease, I ended up with these - Which are a very suitably weird band of mutant trees for my Weirdworld/Heavy Metal/Epic inspired campaign, I think. Except, of course, that few of them will stand up on their own... they need to be based. And I'd rather not waste good plastic bases on terrain. Especially since I don't think they'd stand up - too top heavy. (sigh). Okay, fine. Much as I normally dislike using washers as bases (it's a pet peeve, not really explainable), off to the local Home Depot it is. The acquisition of a couple of dozen washers (in various sizes) later, I run into another problem - normal superglue/hobby glue doesn't cut it - the bond is too fragile. Solution - Gorilla Glue! The bond is flexible enough, and strong enough, and the slight bit of foaming acts as a little bit of a filler/base build up. Only problem is I can only really set up one or two at a time, because of the need to prop things - officially, they should be bound together tightly, but the couple I've got done so far have been fine with just the pressure of the tree. And so - (random druid is random, and standing in for Sir Forscale...) Next step - basing. I'm far from an expert at this (quite the opposite, actually - most of the time, I just paint the base a neutral grey, or a basic "sandy base with green highlighting" on broccoli bases) - but I'm figuring a couple of layers of ballast/sand, and then either lichen or ground cover on top of those?
  6. COMMISSION WORK FOR CHRISTMAS 2013 (WARHAMMER 40K = CHAOS SPACE MARINE UNIT = 15 FIGURES)... This is the completed (15 figure) Chaos Space Marine unit that I was commissioned to paint and complete by Nov. 21, 2013...This completes the/this two part posting of this (Sci-fi) commission work project...The client requested that each figure be finished/sealed in a protective high gloss finish...Posted are; PHOTO 1...Chaos Space Marines (1-5)... PHOTO 2...Chaos Space Marines (6-10)... PHOTO 3...Chaos Space Marines = Demonic Mutants (5 figure unit)... PHOTOS 4-13...Closeup individual shots of mutants (pictured in photo 3)... I hope that the sci-fi members like these figures. Catdancer...
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