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Found 11 results

  1. The demogorgon's appearance kind of unsettles me and originally I thought of giving this mini to a friend. But upon seeing the puddles of bubbling something on the base, I got the idea that those should be bubbling puddles of soup. And the rest followed from there 🙂
  2. I sculpted this 5 headed nightmare 🙂 Made a post about it here https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95758-goosedra/ And as promised, I painted it!
  3. I saw a picture online of an angry 5 headed white goose suggested as a custom monster for D&D. And I just couldn't resist 😄 Behold, the dreaded GOOSEDRA! I will make a separate thread in Painting Show Off once I paint it 🙂 Close up of the heads This wants to be a Chinese Goose head. And of course I had to have the memed Untitled Goose with a knife head And a Canada Goose Head as the leader The other 2 heads I'll paint as Greylag geese This is how I made it.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/507431118/barack-panther-t-shirt Well, that explains a few things...
  5. Our next Kickstarter T-Shirt is ORIGINAL TRILOGY: Est. 1977. True Jedis know true quality. It is elegant apparel for a more civilized age. Wear. Or wear not. There is no try on. You can't strike a true original down, for it will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. The Force of original fashion will be with you. Always. Some may call you a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder, but when it comes to a true original, they say, "I love it." We know. When this shirt you wear, the last word in fashion you will be. Fashion Force will run strong in you with this. Pass on what you have learned. Frills. Hmph. Excess. A Jedi craves not these things. This shirt may not look like much to some, but it's got it where it counts, kid. I'm in for one right now, but may add another, because this one is... just right...
  6. The People at Antarctic Press is at it again... May the Farce be with them in their endeavor of creating cool T-shirts... Hurry up to pledge, there's only 4 days left.
  7. So some avid fans with too much time on their hands have covered the entire Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album as a retelling of Star Wars' A New Hope. Each track is more ingenious than the next. This surely wins the internet for 2017:
  8. This is Just to Say I have painted the gnolls that were in the side bin and which you were probably saving for Gen Con Forgive me they were so vicious full armed and so cute
  9. ((Note, I started this a long time ago, and never finished but promised I would. I'm not finished yet, but my mad cackling needs an outlet. If you want to see the original, do a search for "Let the madness begin" with me as the author, or just click here. This is all intended as fun and humor. I hope you enjoy. )) THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW A SCREENPLAY BY JIM SHARMAN AND RICHARD O'BRIEN Adapted from "The Rocky Horror Show" a musical with Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien THE REAPER MINI PICTURE SHOW ADAPTATION BY ARYANUN (Note: No minis, forum members, sculptors, or ReaperPeeps were harmed in the making of this script... just heavily mocked.) ----- THE FIRST IMAGE IS A SET OF RED VELVET CINEMA CURTAINS Soft Drum-Roll. THEY SPLIT OPTICALLY TO REVEAL THE REAPER LOGO. A group of painted 10033: Mouseling Heroes (10) stumble across the screen, sparring with each other wielding random bits from 03032: Musical Instruments (12) Various. As they reach the center of the screen the Mouselings freeze and stare out at the audience, giggle, and raise up the instruments to play a fanfare. A