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Found 107 results

  1. Another go at NMM. Hope you like it. But if you all could find the time to critique my work, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers!
  2. So not to long ago I was looking for an online vendor who sold scale 75 paints as I wanted to try their NMM gold and the fantastic Mr uber nerd pointed me to a small company called fantization miniatures and while at their site I found they have thier own small line of minis called rusted heroes, I bought a couple and I needed a knight with a 2h war hammer and shield so I GSed a war hammer did a weapon swap and started to further practice my NMM so here goes and please comment away ;)
  3. So, I received this Awesome Evil Cleric From Silvervane for the Fall Exchange. I had asked about Non-Metallic Metal since I've never seen it up close and stuff. Well, This arrived recently and it is AWESOME! Have a Look-See! So, Awesome huh? GF
  4. Hey there Reaper pips! Just finished painting a dual wielding rouge/thief. Critiques to help me improve are most welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello there Reaper pips. This is my third try using NMM technique. I would greatly welcome any critiques to help me improve. As usual please be as brutally honest as possible as it is not possible to hurt my feelings. Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Hello again, As previously explained in the WIP thread (here) this piece has been my stage for many firsts and learning experiments. Firstly I tried to make a lava base for the first time and found out that I certainly could have gone with more texture to give the impression of flowing lava.. Then I tried to do some OSL, where light of the lava is reflected on the base where Tiviel stands. Finally I tried to do NMM on he blades which eluded me and it kinda still does but I wowed to work on it on a more suitable blade in the near future. So, as always your C&C are more than welcome so that I can get better and improve. Thx in advance.
  7. Hello all, This is my first time in WIP area therefore I am rather excited Secondly I will be trying many new stuff and therefore truly in terra incognita here So, here goes nothing: I started with the base since I want a lava base and I want the rocky surface I will place my mini to reflect light coming from the lava. I chose Vallejo Black Lava for my lava surface but regretted afterwards since I want still molten lava not cooled off lava that is more suitable for Black Lava.. However this is all I have and my local store is out of stuff like white/grey pumice :( But, I will try working with what I have and try to get a realistic look. This is all I have for now. Your comments are eagerly awaited and will be appreciated immensely since I really dont know what I'm doing :)))
  8. I painted my first "Bailey Silverbell" Reaper miniature in 2012. I painted another version in between projects over the last few months and gave her a Little Red Riding Hood theme. I loved this Reaper mini back then and I still love it now-- only this time I was able to try my hand at a few more techniques I've learned, including some NMM. If you haven't painted a "then & now" miniature, I hope you try it sometime. It's truly rewarding to see your improvement over the years!
  9. For my exchange partner this time around I was assigned Traxia. So if you are reading this and haven't opened your package, stop now! When going through Traxia's answers to the questionnaire, the moment I saw "Chronoscope" I knew what I was going to paint even though it's not made by Reaper. Maow makes affordable resin minis in limited runs and I just so happen to have a few of them. One in particular is the awesome steampunk figure "Johnny Rocket." There were only 400 made, but if you want one there are still a few left out in the wild. Better hurry though, before another forumite grabs one first. To try something new, or rather a lot of something news, I used Scalecolor exclusively as well as my new WAMP brushes. It was my first shot at NMM bronze, a leather bomber jacket, and the first time I opened their NMM steel set. I think the 1st shot at both NMMs worked out fairly well, though I yet lack the brush control to really do NMM on tiny things like buckles and such. Some day I shall conquer the NMM! The leather I liked a lot more before I sealed it. There was a color shift that made the browns darker and some subtlety was lost. Lesson learned. Even so it's still decent leather. If I were to change something, I would go a different route with the canvas straps across his chest. I think the color ended up a little too close to the bronze. And now for way too many pics.
  10. Hi! Today i finished Lem for my friends birthday, miniature is for our d&d campaign. Base from microartstudio, and gold is nmm. Very nice miniature for painting. Comments are welcome.
