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  1. This is where I will be accumulating my finished miniatures for February. Comments are always welcome on the minis. Finished Reaper Figures 14267: General Matisse,Overlords Warlord 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess 03555: Thilinos Nightflame, Dark Elf Finished Other Figures Swords & Soldiers: Dream Park - Villain (1992) Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 1 Strain x 8 Ral Partha (?): Halfling Paladin Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 2 "Quasimodo" Strain x1 Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Hurley Avatars of War: Harpy of the Apocalypse Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 2 "Stalker" Strain x1 Ral Partha: Dark Sun Gladiators - Neeva Citadel (GW): Dwarf (pre-1990 pre-slotta). Bonenami: 114
  2. Here's another diorama from my archives painted long ago. This one is Ral Partha's Black Dragon of Fire and Darkness painted as a brown desert Dragon. Three Citadel Snotlings are chasing a snake at the back. The base is made of wood covered with carved expanded foam and natural sand.
  3. Buglips, I'm hoping for your expertise, and anyone else experienced with old Ral Partha minis. My husband just gave me an old Ral Partha feathed serpent (from Shadowrun), vintage 1993. I love it, and I'd like to treat it right. I found a description of it online: http://gurth.home.xs4all.nl/shadowrun/ralpartha.html (it's the second model down) The model is of a really lightweight plastic, I'm not sure what kind. It's pale blue, but the shades of the pieces are different from each other. It's really lightweight. Although it appears to be solid, the whole bag of pieces weighs barely anything in the hand. The detail is lovely, though. There appears to be almost no flash that I can see, although there is a small amount of some deep red substance in a few nooks and crannies. The base, it says, is lead-free pewter. Whatever it is, it is heavier, I think, than the tin miniatures available today. It feels pretty heavy in the hand anyway. It has a little goldish discoloration here and there, and the's a bit of -- not sure what to call it, not flash but those little tags of metal that sometimes hang on where vent holes were or something. The instructions recommend using cyanoacrylate glue, which is superglue, I believe. I am more comfortable using epoxy, but am willing to use superglue instead if people think it best It's a big model. It looks like it will be about five inches tall when assembled. There are eight body pieces, mostly with fairly substantial pegs and holes to hold them together. It looks, however, like the wing tabs are too thin for the body space they go in and something will need to fill in the space or else they will wobble and be weak. The old instructions suggest gap-filling glue. I have pinned one model so far. I look at this one and wonder if I could or should pin it. I would assume this is resin, for safety's sake, and be very careful with any dust or whatever those little corkscrew squiggles of material that come out when you drill are called. But if it's not really necessary, I wouldn't mind skipping this part. Anyhow, may I ask for advice and suggestions, please?
  4. Here's another Ral Partha Dragon I painted years ago, maybe it was in 1996 or so. The pictures are blurry but that's all I could find on my archive CD. Durin's Doom, The Price of Greed was sculpted by Robert Olley.
  5. So I've finally finished my first orangey colored goblin, using orange brown 9201 as the base color. I've got two more in the wings waiting to finish, but those will I'm sure still take weeks and weeks. Took a back and front picture, and tried to keep colors in the spirit of the AD&D Monster Manual: "Goblins range from yellow through dull orange to brick red in skin color. Their eyes are reddish to lemon yellow. They dress in dark leather gear, and their garments tend towards dull, soiled-looking colors (brown drab, dirty greay, stained maroon)." The only thing I really didn't go for was that soiled look, but the colors seems to kind of fit. Anyway, more goblins to come later...
  6. I've been working on Ral Partha's 'Bridge of Sorrows' vignette and figured I'd show the progress made on the scenery portions. The substrate is half inch foamcore with a layer of extruded styrofoam. I used hot glue for adhesion and toothpicks to reinforce the walls and stonework. For the bridge, I had some brass strip laying around, so I epoxied it to the cast plastic (craptic) and into the foamcore wall section. I attempted to sculpt the remaining portion of the bridge using various cheap air drying clays covered with aluminum wire to give structural support. This was covered with a layer of greenstuff and sculpted to match the bridges texture... I think I did ok with the bridge pavers, however the side 'archway' supports weren't lining up so I dremeled them down to what you see here. I'll apply some instant mold to the back section and rough cast 'veneers' and apply to the unfinished bridge sides. I need to add a door which will be made from balsa strip and stonework to the rough door opening, and add details to the rest of the wall. Then it's on to the other side of the piece. Comments, critiques, thoughts and ideas are more than welcome. edit: as well as questions.
  7. Well, it didn't take long to fall behind in the mini-a-week resolution, but the time spent at the paint table hasn't quite been up to where I'd like it to be lately, either. Working on finishing out this pair gets me a caught up by a couple, anyhow. While Sanael's been painting up the Dragonlance PC's for our campaign, I've been working on the major NPCs. Unfortunately, the ones I finished up last year don't really count toward that mini-a-week pledge for 2013.... Without further ado, here are the major gully dwarves the party will be meeting sometime in the next few weeks. These are the official Ral Partha models, and man--they are TINY. Bupu: I find the rat in the sculpt a nice touch! The Highbulp: I had fun experimenting with adding grunge to his clothing. Weathering clothing is new territory for me, so here's where I am with a first try at it: And a penny shot for scale! Thanks for checking them out - C&C welcome!
