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Found 155 results

  1. Well, it took me almost a month to finish these. I told myself when I started painting that I would not do multiples of the same model. That went real well. I am happy though especially for being out of my comfort zone with the cauldron (metallics aren't really my best thing and I haven't painted anything that bloody for a while, if ever.) I can't wait to get these girls into a game. Hope you enjoy!
  2. This is my first Skorne model, sort of a color test for the future ones. I knew I should have taken a pic and maybe asked before I washed his armor. I had this very bright glistening brass/gold armor. It doesn't look much like it anymore. I kind of like it this way too, but it was a bit of a shock how dull all the metallics got and then on top of that how even more dull they got once the mini was sealed. I had to paint a lot of him over again once the mini was sealed, I am not sure if that can be avoided next time with the sealing, but I am thinking that I may try a redish wash on the next one? Anyway the base was a complete experiment and came out nice I think. I always pictured Skorne more in the tropics, beaches and such, with their banners waving in the salty wind. Hopefully I captured that in this model. Hope you like it!
  3. Well I continue to make progress on my Legion force for Hordes, and I need to make more progress before the 1st when they need to go out for a tourney, so there will probably be at least one more post in the next couple of weeks. Here is the whole group, followed by a few individual shots.
  4. Got the last touches down on these and their bases flocked. Woohoo! Another Warlock and 9 points painted for my army. Absylonia, Terror of Everblight: pAbsy was very fun to paint. Love the winghands and I really had fun giving her this base. Not much else to say, other than I hope y'all like her! And the Angelius. So far, I've played this guy in a few games and been...underwhelmed. The Legion community seems split on whether the Angelius is an auto-include or a meh beast. Either way, SOOOOO much fun to paint, and I'm quite pleased with how he came out. Since A) I'm likely to get a second at some point, and B) all my beasts get names, I dubbed this one "Yahoel." This is the name of, apocryphally, the angel who spoke to Abraham, and is associated to some extent with glory and fire. Hopefully this beast will bring me the former and rain the latter upon my foes. I've included a few closeup shots of what a standard soldier would be likely to see when this fella comes to call. Comments always welcome!
  5. Wish I had some Reaper stuff to offer, but I have been busy and was only able to recently prime a few. Circle of Orboros - Gnarlhorn Satyre - was supposed to be a quick paint job and turned into a week long affair. I have been assembling/basing and then painting lately and this was the first time that I had significant issues getting the brush to go where it was needed. I like the way he turned out in the end. Officer and Musician - Were painted to match the rest of my Strider Rangers. Hope you like!
  6. Another nine points for my Legion army. These have all been featured at least somewhat in my Legion WiP thread. Harriers: These come in a pack of two. Although I'm unlikely to ever field more than that in most situations, I may want as many as three in some lists, so I'll likely paint two more of these at some point. These two are Orville and Wilbur; the next two will be Amelia and Chucks (yes, plural...there are two big-name Charleses in American aviation...). Loads of fun to paint, and I really love the way the wings look. These guys show up on the table nicely. The Forsaken: an unfortunate, mutated beast-woman able to feed off the ferocious energies of Legion warbeasts. I will eventually need at least two more of these...as half-winged, angry ladies that will generally serve to torture my opponents, I thought harpies a good place to look for inspiration, so the first is named Ocypete...Aello and Caelano will come later. I know there's at least a fourth named harpy in Homer somewhere, and I may need a fifth if I really want to do stupid tier lists with pAbsylonia, so I'll have a bit of research to do when I get to that point. But for now, Ocypete is enough. I really dig her wing, and I think the back view is pretty great. Her front side could have used a bit of lining, I think, between the wing and chest. But it shows up well enough: Beast Mistress: I'm really happy with how she came out. I tried a new order-of-operations for painting her skin, which is a bit high-contrast/stark-transition up close but works nicely on the table. This is a really nice sculpt by Patrick Keith and I'm not upset that I'll eventually paint two more of her, actually I'm looking forward to eventually revisitng it. The flag above her head will be orange (like the harriers' wings) on one and purple (like the shadows on the beasts) on the third. Also from Greek myth, Enyo is the name of a goddess of destruction; she ran with Eris and co. during the war for Troy. Please let me know what you think, especially with the Beast Mistress. Thanks for looking!
