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Found 81 results

  1. So I chickened out after 3 stages of OSL, because I kinda like the way she looks, and I didn't want to kill it.... So I DullCoted and based her, in the same way the rest of this particular adventuring party is based.... Nothing fancy, just a few tufts, then a static grass / flock mix. Thanks for looking! Wip Here George
  2. So, one of the new players in our Pathfinder game was using a male figure, She isn't playing one, so I showed her the KS, and she latched onto this mini. So I asked her for a list of colors for clothes etc, and made a start with the flesh.... Just beginning, but thoughts and quips welcome! George
  3. Oathsworn's beautiful and very deadly Fox Assassin. This mini is a bit out of my league for now... not that THAT is going to stop me from making a mess... There are several mold lines that I haven't touched, and really don't want to either, as they cross fur and the feathers in her hat, and that's stuff that's leagues out of my skill level to handle. Anyway, here's the first picture. Primer is Vallejo Grey Primer, except the hat that was primed with Vallejo Black. The dress is currently Tropical Blue, no highlights or shading has appeared, only poor lighting and a slightly uneven coating. The undercoat, though... is a mix of AP Lava Orange and Reaper Pearl White. The frills and lace on the dress, and possibly the garter also, will be painted in a white of some sort. What worries me a bit is the narrow gap between her leg and the dress. That is going to a pain in the elf to get done without many, many touch-ups... I should probably tackle her face and eyes next.
  4. This little lady was a joy to paint up. Only issue was a mold line across her face which caused some minor issues painting her lips and nose. This is the best hair I think I have painted.
  5. Just another critter off my desk and on to the display area. these are fun and relatively quick paints and I find myself a lot more willing to experiment with painting styles and other things. This however was just a quick job of a cute but very small critter. Let me know your thoughts and thanks for looking!
  6. just playing with these to get some more done. I had to increase the ear size on this model. I would like to say the new size is preposterous but when you look at the pictures of these critters, they are just about half ears. I could probably have done a better job filling the space between old and new ear but I wanted to keep the fuzzy texture of the ear. What's done is done. Overall I like the way his face came out and the desert pastels were an nice change to work with. let me know what you think. He will be coming to a desert oasis near you...
  7. the rabbit paladin from the first of Oathsworn's critter line. I love this rabbit. he has had a long day. He's tired, He's annoyed, and the next person who calls him a bunny is going to discover the meaning of "holy terror" this one was fun to paint and I do love the expressiveness of these minis. hope you enjoy!
  8. Another one from Oathsworn's critter line Daggit is a rogue and thief (just like all of his buddies in my bird feeder) creeping around in dark areas and not letting anything stop him. Just thought I would show him off. had fun painting him. I chose red squirrel as a base because the grey looked too much like his primer. Enjoy
  9. Here is my Dwarf Wizard, adventuring companion to my friend's Dwarf Barbarian I posted the other day. As I mentioned elsewhere, in D&D 5th Edition a wizard can cast without penalty in any armor they are proficient with, and Mountain Dwarves get proficiency with light and medium armor by default. They also get battleaxe (and handaxe, throwing hammer and warhammer) profs.....so my character is walking around in Scale Mail with a Battleaxe, hoping all the "let's kill the wizard" first types will enjoy their encounter with the Barbarian...
  10. We are gearing up to start a new D&D campaign at the end of the month. It'll be 5th Edition and robinh is running it. A friend (who doesn't paint) is playing a Dwarf barbarian and I'm running a Dwarf wizard, so I said I could paint up a fig for him too, since the only D&D prepaint Dwarf Barbarian is pretty lame... These are the two figs we came up with, first the barbarian and then my wizard. So yeah, not exactly the norm, but 5th Ed rules are interesting. A spellcaster can cast spells in any armor he is proficient with. And a mountain Dwarf gets proficiency with light and medium armor be default. Also battleaxe... Meanwhile he was planning for his barbarian to be walking around in a big cloak and with a quarterstaff anyway... So we figured this will confuse any intelligent baddies that try to target the wizard first.... Anyway, just roughed in some colours to get started, Had to wait until I got to work to ask him what sort of colours he was thinking for the barbarian, so need to bring in some greens and other nature colours.
  11. Finally got back to this guy from the Burrows & Badgers FreeLances Kickstarter project. He's what convinced me to sign up for the project in the first place so I figured I might as well start by painting him. Not easy for a beginner like me, but man is he fun to paint anyway! Comments and criticism appreciated, as always.
