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Found 2 results

  1. I tend to have three to four projects on the painting table at the same time, so I thought I'd keep all my ongoing Reaper projects in one place. Some may be large projects and some may just be single figures. Prior to this figure, I've painted only four non-human figures and those were the Little Dudes from Dark Sword Miniatures. So this Cave Troll is an important piece for me. It is also my first Bones figure. This is Cave Troll #77004 and I realize loads of people are painting him right now. I was working on him outside today and took a quick pic of him in my garden just to see how far from being done I really am. I know I'm only supposed to photograph against a neutral grey background, but this is just a WIP and it's fun. I based him in Reaper Pale Green then applied a green wash from Secret Weapon. I then layered up the highlights by adding successively larger amounts of Reaper Saffron Yellow to the Pale green. I applying the green wash to blend and to provide depth of colour. The pustules were done with Reaper Phoenix Red and lined with Secret Weapon Amethyst Wash. Highlighting was done by adding Reaper White to the Phoenix Red. I then added some Vallejo Black Ink to the green wash to go back and deepen the shadows in the musculature. The loin cloth has only had a base coat of Reaper Dessert Tan and a Face Wash from Secret Weapon. I have not begun to highlight it yet. I used Citadel Mechrite Red for the boils on his back and washed with a Secret Weapon's Blood Red mixed with a small amount of black ink. Highlights were achieved by adding successively large amounts of Saffron Yellow. i don't drybrush my figures, I just work up using a damp brush. He's going to put on a larger base with Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior #77011 as a small battle vignette and I'll give it as a gift to one of my Historical Wargaming buddies in the UK. Because I have no one to game with I always make up stories to go with my figures and post them on my blog. I have no Fantasy friends so it's fun to expose the Wargamers to my side of the hobby and try to subvert them.
  2. I must say that I am quite nervous about posting this work here as there are so many fine painters at this forum. However, this work is very important to me personally and I have no one in my real life to help me. I would like to have input early on as I am willing to strip a figure as many times as it takes to get it right. I am using the Ballerina Princess Fairy Infantry, a Goblin archer and a Wood Elf Huntsman with 2 dogs to tell a story. It will be told from the perspective of myself as a child sitting alone in the woods dreaming fantastical dreams and living in a world of her own creation. I have basecoated him in Reaper Olive and added a light wash of Reaper Face Wash mixed with a small amount of Reaper Black Wash. I have a question about building up the highlights. Should I add a bit of yellow as I transition up to my highest points to give depth of colour? I have added base colours and just begun to bring up highlights on the skirts. I have only laid down base colours on these three. I am not certain that I like the colours on the skirts and am willing to strip these and start anew. I would appreciate advice in this matter. I like the contrast between the Goblins bulk and ferocity and the delicacy of the girls. This is a size comparison with the Ellen Stone I just finished. I have never painted anything smaller than 25mm so this is going to be a real challenge for me. This is for scale. I have not yet begun the Huntsman. My concerns for this are getting the highlights up enough and getting adequate separation between areas. I know I need to make the line between the girls tops and skirts clean and distinct. I was considering using a gold and doing a bit of free hand in that area.I still have many weaknesses as a painter, but I would like to do justice to these fine sculpts. Your critiques are most welcome.
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