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  1. I've started painting minis again, since this winter. I used to do some in my twentys but did not take the hobby seriously as i do now. For the last few months i've been furiously looking for my old models without success, until today! They are ral partha pewter models from the 1990's. I did not remember i had the rats , the neanderthal and the rhino, it was quite a surprise when i found them. The paint is chipped but i will remove it & redo'em. The wizards and the storm giant were done without primer, had no idea i should do that back then. All the models were done without the use of a magnefying glass, wich i do now. It's interesting seeing one's past work from 20 years ago. I wonder if i should repaint my very first ones or keep'em as is? This is a trip!
  2. Ironwind Metals (Ral Partha) Zombies by T Meler 01023 These three finish the set of five that I started back in May.
  3. Couple of old Partha minis I've painted up for game use. Saw their first action yesterday. Fellow on the left is "Skeleton Dealers of Devastation A," and on the right is one listed as a "Skeleton Knight." Or so I've read. I especially like the Knight--I'unno, just a good pose on him, I guess. Thanks for looking!
  4. So here are a few more I just finished, three little goblin-imps from Ral Partha, sculpted around 1979 or so I think. These guys are really pretty puny, and I'm linking two of them because they've got there little impy parts a' dangling. Originally I didn't them to be so green. I actually started them off with a base coat of Golden Blond, but then I guess with the progressive washes of different and sundry greens, browns and Dark Elf skin triads made them greener than I anticipated. Oh well, such is life. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_Goblin_imp_with_javelins.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_goblin_imp_with_scimitar.jpg
  5. I had this little fellow primed and in a box for over two decades now. So finally I decided to paint him. I had a real nostalgic feeling with this one. He is a Hill Troll from Ral Partha, but nowadays he would be as big as a goblin or small orc. Anyway: Hope you enjoy him.
  6. So here's a miniature that I actually started way back before the end of March, but just got this one finished yesterday. It was relatively simple, but I got distracted by a bunch of orcs and goblins. It's one of the "newer" Partha/Iron Wind figures, from I think beginning of this century, can't remember if maybe 2003 or so. Anyhow, I took a picture yesterday, but the color came out all wrong, so I took this in a more natural light, so hopefully it looks a bit better. I'm still not satisfied by the light against the shadow on her dress, but it's better than it was before. The other picture was really orange.Anyhow, enjoy!
  7. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_drum_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_scimitar_behind_shield_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_scimitar_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_standard_front.jpg http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Ral_Partha_orc_with_swinging_scimitar_front.jpg So I just finished painting these Ral Partha orcs, ones that will have ended up coming from their Kickstarter. I had to link them, because the majority of them have their orc dorks dangling about. Not utterly happy with the lighting, look a tad washed out, but maybe I'll try to take some better pictures later. Painting five similar models at the same time can kind of seem like it takes forever, especially with the limited time I typically have to paint. I kind of got a bit more time to paint this week though, so just got these finished up today. Enjoy!
  8. My significant other was in a chorus competition this weekend, so I didn't get a lot done. Several things are working through the queue for my OLD miniatures project, and I thought that I'd go ahead and post them pre-basing as works in progress. First up is a Ral Partha Patriarch, ES-06. The trim on the tunic is cast in, so I decided to echo it in the cloak. He ends up looking somewhat Roman in the overall purple and white scheme. He's going to need a base scultped with flagstones; my intention is to preserve/incorporate the integral base on figures with base detail. Next up, from my box of figures "to do" dating back to the '90s when I acquired it from a friend who was a Heritage fan rather than a Ral Partha fan back in the day, is a sorceress. She's one of four figures in catalog number 1206, Female Magic Users, and has the characteristic later Heritage style, a little cartoony, but with some nice animation. I decided to keep the color scheme simple. This homely fellow is an Archive 650 pixie, who was rescued from my junk box the other week, when I started on this. Without something to show the scale, it's not obvious that he's about 15mm tall, so the shading looks very exaggerated. He's going to need a scenic base with a rock to stand on. I don't want to cut off the original base, so that will be easy to sculpt over the exisiting one than a tree stump, which would be my first choice of a natural pedestal. Last is a group of three 1974 Minifig elves (ME5). They are also going to need some rocks and brush to fill out a 60mm square army base. The sculpts are typical of Minifigs; not a lot to work with...
  9. So Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals is going to be re-releasing some of their classic line of figures through a Kickstarter that they are going to be starting up the next week or so, and I did a little bit of painting for them on a few of the goblins they are going to be offering. These are from way back, good old juicy Tom Meier goodness! If their Kickstarter does well, hopefully lots more of this will be showing up in the future! Anyway, hope you enjoy! I painted three of them, but the front view of one of them is going to be linked because his manly parts are flying hither and thither. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Kickstarter_goblin_with_morning_star_front.jpg
  10. http://ralpartha.com/index.php/blog/12-ral-partha-video So as Iron Wind Metals is celebrating Ral Partha's 40th anniversary, they have created a new web site, a work in progress, that promises to have new and interesting content over the coming months, also aligning with their Kickstarter which should be starting at some point today, and one of the things they have put on the site is a set of short videos. The most interesting one I think is the Tom Meier interview, even though the other ones are interesting as well. Have a look!
