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Found 112 results

  1. Something I started in mid-2014 as an experiment with shading, on the scroll. I got bored and finished it up in early January. The canister on a chain I've interpreted as something akin to D&D/PF's "Soul Jar", so it's got a bit of a bluish light to it. I tried to make it look like a faint point, and had a little bit of success I think. Everything on this guy is dark--a lot of it is more apparent on a darker background which I have very unhelpfully not provided--but I still kinda wonder if that soul jar should be a little brighter. Although the shading follows the contours of his robe, the darker splotch in the middle looks like a horrible mistake in hindsight! Some mild NMM and other source lighting effects.
  2. Here is my painted rendition of Staunton Vhane, a dwarf with some fancy armor, a fancy weapon, and a very bad outlook. He serves Deskari, the demon-lord of locusts. I sculpted the figure based on the painting by Wayne Reynolds from the cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #84 [edit: #74], "Sword of Valor": http://static1.paizo.com/image/product/catalog/PZO/PZO9074.jpg After I took the first photos of the "finished" figure, I decided that I didn't like the more muted salmon-pink/brown of the base, so I punched up the color with some glazes of purple, red, and orange. Now it is more consistent with the saturation of the green armor. The stock miniature is released with only one horn/antenna to match the interior art in the Pathfinder adventure, but I added the second horn (carved from the sword of another figure and then attached to his helmet), because I figured that the second one was present in the cover art, but foreshortened and hard to see. I enjoyed the challenge of sculpting his intricate insectile armor and the locust on his glaive ... but at some point I also started imagining that the blade was shaped like the head of a rhinoceros. Do you also see the horn on its nose, the eye-hole and nostril, and the locust-wing ear? You may notice that the photograph of the unpainted stock figure has the one horn in a raised position: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60186#detail/60186_w_1 This position allows the figure to be cast in one piece, but I intended the horn to be bent backward. That's easy to do with pewter, if you bend slowly. (I did the same with the hair on Shalelu: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/oldest/60042#detail/60042_w_1.) Enjoy! Derek
  3. True Metal Metallics vs Non Metal Metallics I found this blog post very informative and thought provoking. I'm solidly on the side of TMM over NMM and have been for a while now, but reading what a pro like Meg Maples says about it is really interesting. Also curious what the rest of the community has to say about their preferences after reading this post.
  4. It has been months since I picked up the brush to paint for more than 15 to 30 minutes at a sitting. Now that I have a health issue managed and under control, I can finally get back to painting! I have a list of projects I would like to finish by the end of the year, so I'm working on a piece or two to get back into practice. I have long admired NMM, so I decided to give it a go and see if I can learn the technique. Turanil has a variety of surfaces to practice my blending, so here we go. I started in on his cloak, working with a base coat of carnage red, followed by shading with deep red and brick red, then working the midtone back in with blood red. Highlights are, so far, a mixture of blood red and burnt orange. The front of the cloak shows plenty of interesting folds, which were really helpful in setting of the blends. I like obvious and logical folds (thank you Bobby Jackson!). I see a need to push the highlights up more, so I'll be going back and working up to pure burnt orange. I am hesitant to go much further into yellow. The back of the cloak is flatter, which begs for some freehand work, but also makes placing the shadows a bit harder. I definitely need to spend more time there to get the right contrasts in place.
  5. I am painting up my bones Ape-X based on inspiration from this picture http://www.deviantart.com/art/White-Gorilla-270784101 and I want to try NMM on him as well. I do have the L2PK3 on NMM, but I have only read the instructions. Since there is only a little metal on this figure, I can take my time to get it right. So far I have only done base coats. The armor hand will be a red metal and the gun a blue metal and the other metal parts chrome. Depending on how this goes, I might do OSL on the cyber eye as well.
  6. So this is a rat pack poison pot thrower. I spent a while doing the nmm part yesterday. When my wife just calmly looked up from her book as I eagerly thrust it in her face for a critique She said, "looks nice." SO i guess i wanted the opinion of some fellow painters about the shadows on the barrel. If I draw a dark line under the shadows and add another reflection will that actually help? Do I need to define the main shadow along the big barrel more? Does the weathering make sense? What does it all mean?
  7. I've been painting up a few batches of minis for a client out in Oregon. This happens to be the 2nd Cloud Giant (by the wonderful Julie Guthrie btw) that I have painted. The first was my own. My client told me to go nuts on him, so I decided to bust my butt on him using nothing but NMM for his weapons and armor. She has since seen the pics and told me it was, in her words "Magnificent" and "Fantastic". So, having already had my ego stroked, I shall toss him to your critiques and judgments O Reaper Forum Folks! LOL He took me about 10 hours to paint, most of them spent on the "bronze" of his armor and the "blue steel" of his sword. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  8. Here is the fine undead captain from Super Dungeon Explore. I rather enjoyed painting him- especially the trimming. He turned out just a bit darker than most of my SDE, but I feel that this is working well with the undead feel. I'll have to give someone pink hair to make up for it.
  9. I've been fascinated with NMM since I first saw it. How does one make regular colors look like metal?! I've delved into NMM every once in awhile, but never with what I consider great NMM. This is no exception for me, but it's getting a wee bit closer. :) Duke Gerard here is from the first Bones KS and my 4-5th try at NMM. C&C not needed (I know what needs work and I'm working on those areas on other models), this is mostly for the new painters and for painters struggling with NMM. Cause even I'm still doing so and I've been painting for over 13 years now. So enjoy and take what you will from this post! :D
  10. Well, I posted up my squad Lorenzo as I painted them up. But when I finished off Squad Gideon, they didn't get photographed right away. So, here they are. I had a bit of a block going into this set, as I wanted to have something subtle show the difference between the two squads, without making them look like they were from a different chapter. In the end I chose to make all of the jewels a different color (Lorenzo's squad has blue jewels, rather than the green ones here). Also, I updated my Librarian Calistarius. I had originally painted him with metallic metals, and without dark lining. Last thing I did on the set was paint him in Non metallic metals to match the rest of the Space Hulk set.
  11. I just got back from taking a brief hiatus. It actually lifted last week after I decided to repaint my level 32 Warblade and a friend commissioned me to paint his character (he tried to pay me... I refused. I hate taking money from friends :) They always get FREE commissions! :D My specialty! I just like seeing them happy :D) Anyway, the first is Freja Fangbreaker (the bone version). This is the 2nd time I've painted this figure; the other being 3-4 years ago. She has an enlarge insert with both an earth magnet in the base itself and in the miniature base. I've been doing the enlarge inserts for a few years now; so much more appealing to the eye than just black bases! Both this and the commission were speed paints.. enjoy! Now here is Broderick Alt Pose, Crusaders Captain. He's my first serious attempt at NMM. It's not great, but pretty good for a first time, I think. I know that I need deeper transitions; but again I had a time crunch. My friend was very particular on the colors and pretty much everything for him. Here he is with his enlarge insert (he's a 32 barbarian warblade). It was pretty nice to dip my toes in again....
  12. OK so here is my finished take on Bertok. I'd love to get feedback on the NMM, its attempt number 4 at the technique and I still don't think I've got it right. Strangely there are some spots on him where I think I've done (by accident) an ok SENMM.
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