  12. Just because I need to start another WIP, I decided with the new Burrows and Badgers KS on the horizon I thought I should give my critter's some paint love. So I decided to paint up a Hare (or Rabbit) from the two critter KS I backed. I decided to also use hair color for the hares with Jessica Rich's DVD. I started both with a 1:1 mix of RMS Harvest Brown : RHD Golden Brown as the base coat. I like both of the sculpts and have really wanted to paint them both. Progress might be slow at first since I'm also working on my exchange mini at the same time. Here is the Darksword Hare Mage: Here is the Oathsworn Hare Warrior: Now a look at the 2 side by side:
  13. Here is my first I painted from the Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter. The Hare Warrior. While he is intended to be a gaming piece, I'll probable never get to field him (save in a solo battle). So I ultimately stopped fiddling with blending on the NMM. The rules recommend a 40mm base so that is what I went with. Here is how the Hare finally turned out: Thanks for looking and any C&C you feel inspired to post.
  14. So we've started roleplaying again after a very long break... (cough*Twenty years*cough) We're supposed to be using D&D 5th, but most of the group are total noobs to RPGs, so I went for the '83 version of D&D Basic. The player's book does a great job of introducing the concepts and rules, so it felt like the best place to start. Anyhoo, this is the Sculpting forum, not the random wafflings forum... my rebooted interest in dungeon-crawling has resulted in me sculpting some basic 1st level dungeoneers. Just 3 so far, all female: a Fighter, Thief, and Magic User. I'm a bit unsure whether to try and add some sort of spell effect to the magic user's hand or not... I can't decide. What do you think? Anyway, I'm off to start on a cleric... cheers, Michael
  15. This year the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. With the refurbishment of the old house complete and it now up for sale, I have at last some time to paint a miniature or two. It has been more than a month since I touched a brush smaller than two inches wide, and I have come to the conclusion that I utterly detest redacorating houses, especially everything that involves masking tape. So anyway, here goes: Oathsworn Miniatures have made a series of resin scatter terrain pieces to go with their Dwarfs and their Burrows and Badgers Kickstarters. They have done everything by themselves, making moulds and casting at home on their dinner table, and sharing the entire process via their excellent updates. Here are the first two bits I have done, the Burrows and Badgers Tents. Keeping it simple. These are well made tents for the discerning adventurer, and a place for the dormouse to sleep when the teapot is needed for tea. When all the bits are done, they will make for an interesting campsite among ruins for a furball fight. Two Tents Burrows and Badgers KS1. Oathsworn Miniatures Resin Integral base
  16. This is the first of the Oathsworn critters that I completed. (there are still two more waited on finishing) but the first was the badger. Apparently all of the badgers want to keep their baby blankets as battle trophies but I really love how the mint green cape came out. I also just love this mini. all sorts of little things on the armor and equipment: the damage and scars on the armor, the nicks and bangs on the club, and just the general texture of the critter. And the pose. I love the pose! Mike has done an absolutely incredible job capturing motion and action in all of his critters. these are bright to the point where the few non action poses actually seem to be relaxed. The same cannot be said for my state as I try to pry this mini off his base. The metal this mini was cast in was hard! I was eventually reduced to tin snips and a dremel tool to grind and tear the base off because I wanted to put him on a specific base. Which involved a new titanium drill bit to pin the little guy. He did lose a few toes in the process which had to be rebuilt but other than that I really like how he came out and I love the minis (and will probably add another one of these to my current KS order just because) Anyway, without further ado, here is the pictures. C&C is particularly appreciated here as I am still working with the fur to make it look realistic without defeating the work that Mike did on the fur sculpt. Enjoy!
  17. Here are my Oathsworn ruined walls, from their first Burrows & Badgers kickstarter. They were sculpted by the excellent Jo. The details she put into these are fantastic My favorite is the oven wall. Because it's an oven! Instead of making grey stone bricks I decided to go for tan, as though they were made from sandstone. I also resisted the urge to add plants, sand, dirt, or any other basing materials, because they're going to be used for gaming, so they need to work in any environment situation. I'm not really pleased with the way the final wash of brown over the plaster bits turned out, but not displeased with it enough to want to paint it over again. I finished it, I don't belong in House Procrastius! Here's the oven wall, with the large straight wall. I tried to paint the inside of the oven as though it had ash and burn stains on the stones. And here's all of them on a grid, with Sir Forscale guarding the room.
