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Found 53 results

  1. Laaaaaadies and Geeeeeeeeeentlemen!!! Welcome to the Epic 7-day Challenge Khanjira battle: OneBoot vs. Buglips! OneBoot issued the Challenge! Buglips accepted! They will be following the standard rules! (Rules reposted here for clarity) 1. You may use no brushes larger than Size 0. As Size 0 can vary by company and brand, the average bristle dimensions are 10mm long by 1mm wide. When selecting brushes, try to be as close to this guideline as possible. 2. You have 7 full days to complete from your posted start time (including a picture with a time stamp from a phone or computer screen is helpful to establish this) to complete the model. 3. All visible areas must be painted, and all paint must be applied with a regulation brush. 4. No drilling, filing, mold line removal or other prepwork is permitted before start time. The only preparation allowed is to dry fit your pieces to make sure the model is complete, and do any boiling and reshaping necessary to correct warpage and return the model to "factory spec". You may also clean the pieces with soap and water. 5. All pieces as included in the box set at retail must be painted. This includes, for example, the 5 adventurer figures included with Dragons Don't Share 2. The official start time for this competition is 4:00 PM Pacific time on Wednesday the 27th Alrighty, let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLE!! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  2. OneBoot

    Sir Forscale x2!

    I painted up two Sirs Forscale for ReaperBryan's competition: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69934-sir-forscale-painting-competition/ The first one was Sir Forscale the Shiny, Captain of the Papal Guard! (the official colors of the Papal Guard are dark green and gold, as per SpacePope Bryan) WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70343-sir-forscale-the-shiny-wip/ I had some fun messing around with all of the camera settings on my phone, and figured out how to set the focus manually. The result is that the pictures came out sharper than I've ever managed before! The downside, though, is that every tiny flaw is magnified; the metallic paint does NOT look that rough in person, lol. Also, the gloss sealer I put on the shield is hiding the lovely blending I did on it. Ah well. It's visible in my WIP thread at least. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  3. I've finally decided to get my boot in gear and paint up my submission to Reaperbryan's Sir Forscale competition: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69934-sir-forscale-painting-competition/ I'll be painting him up in the traditional Papal Guard colors of dark green and gold, using mostly metallics because SHINY. First set of pictures! EDIT: I can't get my pictures to work; apparently, Google Photos killed Picasa web albums for good sometime earlier this week. Have this picture of a cat instead while I try to get it figured out. EDIT EDIT: I've found a truly grotesque workaround for now, which I've used for these first two pics. Further pictures in this thread will have to wait until I work out something better. His tabard and glove are all Reaper paints, starting with Rich Green and highlighting through various combinations of Rich Green, Christmas Wreath, Grass Green and Clear Green, in that order. Before the final Clear Green highlight, I did a Grass Green wash to tie it all together. I may do one final highlight to really make it look nice, but it's decent as-is. The gold edging is P3 Solid Gold, and it is SO SHINY YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. I mean, uh, hey look at that awesome NMM I totally did. Yeah. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  4. I painted Kaladrax in 7 days using only Size 0 brushes, and found to my great astonishment that I actually enjoyed it a lot, despite how gruelingly difficult it was. So, I've decided to do it all over again, this time with Khanjira! BUT...I thought I'd shake things up a bit. Y'see, I realized that buglips, the one who started this whole thing, has yet to paint up HIS Khanjira. Given that Khanjira is part of his Challenge and all, I rather think it's time that happened. So, with that said.... Buglips! *dramatic pointing pose* I'm officially challenging you to a 7-day Goblin Challenge Khanjira paint-off!!! *pulls off a dainty little kitty gauntlet and throws to the ground in front of her with a tiny (piff)* Er...that was a lot more impressive in my head. So, what do you say? Care