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  1. These were in my pile of shame since around 2008 maybe.. so long I’m surprised they were not OoP. I have a few other from this line that I painted a while ago so it will finally give me a squad
  2. After finishing the Tribes of the Vale from Battle of Westeros I decided to find a small project before I jump into my next big one. Coming across the Reaper dice figures again I thought it was time I finally finished the set. Awhile ago I painted up the D20 but quickly realized I wasn't skilled enough to give it a proper paint job. So the rest went into deep storage and were nearly forgotten about. Now that I have a few more years of painting experience under my belt and I'm in need of a smaller project I think its time to finish this old one. Funny as it may be I decided upon the paint scheme for these guys immediately and it has never changed (even though this project has been waiting for years). When I saw these figures I knew I needed to paint them up in the same colors as my first set of dice from the D&D starter set I bought in my youth. Finding the appropriate colors wasn't too bad either. With a plan in place I got to work. Starting off I base coated every die in their chosen color. This helped me get back into the swing of painting after a bit of a break and even gave me something to do while some of the lighter colors dried between coats. Once they were all base coated I started focusing on the D12. I didn't plan to do more than basecoats on the rest of the model but I really got into the groove. I really need to stop taking these long breaks it really messes with my perception of how long a project will take. As you can see I got quite a bit further than I had planned. Though it was looking pretty good by this point I went ahead and dirtied it up which may have been a mistake. I'll be looking at this one next time and deciding if I want to go back to its more clean look. Right now I'm pretty sure I'm going to repaint this. As I waited for certain parts to dry on the D12 I also started working on some of the D10's details. Hopefully by the end of this project we'll be able to see if my painting has improved since I painted the D20 all those years ago.
  3. Brains for the poor, have ye any to spare ?
  4. Finally finished the commission I was asked to do of some reaper figures. The elf pally and wizard had painted before but was given free license to change the colors if I wanted, the bandit and mystic warrior had done before but he wanted those colors and the dwarf in the middle is a 3d print I resized as a bonus because he mentioned he was looking for a dwarf thief.
  5. Well, now that the contracts are signed and the hotel block goes live today, it is time to start thinking about a ReaperCon 2024 entry. Who am I kidding, I have actually been thinking on this one for at least a month already. Normally, I choose a model that I have sculpted for Reaper or DS and paint it for the Open Category, but not this year. This year, I want to try my hand at a wholly different category: Diorama! The Scene A stag of the scrub lands is out one late morning eating grass, blissfully unaware or the danger in the skies above. Suddenly he hears a whoosh of air and a sudden, sharp pain in his side and a blow that nocks him off his feet to the ground. He struggles, but the venom acts fast, paralyzing him. The wyvern that just attacked settles on his body, alighting there in triumph bugling her success for all to hear, for she is master of this land, a top predator in her realm...or is she. She has taken her prey too close to the shifting sands and her calls have attracted the true lord of this land. Just as she starts to eat, the sands next to her explode upward. Crouching down guarding her prey, she gazes upward into the gaping maw of the great worm... The Players: Celestial Stag by Jason Wiebe Wyvern by Julie Guthrie Goremaw, Great Worm by Bobby Jackson Ideation So I first starting thinking on this several years ago when I first got that wyvern in a Bones fulfillment box (can't remember which Bones KS); it has such a unique pose. It is obviously not looking at character level creatures. It's posture seems to be scared and looing up at something above it. It also almost seems to be puppy-guarding. This really intrigued me and it has been on a slow burn for years in my head. The great worm I had started many years ago, doing the initial cleaning and putty work when I first got it. I loved this mini from the moment I saw it. It has been sitting on my shelf of shame ever since, waiting for paint and collecting dust. A couple years ago I was taking Aaron Lovejoy's 4-part, online, airbrushing class (amazing class, BTW) and for a piece to experiment on, I grabbed this wyvern from my Bones creature box. It got some color, but I was learning and messed some stuff up on it. It has been hovering around my airbrush station ever since. One day about a month ago, I was sitting at my painting station, procrastinating as I worked on a character mini, when I looked up and saw the wyvern crouching there, then looked up and saw Goremaw on its shelf....and BOOM, this idea sprang full to life in my head. I knew I needed a prey animal for the wyvern and being quite lazy and not feeling like sculpting one from scratch, I searched the Reaper catalog and found Jason's stag. It will need some converting, but it is a good start. Current State I quickly ordered a new wyvern and the stag from reaper, to get that part moving. I then spent a few sessions over the last few weeks going over the worm with a scalpel getting rid of every mold line I could find. I also had to get creative as to how I would mount it to my paint holder as there wasn't a good attachment point (I will be resculpting the base entirely). The wyvern is out of the package and I started cleaning it last night. The stag is sill in box. Outlook/Goals I really hope to get this done in a few months. I'd like time to do another project for RCon as well, maybe a DS or Moonlight entry. That said, I know my track record, and the sculpt and jewelry load I have right now. I simply cannot give this all of my attention. To that end, I will be painting each piece one at a time, starting with the worm; that way if I don't get time for the complete scene, I can at least enter the worm in Painters. I hope to be priming the worm tonight and start the airbrush work on it this weekend. Hopefully, I will have something more interesting to show you on Monday. 🙂
