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Found 155 results

  1. Before he was a warcaster, Coleman Stryker was a palace guardsman, protecting the throne from enemies foreign and domestic. One fateful night,when the oppression of King Vinter Raelthorne had finally come too much to bear, his brother Leto lead his own forces in a coup that set brother against brother, and changed the fate of Cygnar forever... "The Lion's Coup" was kind of an odd duck for Privateer Press, four minis released under the "Iron Kingdoms" line and supported with a scenario in No Quarter where two players could reenact that fateful night with Warmachine rules. I picked up all four minis* when they first came out, back in '06, intending to proxy them into my Cygnar army somehow - but never did. Eventually, I dropped out of Warmachine and my minis were heaped into various nooks and crannies of my house, occasionally pulled out and fondled and then consigned to dust again. Last year, my on-again-off-again gaming group started playing the new, non-D20 Iron Kingdoms RPG... combined with my renewed interest in painting miniatures, this was the perfect impetus to break out these old figures and finally try to do them justice. Royal Guard Stryker here is intended to be a Cygnaran Duelist/Aristocrat, if my current character should fail for whatever reason - or if we start up a new game. I'm not particularly picky. I didn't quite follow the studio scheme, but as a nod to his heritage I kept him a ginger. The vast majority of paints used were P3s, but Stryker's skin and hair were both MSPs - the Rosy Skin triad and Red Hair Triad respectively. The tile base was part of my Secret Sophie gift from Bonwirn, and many thanks are given. Thanks for reading. C&C welcome. *Royal Guard Stryker, King Vinter, Prince Leto, and "The Knight of the Prophet." No clue as of right now if I'll be painting up the other three any time soon, as I have a couple other projects on my mind... but it could be fun!
  2. I finally got around to painting a Carnivean. Wow, this and the Reaper Cloak Fiend... 2 models painted in one week. oh yeah!
  3. Here's my second Coleman Stryker that I have painted. This is definitely my favorite of the two, and, despite aiming at Tabletop, this ended up slightly above that level for me, terrible photos notwithstanding. The two-year-old was helping with my photos this morning... Front: Back: Color commentary welcome.
  4. Okay, here's the Cygnaran Centurion for my tale of Warmahordes April entries. I swear, I'm going to have a Warjack every month. Again, with help from my two-year old, I apologize for the photos, and I will attempt for better ones the next chance I get. Front: Back: Shield:
  5. Painted this one up fairly quick and thought I would post. Fun model to paint. No issues which was nice. He comes close to the color scheme of my Everblight army, but enough stands out to keep him from getting mixed up. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Stingers sat primed/assembled on my shelf for months until I ran out of stuff that was primed and finally got to work on them. Lylyth is one of my favorite models and I am happy with the way she came out. And as previously promised, my small, but growing Everblight Army. It has been about a year now that I started painting minis and I like painting just about anything, so things have progressed a bit slow, but coming along and having fun.
  7. Nice to paint something not so complicated for a change. Still took about a week, and very worried about my color choices as I plodded along. I felt unrestrained not painting for my Everyblight or Orboros armies. I used glossy varnish for the 1st time, on his skin. Other times I used water effects, which is what I used to make the muddy ground. They look about the same to me. Hope you enjoy :)
  8. My wife requested a smaller point unit for her army due to having a point or two leftover after making what she wants. I got set back a little when he slipped out the the tool I use to hold minis and broke his two arms. Luckily I had only finished the armor, so I stripped him and started over. More difficult to paint than I anticipated. Not exactly the most contrasting of colors, he won't be blowing anybody away from across the table, but I like him. Hope you enjoy.