to cross brushes in an epic duel to determine the fate of the universe? Or are yeh...bloo? EDIT: The Challenge has been accepted! It has been decided that 4:00 PM Pacific time on Wednesday the 27th will be the official start time. ******************* HERE IS THE LINK TO THE OFFICIAL WIP THREAD: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70023-were-both-crazy-oneboot-and-buglips-paint-khanjira-in-7-days-wip-thread/?p=1409582 ******************* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  5. For those of you unfamiliar with The Great Kaladrax Painting Challenge, initiated by buglips*the*goblin, here's a link to his thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51269-kaladrax-in-seven-days-buglips-is-crazy-wip Feel free to boggle at the insanity of it for a bit, I'll wait. ... ... ... All done? Okay, so, being not entirely sane myself, I've decided to give it a go. I will be following the same rules buglips followed in his challenge, namely: 1) No using a brush larger than a standard Size 0 (no getting around it by using, say, a size 0 brush meant for house painting, for example) 2) I will work on Kaladrax for no more than 168 consecutive hours (7 full days) 3) The only prep time allowed before the timer starts is boiling and cleaning to remove casting residue. Removing (or not) mold lines is part of the challenge! 4) When I begin, I will post a picture of Kaladrax with my phone displaying the date and time (I don't get the newspaper) ...That's it, really. Pretty simple. I will endeavor to make semi-regular updates, but when I get deep into PaintingLand, I can lose track of time. I will, however, be very good about taking awful WIP pictures as I go, then at least doing a batch picture post each day. I've timed this so Mr. Boot is gone at a work conference about half of the 7 days, so I will have a little more free time than usual. So! Feel free to come along for the ride. I can't promise to be on here super often (or maybe I will be, who knows), but I can promise that the trip will at least be entertaining. If you'd rather just skip to the end, here's my official completion post with pictures: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68762-oneboot-is-crazy-too-kaladrax-in-7-days-wip/&do=findComment&comment=1371410 Final show-off pictures: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69015-kaladrax-reborn-in-7-days-by-oneboot/ Note: Unless otherwise specified, all of the paints used are Reaper brand paints. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  6. After a solid week of hard-fought battle, detailed in the WIP thread, I am pleased to present to you... KALADRAX REBORN! All of my notes and thoughts, as well as what paint colors were used where, are detailed in the WIP thread linked above. EDIT: I would be remiss if I didn't include pictures of the Not-Trophy, which I just received! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  7. Not so much a "Show-off" as a "Hey, these things got some paint on them, and I'm tired of looking at them so they're done now." First up are the, uh...disco zombies: I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not a big fan of this particular sculpt, and it did not translate to Bonesium well (at least, the ones from the KS didn't; it's entirely possible the quality has improved since then). There were mold lines all over, plus some mold slippage as well, which made getting the primer coat of Brown Liner a little difficult. So, they just got a very simple basecoat+drybrush treatment, because I didn't feel like expending the energy to make them look any nicer. Colors used: (skin) 09084 Pale Lichen, drybrushed 09149 Moldy Skin (eyes) 09402 Heraldic Red (base) drybrushed 09086 Stone Grey (cloth, from left to right) 09419 Tropical Blue, 09236 Black Green, 09014 Grass Green, 09242 Carrot Top Red, 09240 Royal Purple I did find it amusing after I finished the guy wearing orange that he looked like he used to be wearing a construction jumpsuit. :) Next is two George zombies: I like this sculpt quite a bit, but unfortunately, since I was painting them at the same time as the disco zombies, their paint jobs were collateral damage from my meh-ness about the previous zombies. Same colors as above, except 09115 Ritterlich Blue and 09672 Briar Rose were used for the cloth, and 29830 Ruddy Brown for the hair. Not sure what I used as highlights on the cloth, I just grabbed a bottle at random of the right color in a lighter shade and mixed it with the base color. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  8. OneBoot