  11. So I'd been working on these for a while now, but didn't post them because they were gifts for some folks and didn't want them to accidentally see them before they got them. First up is the Moe, Larry and Curly three stooges ogre from Ral Partha, the one that Partha was ordered to cease and desist producing because of using the stooges' images without permission. The next one is Ral the Caster, which was based off one of their casters back in the day. They also used that figure in a catalog or two to show size comparisons with other models. The last one is a female dwarf, to my knowledge probably their first female dwarf character, which was only released very briefly and there was never any photo of her in any catalog. She only showed up as a general line description in the catalog and soon ceased to be.... Anyhows, hope you all enjoy!
  12. So finally got this done, have this wandering around on my WIP topic. Hopefully you enjoy, the base is just a very basic one, and I didn't do much more than cover it with corn meal, and then used weathered stone, with some washes, then highlighted to white. I have to say I really enjoy this figure on so many levels. I was kind of intimidated by it being large, with a victim, but once I started painting it, the detail was just so nice. One of my favorite parts is the snake that is coming out of his pinky finger and twisting through the skull on his belt buckle. I also really like the victim himself. On his scabbard he's got oddly a nice little flower on it, so he's probably a really sensitive barbarian deep at heart, or maybe a botanist barbarian, who will ever know? I did add blood to the axe coming out of that delightful decapitated head, but didn't want to do too much. I thought about adding blood to the dagger the barbarian is plunging into the demon's arm, but got to thinking. If it's not a magical blade, it very well might not even be able to hurt the demon, so he could poke at it all he wanted to with no effect. Anyhoos, hope you enjoy!
  13. So recently I've been painting a few miniatures that are finished but I can't yet post because they're gifts. I don't think they'd see them here but better safe than sorry, so after they receive them I'll get around to posting them. In the meantime, here are the next two I'm working on, a demon beast with battle axe (an unfortunate victim under his arm) and a female human greenbond from their Arcana Evolved miniature series. I've already got the greenbond's skin done from the base color tanned shadow to walnut brown and next I'll bring her highliights up to white. With the demon, I originally wanted to paint him bruise purple as the base color but my bottle was virtually dried up and I don't think Reaper makes that color any more, so I'm starting out with pale indigo. So anyhoos, another WIP for your viewing pleasure!
  14. So I found yet another box of older miniatures in the attic the other day, and in it I found this. I simply had to slap some paint on it: Metal mini. I expect it is some sort of swamp-thing, cave dweller, or what have you. It said Ral Partha underneath, and on the side of the base it said "S.Garrity". Presumably Sandra Garrity who also has done a lot of minis for Reaper. Does anybody recognize this mini?
  15. Here is a mind flayer I have had for a long time. I liked him a lot better than the first Ral Partha mind flayer sculpt. When I was thinking of colors for him I was thinking of him clashing with himself, loudly. Being a mind flayer I thought it would be neat if it kind of hurt your head just to look at him. In the end he didn't clash all that badly, but it was fun painting him anyway. If I were to have him perfect his head would contrast with his robe more and his tentacles would fade to bright pink at the tips but I don't know how to glaze yet. Also these pics don't show the highlighting on his robe properly but I kind of like it because my second layer had some blue I mixed in and it makes it look almost iridescent in the right light because there is no blue in the lower layers, only the highest one. Here he is. As always, C&C are welcome and encouraged! Edit: forgot to mention I like the beak and how I managed to get a little pinker flesh around it. Kind of gross, but it's supposed to be gross, it's a mind flayer.
  16. So I finished this guy he had been bathed and cleaned of old colors due to some issues... Anyways since I was bored I decided as a joke to make him a fighter for the sun god of my world. As such I did a freehand rising sun on his cloak. With these pictures I see some touch-ups are needed for spots i missed. I hope he is labeled right as he is hard for me to find to get an exact label beyond the one I put
  17. Got these oddities out of a $1 per bit bitz bin a few days ago. I would be curious to know what they are. Markings underneath or on tabs (going left to right): "3o| PAL" -sword/pistol dude "©AEG '99" and "SH55" -troll? with missing arm "© PP 2006" -guy with brimmed hat "Ral Partha Ent" "1991 R K•••" -robot, far right The last two I at least know the makers, Privateer Press and Ral Partha. On the last one the dots are for three letters I just cannot read.
