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  1. Trying to match the Iconic art in the rulebook. He has a pretty busy get up.
  2. Alahazra the Pathfinder Oracle in bones (SKU 89022). Probable NPC in an upcoming Savage Pathfinder campaign.
  3. Here is my rendition of a sinspawn, a humanoid monster in the Pathfinder world of Golarion. It has little arms and hands on the sides of its mouth! Ewww. I sculpted it in 2007 and painted it in 2008, but didn't have a Forum Show-Off post until now. The stock miniature has its left arm attached to the base, but I clipped it apart and bent it forward for a more dynamic 3D pose. Enjoy! Derek
  4. These two villains were some of the first figures I sculpted for Pathfinder -- sculpted in 2007 and painted in 2008. Nualia is an aasimar (mostly human with some celestial ancestry, hence the silver hair and purple eyes) who turned to demon-worship (hence the red left claw-hand). Erylium is a quasit (a minor demon) with some custom skills and abilities. The 7-pointed star on her rock is the Sihedron, the symbol of the runelords of old. They appeared in the first issue of Pathfinder Adventure Path "Rise of the Runelords", or simply "Pathfinder #1" back then. This was when Crocodile Games had the license to produce metal Pathfinder miniatures, and later Reaper acquired the license and the molds. Paizo Publishing re-released the Adventure Path with revised rules for the Pathfinder RPG, and the two characters got new art, but this is how they originally looked. Enjoy! Derek
  5. Here is my rendition of Lem, the iconic halfling bard for Pathfinder. I sculpted & painted him in 2009, but didn't have a Forum Show-Off post until now. Enjoy! Derek
  6. Here is my rendition of Amiri, Pathfinder's iconic barbarian. I sculpted her in 2008 and painted her in 2009, but I didn't make a Forum Show-Off post for her until now. The texture on her chest covering and the symbols on her armor plates are freehand; I sculpted those surfaces smooth rather than sculpting the texture and runes, because I didn't trust my sculpting abilities as much as my painting abilities. If I had to do it over, I might sculpt some texture so other folks could use a wash/drybrush/side-brush technique ... but there you have it. When I teach my "Painting Expressive Faces and Eyes" class at ReaperCon, I use her as an example. Her face reminds me of the actor Gina Gershon. Enjoy! Derek
  7. One of the two I just finished. I tried to keep her as close as I could to the fan art.
  8. One I just finished, I tried to keep her as close to the pop art as I could.
  9. I painted the Bones version of this figure back in November as part of a quick paint challenge. While the limited colors worked ok, I wasn't totally happy with it: So today for fun I spent an hour or two adding details and changing a color here and there:
  10. Okay, with Reapercon coming up I will be running some Stargrave & Frostgrave games. So I have been in the position with transporting BOXES of minis and terrain before, and even though I have a truck, I thought that there might be an easier way to carry the stuff. Both of the 'Grave games are heavy terrain and while this is part of their charm, it will be much easier if I can limit the number of boxes going to Texas with me. Then the other day in Hobby Lobby, I was trying to figure out how to build this stuff, when I found their collapsed gift boxes. Perfect! And CHEAP! So I hit them with some variety of spray paint and then used the Plastic Mesh for windows after they dried. I am a bit concerned because I tried good old Elmer's Glue and I am not 100% confident in it's ability to work on the plastic of the mesh. So, everything is drying tonight and tomorrow will be the acid test when I try folding the boxes into their flat configuration. Anyway, here are the pics as I went along.
  11. I call him Borem, Da Finder of da Way. Almost complete! I figured if he's operating underground most of the time, he should blend in. Simple cloak work:
  12. Here is my rendition of Kevoth-Kul, the Black Sovereign of Numeria. I sculpted this figure last year (2017) and painted him over the last month (Feb 2018). I started painting him at Paint Club in Denver, when I was visiting Gene Van Horne and Michael Proctor for the weekend. I met @Cyradis, among others. Numeria is the Pathfinder nation that blends fantasy barbarians with sci-fi. A spaceship from another galaxy crashed there long ago, and people have been plundering the tech-wreckage. Kevoth-Kul is the nominal ruler of Numeria, but someone else is pulling his strings. His goblet is full of delicious spaceship juice! Mmm, mmm. A full day's supply of Vitamin X! Oops, he spilled a few drops. His consort is Kul-Inkit: link to her Forum thread. Art for the Pathfinder Adventure Path book: link to cover at Paizo website. (Any resemblance to famous barbarians of Cimmeria is ... well ... probably well-intentioned homage on the part of Paizo Publishing and/or artist Wayne Reynolds.) Anyway ... the photos: I had painted some small "transparent" potion-bottles but not an item like this before. I paid attention to how Angela Imrie and other painters made solid miniatures look clear. The effect works best from these 2 photo angles, because you can convince yourself that you are seeing orange vapor through the glass goblet, though it is actually painted on the surface. It doesn't work as well from the side views. Enjoy, Derek
  13. Finished the Gray Maiden with all MSP paints. Base done with vallejo white stone diorama effects. Then the red stone triad, brown wash, burnt orange, …
  14. Black jack painted up as a spellcasting rogue, hence the osl effect on the outstretched hand. Painted 90% with oils. Much easier to learn with them when it is essentially monochrome and you can just focus on light and shadow. .