    Sir Forscale: Space Pope style

    I painted this fella up over the course of PaizoCon while hanging out at Reaper's Paint n' Take table! I've meant to paint Sir Forscale up for a long time now, and I also wanted to paint something in the official Space Pope colors of purple and teal, so this seemed like the opportune moment. These are the best pictures I could manage under the circumstances; I would take better ones, except that he is now in ReaperBryan's possession! It's going to bug me to the end of forever that his sword is just sliiiiightly crooked, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. :P Colors used were: Twilight Purple, Tropical Aqua, Oiled Leather, Solid White, Solid Black, Blade Steel (a new Bones paint), Clockwork Brass, the Moss triad, a lovely deep bronze from Citadel that a fellow painter loaned me, and ReaperBryan Sky Steel. The pictures are doing a poor job of picking it up, but the armor is done entirely in Sky Steel, and it's a lovely light blue silvery color. I wish I'd done at least a quick wash into the crevices I covered up to redefine them, but I ran out of time. The highlighting on his tabard is a bit of a mess because there weren't many sculpted folds in it, and I'm hopeless at figuring out where highlights should go without some guidance from the sculpt. I eventually had to call it good enough because my fiddling with it was starting to make it worse rather than better. I'm overall fairly pleased with how he came out, especially given that the lighting, while good, wasn't optimal. Also that I was limited to what paints were at the table, plus a double handful of what was on my desk already from working on Kally. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  9. I already posted the first one here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69074-cav-kraken-space-pope-style/ This one is done up exactly the same, except that the purple and teal are reversed! I wasn't quite as tidy with this paint job, because I'm getting a little tired of straight lines. The underside: And here's the side-by-side comparison pic: Fun little paint jobs, but I'm ready to move on to new things now. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  10. OneBoot

