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Found 9 results

  1. A Discord for a YouTube channel I rather enjoy (RisingApe Minis) has a themed challenge every now and then, and this month's was effectively summarized as "paint something green." Having never really done such in the past (it's a colour I seem to avoid for some reason), after going through indecision on a few minis I wound up going "hmmm, this Pathfinder Red Dragon keeps getting put back on my desk," so I looked at my paints, picked a few and decided to just dive right in, and let the brushes dictate things as I went. Y'know, like my usual strategy, as I'm more of a "go with the flow" kind of painter than one that's incredibly organized (despite many seeming to think I'm that way because I'll start with a basic idea, although it's usually nothing more than "I want these guys to be red" or "hubby asked for purple and blue...") Anyways! As far as I can remember, it's had my typical prep of black primer, followed by a Warm Grey drybrush and then a drybrush of Bright Ivory. This one also wound up being a test subject for ProAcryl Black Wash, hence why it looks a touch different than my usual prep. Paints used during initial session: ProAcryl Dark Warm Grey, Dark Jade, Jade, and Turquoise. Initial goals with this were to start with the wings so I could figure out a basic plan for the overall colours, and sketch in the initial lining. Lining started getting rough near the end because hands were shaking a decent amount by the end of it all. Sometimes they cooperate and let me go a long while, other times not as long. Either way, I did manage to get some basics sorted out, and hope to come in with cleaner lining on the next session.
  2. In terms of raw bang for one's buck, the Pathfinder red dragon is IMHO one of the most versatile minis Reaper makes. Yes, it looks like a red dragon in Pathfinder (it is after all the cover of the old rulebook come to life), BUT - it doesn't quite so neatly conform to the prescribed D&D dragon models, and so it's super easy and super cheap to get a huge (3" x 3" base) dragon of any chromatic variety on the table simply by painting it a different color. Up next for me: Black, Green, and Blue versions...all in good time. For now I present my Pathfinder Red White Dragon!
  3. I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment, so have managed to talk myself into another rainbow dragon... Since I have ol' Pathfinder Red sitting in the Drawer of Doom and no real plans for him, I thought I'd randomize him (not that I don't have enough other projects that haven't been finished (or even started)).. So, here goes: 3 Star challenge on Pathfinder Red (#89001) Primary : Blush Pink (although I might substitute in Breast Cancer Pink since I have 3 bottles of that from last month!) Secondary: Brilliant Green (needs to be ordered or fetched from the FLGS - I have Forest Green but that's too dark to match, i think) Tertiary: Heather Blue (do not have this, but do have a Sample bottle from a past order that is very close and will be used in its place.. I smidged some paint on a sheet of paper for comparison and have decided that Blush Pink is much brighter than BCPink, so I'll probably use the Blush (unless I decide to go thematic again and donate this fellow to a survivor since I know a few). Also, Forest Green is indeed way too dark to substitute in for Brilliant Green.. Here he is in all his boxed plasticky glory!
  4. I've been really, really, bad. I haven't painted since, well December... Partially because my boyfriend finally popped the question around then so I've been busy with person life stuff like planning a geeky wedding, moving in together, and other real life things. So I'll start off with my take of Smaug with the Pathfinder Red Dragon. The white got washed out but I promise it looks better in person than the pictures. and a close up of the head and underbelly:
  5. Here's my take on the great Pathfinder dragon. Lovely sculpt indeed. I tried a night scene with some lava as a light source. Not sure if it came through, but at least it explains big difference between front and back view Without further ado, I give you the Nightfinder Edit: bigger pic
  6. Did this all in two nights, in accordance with the seven day challenge rules (mostly to test out techniques for those challenges). Base is a little bare, because it's integrating into a larger base later (but that one won't be rules-compliant). I might post another picture then, but this part was a complete (albeit quick) project itself. Bloodhowl's sepia wash has turned into an all-purpose awsomizer for me, and that's fantastic.
  7. I have a bag of Secret Weapon skulls. I have tamiya clear red. All minis worked on for the spring/summer will have blood and skulls. Because I do what I want. Both from Bones I. Primed in green liner. I don't know if they will be green, but that is the color liner I used. Once again I will be attempting to use the Wappel method on both minis.
  8. Here's my extended entry for the Year of Dragons contest. My first full-sized dragon! Pretty pleased with how easy Bones made doing such a big mini, though I'm wishing (as always) that I'd taken more time with the mold lines. Pics are a little washed out in places, but I think they mostly turned out okay. And look! He's made a little friend!
  9. first up the lovely sculpt from Sandra Garrity 02457: Amber Dragon I painted this one up as a copper dragon for a PC in my game groups epic levels campaign and next my Pathfinder red. This guy gave menothing but troubles. He's been stripped and repainted once already, and I finally got fed up and called him 'good enough'
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