  15. Hey everyone! I completed Dorella last September and just found some time last week to paint and add her pet next to her. Here's Dorella Kreeg and her Giant Rat familiar named "It Tickles". She's a sorcerer in The Hook Mountain Massacre Written by Nicolas Logue, the third chapter in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path published in 2007 for Pathfinder. 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman was sculpted by David Summers and the 07031, Giant Rats (familiar) were sculpted by Julie Guthrie. There is a magnet under the rat that has no base so it can stay securely on Dorella's base or be removed when the other model is used individually on its 25mm base.
  16. I managed to make my November quota and than some more, now time to relax for holidays and birthday. She was a throwback from october when I did a few from pathfinder line, but never had prep her.
  17. He was a leftover from a group of pathfinder mini's I primed but forgot to finish from my last posting.
  18. Merisiel, Iconic Rogue. The original artwork is very good but this is one of the early Bones models that did not translate well to the medium. She flops over, the weapons did not come out well, and much of her detail is guesswork. I even had to sculpt her a nose because she didn't come with one. I tried to follow the artwork more or less, but it wasn't worth the effort to spend too much time on her.
  19. This is the Bones version of the iconic character, painted in a rather quick and dirty fashion. There was a lot of metal and chain mail, which I did not spend time on, and a few details which I picked out. In retrospect I could have brightened up the armor some, but since she's likely to go on the table as a generic fighter I didn't feel the need to make her special.
  20. How long has it been since I started a show off thread???? Too long. I have missed everyone and hope to get back to at least a semi regular amount of posts. Figured I’d start with a Reaper mini. For the forum peeps that attended ReaperCon 2019 you may have seen my version of Derek’s beautiful sculpt O-Sayumi or affectionately named Akiko. I had a great time painting this lovely lady. Since I didn’t complete her until Thursday night of the con I didn’t get any photos until last week. Two years to take pics and post them up, not bad huh? I missed ReaperCon and all of you. I have been enjoying seeing the pics shared here. So here is to a year of painting more minis and bringing them to Texas in 2022. Now without further ado, Akiko.
  21. Hello again, this one is Darkblade, a Wizkids Pathfinder Deep Cuts 72596, Human Male Fighter. Darkblade is also a the character of one of the players of our D&D group. I painted it with Reaper MSP paint.
  22. Hello everyone, I hope those who were able to attend enjoyed their ReperCon weekend. It was fun to follow along on Twitch while painting. Here are pictures of 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman. It's the forth Hook Mountain Ogre model sculpted by David Summers for Pathfinder. It was painted with Reaper MSP paint and stand on 50mm wide base. From left to right; 60008 Hook Mountain Ogre #1, 60037 Hookmaw Kreeg, 60030 Hook Mountain Ogre #2 and 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman.
  23. Hello everyone, here's the third Ogre from the series of 4 Hook Mountain Ogre I'm currently working on. This Pathfinder model was sculpted by David Summers. It stands on a 50mm wide base and was produced by Reaper Miniatures under sku: 60037. It was my favorite so far. I really enjoyed painting the maw mask and the skull necklace. It was entirely painted with Reaper MSP paint, with the same colors I used on the two previous ones. The skin tone; 29822 suntan flesh, 09659 ginger cookie and a bit of 29825 tusk ivory. Other color I used are; 09136 walnut brown, 09028 muddy brown, 09029 earth brown, 09284 lonestar leather, 09159 worn olive, 29848 jungle camo, 09084 pale lichen and 29839 maroon red. 60037, Hookmaw Kreeg and Sir Forscale 77008, Garrick the Bold. From left to right; 60008 Hook Mountain Ogre #1, 60030 Hook Mountain Ogre #2 and 60037 Hookmaw Kreeg.
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