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Found 1 result

  1. On the southern edge of The Shining Forest there is a series of interconnected caverns that run for miles under the forest, and perhaps even as far as the river known as Paladin's Tears. Despite multiple openings, in various locations, this complex is known simply as the Black Cave. It was named after the predominant tribe of Kobolds that made their home there. Around 150 years ago a strange meteoric metal was found in the caverns, first discovered on the body of a Kobold raider, then traced back to the caves. This metal could be worked like steel, but when tempered was much harder. Some scholars (especially among those in the Keep of the Scroll) theorize that it might be remnants of the great meteor that created the Lake of Stars, scattered on impact, and eventually swallowed up by the earth over vast reaches of time. The presence of this metal attracted a small clan of dwarven craftsmen. These dwarves, with the permission and support of the Council of the Moon, created a small settlement near the caves. This settlement's sole purpose was the mining, processing, and crafting of this wondrous metal. Despite occasional clashes with the Kobold and Goblin tribes who were known to infest the caves, with the support of The Court of the Moon the settlement soon began to prosper and grow. The settlement eventually grew into a small town named Dvarrowferj. The Court of the Moon benefited from this, since this metal is highly prized as a source of tools, implements, weapons, and armor. Recently strange happenings have been occurring. It started off with the taciturn dwarven miners whispering about strange noises and lights in the deepest parts of the mines. Then pets and livestock started vanishing. It all came to a head when several hearths outside of town were attacked late one night. No one is really sure who, or what, the attackers were. By the time news reached the town proper the elements had erased any tracks. Everyone involved in the attack is either dead or missing. The Elders of Dvarrowferj have approached the Council of the Moon requesting help, since they are mostly simple craftsmen. They are afraid this attack might be the first of many, and they would like to locate the missing dwarves if possible. The Council in turn has tasked The Knights of the Silver Aspen with investigating the incident. Unfortunately this incident is not isolated, it has come at a time when there is growing unease in The Shining Forest and outlying areas. The Knights, never a large organization at the best of times, have currently committed all of their resources elsewhere. So it has fallen to Princess Kria'nel Wynthelas as the commander of The Knights to recruit a group of agents willing to investigate the goings on at Dvarrowferj.
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