  6. I almost forgot how much fun it was to raise, I mean paint the dead.
  7. Maiden:- Mother:- Crone:- Presenting the Witches Coven a set of minis from Reaper that I've been trying to paint up since, not last Halloween, but the one before! The hardest part was trying to work out what colours would work best for their outfits (And I'm still not entirely happy with what I choose for the Mother), but overall I think I did a decent job on them. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  8. Working on another seasonal project, this time it's witches for Halloween! Made a start on their skin today:- Maiden is a base of Rosy Flesh with a Flesh Wash. Mother is a base of Dwarf Skin plus a Flesh Wash. And finally, Crone is a base of 1:1 Rosy Skin/Ghost Grey and a Flesh Wash. Next, is finishing their skin plus eyes and teeth. Pretty sure I won'r get these done by Halloween, but I'll try.
  9. So, I just started the hobby, picked up the, 'Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn to Paint Kit Core Skills' package. Got my little painting area setup, and took about 90 minutes to complete, so here is my first mini. Sadly the images really don't do it justice, you can't quite make out the subtle drybrush highlights, or the crevices where the wash really did a good job. I went a little rogue, and decided to dot in two red eyes... although that was not part of the instructions, I wanted to give this guy a little something unique.
  10. Here are some older figs I've painted. I thought the wizard was a Reaper, but I couldn't find him in the figure finder. The purple dragon head was a dragon door knocker file I printed. I'd done a couple bigger ones that looked like they were mounted on wood, then I cut off the ring for this one and decided to make it look like he was coming through a portal. Yoda was also 3D printed. The rest were all bought at least two decades ago. I'm especially proud of the water on this one.
  11. Does this guy have an official name yet? I've seen him referred to as the "Big Scarecrow," but I've just been calling him a Pumpkin Golem. Anyway, he was a really fun model to work on. I wanted the head to seem Tim Burton-esque. I feel like I pulled it off somewhat. I also wanted to make sure the head and scythe blade would stand out as the primary focal points (hence, the relatively drab colors everywhere else). I was really happy with how the straw came out, but painting each individual strand one by one took for-EVER. I made sure to get a shot of the base before I glued him on. I know that, realistically, the corn stalks shouldn't be such a vibrant green come harvest time. But, I felt it would work well with the green coat. Plus, let's face it, there's NOTHING natural about this abomination. Anyway, thanks for looking. Comments welcomed.
  12. latest, after the fire giant found she was hard to paint, so small, lol.
  13. For ReaperCon this year, I painted the giant spider that I sculpted for Reaper for Bones 5. This spider has been a wild ride from inception to final paint. The Sculpting: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88957-the-making-of-arakoth-the-ancient/ The Painting: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/100752-arakoth-the-ancient-reapercon-2023-entry/ Photos: The Results: I won a gold medal in the Open category and the Reaper Gold Sophie in Open as well. 🤩 (This is the first time that the mini I painted doesn't get lost in the picture next to Sophie. 🤣)
  14. Finished her this morning, did touch up the dark spot on the lower corner of her right lip because it annoyed me while cropping pics just not enough to retake lol.
  15. I picked up the metal versions at ReaperCon years ago. Decided to just paint them alongside the Bones versions and knock them all out.
  16. My current group project, three down just one to go that I had primed. These are taking longer than I thought but at least I'll get painting huge creatures out of my system for awhile, ....at least I hope, lol.
  17. My current group project, three down just one to go that I had primed. These are taking longer than I thought but at least I'll get painting huge creatures out of my system for awhile, ....at least I hope, lol.
  18. My current group project, three down just one to go that I had primed. These are taking longer than I thought but at least I'll get painting huge creatures out of my system for awhile, ....at least I hope, lol.
  19. Here's a couple I forgot to post before I started my latest group project.
  20. A water weird and large water elemental (based as a huge) from Reaper and a large water elemental from BLG. Simple and quick paint to build out and round out my collection for dnd. This batch puts me at 152 minis painted for 2023.
  21. A couple I just recently finished, colors similar because didn't want to waste paint I had on my palette.
  22. A couple I just recently finished, colors similar because didn't want to waste paint I had on my palette.
  23. Here's a couple I forgot to post before I started my latest group project.
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