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Found 7 results

  1. Lately, shipping containers, and their progress across the sea have been on my mind. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So while we all wait patiently to hear about those shipping containers, I thought, why not paint up the one from the last Kickstarter! Deadline: March 5th midnight Reaper time (Central Standard time) Prizes: tdb (I will work up something in the mean time) And I'll be one who is judging them (Though I might find if other people are interested in helping me.) I will judge based on creativity, and 'realness'. But I know, some of you are thinking, but shipping containers are boring. But what I see is a big wide area for free hand and the ability to play with color. Just like a bunch of other people out there: So let's get giggy with some crazy colors, free hand and weathering pigments. What other time will you get to use your craziest brightest colors and your mute, aging colors all on the same piece?! I can't wait to see what other people come up with. (And just because I'm judging, doesn't mean I'm not going to paint one myself. I'm just out of the running.)
  2. Hello! I have a question on the upcoming ReaperCon this year. For the Master series paint open contest rules on the page https://reapercon.com/contestI could not find anything regarding personally designed Models that an artist 3D prints and then paints. for use as an example: That is my first attempt at a model I personally designed in Blender, and then printed, in the style of warhammer 40k, though as a mention I really like the look of the grav-flux bombard from forgeworld so I created a very close facsimile of it for my model. Under the rules I'm seeing I'm assuming that in the Painters Division it would not matter if it is 3D printed given the source of the model is not given consideration, just the prep and painting quality. However I'm curious what, if any, the ruling on 3D designed and printed models are in the Open Division. Given the rules and the scoring system, sculpted models are judged by design originality, creativity, difficulty, etc, would a custom designed 3D printed model enjoy the same criteria for judging, or would it even be welcome in this division? Arguably this could extend to the diorama and vehicle division as well given the criteria in those. I would like to argue that 3D designed and printed models should be welcome in any division; my design time alone for the model I gave as an example was clocked at 60+ hours. And while my tools and medium are different than a clay or greenstuff sculptor, I don't put any less passion or hard work into it.
  3. I said.... Posted Yesterday, 09:59 AM And of course, since Morihalda is going to paint up the House Procrastius Version, I decided that House Tabletop needs one as well.... (Glad I ordered 2 of them!) So here he is after the emblem was sculpted on the shield... Much easier than sculpting hands! Need to touch up the grey liner, then give him a coat of white primer tomorrow.... George
  4. So my entry into the Sir Forscale Painting Competition started By my Housemaster, the Great Kaiju, Reaperbryan, is finished.... (well I need to spray the banner with Dullcote,...) I decided to use Reaper's colors of Red, Green, and Black, but the Black metal of his plate kind of disappeared under the high lights... It is a hair shy of 3" to the tip of his Pike, and it is 1" to the bottom of his pike hand... As the metal pike made him a bit front heavy, I expanded the front of his base with a 50% mix of Green Stuff and Apoxie Sculpt... Hope you all like him! George WiP here
  5. So Since Bryan decided to hold a contest, I decided to join in! I decided when I heard about this, and the stipulations of the contest, I knew that I was going to steal an Idea that I have seen here on the forums.... Someone had taken an older pikeman figure, and painted bands 1/4" apart on the pikeshaft, to use him For Scale! I saw this before I knew who / what Sir Forscale was / is, so the thought stuck with me. So I removed his sword, and added a pike from a Ral Partha Wood Elf Pikeman from back when.... Reaper Brush on Primer on the Pike, as it is metal, then everything was airbrushed with thinned Grey Liner... His Chainmail is Decayed Metal, going up to Brass, and he will be painted in Reaper's colors of Red, Green, and Black. The pike will be marked in some way to indicate specific measurements, and I plan to try a Banner to fly from it as well... I am a little worried about how to make sure he stands up, as the pike is a tad bit unbalancing... First cut pics.... Thanks for looking! George
  6. So my 6 year old daughter is nearly done with her entry. I wanted to find out more about what all needs to be done so she can get it into the contest. From what I understand she needs to be there at the time, correct? Award ceremony is on Saturday at 8? I am trying to get things hammered down so I can make plans with wife because she will probably be bringing her up to the event when needed since I may already be up there taking classes and just hanging out. So far I am loving what she has done and have only pointed out things for her to fix up and she has done all the work except the super glue. I am going to try and find a way for her to do the gore effects she wants so that all i do is mix up the components and then she can place them wherever....if that is possible with this sticky stuff she won in last years auction.
  7. The second CMON Expo is taking place in Atlanta from May 23rd to May 25th. The web page with additional information is here: http://www.cmonexpo.com Painting Contest There are 13 categories within the show, and bronze, silver and gold placements will be awarded in each. The best in show of the entire contest becomes a Crystal Brush qualifier, winning airfare to the finals, but this is not the Crystal Brush itself, and you do not need to be a painter of international renown to enter or win a placement! Painting Seminars and Events Painting guests include me (Wren, aka Rhonda Bender), Jen Haley (aka Paintrix), Elizabeth Beckley (painter of chibis), Brandon Palmer (7 day army painter), and Curtis Shoemake (CMON painter). We will offer five painting seminars/demos on Friday and Saturday, and two on Sunday. Topics include painting chibis, glazes, faces and flesh tones, source lighting, non-metallic metal, and likely a couple of more. (My personal topics are source lighting, blending via layering, and the many uses for glazing.) The painting events section of the web site is still in progress, so it won't list times for all of those yet. There is a Paint & Take area, and I think you will also be welcome to work on projects of your own if you prefer. I do not currently have information about what paints or figures might be at the P&T, so you might want to bring a few paints, brushes and figures if you really want to dive in and paint. The painting guests will likely spend time outside of the seminars in the P&T area, so you should be able to get feedback on your work if you bring something to practice techniques on, or be able to ask questions about other topics. I suspect I'll spend most of my time in the P&T area painting, hanging out with people and answering questions. I'll have a good selection of Reaper paints with me, so if you've been wanting to try these in person or see a particular colour, it's a good chance to do that. I will also bring some Bones with me, so if you haven't had a chance to try these out yet, hit me up for a free Bones and some tips on painting it. If there's a particular tool or substance from my Bones tests that you'd like to examine or try out in person, or a particular Reaper paint colour you've been wanting to get a look at in person, PM me here, and I'll do my best to bring it along. Gaming Events Scheduled tournaments include Dark Age, Wrath of Kings, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Kaosball, Rivet Wars, Zombicide, Sedition Wars and a few others. Last year they also had demo tables set up where you could learn to play most of these games and others published by CMON. Panels Con guests include game designers and internet personalities (Ted Terranova, Tom Vasel, Eric Lang, Rodney Smith and more), and they will meet for panels related to game design, marketing, Kickstarter and other interesting topics. Vendors Cool Stuff Inc, Dark Age, Guillotine Games, Miniature Building Authority, On the Lamb, Studio McVey, Super Robot Punch, Wrath of Kings, and Cool Mini or Not.
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