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Found 7 results

  1. My Fire Demon was missing his lower jaw so I liberated Goroloth's head to replace it. At that point his wings weren't impressive enough and he some new ones from Rauthuros. The whole conversion took an hour and a half. Due to the nature of the wing conversion and needing everything stable while I figured out how to attach them I had to glue everything but the shoulder pads, hands, and base together. Those pieces will not be glued till at least base coating. Also have to do some minor greenstuff blending around the wing joins and between the head and neck. I may potentially swap out the sword for something else, trident maybe. At any rate, here's the pictures!
  2. It's been a while since I posted, but I'm liking this fellow enough to show off. He's not quite finished, but not a "work in progress", either. I was going to take a few photos to see if i missed anything before final assembly and varnishing, then decided to upload them to the forum. I drew inspiration for his color scheme from his concept art on p.23 of the Warlords first edition rule book. I've been working on him pretty steadily for over a month, and I now see the end. The weapons are an eclectic mix of metallic drybrushing on one weapon, and NMM painting on others. I was going to experiment with shading a weapon with NMM techniques, then glaze over it with a metallic paint. But when I finished the undercoat color, I liked it and decided i was done. Let me know what you think! EDIT: For spelling.
  3. Below is my version of the Demon Rauthuros. I basically started off with a dark red lining and topped his skin with a layer of blue and then layered it back using various shades of red. His wings are Brick red with layering of blue, dusky skin and red. I aplogise for the camera work but even with white balancing out of gimp this is the best I can do. comments, critiques, suggestions for future.. all are welcome.. or you can just say hello!
  4. I finished my Bones Rauthuros last night (except for the clear coat). What do you think? (I included Gandalf for scale.) You can see the stages of painting on my blog: Parhoon Naval Yards. Only 235 figures to go.
  5. Rauthuros! Work in Progress thread found here. My 20th miniature. He was a doozy. Good times.
  6. And I say "RAUTHUROS" - because, come on, look at this thing. If a gigantic demon from hell deserves anything at all, it is capslock. This is to be my 20th miniature painted*, and I thought - since it's a nice, round, some what meaningful sounding number, that it should be one of my "big" ones that I've gotten stockpiled. Rauthuros is definitely in the "big" category. I managed to pick this guy up for relatively cheap (RSP of 50 bucks, got him for $29.99 over Christmas. I have also never done a WIP before, but will try to stick with it, but hereby assert my right to run away and hide and pretend this thread never, ever existed if this thing doesn't go half-way as good as I'd like. Here is Rauthuros, assembled, by someone other than me: This is a 13 piece model, consisting of four wing pieces, four arms, two body pieces, two tail pieces, and his big fat head. This initial post may look like fast progress but I admit to starting the thread late. I initially started this guy a couple of months ago and got the wings together (I regret not having pictures of that process), but then had a mishap. I had some early confusion as I couldn't quite mash his tail into his butt, and had a last moment realization that my kit was actually missing a tail piece. No wonder the tail didn't fit. Thank God Reaper allows you to order small pieces of a mini; I was able to order his missing tail piece from their site and closeted the progress while waiting for it to arrive. So, this initial post comprises that early effort, plus yesterday, plus this evening. To start, and not photographed, I had the wings together. They're big, giant, smack-you-in-the-face wings, and I did use two pins on one and one pin in the other (should have used two pins), plus used Gorilla 2-part epoxy. They feel very solid, to the point that I believe I could cause a lot of damage if I threw them at someone (this comparison may be used repeatedly throughout this WIP). It seemed logical then to just start assembling small pieces and work my way up. Next is connecting the tail end with the tail middle (the latter being the part I was originally missing). I did stick a pin in the tail end, though I ended up having to clip it pretty short for this to work. The tail end goes in at an angle not really a lot of pin penetration. However, a dab of 2-part epoxy should set it up. Once plugged in, it's a matter of leaning it (precariously) against random crap on my desk and letting it set. And - set! It's ready to jam right into his demonic butt. This was also done with a small pin and more 2-part epoxy from Gorilla. I'm using 2-part epoxy as it just is a bit hardier than super glue, and this thing is big. Plus, if I throw it at someone, I'd prefer it didn't break apart (though the potential for shrapnel damage is attractive). With this done, his bottom half is pretty much set. Here are the wings leaning against a vitamin bottle. They may look like some sort of connection between them is curing and hardening. This is a lie. Gorilla's 2-part epoxy is a specialized high-tech formula that dries in five minutes - so says the bottle. In actuality, it gets gummy in 5 minutes, and then actually dries whenever the hell it darn well pleases, thank you very much. These two wings leaning against the vitamin bottle where not pinned, because I was tired and wanted to go eat cheese. Given the lack of pinning and the epoxy's fickle nature, this ended in tears and ambien. So, after the cheese, and sometime before ambien, I drilled a hole in that sucker and stuck in a .85 mm pin. This next picture actually isn't a lie - that sucker worked MUCH better with a pin in it. This was the end of yesterday, and here's me holding it this morning. It worked! If I throw this at someone, it might strike its target and then spin around and return to my hand. Might. Or, I might be arrested. I'm not sure which but my imagination reels with potential. Okay, so I stuck pins in his little wrists and his big fat head. He also has two fist dagger things, which I forgot to mention that I ALSO already stuck on some months ago. Oh well. Just 2-part epoxy for those; their little handles were so thin that I just didn't feel comfortable drilling in them. Their being light though is a saving grace; they're not going anywhere. The pin system with his two sword arms and his big fat head worked kind of perfectly, and these pieces jammed on with no problem. I dabbed superglue on the tips of the pins and 2-part epoxy around the connections. Blending adhesive like this seems experimental to me but it seems to work; the superglue helps to get it into position, and then the 2-part epoxy dries (whenever it darn well pleases) and then the thing is solid. So, here are the set wings. See anything amiss? Just gaze about the middle of one of the win OMG LOOK AT THOSE HINGES. Yeah, they're huge. Another shot of just one of the wings with a good look at OMG LOOK AT THOSE HINGES So - green stuff! One wing half done. The other demon pieces sitting there, just chilling, giving off demonic atmosphere and stuff. Before and after with the green stuff, showing one half of it pretty smooth and the other half OMG LOOK AT...you get the idea. Rauthuros says "OH GOD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, AH GOD THE PAIN, THIS - YOU CRUEL, CRUEL BASTARD." Yeah. He's pinned. With the pin in his middle, I did the superglue/2-part epoxy bit and jammed him together. Here's the current result - annnnnd leaving him for tomorrow.
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