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  1. I bought this Yoda pack from a local hobby shop when i was on a work trip. I got it for my friend who's a massive Yoda fan. This is the second one from the same box. Came out pretty good. I am very happy with the fade on the saber.
  2. We're only about 3 months away from delivery of the Bones 5 (so stoked I can hardly contain myself) and there's A LOT coming. I stated in another post that I'd like to get through as many as i can. I also know burnout is a real thing to be prepared for. I don't know if this is a thing somewhere in the realms of Reaper Forum already, but would anyone be interested in getting on a weekly painting group to try and knock out the same minis? I figure if anything it will at least be a means to keep on top of the painting and also encourage, inspire, and grow from the group effort. There's a lot of logistics to be worked out, but if anyone would want to start something up with me, I'd love the company on the trail. Here's my general stats to see if you're in alignment: Usually take about 1 to 1.5 hours on my minis. Intermediate painter. Nothing pro-level, just painting for fun. Love to try new techniques. I find working with others is more motivating for me than on my own. Who's interested?
  3. Here's a really fun one i found on Etsy i wanted to paint. Touching my youth doing this one.
  4. Got another one of these polished off. I really like these vampire models from GW. I'm also very happy that Spooktober is forcing me to paint more.
  5. Thanks to some good input on this, i managed to put together a decent base for this model. I admit I'm not a fan of the chibis, but i will say it makes practicing on the eyes 10 times better. What do you think?
  6. The painting aspect is all done, but now i need some basing ideas. I was at a friend's house painting this and his wife said to do a rubble area that looks like demolition. I think that could be really fun. I need some ideas, folks! Also, what color would you make the ground since this is a comic style character.
  7. Here's my take on Yoda. Did this one for a friend of mine who is a super fan. He'll love it.
  8. Just a set of Halloween fun. Gotta keep going with Spooktober! Vlad "Pull my finger" the Flatulator...less well known, but just as deviant as his cousin the impaler. Tessa the "Crone" Vivian MickJager aka The Lips
  9. Another one from my monk stash. Not to be confused with a mustache. Although with Movember around the corner, perhaps something around Monkvember could be a thing for painting? I digress. It's clear i got some inspiration from Dr. Faust's model he painted (thank you! ) Always love the feedback.
  10. Got two finished for a friend's kid who plays D&D. He mentioned it in passing and i said, "do you know what characters they play as?" He tells me a half elf monk and an elf Ranger. I said, hold my beer. I dug into my treasure trove (aka hoard) and dug them out to paint. I'm sure his kids will love them.
  11. I haven't finished it all up, but I'm close. Still need to base this one, but i may turn him in for a contest next month. We'll see. So far I'm liking him. Fun doing the hair and big frill. Any suggestions? here's what the base looks like.
  12. Here's one i did for my kiddo. We read the books called Fart Quest. They're a fun take on d&d and great way to get kids a means to getting into fantasy books. They're like d&d with training wheels. Here she is based.
  13. Got another one of these done for a friend. Wrote the challenge with these larger models, but i feel really good about how he turned out. Here's Rogal Dorn.
  14. In receiving me batch of Dungeons and Lasers, i came across this model that i knew i needed to paint. In doing some testing of the skin tone, i decided to take it to the next level. I'm very happy with him. Feedback? Also, please tell me what water effect you use and how long it takes to dry. I need to find something else that's faster.
  15. Still have to base. Still feel like show needs more. Anyone think the lines on the cape needs to be dark lined instead of white?
  16. Aaaaand here's #2 of 4. She was a bit of a challenge coming up with her base. I wanted it to look like the first scene that Cloud meets Aeris where she's in church ruins. I wanted to have color, but not too much. Feels like it works. Got feedback? Lay it on!
  17. I've been basing more of my minis and feeling like I'm actually completing them rather than just painting the model. Here's Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. This is the first of 4. As always, i love the feedback.
  18. I haven't posted a piece in the showoff area in a long while. I mostly put my work in that paint club group, but this one was special and i wanted to share. I had this figure staring at me and didn't have a theme in my mind. Then it hit me that she for perfectly for this conflict in Ukraine. She's holding her sword up as if the last line of defense. I created the small base with the fallen shield representing the broken boundaries and fallen defenders. But atop her hill that represents her country, she calls for aid and stands strong. May they all stand strong. Lady Vigilance and her call to arms.