    CAV Kraken - Space Pope Style

    I had a lot of fun painting up one of my Kraken planes from Reaper's CAV Kickstarter. Nothing fancy, just solid basecoats. I was having fun playing with colors while doing Google Hangouts with forum members. (the purple is a much darker, richer color in person; I think my lighting washed it out and brightened it some) The underside: Colors used: Grey Liner Twilight Purple Solid Black 3:1 Tropical Aqua:Clear Green I've never painted an inorganic mini before, there's so many straight lines and edges! I think it came out okay, though; I'm really liking these colors together! :D Oh, and Aryanun pointed out that it could totally be a creepy mask too: Now I can't unsee it. I have a second one, and I'll paint it up either exactly the same, or using the same colors reversed (swapping purple for teal and vice-versa) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  11. Okay, this paint job actually has kind of a funny story behind it. I'd slathered Brown Liner all over this mini and the two others I'd planned on working on that evening, and I was working on one of the others when Mr. Boot wandered in and kinda watched me for a bit. Actually, lemme back up a little. Mr. Boot was looking for a few minis to be used in an upcoming session in our Pathfinder game, and initially he asked me if we had any minis that looked like an Enderman (a monster from Minecraft: a tall, skinny, black humanoid creature with glowing purple eyes and a terrifying scream). I was like: "Uh...noo...?" Then he was like "Well, how about something kind of wraithy?" And I said "Um...well, I think we have a kinda skeletonish scarecrow, I'll see if I can find him." While I was poking around looking for it, he continued to look through our Bones bins for inspiration. By the time I returned, he'd pulled out a small assortment of wizardy types, and asked which looked the most evil. After considering, I picked Darkrasp out. And then he asked if I could paint it "pretty much all black." And I asked "You mean, like an Enderman?" And he was all like "Noooo, just kinda wraith-like." And I couldn't help but ask "With glowing purple eyes?" And he responded with . And I . Fast-forward back to the actual painting. Anyways, so he wandered in, spotted Darkrasp with sloppy Brown Liner all over him, and got all happy and excited and was like "Yeah, this looks great!" And I was all "I...haven't actually done anything with him yet, that's basically just primer." And he was all "But this is just what I wanted; with it all blotchy and uneven, it really makes him look ghostly." And I'm like "Uh, okaaay..." But I could not in good conscience leave it in such an unfinished state, so I got him to clarify a few things, painted the chains, his beard, the scythe, and the bone holding the scroll in HD Solid Black to try and help them stand out a little bit (not sure how successful that actually was). I also, at Mr. Boot's suggestion, did a drybrush of Solid Black all over to "make it look blacker." Which predictably did absolutely nothing, lol. So instead I grabbed a gray at random and did an all-over drybrush of that, which helped. Then I decided that he needed something more, so I gave him scary red eyes (which...you can't even really see because of the hood, but I know they're there), and some red runes on the scroll. Without further ado, here's Darkrasp the wraith-y guy: The lovely yellow bits that appear to be on his cloak and robe are not, in fact, a beautiful first attempt at OSL. That's just a reflection from one of the desk lamps I use in my ultra-deluxe photography studio: Super high class, you guys, you have no idea. I think I might need to replace my Brush-on Sealer; it definitely didn't go on as matte as usual, which I think really affected the final appearance of this figure, given that the color distinction between the Brown Liner and Solid Black areas is minimal enough to begin with. The shininess kinda makes it all blend together. I'm going to see if my FLGS has a decent brush-on matte sealer; I don't have anyplace I can really spray stuff. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  12. A little story to go with this one... I hadn't picked up a brush since I finished my last Exchange figure, which was near the end of last year, and my paint desk was buried with Stuff. I kept meaning to start painting again, but something always seemed to be more important, until Friday of last week, when Mr. Boot was looking through our Bones to find some appropriate minis for our Pathfinder game that evening. Him: *holds up the Hell Hound* This is perfect. If only it were black... Me: Black? I can do that quick and easy, I'll just cover it in Brown Liner. Him: Hm...can you make it look like it's on fire too? Me: Sure. *thinking I can just slap some orange and red onto the spiky bits* Him: I mean, like the skin is charred, but it's still on fire? Me: Hm... *ponders* Sure, I think I can do that. But I'll have to work on it during the game. Him: That's fine. So, in between throwing fireballs at things and trying not to die, I painted this guy: But wait! There's more to this story! After I finished it up and sealed it and had waited long enough for the sealer to dry, I handed it over to Mr. Boot, letting the other players know that I had no idea what this was for, only that he'd needed it painted. Not too long after that, we entered a boss fight. Against...yep, you guessed it, the hound I'd just painted. So, yeah. I painted the boss of the dungeon during the game, and I'd had no idea the whole time! It then proceeded to murder-ify all of us, but that was actually part of the story. We got better. It's sloppy and messy and not at all up to my usual standard, but I had fun painting him! I think I should have used more orange, though; the yellow kinda took over. Ah well. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  13. This is another mini that Mr. Boot requested that I paint for our Pathfinder game. He wanted a mini that could represent a Red Reaver (pictured below), and we both agreed that the Ape Demon was perfect. Red Reaver: My speed-paint attempt (this was completed in about an hour and a half, which is insane speed for me!) I'm super duper happy with how his eyes turned out! His left one went on super easy, first try, which was surprising. The second one...took quite a bit longer, lol. But I managed it in the end by turning him upside down and holding the brush at a weird angle. I wanted to give it 6 eyes like an actual Reaver, but Mr. Boot thought it would look weird and silly. I disagreed, but eh, not very strongly. What's funny is, with how shiny my sealer made it, I realized it...kinda looks like a pre-paint mini. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  14. OneBoot

    77053 Zombie - by OneBoot

    This guy felt almost like cheating, given that he's been sitting at 98% finished on my desk for awhile; I literally just had to slap some paint on his base and he was done. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, though, plus he was technically finished in February, so I'm counting him for the RPChallenge. I called him George. He just...I dunno, looks like a George to me. The blood was kind of an afterthought, which is why it looks so bright. He just looked like he needed an extra little something, so that's what I gave him. :) His pants are a lot more green in person, the lighting was being uncooperative at the time. EDIT: Oh, I just realized, I never finished his hair. Eh...I might not bother. Or I might just hit it with a quick drybrush of light tan the next time I sit down to paint. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  15. Silvervane

    My Fally Exchange from OneBoot

    I got my Exchange from OneBoot, and it was well worth the wait. (Pot and Black Kettle - as I was rather late myself with mine) I asked her a fall theme since it was a fall exchange. Well she did a great job and I love it! PS: The edible packing material and accompanying note were great touches. I need to remember that for the next exchange I participate in.
  16. Happy birthday, O purple kittycat of the singular footwear!
  17. OneBoot