  7. And here we have a Nonokrion Order Infernal. More apoxie sculpt for the basing. Used a gear wheel to pattern the beasts base. Added a third eye tat to fill in that huge, blank forehead.
  8. I don't have many minions or a use for this at the moment, but I couldn't resist any longer, such a cool model. Trying to figure out the best way to base it was the most difficult part. Hope you enjoy!
  9. So here's another bargain grab from a closing gamestore. Julian Helstrom from the Iron Kingdoms Game which is some kind of variant of Warmachine or Hordes. Tried something new for the base. You guys turned me on to Apoxie sculpt and so far it's been pretty cool. So I decided to make some smooth river stones for him to be standing in.
  10. Picked up a bunch of Privateer Press minis at half price when my local game store folded. Anyhow, Here's one of my first PP minis. I used what is sort of an old standby scheme for me. Red cloak and gold armor.
  11. Had the model for almost a year and finally got around to finishing him. Yay!
  12. A Legion of Everblight Afflictor. The studio model pose looked sort of odd to me with the beast sliding across the grass. I tried my best to make it look nicer than that. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Here are a few figs I've done over the last year and 1/2. Privateer Press: Classic Dire Troll Mauler 71007, Freebooter STE 004 Dixie Dynamite and ZAU 004Female Wizard, and Bushido: Sakura GCTBIC003, and Kitsune GCTBTR002. I scored a silver at ReaperCon this year for Freebooter STE 004 Female Wizard. Titled "Zapatos De Rojo. I also received a lot of interest in the Classic Dire Troll Mauler from Privateer Press. Kitsune is just a great sculpt. My blending wasn't great. Hope you enjoy.
  14. A friend kept poking me to post these. Although I spent a lot of time on them last month, I wish I had more time for them. In the end I really wanted to move on to more exciting stuff. These were mostly for gaming fun.
  15. This is a Khador Berserker from Warmachine (33028). This is the metal version (I'm not sure if there's actually a plastic version of this guy). He'd been sitting at 95% done for months now, so I decided to finish him up (reward for finishing guys is being allowed to start new ones). I tried to do two-brush blending on him without brush-licking before I took Meg Maples class at ReaperCon. The main colors used are Khador Red Base, HD Crimson Red, Brown Liner, Polished Steel, and Clockwork Brass.
  16. Well with 11 models finished in June it was a slow month, but given its the end of semester I'm ok with that progress. However this month should see a lot more models completed as I strive to paint 1500 points of Orcs for Kings of War in the next 2 weeks. Though at 5 minis a day I might fall short on that goal while preserving my sanity by painting some other models. Which leads to the push to paint my Legion of Everblight models as well, which is another block of 20ish models that I need to get done. At least with the Army Painter coloured undercoats that isn't a huge burden, but still that isn't a sure fire speed up either. So we'll see what I get done. Finished Orcs 10x GW 80's plastic 7x Harlequin savage orcs 7x Harlequin Black Orcs 1x 80's GW Uruk-hai. 1x 80's GW Orc Archer 1x 80's GW Orc Spearman 1x 80's GW cyclopean Orc 3x 90's GW plastic Black Orc 3x WFB 5E Starter Orc 1x 90's GW metal Black Orc 2x Bloodbowl Trolls Finished Legion of Everblight 1x Spawning Vessel Acolyte 1x Spawning Vessel 1x Forsaken Finished Other Reaper 77072: Bailey Silverbell Bombshell: KS1 Exclusive Maylee Studio McVey: 1 male Samaratin Studio McVey: 1 female Samaratin
  17. Hi everyone, I'm going to try the WIP thing to keep me motivated, and to help me improve on a few things. Most of these are mid-process, or very lightly started. I have a specific way I paint, and I really only photograph about once a week. So, without further adieu, here begins my wip. First up, we have The Bones Gnoll, about 2/3 of the way through how I paint, but there are several areas to improve upon. My intent is to give a more rusted look to the metallics, and to bring up the leather straps. In person, I'm happy with the upper fur, with the feet needing improvement (and the leg wraps and flail wraps). Eyes are going to be something fun. Next up we have Vanja, Fire Giant Princess, the metal version (the bones version will be more traditionally coal-black with red highlights). This is a very early stage wip of her for me. I'm starting with skin tones, bringing them up to Vallejo Pale Flesh. Next we have the Bones Darkrasp, Death Priest. I've started an attempt at OSL with him, and would very much like suggestions on this. I really like how the scythe is coming, but the robes leave a LOT to be desired. The cloak looks like a burlap/linen (which was my intent with all the drybrushing) and I'm happy with it overall, including the OSL effects on the hood. Finally, we have my 2-year-old's wip of the bones Unicorn