  11. A few months ago I attended a little two-day workshop, which was hosted by a talented Swedish commission painter named Martin Lindblom (http://amongtheway.com). This little event was sooo much fun for me, it's actually the first time I've ever painted in the company of others, and I'll certainly try to attend more of these types of things in the future. The workshop was centered mostly around two themes: "NMM" and "skin tones", and everyone got to bring their own mini. I chose Wolf, a mostly naked dude with a big sword from Hasslefree Miniatures. This was the first time I attempted NMM, and I had time to try both steel as well as a little gold on the hilt of the sword; it was really nice to have a teacher present to help me figure out where to put the shadows and highlights as I worked. It was a lot of fun to try this out, and I'm happy with the results I got. Honestly, I think my preference for most painting is still TMM as I think by my hands it looks a bit more realistic (Martin, as can be seen at his webpage I linked above, can of course achieve some absurdly realistic looking NMM). I could definitely see myself using this if I wanted a more over-the-top look though, like on a heroic paladin's sword or something. Hope you like him, and C&C is of course always extremely welcome!
  12. This mini is 03226: Parraway Ambercane, Gnome Druid. I started him in January, then spent a semester abroad without my paints and minis. This is the first mini I finished up after I got back. He has a few pieces of NMM, which I think turned out more or less okay, but I'm really proud of his face and skin. Apologies for picture quality; it's just from an iPhone.
  13. Hello/ This is my first post here, as i paint Reaper minis not so often, although i bought almost all girls from master series. But here she is, Monique de Noir, riding her chocobo mount =) You can vote here, if you liked this work http://www.coolminiornot.com/332099 And here you can see closeups and detail pics http://www.coolminiornot.com/332101 Hope you`ll like her.
  14. Hi, first post. I'm going to start posting pics of my Reaper miniatures here. I'll start with Gossamer.
  15. Trying to do nmm on this large miniature and struggling. Tips comments unrelated thoughts are welcome
  16. OK. I "gave" this mini to my brother-in-law for Christmas two years ago. I told him I'd paint it as soon as I could... I just added the photos. I wasn't planning on doing WIP, but it will be my first real delve into NMM, and I'm going to need help, as I don't have LTPK3. My inspirations for the color scheme are from my brother-in-law: Favorite color is Red. I'm basically done with the cloak except the fur. It's shadowed with a mix of Splattered Gore and Brown Liner, and goes all the way up to Blood Red. I tried to make his freehand gold trim line on the inside of the cloak look like a continuous "Omega" symbol, but it didn't work out that way. I copied his "ankh-ish" symbol from his tabard/skirt, and freehanded one onto the cloak. I like how that came out, but wish it could be higher toward the shoulders. My other inspirations and what will help me with this are: Derek's Seelah http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/41709-60019-seelah-pathfinder-iconic-paladin/?p=586519 and Silvervane's WIP of LTPK3 which I followed and loved: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58045-silvervane-paints-up-ltpk-3/?p=1002909 So I plan on doing nmm in small pieces. The first is on his left leg, from the knee down. Right now, you can see the model was primed white. Then I did the cloak and face through the visor. Then I did the base (walnut brown, brown liner, and the stone grey triad). For the nmm, I'm planning Brown Liner, Shadowed Stone, Weathered Stone, Linen White, and Pure White. I'm amazed how it looks almost there with just brown liner, Weathered Stone, and a line of Pure White. No blending or other dark lines next to white added yet. Just those three things. As it progresses, I'll be asking for help with the NMM. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi, I had few free days from work and witcher 3 and finally i finished seltyiel. It was hard project because two new effects: light (i made light only once before with piór result) and nmm. Its not perfect painting but very good lesson:). I hope you will enjoy him. All comments are welcome, especially about oSL and nmm.
  18. I've played around a bit with NMM on a couple of minis, but earlier this month I decided to sit down and really make an effort at it. For my test subject eager volunteer I chose Sir Conlan. He seems a good mini to practice NMM metal on since he has most of the upper body armor but not a lot of fiddly bits to worry about. Those of you interested in the boring bits already dropped by my WIP so we'll just skip to the pictures. I know one of the reasons people do NMM is for photography and it looks like it's about time for me to start reading up on the shutterbug section. Just for fun I snapped another pic against grey fabric under direct lighting, and then compared that to how it looked back in my WIP. Photographing details aside, he's a nice little tabletop dude that can now join the fun in Undermountain.