  8. So having found some Tangerine Goblin Skin in my Ral Partha paints, I decided to try some out. I started two gobbers while waiting for my still MIA Ogre, and not knowing how much time I had before The Big Guy showed up I decided to focus on one and finish him. So he's out of the Ral Partha TSR AD&D line, and here he is:
  9. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46419-tsr-drow-by-ral-partha/ So from this WIP above, here are the final results of the four drow elves from Ral Partha that I've been painting since November 11. I finished them actually about two nights ago, but just finally got around to working on the last pictures. I'm pretty well satisfied how they turned out, even though I can also see a few issues as well. I think a little too much matte finish got put on the one with the shield because I can see a lot of glare with the photograph, but oh well. I actually enjoyed doing this and liked doing a complete set of figures as opposed to random individual figures. I'm pretty sure that I somehow saved some time by doing four similar figures. If it took about six weeks to do four figures, and normally if I'm working at a regular pace of a figure every two weeks, I saved two weeks of my life that I would have otherwise spent in painting radically different figures. So I just gained two more free weeks of painting time (in theory). I also think that by working on the WIP and documenting progress, I tried to actually make progress and post it, not letting the figures just languish as sometimes hapens. So anyhow, here they finally are. Enjoy!
  10. So I've been collecting for a while the old Ral Partha TSR miniatures that I really like, but haven't gotten around to painting many of them, so one of my new mini-mini-projects is to start painting some up between other things I'm painting. With a tad bit of encouragement by a certain goblinoid, I decided to do these four as a WIP. Why? Who knows, just a way to chronicle them, and who knows how faithfully I'll keep up with it. I was feeling kind of guilty because they're not Reaper figures, but I do use all Reaper paints, so that should lighten my burden of guilt somewhat. So here are the first four pictures that I've done so far. I'll try to post a picture when I get to some pivotal point. First picture is just the figures themselves, primed and on a balsa wood base.
  11. Alright, this here is my first ever metal miniature all painted up. I bought it for a friend that is a massive fan of Dragonlance, and that has a special relationship with Tasslehoff. I loved painting this guy. He has all kinds of little fiddly bits, a neat fur vest, and his leggings and pants had to be bright colors. I also got to try out painting hair, and I think the effect wasn't too bad! I also got to do some stuff I've never done before for his face. I mixed a tanned flesh color with a rosy pink. I then shaded under the cheekbones with tan paint, as well as the chin, nose, and eyes.
  12. Okay, finished another mini. This time, a figure from Ral Partha's Werewolf: The Apocalypse line, in the #69-003 Glasswalker set (thanks to Buglips for the identification). Here we have a front view. Gray might not have been a good color for the shirt, but I wasn't sure of a good color to go with the blue jeans. Went with gray, white and red for the sneakers. May redo the gray as black. Eyes are better than the last human figure I did. Here you can see the back of his bandanna. I figured a US flag pattern would be prety simple to do. I now notice that the red highlights on the sneakers aren't as neat as they look from above. May need to touch that up. Same with the open part of his sleeve. A better view of the bandanna. May need to fix up the places where the red stripes hit the blue.
  13. Since I had so much fun with the last one, I thought I'd go for a second. Only this time leave it up for a week so more people can get in on it and tell me what to do. Er, paint. *channels cylon* By. Your. Command. Anywhat, here's what we've got in the ring. 1. Representing Reaper Miniatures, weighing in with three skeletons and a hot chick, give it up for: 03100, Thanis, Bonecaller! *crowd cheers* *camera flashes strobe* 2. And from RAFM miniatures, for your entertainment with his whacky bag of tricks and prestidigitation, it's 3737, Lich Magician with Skeletal Rabbit! *hand goes up in audience* "Um, excuse me, is that rabbit really dead?" No, sir. It is undead! 3. And from Ral Partha, the woman who wrote the book on dragons, 03-092: Ellana, Dragonmistress. Smaug: "Boo! Hiss! You suck! Bring back my cookware!" 4. And last but not least, straight from the infinite layers of the Abyss, it's a trio from Ral Partha TSR 11-651: Dretch! *Three Stooges Sounds* Who will be crowned Miss Macross . . . uh, I mean who will be painted? You, the Reaperinos, will decide!
  14. Here's a link to another miniature I finished recently. It's linked for some exposed lactators. This was probably one of the first succubae I'd ever seen, and always liked the figure. I actually have one that I painted probably thirty years ago, but this was another one I'd had in the basement, so it's kind of the revamping of a miniature I'd done long, long ago. It was actually a present for a buddy who also had this as an unpainted figure in his display case. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Succubus.jpg
  15. This is the first mini I painted back in 1988. Its a Ral Partha 03-081 Thief with Longsword in Ambush. I know the pictures are very small and I no longer own the mini since it went on a mission with another player years ago. I really enjoyed playing with this guy because of all the gear he carries. He was ready for every situations.
  16. Hi guys, so here's what I've been working on recently, an old Dennis Mize classic miniature from the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties. I've always liked this miniature and had it originally as a teenager but it somehow disappeared in my parents' home. When I got back into painting (trying to give my own kid a new hobby), I went over to my parents' house and got all of the old miniatures that I could find that were hidden in their garage and basement. There were a few, like this one, that I never could find though. Anyway, I got another copy years later and have finally gotten around to painting it. I took a few photos for some different angles The one thing I wanted to do was to kind of make each side of the ettin a slightly different color scheme. I've always seen all other ettins which are basically the same color on both sides and thought I'd like to try to do it a little bit differently, so my base color on the red-headed size was olive skin and on the blonde side I started out with Terran Khaki. Then I used the olive skin color to wash the terran khaki side and highlighted the olive skin side with the terran khaki. Let me know if you can tell the difference! And the photos aren't all the greatest, especially the face shot of the red-head, but I'm still working through some photo-fu with the new software I have with my relatively new computer. I think I need to build a new "studio" for my miniatures for photos. I can see a lot of paint spots on the background that I always use. So anyhows, let me know what you think! Mark
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