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Found 17 results

  1. SIGN UP LINK THINGY IS HERE Hello! If you've known me at all over the years, you'll know that aside from my passion for good femme representation and guinea pigs, I'm actually a massive fan of ghouls. I collect ghouls! And things that look like ghouls! All the ghouls! Paul Muller is my number 1 dream ghoul man, he's made all my favourites. About 4/5 years ago I got in touch with him and we released the first set of ghoul mothers, which are....very horrifying - in the best ghoul way! The last horror campaign we did, we added some more Muller ghouls, and he got ghoul fever too and has sculpted us a whole bunch of them since then, that we're going to Kickstarter! Aside from ghoul ladies which I'm obviously a fan, we have ghoul men, ghoul children and even some ghoul teenagers. And ghoul pets! Fun for all the family!* *I've actually put a warning at the start of the Kickstarter as Bad Squiddo are known for our family friendly lovely things, and this campaign does have some dark themes as it's very much an Annie campaign, so if that's not your thing, there are ghouls eating babies and guinea pigs and things, so best not to scroll further. I don't think any are as grim as the ghoul mothers (the original pack) so there's that! We've got artwork from Patrice Rameau and lovely paintjobs from Andrew Taylor and John Morris.
  2. Three bearded devils from when Paul Muller sculpted for the Fractured Dimensions line/KS. I hope I got that right, if not, feel free to correct me. These are metal, and were placed onto based by the Archon Studios folks (Dungeons & Lasers). I’m a huge fan of both the figures and the bases. Each color of bearded devil coincides with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th edition monster manuals. I couldn’t decide.
  3. On my quest to be able to paint "anything" I opted to work on and finish one of the new Fractured Dimensions demons sculpted by Paul Muller. As many of you know, this Kickstarter has faced some challenges with respect to fulfillment. That said, I'd like to say that Paul Muller has sculpted some beautiful pieces and while he's not responsible for fulfillment of said project, I sure hope that he continues his quest to sculpt more. This sculpt had an astonishing number of surprises when I was preparing the figure and includes a lot of detail and different options for heads/arms/equipment that made customization a lot of fun. A tidbit of green stuff to fill the minute gaps and I was off and running. While having nothing to do with Paul's sculpting, I will say that the Fractured Dimensions figures I have, have the smallest/faintest mould lines I've ever encountered.
  4. The Bearded Devils are complete. Lots of Reaper Cinnamon Red on these guys. Actually, a lot of red, period. WIP thread HERE More pictures on my blog.
  5. These savages are on Kickstarter. My first Kickstarter! There are all kinds of add ons lurking in here too. Thanks Reaper for providing this forum! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1648985407/rise-of-the-powrie?ref=creator_nav
  6. My take on an iconic DND demon prince as sculpted by Paul Muller for the Fractured Dimensions line. Paul resurfaced here recently to show off some of his new sculpting, and I pulled this fella off my shelf of shame to paint him up.
  7. So this guy was a relatively quick paint job - I worked on him over a couple of nights in between other figures and while things were drying. I had originally basecoated him a couple of months back when I decided that I was absolutely going to paint something using Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, as I have something like 8 bottles of it at this point. This was the figure that I pulled out of my Bones drawer. I’d basecoated him and then he made his way to the Shelf of Shame unfortunately. I saw him sitting up there and decided I would just have fun with it. The lemures do come 2 to the pack and are in 2 different poses, but this one is the only one I have painted thus far. I hope y’all find him as fun as I do!
  8. I thought it might be best to consolidate my ongoing Red Ghoul efforts under one roof. The previously completed miniatures are pictured above (from Reaper, Otherworld, and Fractured Dimensions). The latest additions from Reaper, Otherworld, and Wyrd (AKA Dennis, Margret, and Ruff). More pictures and details of these three at Minis by Finch.
  9. Fractured Dimensions' Bearded Devils are currently on the paint-table. Great looking Paul Muller sculpts. One tricky bit is the deeply recessed (as in virtually inaccessible) areas under the kilts (a situation admittedly worsened by basing prior to painting). A heavy initial slathering of black paint (1st picture) has hopefully prevented headaches down the road. (I'll keep my fingers crossed. Murphy's Law suggests a different outcome.) The second picture shows the base colors blocked in. As per recent efforts in the devil department, it's Reaper Cinnamon Red skin and Vallejo Vermillion kilts. The fluorescent orange beards are a new wrinkle.
  10. Paul Muller strikes again. Fractured Dimensions' Bael.
  11. Posted 08 August 2015 - 10:46 PM Super Work! Hope these come on the market soon... 8) George (From this post) Ever since I heard about, and saw these minis, I have lusted for them! Well, I now have a few, and am starting them this month... This is the Bodak, and I also am using the Horned Head and Hammer options, even though the original art work from Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and MMII show them with an Axe (Bardiche actually IIRC) and no horns. (And I love Finch's paint job!) I have a thing for Warhammers, having seen Hank Rheinheart (RIP) of Museum Replicas, do a demonstration with them and maces vs swords at DragonCon back in the '90s... (The damage to armor, and hence the body wearing the armor, from a hammer is devastating!) If (when) I get another one of these, I will use the other options... Anyway, I cleaned him up, and primed him, cut the tab off, and put in the pins. I chose another Secret Weapon Base from the Bag O' Crap, and plan to try to do a lava flow effect in the channel.... Going to need to search for lava tuts now.... So here he is in primer.... (Finch, did you assemble then paint, or do it separately?) George
  12. The bodak from FD's Kickstarter. Paul Muller at the top of his game.
  13. Some more Muller goodness from FD's Infernal Minions KS. Tried to keep the colors muted in line with a Hades = The Gray Wastes theme. Used mica flake gel for the bases. A very useful product IMO. More pics over on my blog.
  14. Reaper's Dreg Chieftain. Given the crazy hair-do, a clown inspired scheme was clearly the way to go IMO. Part of a larger pack, pictures of which can't be posted due to nudity. More on my blog: http://minisbyfinch.blogspot.com/2015/11/zedvember-20151-ghoul-power.html
  15. Two of my favorites from FD's Infernal Minions Kickstarter. Mr Muller really outdid himself with these two. A blast to paint. WIPs and whatnot up on my blog.
  16. The dretches from FD's IMotOP Kickstarter. More pics and WIPs on my blog.
  17. This is a test piece commissioned by Paul Muller. The Gnorn are a fallen Fey/Elf race I'd like to introduce. I'm posting to see if there is any interest, passionate dislike or constructive criticism. Cheers.
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