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Found 6 results

  1. After having just recently finished Faramere and Gladerial I decided it's time to put my blue anxiety to rest and told myself with this next batch of mini's I'm going to use blue on all of them wherever I could. The Reaper Gnome is 02510 Balto Borrowell and the other is an old 25mm Ral Partha Dwarf Wizard that I found in my loose figure bin that I thought is the perfect size for a gnome. While taking the pics together I started calling them Good and Evil, lol couldn't help myself.
  2. Hi: I love my old school minis. Picked this pup up a few years ago, finally got some paint on it. Submitted in RCL Sept 2022. -t edit to add: I finally figured out that this was one of three forms the "Silent Strider" from Werewolf: The Apocolypse game could take. Ral Partha sold all three (Crinos, Hispo and Lupus) as a pack under the 69-024 tag. So, now we all know!
  3. Finished! From my childhood box of unfinished baddies. He's stamped 1979, I feel old! :)
  4. Good morning all, Here's a figure I just finished, from the Hackmaster/Kenzer & Co. line that Ral Partha currently owns, a Bob Olley Greater Satyr. It's a pretty large figure, more in tune with heroic scale, like most of the Hackmaster figures, fun and easy to paint. The only thing I noticed when I based him is that my base has a chip in the plastic but too late to do anything about, as I saw it after I super glued it to the figure. I tried to give him mostly natural tones, but had to do a bit of gold in there as well for the decoration on the bow and his pan pipes, but they are softened with some browns and dark elf skin washes, so it's probably okay. So anyhows, enjoy!
  5. Over in the Randomness Thread, I was lamenting the state of my painting desk and how it was killing any interest I had in painting. I finally bit the bullet and started organizing. Ub3r asked for before and after pics, and I obliged. While cleaning and stowing, I came across the case with some of my earliest minis and figured since I had the camera out already, I may as well snap some pics. I didn't bother to set up my dedicated photo area, but they seem to have come out ok enough. So without further adieu, I give you a pictorial timeline of my miniature painting. These two knights are some of the earliest example of my work. They are either Heartbreaker or Citadel and have seen plenty of action over the years. The swordless one on the left originally had a crescent moon crest on his helm that I promptly removed in what may have been my first conversion. These fine fellows are part of the Three Stage Fighters (from Grenadier? maybe Ral Partha I put them away and I'm too lazy to go check). They were painted around the same time as the knights (late 80's).
  6. And now its time to start on my December painting spree. Finsihed Reaper Minis: 02924: Bertok, Barbarian (L2PK-4) 02664: Phase Cat 02509: Mother Superior 60038: Chammady Drovenge 02672: Clawed Devil 77011: Dwarf Warrior 02670: Ulric Bloodclub Finished Minis from Other Companies: GW (pre-1990): 3 stage Adventurer - High Level Illusionist GW (LotR): Orc Warg Rider GW (pre-1990): Chaos Sorcerer (I think.) GW (Pre-1990): Dark Elf Warrior GW: Plastic Empire Spearmen (6th Edition Starter) x5 Ral Partha: Sea Elf
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