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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, First model painted in my War of the Roses collection. This is from the Mercenaries box which I've had for ages now and only now getting them done with my other models. This was a warm up miniature as I've been out of painting for months and I'd want to test my skills. I'm not dissatisfied with the finished miniature, it's not incredible but the end result is solid for the tabletop. Moreover I've managed to get him done in a timely manner and made a small improvement to my unpainted and unassembled miniatures. I've only painted about 6 or so miniatures in my 5 years in the hobby so any finished model is a new feeling haha. Lots of paint on the pants of the model that got smudged on there by accident. It's unbased, but I'll be basing them in May when I get supplies for that. I'm done with hobby purchases until then. The halberd tip kept breaking throughout painting the model, the way it's attached is horrid. It will definitely snap unless I superglue it. The cloth was a fun experience, and I definitely skipped some steps. I lost patience at some stages but the end result ended up well for the tabletop. Enjoy the finished miniature! Feedback always welcome. Thank you for reading.
  2. Hey all, Wishing you all safety and good health in these times. I've been working on some War of the Roses miniatures I've received recently and I'm having a lot of fun kitbashing them. These kits are very fun to work with and easy to get good looking models out of. I have the Mounted Men at Arms and the War of the Roses Infantry Boxes along with a Mercenary box I've got a while ago. These first are some infantry. Not particularly most interesting but they're the bread of this project. Not going to spend tons of time on them with paint but they'll get love for sure. Then, the Mounted Men at Arms. The Perrys really did well with these miniatures. You can get really dynamic and interesting models with very little effort. This rider here is the second of these I've done and I really like his pose. Looks better in real life but the photo's a bit bad as well sadly. Super dynamic, so thinking he's involved in a cavalry battle. Historically, not often the case that massive cavalry engagements occured but Bosworth was one of those cases. Could be set in one of the many skirmishes that occurred during the war. This one is the first one I've built, and very happy with him. The pose came out very energetic and implies he's a leader of his men, so going to be egging his troops on to pursue the enemy. This rider is one I'm pleased with because I thought the pose I'd given with the arm was going to look awkward, but the axe in his hand saved the model. He'll be another leader, going after some fleeing troops or going after cavalry. I know there's lots of stuff still on the models I should scrape off. I'll do that! Would love some feedback, been a while since I've posted a WiP thread in a board. (Don't have a good track record maintaining these but I think this will be better) Cheers, Badgers
  3. So I've been given some hard plastic models, styrene, I think. They come in grey hard plastic and mostly on rectangular sprues anyway. One is Malifaux's "Whiskey Golem" (or, as my husband said, a wooden steampunk robot), one is Perry Miniatures "Medieval Cottage 1300-1700," and one is a set of Pegasus Hobbies "Gothic City Building Small Set #1." The Gothic Building set snaps together but the makers recommend glue for some delicate parts. The other two must be glued. Can I ask what glues people recommend for this sort of model? I gather there is some sort of special plastic solvent glue for plastic models, but I haven't really played around with it. My children used superglue on their Games Workshop plastic armies because, apart from that one incident of setting the cotton opera glove on fire, they could safely use it. What I have at the moment are several types of superglue and epoxy. Looking at the cottage, I am concerned about whether the model will hold together. It's basically just flat walls glued together at the edges. The structural engineer in me itches to put interior corner reinforcement and braces inside. Is this overkill? Will the proper glue help its integrity? I also note that two of the kits contain nothing in the way of assembly diagrams or instuctions. Should I take this as a given in hard plastic models and treat them as a sort of IQ test?
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