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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all and thank you for your help. I feel like this has probably been covered, but I couldn't find specifically what I'm looking for so please excuse me asking. If there is already a thread you could direct me to that would be excellent as well. I am going to get into miniature painting and have decided that my best bet to get started would be to go through the Reaper Learn To Paint Kits 1-5. These come with a number of colors already, but I am interested in what (if any) colors people suggest adding to the collection of paint included in the kits. I can list the paints below organized by triad. Colors listen in parenthesis are not included in the collection, but are part of a color triad of an included color. I'm not sure if that's a good way to go or not as I understand the concept of triads and base, shadow, highlight principals, but not the application. You also get some duplicates which I will list how many. Information from this thread, which I then re-organized and reformatted to make it easier to read and cut out duplicates (IMO) thanks to Ced1106, with a few corrections on names. Over 50 bottles of paint, and 35 unique colors plus the Primer and Sealer. Here's a link to all the current Triads AFAIK might be as of 2009 only, so maybe there are newer ones. Additives Triad: Reaper Inks I: Lining Triad: Brush-on Primer x3 Black Ink Blue Liner Brush-on Sealer (Brown Ink) Brown Liner (Flow Improver) (Red Ink) (Grey Liner) Neutral Colors: Off-Whites: Pure White x3 Linen White x2 Rainy Grey (Leather White) Pure Black (Ghost White) Medium Skin: Rosy Skin: Tanned Skin x2 Rosy Skin x2 Tanned Shadow (Rosy Shadow) Tanned Highlight (Rosy Highlight) Gold Metallics: Silver Metallics: Colored Metallics I: Antique Gold x2 Honed Steel Pearl White New Gold Polished Silver (Ruby Red) (Ancient Bronze) (Shadowed Steel) (Copper Orange) Ochre Golds: Natural Steel: Palomino Gold True Silver (Chestnut Gold) (Blackened Steel) (Buckskin Pale) (Tarnished Steel) Yellow: Blood: Bloodthirsty Red: Sunlight Yellow x2 Blood Red x2 Carnage Red (Marigold Yellow) (Red Brick) (Bloodstain Red) (Lemon Yellow) (Deep Red) (Clotted Red) Burnt Colors: Red Browns: Autumn Browns: Classic Browns: Ruddy Leather x3 Mahogany Brown Russet Brown Intense Brown Oiled Leather x4 (Chestnut Brown) (Harvest Brown) Walnut Brown x2 (Burnt Orange) (Rust Brown) (Orange Brown) Blackened Brown Cool Greens: Warm Greens: Olive Greens: Grass Green Leaf Green Olive Green (Forest Green) (Pine Green) (Muddy Olive) (Jade Green) (Pale Green) (Pale Olive) Pure Blues: Martial Blues: Ultramarine Blues: Sapphire Blue x2 Breonne Blue Ultramarine Shadow (True Blue) Ashen Blue (Ultramarine Blue) (Sky Blue) (Templar Blue) (Ultramarine Highlight) From what I can see there is a lot of good colors that people recommend included in the L2PKs. What I'm mostly interested in are the following: -Autumn themed colors like Red, Yellow, Gold, Brown. I feel like I might be good on brown with what's included and Palomino gold might work great for turning leaves as well? What about a fall red and yellow though? I just love the look of fall and I would really like to get some great fall themed miniature armies going, much similar to this bloodydrakes amazing circle of oboros army. -Red seems pretty lacking too, maybe the Fire triad to get a nice orange as well? this kind've ties into the Fall theme I want to get going for a tabletop army. -Yellow. Any suggestions for another nice yellow or will sunlight yellow (which I like the look of a lot) be good enough for all my yellow needs. -Metallics. Some of my favorite colors are metallic Bronze and Copper, but any suggestions between Ancient Bronze, Coppery Orange, Scorched Metal, Old Bronze, Tarnished Brass? I'm looking for a cleanish looking color like gold, but a bit darker and more reddish/brown. Too many options :) -Forest greens. I'm quite surprised by the lack of greens, Grass and Leaf sound useful enough, but is there a preference between Forest/Pine green for a darker color or a different suggestion? -Liners, I don't know much about liners, but I keep hearing people say they are important. Is there a certain color I should get besides the Blue/Brown? Really anything that you more experienced painters found the L2PKs lacking in or consider a good stepping point once you graduate from the kits. Thanks!
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