    77010 Kobold by OneBoot

    This little fellow is actually my worst paint job to date. That's because he was an exercise in seeing how quickly I could get a tabletop quality mini that I was happy with. The answer: approximately 5 hours. ...Yeah, I'm totally not cut out for speed painting, lol. I did try my best to let go of all my perfectionist tendencies and do a minimal amount of touch-ups, as well as using unthinned paint to make things go faster, but in the end I got rather distracted by the fiddly details (like eyes, nails, lining things). It was quite refreshing to let loose and not care if it came out perfect, though. So even though to me he looks really sloppy, I feel he's a step forward in my ability to just relax and have FUN with painting! :) I REALLY like the blues I used for the skin, they're so pretty together! I've been looking for an excuse to use Desert Sky for awhile now. Oh, and the reason why he looks like he's supposed to be holding something in his left hand is because I stole his sword for another figure quite some time ago. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  18. Because of the rules change, I decided to give the new format a try, even though this figure would still work just fine in my consolidated WIP thread since it's from the Bones 1 KS. So! Without further ado, here is the WIP for the figure I painted up for the Summer 2014 Figure Exchange, 77034 Male High Wizard. Note: The figure is already out of my hands, so I guess you could call this a retroactive WIP, since it's actually already done. Second note: All paints used in this WIP are Reaper Master Series Paints. ~~~~~~~~~~~ My exchange partner was Sirithiliel, and she requested a humanoid, like a caster/ranger/warrior. As soon as I saw "caster," I instantly thought of this figure, because he's my favorite wizard figure ever. He's all twisty and cool, and there's so many fun little details on him! Plus he came pre-based, pretty much, so there was the added bonus that I wouldn't have to worry about basing him. Here he is with my usual "priming" step of a Brown Liner wash: Note that this only works on Bones figures that have been thoroughly scrubbed and well-rinsed. Otherwise it just beads up and goes all wonky and makes a huge mess. I couldn't find my usual photography background pictures ANYWHERE, so I tried printing one out on my regular printer. It...didn't work so well, but it gave the right light/color balance to the pictures, so I rolled with it. Trying to decide where to start was a bit tricky, since there's so much going on with this figure, but I decided to focus on practicing the "work from the inside out" method, since I tend to have problems getting paint on finished sections if I do it the other way. So, skin first! I also had to remind myself to basecoat in the shadow color, instead of basecoating in the base color and then having to work both up to the highlights and down to the shadows at the same time. It just gets messy when I try to do that. Here's the shadow coat of Tanned Skin. Then the base coat of Caucasian Skin over that, followed by highlights of Maiden Flesh. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, since I was able to use the Brown Liner wash as a substitute for blacklining here, as long as I was careful to stay away from the edges of things. I hadn't liked blacklining in the past, but after having seen so many amazing examples of it, and how it really makes a mini look sharp, I've decided to incorporate it into my painting. Next was the beard, where drybrushing wasn't as much my friend as I'd expected it would be, particularly for the mustache which didn't have nice deep lines carved into it like the beard. I tried to leave as much of the Brown Liner showing as possible, so I wouldn't have to try to add it back in later. Basecoated it in Aged Bone, followed by Polished Bone, then highlights of Linen White. Not too shabby, but I did still end up having to do some tidying up at a later point to deepen the shading on the left side of his face. Now for his robe! This is the part I'd been looking forward to the most, actually, because there's so many fun swooshy folds! Also, from the first I knew he was going to have amazing deep green robes, because that's my favorite color, and because it would look awesome. But first, I wanted to fiddle around with the color a bit and see if I could find a good way to shade it. First, I went through all of my dark greens (including several that I ordered just for this project) and painted a bit of each onto a piece of paper, before deciding on Mossy Green as my favorite. Then, remembering the advice I'd been given in my other thread, I wanted to try washing red into the shadows to make them look darker (or something to that effect). But I didn't want to experiment on the mini itself, so instead I utilized a goblin minion intern who unluckily happened to be standing nearby after being on the receiving end of the extra Brown Liner wash I'd had left over from the wizard. Two coats of Mossy Green followed by a quick wash of Red Shadow onto the bottom of the fold: Oh, hey, that looks kind of amazing. Okay, I'm totally doing that! Next post will be the robes, since those got a bit...complicated. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  19. *deep breath* I'm trying something completely new here. Actually, not so much one thing as several things. Okay, what I'm really doing is hurling myself at full speed off the cliffs of insanity. Let me explain. Ever since the 2014 Year of the Giants contest was announced, I've had it in my head to paint Yephima as though her exposed skin was a starry night sky, and her skirt like a sunset. This idea has grown until now the following is my plan: - Skin: starry night sky, complete with a few galaxies, a comet, and a few planets. - Hair: Clouds, perhaps as a partly cloudy sky? - Skirt: Either an actual sunset, or just sunset colors. The former is quite likely beyond my skills, given all the folds in her skirt. - Breastplate: stormy sky with the trailing ivy pattern on her left side painted like lightning - Club: Contemplating painting it to look like a crashing waterfall. Haven't decided on this one yet. - Assorted armor bits: Probably silver and gold metallics. Because I need to have some shiny in there! :) - Crown: Bright sun colors, or possibly mimicking the sunset theme from her skirt to draw the eye to her face - Eyes: I was originally considering starry gems, but I just realized they'd get lost in the other stars. Perhaps as nice turquoise cabochon jewels instead? - Base: Either cut her off her current base and attempt to sculpt a cloud-sorta thing, OR find some fine fluffy stuff that can mimic clouds and glue bits all over the included base to make it look like she's standing in/on clouds. I'm more inclined toward the second option, for reasons I'll explain in my next post. Is most of this slightly (or in most cases, a lot) beyond my current abilities? Yes, yes it is. Am I going to go for it anyways? You betcha. I will most likely end up scaling some of these things back, given that I've only got about a month to do this in. But I at least want the skin and the skirt to end up like I'm envisioning. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  20. OneBoot