  9. Painting Faster than Posting. Hope you enjoy them. Deathstalker This is my second time painting a Deathstalker, I like the sculpt a lot and you can have 2 in an army. I went with completely different colors and tried multiple variations of metallics for the first time. Instead of just painting straight silver or gold like I used to do. I like the new paint up better, but enjoy the other models colors more. Ravagore A couple of things upset me about this model. I don't like how they sculpted it shooting fire almost straight into the ground. So, I tried my best to have him angled up a bit and blasting it outward a little more. The other thing is that that the studio paint up threw me off when it came to the fire. They have it painted like I did, with the bright on the outside, but that to me is backward. It bothers me a tiny bit, but not enough to go back and paint it over. Not sure where my brain was at, I guess theirs looked so good that I didn't even think about it.
  10. Nephilim Bolt Thrower Lot of fun to paint and put together. Thagrosh the Messiah (revisited) I almost completely repainted him. He was one of my 1st paint ups, a favorite model and I wanted him to match the rest of my growing army. Very happy with him now.
  11. First, as always, thank you Reaper for letting us post non-Reaper things to this forum. Second: I have finally painted my battlegroup for Legion of Everblight! I've only had it for two years. A few friends and I are planning a casual journeyman league, so I figured I should at least have the initial group painted...it's only 13 points of the 113 I own, so I still have plenty of "hobby points" to earn if I paint things during the league, and it's nice to have this much done. The Carnivean (the big dude on the right) was done some time ago; you can see his Show Off thread here. I'm quite pleased by Lylyth's cloak; the freehand symbol of the Legion came out pretty well and stands out on the table pretty clearly. The colors for the army work well, and although it drives me crazy to have some really rough blends on these, it only took me about 6 hours of total work to paint all four Shredders and the two Stingers that I've posted in this other thread. So yes...some rough spots, but they look nice at arm's length, and an hour per model is really really fast for me. Army painting is hard, as there are things I keep seeing, starting to fix, and then telling myself not to worry because those transitions will look fine at arm's length. For those unfamiliar with Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes games, the diamonds, lines and triangles on the bases show the front arc and center-front of each mini, which is important for the mechanics of the game. The writing you can see on the Shredders are their names, so it's easy to tell the similar units apart. The shredder's names are Happy, Hoppy, Beggy and Bargey. Lylyth, the Warlock (leader), is not labeled because she's completely unique in the army, and the carnivean isn't labeled yet (his name is Midway, because he's a carny). As always, C&C welcome!
  12. I just got into painting boardgame miniatures in May of this year.I started withthe Dnd boardgames.(Drizzt and Ravenloft) The Reaper kickstarter just springboarded me right into the deepend of this wonderful world of miniatures. So while waiting for the Reaper Kickstarter minis to arrive I picked up a couple warlord starter armies boxes and most recently the new 2player Hordes battle box. I've decided to tackle the Circle of Orboros first and bought a bunch of other mini's to go with the starter box army. I've been slowly working on them but I'd love some feedback as I'm going. I'm trying for an Autumn theme to the color scheme. I figured I'd take the path of least resistance and start with Shifting Stones First. So after painting dipping and basing this is what I ended up with. Next Up I figured I'd work on the Druids of Orboros unit. Alot of this has been a learning painting technique experience, base coating metal with black then dry brushing the metallic paint over for example. as well as dry brushing bronze over red on the Armour. I've been using Army painter Quickshade Strong tone to dip my mini's. I try and leave the deep shading to the dip and with these figures progress from base coat painting to include highlights then dipping. I've finished two of the six druids trying to use orange shades for the leather highlights and Green for the Black Cloak heres one pre dip and heres the first two druids after i dipped them and dullcoated, one of them has the base finished,i'm working on second tonight. I started on the next one and wanted to try and get some more color into the model but the yellow face mask is bugging me..it might just be to bright..maybe a little brown and or yellow to tone it down. Its just too stark but not sure what to do with it yet..will probably wokr around it for now. Welp thats a quick catch up to today.
  13. I was trying my best to finish this one for the 2013 Dragons painting contest, but could not make it in time. Maybe there will be another contest this year that I can toss him into :) The Archangel took me a week to assemble and a couple of plastic pieces just crumbled in my hand, so I had to sculpt a couple of things myself. The painting took me about 2 weeks, hours and hours... Finally the base took less than an hour. Other than a couple of crumbly plastic bits, everything went smoothly and I think he came out nice. The Proteus and Scythean were touch ups on models I had already painted and posted. Here and Here I tried to make the highlighting match the Archangel. The new paints seem like an improvement to me. I hope you enjoy them!