  19. My first attempt at NMM.
  20. I speed paint a lot for tabletop, and this was one of those. I've been using tabletop paints as excuses to work on my NMM and I was pretty happy with the blending on the sword. I was okay with how the shield turned out, and I liked the scales on her scale-mail-dress (or whatever it was supposed to be). Less-so with the banding on the... suspenders, I guess? And I totally lost the bands on her upper arm--the texture for them kind of vanished on the lower side of her arm. Not sure if it was just bad luck with the casting of the mold, or if I used too thick paint. (If I have to ask, it's probably the paint!) I think I really need to work on my transitions for highly-detailed areas. I boiled and boiled and boiled and the sword would not straighten. Alas.
  21. Something I started in mid-2014 as an experiment with shading, on the scroll. I got bored and finished it up in early January. The canister on a chain I've interpreted as something akin to D&D/PF's "Soul Jar", so it's got a bit of a bluish light to it. I tried to make it look like a faint point, and had a little bit of success I think. Everything on this guy is dark--a lot of it is more apparent on a darker background which I have very unhelpfully not provided--but I still kinda wonder if that soul jar should be a little brighter. Although the shading follows the contours of his robe, the darker splotch in the middle looks like a horrible mistake in hindsight! Some mild NMM and other source lighting effects.
  22. Here is my painted rendition of Staunton Vhane, a dwarf with some fancy armor, a fancy weapon, and a very bad outlook. He serves Deskari, the demon-lord of locusts. I sculpted the figure based on the painting by Wayne Reynolds from the cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #84 [edit: #74], "Sword of Valor": http://static1.paizo.com/image/product/catalog/PZO/PZO9074.jpg After I took the first photos of the "finished" figure, I decided that I didn't like the more muted salmon-pink/brown of the base, so I punched up the color with some glazes of purple, red, and orange. Now it is more consistent with the saturation of the green armor. The stock miniature is released with only one horn/antenna to match the interior art in the Pathfinder adventure, but I added the second horn (carved from the sword of another figure and then attached to his helmet), because I figured that the second one was present in the cover art, but foreshortened and hard to see. I enjoyed the challenge of sculpting his intricate insectile armor and the locust on his glaive ... but at some point I also started imagining that the blade was shaped like the head of a rhinoceros. Do you also see the horn on its nose, the eye-hole and nostril, and the locust-wing ear? You may notice that the photograph of the unpainted stock figure has the one horn in a raised position: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60186#detail/60186_w_1 This position allows the figure to be cast in one piece, but I intended the horn to be bent backward. That's easy to do with pewter, if you bend slowly. (I did the same with the hair on Shalelu: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/oldest/60042#detail/60042_w_1.) Enjoy! Derek
  23. True Metal Metallics vs Non Metal Metallics I found this blog post very informative and thought provoking. I'm solidly on the side of TMM over NMM and have been for a while now, but reading what a pro like Meg Maples says about it is really interesting. Also curious what the rest of the community has to say about their preferences after reading this post.
  24. It has been months since I picked up the brush to paint for more than 15 to 30 minutes at a sitting. Now that I have a health issue managed and under control, I can finally get back to painting! I have a list of projects I would like to finish by the end of the year, so I'm working on a piece or two to get back into practice. I have long admired NMM, so I decided to give it a go and see if I can learn the technique. Turanil has a variety of surfaces to practice my blending, so here we go. I started in on his cloak, working with a base coat of carnage red, followed by shading with deep red and brick red, then working the midtone back in with blood red. Highlights are, so far, a mixture of blood red and burnt orange. The front of the cloak shows plenty of interesting folds, which were really helpful in setting of the blends. I like obvious and logical folds (thank you Bobby Jackson!). I see a need to push the highlights up more, so I'll be going back and working up to pure burnt orange. I am hesitant to go much further into yellow. The back of the cloak is flatter, which begs for some freehand work, but also makes placing the shadows a bit harder. I definitely need to spend more time there to get the right contrasts in place.
  25. I am painting up my bones Ape-X based on inspiration from this picture http://www.deviantart.com/art/White-Gorilla-270784101 and I want to try NMM on him as well. I do have the L2PK3 on NMM, but I have only read the instructions. Since there is only a little metal on this figure, I can take my time to get it right. So far I have only done base coats. The armor hand will be a red metal and the gun a blue metal and the other metal parts chrome. Depending on how this goes, I might do OSL on the cyber eye as well.
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