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Found 66 results

  1. I finished up some conversions (and standard grunts) I started about two weeks back. With our Reign of Winter game wrapping up, it's always good to have some low level guys. Of course, most of these sculpts are from Bones I (or before), but the extra Bugbears did come with Bones II, so that's sort of progress toward it, right? So, to start, we have the mighty forces of King Togg-Togg (he's the one in the fanciest hat, of course)
  2. I decided with all the doubles of grunts that came with the Bones II Kickstarter, I'd add a bit of variety to them. To be fair, only the Bugbears came (again) with Bones II, the Orcs were sitting in a trade box and I thought I'd have some to be more traditional Orcs than my Warhammer apemen collection for D&D games (or they could always serve as Hobbos or Half-Orcs in a pinch) I think the Bugbear King (with greataxe) came out the best so far.
  3. Some tabletop quality Bones Orcs painted LTPK style For the Resolutionary Challenge.
  4. Gor of the North

    Orcs are unattractive!?

    Orcs are unattractive you say? Well just imagine Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. Bam! Attractive female orc.
  5. lexomatic

    Reaper Orcs - continued WIP

    This is continued WIP that used to be part of my gigantic continued WIP. It will essentially be for the basing of the 77045-Orc Hunter (Spear), and 77051-Orc Stalker. Both by Tre Manor. I'm mostly done the basing, but I thought I'd create a new thread for that before I post in show-off (hopefully on the weekend). I just need to get dinner started and convert pics, so stay tuned for posts showing basing progress. I will be using a similar basing technique with my other orc berserker.
  6. Auberon

    Smurfy Orcs, Now With Bases

    Once upon a time, I had a consolidated Show Off thread, and in it I posted some smurfy orcs. However, they were not based. My gaming group generally uses a 1" grid so I wanted to have the orcs on a 1" base, but they have such a wide stance that they don't fit well on a round base. A square base has about a 1.4" diagonal, so I decided to pick up some square bases and try to fit the orcs as "medium" creatures. Months later, I finally got around to it. I think it worked out fairly well.
  7. Here's my pathfinder goblins - I played with OSL at different intensities, I think my lesson has been learned seeing them in photos - more intense is better. Then my orcs - I posted the two handed sword guy a long time ago, and the archer as well, but I finally got around to batch painting the rest of them. Hmm I had two different pics of the Orcs anticipating some focus issues, but there didn't seem to be any, but I have 'em hosted offsite so I'll post 'em anyway...
  8. Marvin

    77019: Orc Swordsman (3)

    Finally did some work, last week, when the wifey left town. A trio of Bones orcs for your viewing [dis]pleasure: Nothing groundbreaking, obviously, but some new stuff for me. I lined them up and painted the three all at once. One to the next to the next with each bit of paint. The only real difference I went for with each was the washing--I used, entirely as an experiment, an orange, green, and red (Citadel's, whatever their silly names are), as they sit in the photos. And followed with Reaper's brown afterward. It was an experience, I guess, if nothing else. I didn't kill myself agonizing over these guys, aiming mainly to use them for a Pathfinder game, and that, honestly, was a bit of a relief in and of itself. Hopefully they're good enough to go--and still, any advice for improvement is greatly appreciate. Thanks for looking.
  9. EvilJames

    Black orc squad bones and metal

    My first post in the Show off subforum. This is my squad of black orcs. Most are from the Vampire box(77059: Orc Berserker, 77056: Orc Sniper, 77051: Orc Stalker, 77045: Orc Hunter, and 77042: Orc Marauder), but I have two metal ones (03489: Black Orc Warriors)as well. The eyes on the stalker ended up being a little wonkey and big and the faces of the bones orcs were a little hard to paint due to the softness of detail (except for the berserker, his face was still pretty solid) but I'm otherwise happy with how they all turned out. Their leaders and a few recruits are still being painted right now. Also these guys are my secend attempt at basing and my first attempt at snow affects on bases. I had some varying degrees of success with that.
  10. I did have more of my second wave to post - I would have gotten these up at the time but I didn't have a digital camera that was worth a damn. First, I have a neat comparison. The first of these minis is an Orc Swordsman done with full shading, highlighting, etc. The second is essentially a basecoat, picking out a few extra highlights, and an "Agrax Earthshade" wash: --------- Interesting, no? Compare to the same model that I painted (and posted) earlier - this one was done with a basic wash/drybrushing technique:
  11. Elyiot

    WIP Black Orcs (Bones)