  18. I slightly reposed him in hopes to get something better than odd studio pic on the box.
  19. This seems to be the "in" thing these days - a single, centralized thread of one's progress, both to keep from cluttering up the forums and to document improvement. I could probably use something like this; I keep thinking that I'm not getting better, and then I look at minis I did a year ago and shudder. So, here we go. I can't promise to keep it up to date, since my schedule's usually pretty hectic and I have a bad habit of forgetting about or neglecting projects in progress... *guiltily shuffles the Armies of Anhur out of sight with his foot* ...but I've been somewhat active lately, so we'll see how it goes. Previous WIPs: *Learn To Paint Kit 1 *The Armies of Anhur *She Got The Booty! *There's Something Rotten In The Pumpkin Patch...
  20. Finally adding to the finished army, the solo that does the work of a unit, the Strider Deathstalker! I'm glad to have her done; she was on my table for waaay too long. I really need to up my speed game if I'm ever going to get all my units for Legion painted. Anyway, she's good on the tabletop, so I can call her done and move on to some other models. Next up is a Beast Mistress, then a Warlock and some beasties. C&C always welcome.
  21. IN THIS CORNER ... HAILING FROM PRIVATEER PRESS ... WITH FISTS FULL OF FLAMES ... THE PYRE TROLL IN THIS CORNER ... HAILING FROM WYRD MINIATURES ... WITH THE FROSTY STARE ... THE ICE GOLEM There may be a diorama down the road, but if there is, it will allow the minis removal. I cleaned up and assembed these two miniatures. Pyre Troll's ahead with a primer coat of Brown Liner. The Ice Golem had some major pinning with the arms which required superglue and green stuff. The pins are angled to get the pose for each arm. Green stuff will require some sanding and shaping before priming. Felt good about it last night and really wanted to at least assemble them. I did leave off the belched fire from the Troll. It looks weird and don't think I need it. However, that does mean have a spare fire effect. Nice. Enjoy the show!
  22. At one point Krueger slipped away from me and broke in half. It was a pretty clean break which was good and instead of glue I used putty the second time around. Didn't look as nice, but did the job. Megalith was a tough decision whether or not to add a glow effect. I liked him so much in plain stone form. I am content with the job I did. I hope you enjoy.
  23. Finished this one pretty fast, due to wanting him for a game over the weekend. He flies so I thought I would have some fun and change the background.
  24. Well, since the general consensus seems to be "one WIP, many SOs," here's what I've finished recently. You'll have to excuse the picture quality, I've had to use a makeshift light box (consisting of my desk lamp and an envelope as a backdrop). Gun Mage Captain Adept Solo As always, C&C welcome!
  25. So, these are my first two completed BONES minis. The Fire Giant queen and an Orc that was too big to fit on a 30mm base, so he became an Ogre instead. Sorry for the bad photos, the Fire Giant queen was varnished with her first coat of gloss before I remembered to take any (and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired). C&C welcome.
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