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  1. Hi All! so I finished this one's paint job last week, but went on vacation and came back to finish up the base last night. I painted this one as a gift for somebody I'm going to be seeing next month, which hopefully he likes. Don't know if he ever checks this forum out or not, and even if he does I'm pretty sure he has no idea who I am on it so probably not revealing any surprises. I kind of like how this one came out, even though the metal seems to look better in real life. I'm a bit disappointed that inside his helm I couldn't get his eyes to stick out much. They are painted red but it's either not red enough or the shadows are too deep so you really can't see them. Anyway, enjoy!
  2. Here is Tristan from the Forgotten Realms Miniature Set. The lighting is a bit shiny on this figure from the sealer. Thanks for viewing.
  3. Well, here we go with another installment in my Ral Partha Forgotten Realms Miniature Set, Wulfgar son of Beornegar. For the Icewind Dale fans out there, I realize now I could have gone with my same basing method but changed the color to white. Here are some links to previous characters I've finished from the set [Bruenor] [Alias] [Elminster] Thanks for viewing.
  4. So here is the third of my Ral Partha dwarves to complete my trilogy. It seems like they took forever to finish, but now at least they're done! I don't know why I've been having such issues with my front shots, but I don't like the lighting on the one showing his face, I might try to play around either with the photo or retake it. In the meantime, the back shot came out okay I think.. So I have all my partially done things that have been sitting around on my desk since my dragon complete, so now it's time to decide what to work on next. Oh, choices.....
  5. Finally put the finishing touches on this Ral Partha Shadowrun Satyr. WIP Thread
  6. Here we go with another installment of my Classic Forgotten Realms Characters from the Ral Partha Set. I painted him sometime last year, not sure when. I didn't keep with the color scheme from the book cover. Enjoy you viewing. Here are some links to previous characters I've finished from the set. [Alais] [Elminster]
  7. Hi all, here's my lastest venture, a female centaur archer from the glorious Ral Partha eighties. Another old classic from Julie Guthrie, it's taken me a while to finish as we've been working on a lot of other things at home, but now back into the painting mode again. Hope you like! Mark
  8. Here's one I just finished a few nights ago from the old Ral Partha All Things Dark and Dangerous series that Julie Guthrie sculpted in the early eighties. This particular set also came with an executioner swinging an axe, another prisoner on his knees just about to get his head whacked off, a basket with a head in it, and a guard with a polearm. Nice set of figures for a kind of town-type adventure. I took pictures oddly enough of this figure from a bunch of angles because she is hunched so oddly it doesn't seem like one angle captures the figure. This is one that has been sitting on my desk for quite a while. One of these days I'd love to paint the executioner and guard too. I added over her shoulder a bra strap, because there was an odd flash line that I couldn't just leave there. Of course the bra strap doesn't run down her back, but oh well.... Next on my list - some orangey skinned goblins!
  9. So I got this one done right under the wire, the last miniature of 2013 for me, bringing up my grand total to 18! It is a bit less than usual, but four of the figures were giants, and one was a dragon, so those probably took longer than normally. Anyway, here's an old school Ral Partha figure from Bob Olley, and I've got front and back view on this one. I'm not too very happy with the front view photo, but it's better than nothing I guess. The picture also doesn't seem to want to show my white highlights so well, like on the warhammer. But oh well, not going to worry about it too much any more, on to more figures next year. Which kind of makes me think: I only really, at my most efficient, paint up to a figure every other week, so maximum of probably 26 figures a year and probably less than that. So I'm wondering if I should attempt to program my figure painting or should I just kind of let things flow as I'm inspired. I don't really do anything with the figures, just show them off. How does every body else get their figure priorities straight?
