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  1. Here's Farrah, still a bit jittery after her last asset recovery mission....
  2. Nella Cailean with her cat. Couldn't quite get the camera to focus, even with several attempts.
  3. Here's a pair from Dark Fable Miniatures. I backed a couple of kickstarters and these were thrown in as stretch goals or something. I did considerable work on the Lady. I wasn't happy with her torso, and after a lot of filing and putty I had filled in her pinched waist, raised her chest, and changed the style of her gown. Her face seemed a lot older looking than her costume, so I made her into a matron. She seems distinctly unhappy to be next to the thief, and I'm sure someone in the palace will hear about it.
  4. An older Ral Partha figure. I grabbed him during a time when you didn't see many beast men figures for sale.
  5. Introducing our intrepid hero, Dr. Charles Bennet. As you see, he is quite recovered from his adventure in Egypt and the unfortunate affair with the Emperor's crocodiles.
  6. I tried painting fantasy for a while yesterday, finished this wood elf by Dark Sword. She's the one we got at the last Reapercon in the swag bag.
  7. This is a DDM prepainted figure, the Ogre Ravager that I repainted. The only thing I changed was to cut off all the blood drops that were on the axe blade and his leg. I painted him last weekend during Inarah's paint binge. The stone with the runes on it is a press mold I made of part a resin base to add a little detail to the base. Front: Back: Close up of face and axe; I tried to go for a rusty look to the weapon.
  8. Oh my god! This thread is crawling with brownies!! Willow, anyone? Anyway, I grabbed a couple of 15mm Aztecs from the last round of the Box of Good Will with the intent of using them as fey-folk, and here they are. I painted them during Inarah's paint binge last weekend. I wasn't too sure what to do about the shields, so I painted the shields as buttons. I know that at this scale they'd have had to get them off of a Titan or something, but rule of cool. With a Bones goblin lurking behind them to give a sense of scale.
  9. This was the 2d figure of the weekend. She was pretty quick to paint up. Looking at the original green, I wonder what happened to her head? I like the original face much better.
  10. I've had this guy sitting out since February, but didn't get him painted during the spring because of hand surgery. I started building up the base on Friday, and finally completed the figure today.
  11. This was the first of the weekend paints. I went a little too heavy with the dark wash, but I think it's good enough for tabletop use.
  12. I did these Sunday morning, they were the most fun of everything I painted this weekend. I just let go with the washes and color blending. They are on 25mm bases, and came in my Bag of Crap.
  13. Paint job #3 this weekend: I swear, camouflage gets harder to paint every year.
  14. Finished her Saturday night. I don't normally paint blood, but this figure demanded at least a splattering.
  15. Finished Rowena during last weekends paint binge. Here is her beauty shot.
  16. These were painted over this past weekend's painting binge - see that thread for WIPs and such. The figures are predominantly plastic WW2 figures from Wargames Factory, but with arms, heads, weapons and kit all mixed around. The idea was to represent a well trained but spottily-supplied standing army for a frontier world contested by two other alien powers in the endless war between the Nathi and Silmn.. Painting was as follows: -white prime -brown ink all over -red ink on the helmets and kit -black ink on everything but the trousers -black on weapons and boots -light drybrush whit
  17. It was a busy week but I managed to get a lot done on my paint binge anyway. 60017: Goblin Pyros 60006: Goblin Warriors 3462: Goblin Warriors This puts me at 110 painted minis for the year.
  18. It's been a Paint Binge weekend. In addition to cleaning up the speed paints I finally finished this: I wasn't too happy with the cast. Her hair and hands are blobs. There were lots of pockmarks and bumps an texture on the skirts. I applied many layers of sealer to get them smooth and still had problems with the paint going down evenly. This is only the second Bones figure I have painted from the Kickstarter, and I'm hoping the rest aren't like this. This figure was meant to be used as my Eladrin ice wizard in a now defunct game.
  19. The wizard has stepped out for the moment, but here is the crystal ball. This was base coated, but I did all the detail and the orb on Sunday.
  20. I put 45 mins into this figure at genCon but didn't really feel I had a chance to finish her. Even though I normally don't touch my speed paints once I get them home, I wanted to do more work on this one. Here is the before: Here is the result of another hour or two of painting.
  21. It's a paint binge weekend and I've been finishing up figures that have been on my table for way too long. Like this gal who's been waiting over a year. She had a base coat of black and skin tone and I did the rest of her in about an hour last night, finishing up the face this morning.
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