    01427 Platypod by OneBoot

    I painted this little guy up as an exchange figure for pcktlnt for the Secret Sophie 2014 exchange. I had a platypus, I knew pcktlnt loves platypuses (platypi? platypodes?), it seemed like a no-brainer. I wish I would have given myself time to do the potion bottle properly; I did watch/read a couple of tutorials on the subject, but the colored part kept creeping closer and closer to the top of the bottle as I tried to make the line straight, until eventually I just decided to make the whole bottle orange and be done with it. I'm quite happy with how the fur turned out, though, and it was actually a happy accident how it happened. I'd painted all of the fur, and then went back and double-checked it against my reference pictures...and found that I'd neglected to paint his front white. So, I decided to try lightly drybrushing a light color over the tops of the very well-sculpted fur, and discovered that it actually looked really cool. So I did it some more, and still liked it, and ended up heavily drybrushing all over his front, leaving the dark fur colors visible beneath. Huzzah for serendipitous discoveries! Here's a picture of the back view, where it is painfully obvious that I had no clue what I was doing with regards to the shading on his cloak. You can see on the right side that I put shadows on both sides of the fold in the cloth, because I wasn't 100% certain which direction I wanted the light to be coming from. I tried to use my desk lamp to help guide me where I should put highlighting and shadows, which helped for most of the figure, but not for this cloak. :P Overall, I'm very happy with how he turned out; I really worked on pushing the highlights on the cloak up higher than I usually do, and I think that really helped the cloak pop in front. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D EDIT: Modified a tag
  21. OneBoot