  10. So working on a few dwarves right now and this first one is finished, two more to go. These are some old nineties Bob Olley dwarves from the Fantasy Armies series. They're quite a bit smaller than the Reaper Olley dwarves. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
  11. So after I got my really groovy pin vise from those fine folks at Hobby Lobby, I've been itching to actually pin something with it. I have tons of different stuff I could choose from but finally came upon this Ral Partha Gold Dragon from their Council of Wyrms. As I started working on it, I started photographing it, so figured I'd do a WIP out of, which I hadn't done since I'd painted up some Drow Elves a while back ago. Hopefully it's not too tedious to watch, and I've got oodles of pictures of the dragon in various states of pinning, so if you get bored, I apologize. I think I'm using this as some kind of therapy, with the hopes that if I photograph it, I'll actually have to finish it sooner or later. I'm also working on three dwarves and an Amazon chick at the same time, which I imagine will all get done before the dragon, but if you never start you'll never finish. It's a gold dragon, so my main color will end up being Palomino Gold, and his underbelly I think I'm going to start out as cream ivory, with his wings and feet being buckskin tan (I think that's the name of the color). I want to probably do the horns in some kind of brown, maybe even start out with earth brown, not sure, and will work from there. So now I've got to figure out how to do all the pictures, which I took so many of. Maybe I'll just describe it ahead of time and then put the photos in at the end. Oh well, I'll figure it out. Anyway, to start out with the model itself, pre-assembly. There's a bit of blood on him, because I ended up stabbing myself with the pin vise. Missed any vital arteries, thank you all for the concern, but after I got some holes drilled, I went and washed him off really good with soap and water.
  12. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51907-wip-gold-dragon-from-pinning-to-hopefully-completion/ So from this WIP, I've finally got this dragon finished. Got the grass applied last night. It seemed like it would never end but finally it's done. Now I've got to figure out what's next. I think I actually enjoyed painting this dragon reasonably well. I also think I can appreciate Bones a little more in the aspect of their weight. This dragon, even though not too large ended up being pretty heavy and I dropped him a time or two and kept constantly knocking his tail into my lamp. I have a feeling that dropping a Bones dragon wouldn't have worried me that much and it probably would have never scratched. Anyhow, enjoy!
  13. This is the (8th) completed fantasy vignette as listed on my (WIP) forum of fantasy vignette projects posted on (WIP) forum on Oct. 2, 2013. VIGNETTE TITLE...AMAZON SCOUTING PARTY FIGURES...RAL PARTHA (01-152 = 2 Amazons on foot) & (01-153 = Amazon on horseback)... HISTORICAL NOTE...In the very early years of what we would consider (modern era miniature fantasy figures)...Ral Partha (as a way to test the market and morality of the public consumer) manufactured, produced and released a few fantasy miniature figure sets that contained " full frontal nudity...both male & female "...The public consumer was so outraged and the feedback was filled with so much fury and anger...that the sets were recalled and only a few hundred ever made it on to the public market...these few sets are now considered very rare. MOST NOTED OF THESE SETS...(with full frontal nudity)...are (01-152 = 2 female amazons on foot)...(01-153 = female amazon mounted on horseback)...(01-154 = amazon slave chariot with 2 female amazons in chariot/being pulled by 2 full nude male slaves)...(13-031 = 2 headed ogre holding a full nude female in his hand). These sets were circa (1976-1978) and the actual size of the figures was about (18-20mm)...All of these sets were re-cut/re-sculpted with clothing. MY VIGNETTE...Is one of the rare full nude sets of the 3 figure amazon scouting party (2 amazons on foot & 1 amazon mounted on horseback)...photos not posted here due to full figure nudity. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=398766343559716&l=327ba919b4 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=398767743559576&l=0ef1593b50 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=398768530226164&l=3eca8f72c6 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=398769283559422&l=4f849751d0
  14. and my latest 'not a failure,so it must be a success' As always, feedback is much appreciated. You see anything you think I can improve on, please let me know.
  15. What's this? Shadowraven attempting to do a WIP? Why yes,that is exactly what it is. Let's see if I remember to take pictures as I go. So awhile ago, my favorite though saddly not so local game store had a box of old Partha minis on for half off. Of course I picked up a few. This guy was the first I decided to paint. Primed white, seemed like the way to start. I have however decided, in the future, I will use a spray primer on guys with as many nooks and crannies as this. Picture showed spots I missed, I think I got it all now, but if I find a missed spot as I go,I will not be surprised. and the first layer of what I am certain will be many. Sun yellow mixed 50/50 with pure white, and thinned with equal parts water to paint. It is odd, going from white down into colour rather than highlighting up to white. I am going to try and bring it up through to fire orange, but I am wanting to make him look extremely hot, and bright, which is different from the few other fire effects I have ever tried, which were more of an orange/red/black. For those in the know, is there anything I should do to make him seem to glow from within?