  18. Hello. I have been lurking for a little bit and wanted to post some of my first work. These aren't technically my first minis ever, but I don't count the ones from more than 20 years ago where my skill amounted to priming in black and then drybrushing everything else. These are all metal, the first two are from the old LTPK #1. I like the whitish tips to the red boils on the rat, makes them look kind of like zits ready to pop. This is a bad pic of the back of his shield. The sculpt is flat but I decided to do freehand individual slats. As he was the second mini I painted I was quite proud of that. This is an old Grenadier necromancer and is not as good. I was not using enough colors, I thought I was being clever by putting a little green on the shruken heads to indicate mould. Don't even want to comment on this one. Another Grenadier necromancer I think, horrible paint job. And there's chipped paint on his finger. , I like this Ral Partha hippogriff. Looking back he could use some more colors. I like the variation that is there in the middle feathers and though it is a bad picture, I love the eye! I like her. My friend did her makeup but the rest was me. The mistake I made was after giving her dress a wash I forgot to make my first highlight shade the same as the basecoat shade and went straight to a lighter green. This makes the highlighting way too severe. This is Tsuko frm LTPK #2. I was not happy with the way his flesh turned out. On the other hand I am happy with the colors in his pants. I built the base myself using wooden stir sticks from Second Cup and a little wash to make it look like stained hardwood from a dojo. Next time I will attempt a plasticard method I saw on the Painting Clinic. This is another Grenadier wizard. I love the hood hanging all the way down his back. There is slightly more variation in color than shows up in this photo. This was my first serious attempt at some sort of base. It is a thin layer of cork board, sand and gravel glued on top, painted and then autumn colored flocking on that. I am quite happy for that being my first base. So Thank you for viewing my first 8 minis. I am still under 20 total painted figures. I got a whole bunch of Bones given to me by my friend who backed the first kickstarter. Some of those I have painted but will put those in a separate thread since they're Bones and not metal. I also backed the second Bones project with that same friend, so there will be a boatload of minis arriving that will occupy me probably for the rest of eternity. Let me know what you think, C&C welcome and encouraged! I am still new at this so it can only help me get better. Also, sorry for the short focal legth on the pictures, my camera doesn't let me control the aperture.
  19. And now presenting the dancing bone golem doing the moonwalk across the dungeon floor. With a knee made out of a bird's skull. And a long tounge. Just a quick washing/drybrushing for a very weird Ral Partha sculpt. Enjoy!
  20. So, I love to paint monsters - I always have really. I decided to have a little fun on the forums and post pictures of various monster minis I've painted at various times (some of them over 10-15 years ago) and start gathering them into hordes. Every so often I'll post a "horde" picture of everyone who's been gathered at the time. I'm going to go with discretely evil monsters, unless I've decided they're enslaved for some reason. Humans count, of course, if they look like they're evil. I'll also post pictures of some in groups. I'll try to throw a picture up here every few days, but I make no promises. Hopefully you'll find it as fun as I do! We should start off with a Prince of Evil, I think. A Demon Prince. I posted this guy in "show off" before, but I love both the mini and the job I did, so I'm going to post him again. This is an old Ral Partha mini - it was released in 1985 and it is altogether possible that I bought it in that time frame. I painted it fall last year. I suspect it was Ral Partha's "not Demogorgon," so I deliberately painted the faces like baboons: Hrm. That picture isn't as good as I thought it was. Ah well, you'll see him again. :) More to come!
  21. So here's the figure that I was doubting on how long I should leave it dry before putting on the sealant. Well got him finished today, and got photos taken, hope you like. I'm kind of finding that dragons aren't that bad to paint after you get a good solid first coat on them because they don't have metal or accessories, it's mostly just a big monster and a few colors. I do keep getting stuck in that spot that I don't give them an eyeball as I end up, like this one, as well as my oriental dragon and my gold dragon, a single color of eye. There's plenty of space on these to give them a slit for an eyeball or something lizard-like, don't know why I haven't done it recently. A black dragon that I painted quite a long time ago has the eyeball painted. I think this is a figure sculpted by Sandra Garrity, just judging by the style, but I could be wrong. I don't really know off hand how old the figure is, forgot to look on his base before I superglued him to the plastic one.
  22. I posted some WIP of this dragon a really long time ago, but never got round to actually putting this in show off. Time to remedy that. This is my take on the Dark Sword Miniatures Elmore Dragon of Chaos which, of course is a recast of the original limited edition Ral Partha Dragon of Chaos. The dragon doesn't have any additional base because my limited display space makes huge bases difficult to deal with. This was one of my first big dragons that I tried to paint. The mini I got was also missing the long spines on the wings so I had to recreate those from green stuff and pictures. All told he took about a year and a half to paint. on the whole I am really pleased with the way it came out, including the fade on the horns. From my point of view though, my favorite parts of this dragon are the expression on the face and the really snake like tail. The tail in particular is just wonderful! Anyway C&C is always welcome and enjoy the show!
  23. I decided not to do the OSL on her, I didn't want to screw up the color fading I had already done. The base is terrible, obviously... Will get sand and kitty litter to do something better from now on.
  24. This guy was originally made for the Year of the Giants competition, but I didn't get him finished in time. I think he's Ral Partha, but I'm not certain. Picked him up a couple years ago; no blister or markings anymore. Any confirmation would be appreciated. Hope you like him.
  25. So this guy I painted about 20 years ago. I use to be under the idea that it was a 4d figure and that it would create its own shadows and highlights; naive I know. So I added highlights and shadows all over this guy and then a base a base. The before and after pics are of the basing only. Also rushed this; didnt paint the base before adding effects and also can see where I can touch up to add him into it more. Any way comments and criticisms are always welcome
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