SMALL WHITE SCREEN - ACADEMY SIZE - APPEARS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WIDE-SCREEN FORMAT On the sides of the image are stationary sprocket holes of celluloid. REAPER MINI DOUBLE FEATURE * Musical Introduction. The Mouselings, now holding Reaper Pro paintbrushes, scamper back across the screen, chased by a paint spattered 24590: Tiger. Film head runs down numbers: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START. Very scratched. During the SONG we see snatches of the films mentioned in SONG. They look old and scratched and they are INTERCUT with flashes of white screen, burnt celluloid, etc, among other... things... SONG: "REAPER MINI DOUBLE FEATURE" FILM SEQUENCE FROM THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - THE END SEQUENCE OF THE ROBOT CARRYING THE HERO; SQUIGGLE-FADES INTO 50290: IMEF BULLDOG I CARRYING TALAE... A solid black screen with a pair of pencil-drawn luscious lips painted in the same tone as 29801: HD Crimson Red fills the screen and begins to form the words as the music starts. VOICE OVER Michael Proctor was thrilled His black paint did not spill On the new Bones in his hand WIPE TO FLASH GORDON - BUSTER CRABBE IN ACTION FLARES INTO A BRIGHT FLASH TO REVEAL 50027: CAPTAIN GRIFFON, SUPERHERO Sophie’s Lips reappear. VOICE OVER (Cont) And Talespinner was there Lots of Green Stuff (75006) to share WIPE TO 02454: GORILLA-MAN VOICE OVER (Cont) Wiebe sculpted a Gorilla-Man (02454) WIPE TO 03052: KABAKA KWANA, APE LORD ON A FROGCIDENT EMPIRE STATE BUILDING MADE OUT OF AN OLD SPEAKER, A USED BAG OF GOLDFISH CRACKERS, P03591I: RIGHT WING (of the Brood Dragon) AND COUPLE OF KNITTING NEEDLES. Sophie’s Lips! VOICE OVER (Cont) Then Wiebe was blamed For the Ape Lord’s (03052) escape With the Bones 7 Kickstarter Plan SLOW MOTION OF THE FROGCIDENT COLLAPSING AND FALLING TO PIECES. IN THE BACKGROUND IS HEARD “ZAP-A-GAP! STAT!†WIPE TO AN IMAGE OF 77194: CTHULHU ATTACKING A GLOBE SITTING ON A DESK WITH A BLACK BACKGROUND. THE HAND CONTROLLING CTHULHU PRETENDS IT IS EATING THE GLOBE AND “NOM NOM NOM†SOUNDS CAN BE HEARD. A SECOND HAND BRINGS IN AN UNPAINTED BONES 80044 FLYING SAUCER WHICH IS ALSO NOMMED BY CTHULHU. IN THE BACKGROUND IS HEARD: “RON, ARE YOU PLAYING WITH THE MINIS AGAIN?†Screen pulls back to reveal Talin dressed as Sophie the Succubus strumming a guitar and singing with her dog next to her. She casts a sidelong glance off screen, unsure as the “Nom Nom Nom sounds continue...†Talin continues to sing: Then in a deadly race Saucers (80044) from outer space Flew through the Reaper HQ plant TALIN: WHISPERING “Will you stop? You’re ruining my song!†RON LOOKS SHEEPISH AND MOUTHS “SORRY!†WIPE TO TITLE SEQUENCE - CAST AND WRITING CREDITS (NOPE, NOT TELLING YET, BUT *BONK!* AND THE HYPNOTOAD WILL BE IN IT. AND MODBATS. AND MUCH SILLINESS.) CHORUS Reaper Mini - double-feature Enos Kline will build a creature See CAV fighting OneBoot and Talae Anne Foerster paints Labella DeMornay (03475) Oh – at the late night, painted creature Picture Show. WIPE TO 59031 TERRANTULA UNDERGOING A HORRIFIC SCENE INVOLVING A DREMEL, A SCALPEL, ZAP-A-GAP. GREEN STUFF (75006), AND WHAT APPEARS TO BE PINK FUZZY TROLL DOLL HAIR. VOICE OVER I knew poor Kevin Williams Was utterly brilliant When Terrantula (2) (59031) took to the hills WIPE TO CAMERA PULLS BACK TO REVEAL A SPECTACULAR DECORATIVE BASE WITH A MULTICOLORED FIVE-HEADED DRAGON CRAB CLIMBING UP FROM THE EDGE OF A SEASIDE CLIFF AND REACHING FOR A TERRIFIED AND WELL-DRESSED DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. IN THE BACKGROUND: “EEEE!!! TIAMACRAB!... WAIT... THAT’S NOT A REAPERMINI...†“NO, IT’S NOT... YET...