  14. I broke 6 arms in the process of painting and basing, some were multiple fractures on the same figure. I don't like glueing little arms especially after I paint them. My heart sank a little more each time I heard a snap.
  15. I did my best with her, but found her a bit confusing to paint. The Raek was my second attempt at a model I painted and posted earlier this year. Hopefully I am showing some improvement.
  16. 1st time using a base insert to try something different. I still had to paint it up a bit and added some water effects for a nice slightly melty look.
  17. Okay, here's what I've completed thus far in the paint binge. These are all speed paints, and were primed Thanksgiving morning, and were finished either Last night (Oxidation Beast) or this morning (Kobolds!). The oxidation beast is like its siblings in my WIP thread, I'm going to eventually put metal pieces and paint them rusty for basing, but until I do so, I'm leaving it bare and I'm good with that. I'm also aware of the bonesium showing on one kobold and the underside of the Oxidation beast (I'm not worried about either). Total time on these: Kobolds took about 7 hours total, oxidation beast was 45 minutes, including ink drying time. Now for the Pics: Kobolds Oxidation Beast
  18. More Legion of Everblight, this time the stingers, a pair of lesser warbeasts. This brings my total painted force up to 19 points. If you like, you can see the base battlegroup here. The stinger is a fun little beast...he can spit caustic fire at range and in melee, he's got a barbed tail that deals poison. I decided to have some fun with color on those tails. If unfamiliar, the markings on the base help show facing. I've also named the similar models in my force to help differentiate; the stingers are Boffo and Barfo. As always, C&C are welcome.
  19. This little guy gaven me the chance to work on improving my skin. I'm not sure if I technically improved, but he isn't blotchy like my previous models. I like it, this was what I wanted my Pureblood Warpwolf to look like. Any tips on skin would be appreciated. I tried a base coat, then some medium highlights, then some very watered down brighter highlights applied over and over again on top of the medium and base coats. I think my pictures taking ability is improving too. I may go back and edit all my previous posts. Hope you enjoy :)
  20. The next time I do a project like this I am documenting it from start to finish. I think it took about 3 weeks to finish them all. I had to slow down the pace, because it was feeling more like a job and less of a hobby. Inbetween I took a break and painted a reaper dwarf, but not sure what to do with him (diorama or solo?) I'll have him out before x-mas that is for sure. Hope you enjoy :)
  21. I tried to do something more tribal looking with the tattoos. Hope you enjoy :)
  22. Hey all. Over the past month I kind of dropped everything to get a bunch of minis done for my Iron Kingdom's game as it was winding down to the last few months and I had bought this stuff specifically for the game so I figured I had better paint them up. Most are from the Iron Kingdom's line by Privateer but two are from Reaper's Savage World line. So starting out is Father Dumas (one of the main NPCs) Next up is Vahn Oberen (the main Villain) Now for the generics: A Boneswarm Some Bone Fiends from Reaper And finally a bunch of Tomb Maidens that were each painted a different way that you can see in my WIP thread (link in sig)
  23. Figured I should post a picture of the Mountain King I finished a few weeks ago. My aim was to finish him before my Bones shipment arrived, and thankfully the delays in the international shipping helped me out in that respect. Photo is from Camera+ on the iPhone, hence the border.
  24. I painted up this Katherine Laddermore for the P3 Grandmasters this year. She got a silver medal. I've also posted her to Coolmini if you'd like to be opinionated about her. Anyway, here she is:
  25. Been Gone for a while, burnt out a bit on painting and needed a little bit of a rest. My wife was asking for another Warlock for her Circle Army so I painted another Kaya model I had. I was hoping to show off a Reaper Dragon and a couple of other figures by now. They are at least glued together and waiting for some gap putty. Hope you enjoy :)
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