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Found 13 results

  1. A bit bored at the office, so... Shall we take a little hike? you're following a trail when it suddenly enters a dark and forboding forest. Do you enter? Feel free to use that in a game, but yeah, I take payment in candy... Once upon a time... I grew up in this fjord... Lets head up in the mountains. Frankly, I'm not too certain where these next pictures were taken. Now, the next one... This is taken not far from where I live now. About 3Km in distancee and 5hours hike... (Healthier people can do it in 3 hours, maybe) A local beach. Also a nature preserve, so no motorized access. A bit of a view among the trees... A couple of pictures from an early autumn hike last year, up to a mountain lake. Unpacked(read; just dumped my gear in the shelter. ) Yes, it's possible to sleep on the benches, if you bring a sleeping bag and some sort of padding. Which is lucky because there's no flat space large enough to pitch a tent. There's supposed to be decent sized trout in the lake... Unfortunately, my GOOD rod was broken... At 10pm... On my way back down the next morning, I stopped to take a photo or two, and also one of my big camera(Ondurama 17x6) And finally, another one where I'm not really certain where it's from. That's all for now...
  2. Let's get this party started! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  3. I started this in a WIP and have finally finished my first background for taking pictures. This one is made with fairly lightweight watercolor paper. I taped it down tight, primed with gesso, and built up from light to dark layers (all cheap craft paints). The concept was for the whole thing to appear nebulous, as a dark cloud with obscured lighter flashes. I think it turned out pretty close to my vision. The half-painted creatures are just my first test shot with the background. My phone camera did occasionally try to focus on the background, so on the next attempt (some kind of brighter theme) I will try to soften the edges (paint started to dapple on the blacks and grays). What do you think? WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83003-attempting-to-paint-generic-backgrounds-for-miniature-photography/&tab=comments#comment-1760821 For those curious, the bug is primed in Reaper brush on primer, black, and it's carapace has two coats of Golden's Interference (purple-green) paint. Boxy is clean Bones, primed with Brown Liner with Old West Rose fleshy bits. They'll get their own WIP soon.
  4. Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the Department of Inspirations thread of Reaper Forums. This new department will be dedicated to posting things that inspire our imagination with regard to our hobby. It can be anything really but you need to post why it inspires you and how it relates to the hobby. Here's an example: Katarzyna Górska posted this gorgeous WIP base on Facebook earlier today. My thoughts: It's a lot of freehand painting and some cool actual raised sculpting. Looks nearly complete to me, so I can't wait to see the finished product. It reminds me of the stuff I did with the cork rounds; Geode Base. I might try doing something similar. Rules for this thread: Well, naturally Reaper's forum rules apply. So no commerce links. If you are inspired by a photo on an commerce site find the company's Facebook page or other social media site that has the same pic and then provide that for a link. Use common sense and let's keep it to; "How the art or whatever it is inspires you with regards to the hobby." Above all let's inspire each other.
  5. So, I'm working on this little lovely for fun, and possibly something else in the future. Thus, I decided I wanted to try OSL (object source lighting). It's certainly not finished yet (still a lot of work) and I think my OSL is off. So, a little help here?
