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Found 6 results

  1. I recently painted the two rakshasas, sculpted by Christine Van Patten (Rainbow Sculptor), for a second time. The first time (two years ago) was for Reaper's collections. The Forum post for them is here. I saw them in the display cases of the Reaper Game Store when I was down for ReaperCon in September. These were for the sculptor's personal collection. They didn't have item numbers two years ago, but now they are 20902 and 20945, so I added those numbers as tags to the earlier post. As with the first renditions, I painted her with cheetah colors and him with tiger colors. I wonder whether anyone else has painted them as different big cats, such as a white tiger or a leopard or a black panther. I tried some different colors and patterns for their clothing. His trousers are somewhat simpler this time, for example. I also used a different style for their eyes: red with black pupils and yellow-orange glints this time, rather than the pupil-less red glow like last time. Enjoy! Derek
  2. So Finally my little Reaperhovians, my first two Bones V figures painted, the Satyr and Faun from the Greek Odyssey Expansion, sculpted by Rainbow Sculptor (sorry I don't know her real name to credit her here, somebody surely will). I think for my first two figures, I picked my favorite one of all the Kickstarter, the faun, and painted the Satyr to make a nice pair of figures. In case interested here is part of the sculpting process for the figures: Satyr and Faun sculpting WIP and then here are my renditions. Sorry so many pictures but these are figures with some different angles that seemly want to be photographed: I think my biggest lesson learned from painting these figures was mold lines, I really need to be more cognizant of my mold lines with Reaper Bones. I can notice them in quite a many places. Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with how they came out. I wanted earthy tones mostly with a few pops of colors. The hardest choice was the fabric around the narwhal horn spear. I had to actually see the WIP for these minis to figure out that the spear was supposed to be made out of narwhal horn, but once I knew that at least it was a bit easier to paint it as bone. And of course I can see all kinds of little errors I've made but what's painted is painted. I'd love to see these two come out in metal. I'd buy them up right away and paint them again with a bit more crisp detail, but in all actually I think the detail on these were pretty good and altogether paintable. I like to usually do some makeup or eye shadow on my ladies, but with this one, just did lips as I figured she's out and about prancing around in the forest, not too worried about fashion. One thing I also did was for her fingernails, basically painted them the same color as her hooves, without doing any fancy nail colors. Anyhoos, hope you enjoy!
  3. If you bought the Bones V "Fan Favorites" expansion, you probably expected the female rakshasa (#902) ... but didn't expect to get a male, too. Surprise! Pics and then words: Christine Van Patten (Rainbow Sculptor) sculpted them, from art by Izzy "Talin" Collier. Both have the creepy reversed hands with sharp claws, human-feline monstrous bodies, and big-cat heads. I painted his head as the expected tiger, but for variety I painted hers as a cheetah. (Indeed cheetahs are native not only to Africa but also to Iran/Persia and India, where nobility used to train them for hunting. But humans hunted cheetahs to extinction in India in the 1940s, and lately the Indian government has proposed reintroducing cheetahs into the wild.) Anyway, rakshasas are mythical fiends of the material world -- diabolical sybarites and hedonists all. These figures already have fancy outfits and jewelry sculpted on, so I made sure to paint the fabrics extra-fancy. Enjoy! - Derek
  4. Felicitations on your personal solstice! Keep up the good work.
  5. So... Reaperbrian got my account fixed! 2 years of fiddling with it and he fixed it in like 2 minutes. I haven't done the water color for this one yet. The sculpt is finished though. The picture is a bit pixilated which is making the face look granny when it isn't, in the final picture.
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