  16. I'm sure most of you have hear the story of what happened to long-time sculptor Kev Adams, For those who haven't, he was brutally attacked during a home invasion back in March. The top sculptors in the industry got together to do a line of Goblins (which Kev was best known for), produced by Ral Partha Europe, with the proceeds from the sales going to help cover Kev's medical expenses. This Cricketer was sculted by Kev White of Hasslefree fame. Linked due to NSFW content: http://www.myrnnyx.com/ralpartha/ga12.jpg
  17. So finally finished this one after having it sitting on my desk for probably three or four months. I started it up with the other two goblins I'd painted but got stuck in the color of his cape of all thing, which is kind of then an anticlimactic ending because it turned out to be a light brown. Four giants and four elves got painted between now and then, but it's finally done. Hopefully you enjoy! I've got tons more goblins to paint, and one of the days I'm going to do a World of Benetton of the Goblin universe, green, yellow, purple, orange, red, maybe a beautiful blue...
  18. Sooo.... I'm sitting here, out on the West Coast of Canada, impatiently waiting for my KS Bones to finally get here, and browsing these forums looking for ways to amuse myself. Having found the "Show Off" forum and been impressed by many of the paint jobs here I was reminded that, quite some time ago (2005 to be exact) I'd took some time to actually assemble and paint a couple of Ral Partha lead miniatures that I'd had kicking about since the mid-to-late-90's and that I'd subsequently uploaded images of the final results to a "Microsoft Live Spaces" blog I maintained at the time. Now, I do still have both these mini's so I could take fresh images, but, as it happens, all images uploaded to "Live Spaces" blogs were automatically stored in what would eventually become "Microsoft Skydrive" so it was actually quite easy to locate those older images, allowing me to share them here, now. :-) One point I'd like to make is that, actually having first started miniature painting as a pre-teen back in the early 80's (ya, ya. I'm an 80's chick, get over it!) I first learned with enamel based model paint and continued to use them almost religiously until recently. (In fact, I haven't actually started using acrylics yet, but I have friends who switched over ages ago and will be doing so once my KS bones package, with all four paint sets, arrives.) In any case, working with enamel model paint is quite different from working with acrylics inasmuch as how colours are mixed and blended. Also, the reason I continued to prefer enamel paints was their natural glossy depth (something that I thought wasn't possible using acrylics given examples I'd come across back then but this site has proven that belief to be unfounded) and I generally enhanced this with a glossy top coat, which did have an effect on how the photos turned out. The next two posts will include the photos. First up (as it was painted first): The Jabberwock
  19. For those who might be interested...this will be a step-by-step walk through of my painting of this figure (Ral Partha - Giant Skeleton - #02-940): STEP # 1: 1. Clean figure of all flash...wash & scrub figure in warm soapy water...mount figure (as you wish to ready it for work), I mount my figures on wooden pegs for easy access in any direction...prime figure (I use Krylon flat white as my primer spray)...let dry for 24 hours. 2. I applied (Adirondak Alcohol Ink = Caramel color) to the entire figure...let dry for 24 hours. 3. I dry brushed the figure with Acrylic Vintage White to really subdue the caramel wash...let dry for about 8 hours. THE HEAD: 4. I inked the eye sockets with a mixture of sunset orange & sunshine yellow (Adirondak Alcohol Ink). 5. The eyeballs are tiny clear beads painted bright yellow with ebony black eye balls...final red ink wash for eyes still to come. 6. The teeth are painted (hi-lighted) with Acrylic cool white. This ends Step # 1...
