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Found 2 results

  1. Found a new tabletop game called gaslands. Has some amazing model builders already, tearing apart hotwheels and similar and mashing them together in amazing ways. Got some today and was working on some concepts for post apocalytpic cars, mock ups with blu-tac and toothpicks followed. No painting or actual modelling done yet, just ideas. Anyway check it out if you like the mad-max/deathrace setting. https://gaslands.com/
  2. There is a short bit of background to go with this piece. My main other hobby besides painting is that I marshal for car racing and motorcycle racing. For those unfamiliar, marshals are the folks (usually in white in North America, usually in orange most of the rest of the planet) who you see waving flags, assisting drivers/riders who've had accidents or mechanical issues on track, putting out vehicles on fire, retrieving bits of vehicle off a track while the race is ongoing, etc. Once you've been at it for a while, you have the opportunity to go to "big events". Next weekend will be my 3rd Formula 1 race, in Montreal (for anyone watching at home, I'll be in 12 (start of the straight, yawn) on Friday, in 14 (woot, Wall of Champions) on Saturday for qualifying, and in 6 for the race). The marshaling team I'm a part of are known as the MISFITS and their mascot is a flying monkey: The mascot came about well before my time going to Montreal, 10 years ago this year. It had to do with an incident with a Star Mazda support race that our team "caught" (meaning it happened in the parts of the track that they were responsible for). You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRXKt1G5fec. At some point a reference was made to flying monkeys, and the rest is history... So as it is the 10th anniversary, and Reaper just came out with their Wild West Wizard of Oz Winged Monkey, I decided to paint one up for our team captain. So obviously this isn't your normal steampunk flying monkey. First, the colours were taken from the colours of some of the cars involved in the incident. The wing colours were taken from the two cars that went airborne, as seemed appropriate. I left the figure gloss as it seemed to work with how shiny the plastic/carbon fiber parts of most race cars are. Beyond that, I made him a red flag to hold. For those not into racing, a red flag is used to shut down a race, as was done during this incident. Next, he's perched on what looks like a funny metal dorito. That would be the rotor out of a wankel engine. The Star Mazda's were all rotary engines, using the same 1.3 litre 2 rotor renesis engine as is found in the Mazda RX-8 (which I happen to own, oddly enough). This one came off a keychain. And finally the whole thing is sitting on a very large, ugly nut. This I left in its natural state as it is a nut used in bolting together Armco barriers, and is from my local track (it was left over after they moved some barriers, no need to worry there is some Armco incorrectly secured ). Of note, it took me a couple of minutes with a pit vice to drill two holes into the soft metal of the keychain rotor for pinning. It took me 2 drill bits and most of and hour with a dremel to drill the matching holes into the nut! So there it is, finally done! Now I just have to figure out how to pack it for the trip.
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