    77024 Goblin by OneBoot

    This guy has been floating around my painting desk for almost a year, so I figured it was about time to finish him up. He's been the subject of experiments from 3 different minis, so it's about time I finished him before he became the subject of more! :) He's got black skin because I was testing which shade I wanted to use on Yephima; also, I wasn't sure whether I would be painting her skin up realistically or not, and wanted another mini to practice on. This was really intended to be a fast paint job, so he turned out decent table-top. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D EDIT: Modified a couple tags
  22. This guy was a TON of fun to paint! I was originally going to paint him up all steampunk-ish for NomadZeke for the Secret Sophie 2014 exchange, but the more I looked at him, the more I kept thinking how easy it would be to make him look like Red from the movie Hellboy (though I drew inspiration more from how he looked in the sequel); albiet a mirror-image, since Red's big arm is supposed to be on the right. :) I filed off all the buttons down the front (with a mental apology to the sculptor), carved the goggles to look a bit more like sawn-off horns, and carved off most of the patterning on the big gauntlet-thing. I contemplated adding in a tail, but couldn't figure out a way to do it that wouldn't look really strange. I then put down several coats of Reaper's Brush-on Sealer over his shirt to smooth out the little pits and scratches left from my conversion. I free-handed his abs on (poorly) because it's a tight t-shirt, so it would look silly for the outline of his pectorals to be visible, but not his abdominals. I...need a lot of practice with freehanding, lol. It looks a lot better when it's not under a spotlight. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D EDIT: Changed the tags
  23. OneBoot

    Twisty Wizard!

    I painted up 77034 Male High Wizard for the 2014 Summer figure exchange, and he's now happily living at Siri's place. :) WIP thread is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56488-77034-male-high-wizard-by-oneboot/ Lots of pictures incoming! This sculpt is just filled to bursting with personality, so many fun little details to paint! My favorite is the tiny lizards; the other one is just barely visible diving behind the skull in the 4th and 5th pictures. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  24. I did this in about an hour, quite rushed due to my needing to finish it in time for a gift exchange at a party. It's just okay, I really should have chosen a color other than gray for the kitty herself, it makes the contrast between the fur and the wings much less than I wanted. But again, I was in quite a hurry. :) I'd like to thank Shadowraven for the inspiration to do a drybrush of pearl white on the wings. It really is an incredibly neat effect!! The odd bluish tint you can see in the shadows is still-wet brush-on sealer. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  25. Hey all, Now that I've got my Kickstarter Bones, I decided to start a separate WIP thread to help motivate and inspire me, as well as share my discovery process, flubs, thoughts, mistakes, and accidental successes with everyone. I'm brand new to this whole painting miniatures business, so any and all comments and advice are most welcome! I'll try to be as detailed as I was with my first (and so far, only) mini WIP, since a lot of people seemed to appreciate that; however, with roughly 250 minis to paint, I may not have the time to be as thorough. Unless noted otherwise, all paints used are Reaper Master Series paints, and all minis will be Bones figures from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter. For the record, my pledge included a single Vampire box and one There Be Dragons add-on. The rest of my pledge was paints and a figure case. I look forward to learning and growing along with the rest of you talented people! Index of WIP figures: 77015 Bugbear Warrior (non-KS) 77016 Rats (scattered across many posts, but this is the beginning) 77195 Mr. Bones (started here), finished here in my WIP thread; also 74021 1" Square Skull Bases, his base (non-Kickstarter metal) 77018 Skeleton Archer (1) (Group WIP) 77018 Skeleton Archer (2) (Group WIP) 77164 Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard (conversion) 80013 Nova Corp: Female 77136 Well of Chaos 77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard 77040 Satheras, Male Warlock 77116 Colossal Skeleton 77016 Rats (single figure) (modified) and 74021 1" Square Skull Bases, its base (non-Kickstarter metal) 77039 Janan, Female Dragon Slayer 77001 Skeletal Spearmen (5 of them) 77017 Skeletal Swordsman (4 of them) 77017 Skeletal Swordsman (1 of them, separate project from the one listed above) 77149 Damien, Hellborn Wizard (conversion) (different project from the one mentioned above) 77073 Freja Fangbreaker 77034 Male High Wizard (separate thread) 77162 Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (separate thread) NOTE: Since I tend to have multiple minis in progress at a time, most of these do not have consecutive posts. The link will take you to the beginning of when I started working on each one, though. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D