  19. Just picking up on all the posts I've missed over the last few months. Battle Report! Turns out squigs are not just funny looking, they are funny to paint. I loved these models and really found they took amazing to dry brushing. I was testing colors and layers. Highs: * dry brush was excellent. Used some cheapo makeup brushes and they did great. * i used a purple glaze over orange and then built it up with orange further. Looked good. * blue came out great, but i don't know what layers to use on it to give contrast like the purple orange one. *teeth are all solid and look good. *skin folds are natural looking and added freckles on some are much better than expected. * the yellow one was testing out transparent paints and it went on like a dream. Lows: *not too many complaints really. These all came out more or less as expected. * challenged by how low they are to the base and getting them with ground effects. *never painted mushrooms and wasn't sure how to go about it.
  20. Tried to do this one in short order. I'm trying to knock out as many as i can lately. Battle Report! It's been a while since I've posted some work. I've been busy painting but have not done a good job of showing for it. I really have missed good feedback and critique. I'll post a string of posts shortly. Gotta get back in this. It's a new year! Highs: * pants and tunic came out solid. Worked the pants up from black brown to red. Shirt was a tan, cream, bone. * really was careful on the shape of the eye. I wanted to go further, but it looked good just leaving them as is. * still looking for the best leather recipe. Been using brown sand + agrax earthshade. See coin purse. * i thought mixing a dark flesh tone and bca pink would be fun. It was. Fun experiment that worked out. Lows: * having the damndest time blending browns up. I can dry brush them, but i can't blend them via water and layers. Not sure what I'm getting wrong? * i was having a hard go at the hair direction when feathering. * flesh shade was a bit too heavy on the feet. * feels like crossbow could have more to it.
  21. I did this for my friend's xmas gift this year. He's a big 80's kid, too. Battle report! The challenge here was trying to make them all individual more than just their head bands. I wanted to differ their greens a little between them. I also wanted them to look sewer-ridden and dirty, but still hold contrast. Came out pretty nice. Highs: *Donatello was easily my favorite that came out of this batch. His purple was a great mix and stood out. *Leo had a fun blue that was brighter than expected and gave me the idea to put their respective colors in more areas on them. *eyes were simple and effective. *use of washes and lining came out good. * muscles all have strong definition (no pun) Lows: *bandages look grungy as intended, but did get a little too bright in the edges. *absolute fail in trying to base with green on airbrush. I may need to resign myself to simply saying i suck with an airbrush. *shell colors needed a little more, but i couldn't figure out what's going wrong. *i wanted to push the greens. But needed more something to push the values. Yellow? White? What do you raise green with?
  22. Drinking is the least of his problems. Dumpster diving and leaving poop on roof tops easily shadows the drinking issue. Although, maybe his problems stem from it? Battle Report! Sadly, i didn't track my progress on this one. I should have, dang it. I was moving fast and trying to get it done quickly. @Inarahposted that she had 6 figures to finish, so i wanted to try some. I did this and one of the winged demons from Bones 5. Highs: *fur and raccoon look came out great! *i let my daughter pick the main colors and it ended up being a perfect match on the triad color wheel - violet, orange, green. *values in cape worked great. *pants looked cool. (I may never use pumpkin orange again. Took me 6 coats and still i had to add an ink to it so it would be opaque. Lame. *i struggled in the early stages, but pushed through. Notably the belt straps and weapons were getting lost on the model. *beer came out great. Lows: *the pants. I want to blame the paint, but next time I'll be using an opaque blue. *Eyes took me 4 tries. Still not great. * boots look weird. *think i should have used a different color for the stitching on the pants. Ideas?
  23. I'm going to consider these done. I'll base another time, but paint wise.. done.
  24. I was focused on speed, not detail. This was trying to work them with as few colors as possible. The more I look at them, the more they look lik ea value sketch more than a painted model, but I'm looking for where to go with them. Another thing I need to know, is what do you all do with eye sockets? How do you paint them or what do you do with them? For the woman zombie, I used an ink pen and am kind of miffed that it turned out than other eyes I put way more time into. I know I can use this in conjunction with painting, but just dotting it came out pretty believable. I think some of that is the fact it's a dead stare, so of course, just a wash and a dot does fine. I would be curious to know how any one else uses the pens and paint in combo.
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