  20. STEP # 2: 7. I painted the cloth tunic in Acrylic Alizarin Crimson...weathered it with Acrylic flat white, true red & buttermilk... 8. I painted the chain mail in Acrylic steel, silver & black mixture...dry brushed with Ral Partha silver metalic wax and washed it with armour ink wash... 9. I painted the plate mail in Citadel Enchanted metalic blue and washed it with armour ink wash... 10. I painted the leather belt & pouch with Acrylic cinnamon & honey brown...weathered it with buttermilk... 11. Paint your sword or spiked club (as you wish)... 12. Did red ink wash around the eye balls to give bloodshot look... This ends step # 2... My figure is now ready for mounting on a base...be it a solo figure base...a vignette base...or a base with some other selected miniature...Once mounted on the selected base, the figure will get a final seal spray of clear flat. I hope that you enjoyed this step-by-step walk through...Please advise if you are interested in seeing other such step-by-step postings on the other figures I have on the list of painting...Thank you!
  21. So I've finally finished my last of my Ral Partha giant quartet. Just got the grass put on about thirty minutes ago and might need a slight non-giant break for a wee bit. With this one, figuring he was a cloud giant, I actually used rainy gray, then cloudy gray as his main colors and worked from there. It's a little monochromatic with whites, greys and black, but added just a tad bit of color with his shield belt buckle (it's supposed to be a cloud with a lightning bolt in case anybody's wondering). I also tried giving him some pink eyes as I could just kind of see some adventurers picking out two pink pinpoints coming out of a foggy morning. Not so happy however with the picture but it might be because it's a grey giant with a grey background behind him. Anyways, enjoy!
  22. So on my quest to continue painting old, classic Ral Partha miniatures, here's my latest! This is the second version of the Ral Partha hill giant that was made probably around 1978 or so. I didn't actually see the bottom of his base to check for a date. The previous one had more of a kettle helmet with horns and was holding the club in the other hand and it was more at rest instead of having the club over his his. I've got that one as well, but probably won't paint it in the near future because they are too similar. I did consider painting this one as a frost giant, with all the furs and the cape he is wearing, but also, considering I just painted a frost giant, figured I'd paint him more traditionally as a hill giant. I did end up putting some snow on the ground however, as he looked so warmly dressed it just kind of invited snow to the base. So anyway, enjoy!
  23. So, I was looking around Iron Wind Metals, the place which sells old Ral Partha sculpts. I'm getting interested in the history of minis, and I was curious to see if I could find Tom Meier's original "Ral Partha, evil wizard," which was almost their first mini. I am inclined to believe Iron Wind when they say it's this, since they ought to know. He's pretty lively looking, and is lunging with a sword in front and a staff behind, not bad at all for the timeperiod (what, around 1975?). Trouble is, some people out on the internet name this fella as the original Ral Partha. He's a little less dynamic, but still cool, with a classic pointy hat (no brim), a classic robe and upraised arms, a cape draped over his left arm, and a book and some goodies on his base. I couldn't find him on Iron Wind's site, though. Is there anyone out there with a good knowledge of Ral Partha sculpts (Send up the Buglips signal!) who can say which is the actual original legendary Ral Partha, evil wizard?
  24. So as I continue painting old miniatures, here's the next one up, an old Ral Partha Hill Giant, which I think is the updated/remodeled one of the first one I'd done before http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49658-ral-partha-hill-giant/ . I usually just put up one photo of the front, but this one is kind of at an odd striding angle and has a few little details which seemed to have merited more than one angle. My favorite part of this figure ended up actually being his pet or snack in his European shoulder bag. Anyhow, hope you enjoy!
  25. So here's a Ral Partha frost giant miniature, nice old iconic figure from the end of the seventies. I really like the way he came out, even though with the lighting on the photo, a bit of the deeper colors are kind of lost. One thing I did with this figure that I wasn't expecting was in a lot of the shading ended up using the dark elf skin triad, which gave it even more depth (which once again in the picture isn't sadly too obvious). Being he was a frost giant, I wanted that dead white skin, which is a lot lighter than a previous version I'd done some years before: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Es57.jpg I was tempted to paint his hair "blond" as per the Monster Manual but kept with a very white and blue theme. His actual hair started out as pure white and his skin as leather white with lots of washes of different blues, grays and dark elf skin colors. Anyhow, enjoying a nice, old classic figure.
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