    Didn't see a Black Orcs WIP thread, and well, figured I'd just make my own anyway (that's cool, right? what't the netiquette on that?) Pictures; group shot close ups THE FURS: tan skin is the basecoat of the furs, I plan to go in and wash pretty much the whole model with a diluted soft coat (The Army Painters Warpaints quicksade soft tone) and then the furs with an even more diluted dark coat. I hope this will achieve a good layering and furish look for the furs - we'll see. THE ARMOR: I plan to make the breast plates rusty and beat to hell, starting with a dark brownish red, and building up layers. I found the technique online called "Jeff Rust" but I'm sure it's been around under other names. Note the blue and the burgundy clothes. I wanted to give the impression that these guys pretty much scavenge most of their clothes from dead. In my mind blue and burgundy were probably the colors of the local Men-At-Arms/Militia. For the Arm/Leg guards I was/am trying to do a "Shiny Black Armor" look. (2 drops black, 2 drops silver). I'm not sure if it's really working, or what I'm trying to make it read as (other than you know, "Cool"). Any input or ideas would be appreciated, I might just make them pitted and rusted like i plan to do for the breastplates, probably would look best and tie in well. Thanks for reading. Keep Painting.
  12. Harumphery

    Some orc bones

    I've been painting up some bones orcs lately for a new mixed manufacturer orc army that I'm collecting to use in Mantic's Kings of War. They all still need to be re-based. I'm not sure if that will require removing all or most of the base they are attached to, so I've also left their boots mostly base coated and roughly washed. They'll be finished when I get the extra bases I've ordered along with an orc ax regiment. I've also got some Ral Partha Gargantua orcs coming. I'm going for a more old school look with this army. This Bobby Jackson warboss will be my first Krudger, which is what orcish heros are called in KoW. I've named mine Rugoth. Rugoth here is pretty much everything you want in an orc leader: Bulky, angry looking and wielding a huge battleax. I really love the hands and strips of flesh nailed to the shield. Its been a bit since I've picked up my brushes, and the bones material was new to me with this one, and I feel like the paintjob suffered for it. Still, at bones prices I can always buy a new one and do an updated version in the future. I suspect Rugoth will probably be a lieutenant to a more imposing leader in the future. Here are a couple of archers, one by Bob Olley and another by Tre Manor: The Bob Olley archer comes in a pack of three, those two are waiting for the plastic mantic orcs so I can do some head swaps. All four will join some Ral Partha orcs, also sculpted by Bob Olley to form a unit of ten orc Sniffs (the KoW term for orc archers). And finally a group shot of my growing tribe: I'll keep posting as the army gets bigger. Hopefully both of my orders should come in either this week or early next. Theres also a box of 24 Wargames Factory orcs at my FLGS for 20 bucks. I'm sorely tempted to pick 'em up on friday.
  13. AnneO'Leary

    03489 Black Orc Warriors

    03489 Black Orc Warriors These were an absolute joy to paint. Tre has a signature style and I discovered that I like that style a lot. I now wish I'd bought every one of his Reaper Orcs. They're currently on my Wishlist. I did a complete W.I.P. on them http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49983-olearys-wip-thread-of-everything-reaper/ I know there are things that could be improved on them, but these are being sold for tabletop and this is as far as I'm willing to go with them. The basing is very simple and were done specifically for gaming purposes, not show quality. C&C are welcome though.
  14. Corporea

    My Bones Orcs!

    Aren't they precious. I just want to take them home and roll dice against them! These were sort of speed painted in 1 week. I used NMM on the bronze and chainmail, but shaded metallics for the blades. In case you're wondering, I deliberately put the heart tattoo on the wrong side. You know orcs...
  15. I just bought the Black Orc Warrios #03489 and am trying to make a decision about what colour to paint the skin. I've never painted an Orc before and am just now learning to paint a Goblin, so please understand that I know absolutely nothing. I've looked pictures of Orcs and I don't favour the green skin for them. I do like the one painted up by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul on the Reaper site. Can anyone tell me what triad may have been used to get this skin tone? I'm favouring grey's or blue grey's for them. I will be ordering paints from Reaper next week so any help would be appreciated. Also if you have a pic of an Orc that you think is really cool, I'd appreciate it if you could put it here so I can look at it. I'm open to suggestions. Thank you.
  16. So here are the Bones Orc swordsmen (77019), which are the last of my bones orcs (untill Boneami arrives). And here is the last missing spearman (Bones 77003) that I had blamed the cats for stealing. He was in fact hiding behind some other minis on the shelf. Since he was late to the party he got the bent bronze spear.... And here is the whole tribe (can you find Waldo the warrior?) Fun group to paint, I am sure they will harass adventurers for a long time.