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Found 6 results

  1. A little backstory: At PaizoCon, there's a fella named Cosmo who runs a TTRPG survival game, where you have to last at least 20 minutes against...killer clowns. Yes, that's right, you get mobbed from all sides by wave after wave of malevolent, monstorous clowns of all kinds. @Reaperbryan paints at least one clown mini for him every year. And if it wasn't originally a clown, he MAKES it a clown. Last year, he and a few forum members (myself included) painted up a whole nightmarish Ronald McDonald clown crew. It was glorious and terrifying and a whole lot of fun. But this year, Cosmo had a special request: he'd gotten Hecklemeyer and Styx, and asked Bryan if he could paint them up. Being a good management type, he delegated the job to me, since he was already working on turning a giant into a rubber chicken-wielding clown (which came out amazingly). I had originally planned on purple and gold, with perhaps some red or green accents. Instead, purple and teal happened. It's almost as though it was inevitable. (pardon my fingers in the picture; it was the only way my camera would show the correct colors. Since I was at the con, I didn't have access to my normal photo-taking setup) Here's a shot that shows the puppet hanging off of his belt. I gave it a clown nose too, of course. Group picture! Cosmo was a very happy Cosmo when I gave them back. He did, in fact, squee loudly (followed by maniacal giggling). It was extremely gratifying. EDIT: I should clarify that when I say Speed Paint, I mean that I painted it in 3-4 hours, not during an actual speed paint event. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  2. A week back from ReaperCon, and we finally got the photo setup in action so I could take some photos of my contest entry from this year. Without further ado: I'm very pleased with the end result. I've never entered a painting contest before, so I wanted a piece that would challenge me but also be fun to paint, and she definitely fit the bill. A special thank you goes to GuyWithCoolBackpack for providing the greenstuff and glue for her final assembly. I had been finishing the paintjob while traveling the week before the con, and my superglue didn't survive the flight. Fortunately the glue had been sequestered in the luggage and didn't take any other items out with it, but if it wasn't for his help I might have had to turn in a pile of unconnected pieces! Feedback welcome.
  3. I painted this fella up over the course of PaizoCon while hanging out at Reaper's Paint n' Take table! I've meant to paint Sir Forscale up for a long time now, and I also wanted to paint something in the official Space Pope colors of purple and teal, so this seemed like the opportune moment. These are the best pictures I could manage under the circumstances; I would take better ones, except that he is now in ReaperBryan's possession! It's going to bug me to the end of forever that his sword is just sliiiiightly crooked, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. :P Colors used were: Twilight Purple, Tropical Aqua, Oiled Leather, Solid White, Solid Black, Blade Steel (a new Bones paint), Clockwork Brass, the Moss triad, a lovely deep bronze from Citadel that a fellow painter loaned me, and ReaperBryan Sky Steel. The pictures are doing a poor job of picking it up, but the armor is done entirely in Sky Steel, and it's a lovely light blue silvery color. I wish I'd done at least a quick wash into the crevices I covered up to redefine them, but I ran out of time. The highlighting on his tabard is a bit of a mess because there weren't many sculpted folds in it, and I'm hopeless at figuring out where highlights should go without some guidance from the sculpt. I eventually had to call it good enough because my fiddling with it was starting to make it worse rather than better. I'm overall fairly pleased with how he came out, especially given that the lighting, while good, wasn't optimal. Also that I was limited to what paints were at the table, plus a double handful of what was on my desk already from working on Kally. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  4. I already posted the first one here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69074-cav-kraken-space-pope-style/ This one is done up exactly the same, except that the purple and teal are reversed! I wasn't quite as tidy with this paint job, because I'm getting a little tired of straight lines. The underside: And here's the side-by-side comparison pic: Fun little paint jobs, but I'm ready to move on to new things now. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  5. I had a lot of fun painting up one of my Kraken planes from Reaper's CAV Kickstarter. Nothing fancy, just solid basecoats. I was having fun playing with colors while doing Google Hangouts with forum members. (the purple is a much darker, richer color in person; I think my lighting washed it out and brightened it some) The underside: Colors used: Grey Liner Twilight Purple Solid Black 3:1 Tropical Aqua:Clear Green I've never painted an inorganic mini before, there's so many straight lines and edges! I think it came out okay, though; I'm really liking these colors together! :D Oh, and Aryanun pointed out that it could totally be a creepy mask too: Now I can't unsee it. I have a second one, and I'll paint it up either exactly the same, or using the same colors reversed (swapping purple for teal and vice-versa) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  6. Another nine points for my Legion army. These have all been featured at least somewhat in my Legion WiP thread. Harriers: These come in a pack of two. Although I'm unlikely to ever field more than that in most situations, I may want as many as three in some lists, so I'll likely paint two more of these at some point. These two are Orville and Wilbur; the next two will be Amelia and Chucks (yes, plural...there are two big-name Charleses in American aviation...). Loads of fun to paint, and I really love the way the wings look. These guys show up on the table nicely. The Forsaken: an unfortunate, mutated beast-woman able to feed off the ferocious energies of Legion warbeasts. I will eventually need at least two more of these...as half-winged, angry ladies that will generally serve to torture my opponents, I thought harpies a good place to look for inspiration, so the first is named Ocypete...Aello and Caelano will come later. I know there's at least a fourth named harpy in Homer somewhere, and I may need a fifth if I really want to do stupid tier lists with pAbsylonia, so I'll have a bit of research to do when I get to that point. But for now, Ocypete is enough. I really dig her wing, and I think the back view is pretty great. Her front side could have used a bit of lining, I think, between the wing and chest. But it shows up well enough: Beast Mistress: I'm really happy with how she came out. I tried a new order-of-operations for painting her skin, which is a bit high-contrast/stark-transition up close but works nicely on the table. This is a really nice sculpt by Patrick Keith and I'm not upset that I'll eventually paint two more of her, actually I'm looking forward to eventually revisitng it. The flag above her head will be orange (like the harriers' wings) on one and purple (like the shadows on the beasts) on the third. Also from Greek myth, Enyo is the name of a goddess of destruction; she ran with Eris and co. during the war for Troy. Please let me know what you think, especially with the Beast Mistress. Thanks for looking!
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