  18. I got one of the new minis from our current Kickstarter painted.... still can't figure out how to take decent photos though. I might have to pinch my daughter's camera - it's a lot better than mine! Step by step pics in the KS updates, if you're interested: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/burrows-and-badgers-freelances-anthro-animal-minia cheers Michael
  19. Oathsworn Jo's Burrows and Badgers tents.
  20. As has been a theme this year, the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. /fanboy gush start/ Oathsworn Miniatures have some fantastic, old school miniatures, in the style of the period that Citadel Miniatures had soul, also known as "Oldhammer". Oathsworn is a cottage industry company, consisting of sculptor Michael Lovejoy and his lovely and talented wife, Jo (who is learning to sculpt as we speak). With 5 or 6 successful kickstarters under their belt, great communication and behind the scenes how-its-made guides and video clips, last but not least delivering on schedule, with consistently high quality every time. I cannot recommend Oathsworn enough. This is the kind of company I would buy almost anything from, just to support them and their work, even if I never got around to actually painting anything...something which I intend to correct in the coming months. /fanboy gush stop/ First out is the Fire Giant, or Efreeti if you like: With his asbestos loin cloth. I am trying out some new backdrops to get better pictures. So far so good. Did I mention that I struggle with flames? Turns out I not only struggle with, but actively detest painting lava-like crusts as well. Hence the not so impressive paint job. I simply do not have the patience. Which means that Balrog will be sitting around for a while before I take a stab at painting it... Metal, 40mm base.
  21. I am starting a new D&D 5e campaign Monday, running the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure. I was inspired by getting my Oathsworn terrain yesterday to incorporate it into the adventure, so this morning when I got home from work I started painting minis. The first adventure involves five giant rats and a black bear, and the party has a druid who wants to wild shape starting at level 2. I started prepping five terrain pieces (two tents, the well, cookpot/fire and firewood) and nine animals (6 rats, a black bear, a lion and a dire wolf). I am a slow painter at the best of times, so I really forced myself to work fast. I am also not a very good painter at the best of times, so I was prepared to accept some serious mediocrity just to get them table ready. My group uses a lot of prepaints, so that was my quality goal with this speed session, make something that wouldn't look out of place next to prepaints (low bar, I know). Amazingly, I got both tents, all the rats, the dire wolf and the black bear finished. I also got a fair bit of progress on the cookpot/fire. And even more amazing, they don't suck. They aren't great by any means, and looking at the photo I can see some things that could use fixing, but I am really pleased with the results. Especially the tents, and the black bear. I think I got a nice weathered canvas tent look (the green on the bottom edge was deliberate, I wanted it to look like grass from the base), and the bear's snout really turned out well, I think. For colours I used a bunch of Reaper paints. Most of the figures were base coated in ruddy leather, the others were based in tanned leather (unfinished lion, tents) or black (black bear and a couple rats). I did have some trouble using the pure black (09037) as a base coat, it tended to bead a bit, but I did manage to get it to stick after re-coating it a couple times. I will pick a different black if I want to base coat another mini. I used ruddy leather, tanned leather and linen white for the tents, and did a black wash on the dire wolf. I used muddy olive and olive green for the mossy looking grass, and some stone grey for blending, sun yellow for eyes , brains pink for tails and fresh blood for mouths (and some drips on the dire wolf base).
  22. I've finally got around to slapping some paint on a couple of Burrows & Badgers figures. 2 down, 18 to go... cheers Michael
  23. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we have launched a little Kickstarter project for some sci-fi robot models. These were actually the first models we ever made, but we never really did anything with them, and now we'd like to get production moulds made for them. So, if they look like the sort of thing you'd be interested in, take a look here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/oathsworn-miniatures-sci-fi-wargames-robots Thanks! Michael
  24. Oathsworn Shambling Mound, from their “Oathsworn Heroes†kickstarter. I chose to forgo the resin base for a more overgrown one. I had not envisioned this to be the first Oathsworn mini I was to finish, but there you are. This one actually had more detail than I had noticed before I started to paint! Also, I named this one Alec. 50mm base.
  25. Some of you may have been following my thread over in the WIP section of craft corner as I decided to finish a full kickstarter pledge. That's right I have actually completed and painted all the items in the pledge. The models in question are the dwarf brewers by Oathsworn. I also picked up their resin furniture as well. The pledge consisted of 12 superbly sculpted dwarves all involved with a brewing family. I kept the paint scheme fairly simple and the selection of colours limited to tie the models together. Introducing them in no particular order. Heather McFiggin "Down in one" Duncan McFiggin Hamish McFiggin Pipes McFiggin Fraser McFiggin Ancient McFiggin Conner McFiggin Dougall McFiggin Morag McFiggin Old McFiggin Donald McFiggin And finally Mad Angus McFiggin These models were great fun to paint, and I think my hair and detailing has improved. As always comments and suggestions welcome.
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