  6. Don't know what happened to Doug's Miniature Photography 101 thread that was in here, but I feel this is a very valid thing to have in this area. Found this today while surfing the web and thought it'd be very useful for a lot of us who try to take pics of our figures: TUTORIAL: BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MINIATURE PHOTOGRAPHY
  7. I have yammered at some length about various projects I've done lately, and have gotten some questions, as well as "pics or it didn't happen." So here's some stuff from recent, and some stuff from not so recent that I've TALKED about recently. The Hall of Heroes: All modded from currently available Reaper figures; at least I THINK they're all currently available; can't remember about Conan, though. Fafhrd is modified to put a poniard in his left hand rather than a shield; the Gray Mouser likewise, to get rid of a gem in his left hand and replace it with a throwing dagger. That, and his sword's been removed and repositioned; the original had a falchion, whereas the Mouser uses a rapier. None of the other figures are altered except Red Sonya of Rogatino, to add a pistol at her hip. Elric, Red Sonya, and Jirel of Joiry were all out of the Vampire box, in fact. Red Sonja is as far as I know, still available in the Savage Beauty boxed set. I'd considered using a different Reaper figure -- another chainmail bikini barbarian, but considerably brawnier, and in fact much more realistic as far as "redhead in a bikini who could kick your donkey without working up a sweat," but decided to go with the Savage Beauty sculpt instead. Someone mentioned Kane when I was asking about swordsmen, and this led me to go and check out the books; they're quite good. Again, a figure out of the Vampire box. At this rate, I might have the thing half empty when the next Kickstarter box arrives... Upon checking the storage sectors of Castle Bedlam, I found these pulp sci fi figures in storage hallway 34-J; I built them ages ago for a pulp skirmish game, and although they're kind of rough, I hate to throw anything away. They're all made from parts of HeroClix figures, except the robot, who's scratchbuilt from beads and stuff. Bases are ordinary American pennies, added for weight, since those plastic figures are awfully light, and not a one of the Hawkmen could stand without a weighted base! Hm... and now that I look at the picture, I note that Flash's gun hand is broken off, durnit. Oh, the ray guns are made of beads. Going a few doors down, we find the home team for Mongo: Ming, Alura, and the Mongian Guards. Below them are a series of Arabian Nights figures, mostly from Reaper. Good stuff. The homicidal harem girls are modified Mage Knight figures. We get into some strange games here at Castle Bedlam. Never turn your back on a harem girl. ...and lastly, we have a Christmas-themed shadow box I did as a Christmas present for my girl; who'd have thought she'd be so wild about zombies*? Zombie Santa and the Zombie Mall Elves are, again, made largely from HeroClix spare parts; much of Santa is nothing but putty. I'd like to think his last victim put that metal candy cane through him... Here's hoping this answers the questions put to me, and that I have offered a moment's entertainment. Thanks for looking in! *http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/44574-zombie-mouselings-a-love-story/?hl=%2Bzombie+%2Bmouselings
  8. So I was thinking of creating a thread where people could show off some of the nifty one-off colours we sometimes get as 'samples' from the awesome folks at Reaper. Would that be an OK thing with the Powers That Be? If so where would such a thread be appropriate? I'd like for people to be able to post pics of their sample colours but Show Off doesn't seem like the right place. Thanks for any guidance in this!
  9. I finally found where I put my camera, and took some pictures of my finished bones. hellborn rogue dwarf woman black smith bonnie nick stone sarah well of chaos medium fire elemental
  10. I finally got to my camera and thought I'd upload some pictures to share. It's a pretty random assortment of stuff, but maybe there's something of interest in there. Especially if you're curious about how to turn a VCR into an award-winning mini diorama! https://picasaweb.google.com/115811607220596609342/April272013?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCO_elo6-v8WrEQ&feat=directlink -N
  11. If this is discussed somewhere I couldn't find it. The search helper didn't do it's job using every word I could think of either. So if this is covered somewhere else please point me to it. How do I upload pictures to the forum? For the life of me I can't figure it out. When I click on the little "my media" icon at the top of the post box I get this message: Your Media Library Media you have uploaded to the community is available here for sharing. Content you share will be visible by all members who can view this topic. Select a media type to choose what to share. But it doesn't say HOW to upload media to the community nor is there anything to "select" from so I can choose what media type to share. When I click on the "image" icon at the top I get a box asking for a URL. And that lost me. Help??
  12. Hi, here is Anirion Wood elf Wizard and also Flara a swordelf of the vale (she's listed as a swordsman.. I don't know, anyhoo ). Flara and the baby dragon were my Open entry at Reapercon where they won Silver! Yay! I did a bit of converting to Flara's armor and also some reposing of the little dragon. Ahh greenstuff... Comments and crits as always are appreciated, thanks for looking! And Flara
  13. Hello, been a while since I posted stuff. C&C always welcome, thanks for looking! Here is the Nature Warden from Pathfinder: And Ostog the Unslain also from Pathfinder:
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