†VOICE OVER (Cont) And it really got hot When we saw Werner Klocke Sculpt a new figure with laces and frills IN THE BACKGROUND: “WHAT?! NO BUCKLES?†WIPE TO PAINTBRUSH CAREFULLY PAINTING RUNES ON THE BACK OF A CLOAK PAINTED BLOODSTAIN RED (09133). IN THE BACKGROUND, SOMEONE LETS OUT A BLOODCURDLING SCREAM. VOICE OVER (Cont) Julie Guthrie said Glom (59020) Gave her some fun But the nightmares were terrible and chill WIPE TO A TABLETOP TERRAIN, CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED, WITH WARLORD UNITS ON ONE SIDE, CAV ON THE OTHER, ONLY THE CAV UNITS HAVE BEEN CONVERTED TO HAVE BATHALIAN HEADS. IN THE CENTER A LARGE GREEN OF MA’AL DRAKAR (NO NUMBER YET) IS PLACED. A PAINTED 77192 KALADRAX BOUNDS ACROSS THE SCREEN, A D20 STUCK IN HER MOUTH. IN THE BACKGROUND: “NO KALLY, YOU CAN’T FIELD A KITBASHED CAVBATH UNIT IN AN OFFICIAL WARLORD TOURNAMENT!†VOICE OVER (Cont) And when genres collide Said Froggy to the tribe “It challenges my conversionist skills.†Like a - WIPE TO TITLE CONTINUED - TECHNICAL AND PRODUCTION CREDITS (IF THIS IS EVER PRODUCED, THESE WILL HAPPEN) CHORUS Reaper Mini - double-feature Enos Kline will build a creature See CAV fighting OneBoot and Talae Anne Foerster paints Labella DeMornay (03475) Oh - at the late-night, painted-creature Picture Show By RKO O- Oh At the late-night, double-feature Picture Show In the back row At the late-night, double-feature Picture Show I want to go... DISSOLVE TO A BLACK AND WHITE STILL FRAME OF REAPERMINI HQ THAT DISSOLVES INTO BRIGHT GLARING COLOR, BECAUSE TEXAS, YA’LL. CHORUS (Cont) To the late night painted-creature Picture Show!
  10. CHAPTER XVI The rocket shuddered as the flare behind, even at distance, buffeted the small craft to and fro. Dr. Bedlam glanced around the cockpit; though rivets shivered and struts groaned, the vessel still seemed to hold together. Stretching out a tanned, muscular arm, he drew back the throttle, decreasing fuel flow to the overworked engines; in response, the rocket slowed slightly in its passage through the luminiferous ether. He'd made it! But Dr. Bedlam allowed himself no self-congratulations; the job was not yet done. His tanned, muscular chest still ached, and his tanned, muscular back still bore the marks of the whips of the Voodoo Virgins of the Vengeance Vector! He had allowed himself to be cozened once, and the inhabitants of the planet Gorkulon had paid with their lives. He would not be fooled again! Luck had been with him once, but even he dared not count on such when the fate of the Galaxy was at stake! The Voodoo Virgins would stop at nothing to dominate the Sagittarius Arm, and Dr. Bedlam knew that although the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation was clever and mighty, the wiles of the Voodoo Queen, Squeema, and her hypnotic powers of seduction would catch them unawares. Unless he, Dr. Bedlam, were to get there first... and warn them! Suddenly, a flicker of light on the Omniscioscope caught Dr. Bedlam's attention. "Eh?" he said to himself. "There's no way they could have caught up yet -- unless..." A blip of light appeared on the hemispherical screen. Before his tanned, muscular eyes, it seemed to grow... and grow ... and GROW... TO BE CONTINUED!
  11. I'm sure most of you have seen those misogynistic "male gamers only!" ads for various online video games such as "Wartune" - clumsy RTS rip offs that pander to the lowest common denominator with their marketing. Or... are they? Perhaps there's a deeper, darker reason they want men only to play their game? Perhaps it's not pandering but... a warning? I got a giggle out of this when it came up on another forum, so I thought I would share (in the manner of our peoples).
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