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Found 81 results

  1. Well it's been a while since I posted a WIP but I have decided to do one for the recent purchases I have made. This is for the most recent Oathsworn kickstater. I got a full set of dwarves as well as the set of resin tavern furniture. I decided to paint all the resin furniture first. They don't really add to the 28mm figure total but they are very nice. I cleaned them up and gave them a quick undercoat. I started with the wooden furniture. I used a few different browns and then gave them all a brown wash. The metal parts were then painted and I used a standard Matt varnish to finish them off Next up I started on the stone items. A simple dark grey followed by two highlights. Here are some details of the cobblestone bases. They are really highly detailed. As always comments welcome. I will be cleaning the dwarves later, and hopefully get them undercoated over the weekend.
  2. I've got a long term project on the go - I'm designing a skirmish game, set in a slightly-fantasyish 14th century England. It's a slow process, but I've made a start, and I'll be working on it whenever I get spare time. If you fancy a look, I've started a small blog to document the development process here: http://ravensrodd.com/ And because posting just a link to a blog is a bit naughty, here's a couple of pics of minis for the project... Anyway, thanks if you take the time to look, and any feedback is appreciated; either here, or by email. cheers, Michael
  3. I've finally painted a couple of dwarfs from our first Kickstarter, Alric the smith, and Burlok Baldursson… and as a shameless plug, our current KS only has a couple of days to go! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55808-clan-mcfiggin-dwarf-kickstarter/ cheers, Michael
  4. Three Dwarfs, all pretty quick paint ups. I haven't posted much lately, but I haven't been entirely idle. First up, one of Schubert's Shieldmaidens. I started this lass at Reapercon 2013 for a weathering class with Proctor...very good class, which I put to good use elsewhere, but the weathering I did on this mini has been painted over. I used a lot of purple, including her eyeshadow. Although she was started well over a year ago, once I sat down with her I spent less than six hours on her. Like most of Derek's sculpts, this one is super fun and super easy to paint. She's got personality and plenty of space to get fancy if you want to (I didn't, here, but if I get another of the Shieldmaidens some time I know where I will do some patterns and whatnot). Next, Bondagur! Or Bonagur, depending on whether you read the blister card or the online store. About three and a quarter hours time on him, all in one sitting. I'm trying a new method for metallics...I paint in a really rough NMM-style basecoat (not very smoothly or painstakingly blended), then use a thin layer of metal. Then I use the shadow color from the NMM to blend in some opaque shadow over the metallic. This is an odd combo of Shaded Metallics and NMM, but it comes out pretty well on the table and is faster than I've ever done either technique full bore...rough blends so the NMM isn't slow, and the shaded basecoat gives me a jump on the shaded metallic technique. Wait...shaded basecoat..? Wappel is insidious. He's like cat hair: just gets everywhere. One of Bob Olley's, this sculpt is hilarious. The crazy fringe on his sleeves, the ridiculous WWI Epic damn-the-torpedoes charge and grimace...this guy is great. And his eyes are tiny. Combine the fun of the sculpt with my determination to have him done in three hours (missed it by that much!) made him a blast to paint. And finally an Oathsworn Cleric. I painted her in one sitting, maybe four hours, at Reapercon 2014. Maybe three hours of actual paint time on her, since there was a lot of stopping to talk to people and ogle the things Wappel and Lyn were doing at the same table. She was a bit of an experiment: only six bottles of paint were opened for her, and none of them used straight. She could use some brighter highlights, but I like the overall result. Which paints, I'll mention after the pic...see if you can figure it out without peeking! OK, here we go...Violet Red, Marine Teal, Marigold Yellow, Blackened Brown, Ghost White and something I've forgotten that might have been Rust Brown. I love the Oathsworn dwarfs I have, and they are great fun to paint. Add to that the environment in which I painted this one, and I always smile when I see it in our case. Anyway, these three are totally done and off my table, but I always love feedback!
  5. Well, I finally managed to get some painting done and some pics taken. Only 1 dwarf, 1 halfling, a dragon, and a couple of sci fi models... Still a load more stuff to paint, but it's a start! cheers, Michael
  6. I realised on Friday that it had been over a year since I last painted a figure... so I had a go at painting one of my Dwarf sculpts from our first Oathsworn Kickstarter yesterday. I'm not a very good painter (much prefer sculpting!) but I'm happy with how he's ended up. Still can't take a decent photo though! cheers Michael
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