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Found 41 results

  1. Made some bases up for my Reaper Bones and got inspired, so I have some basing tutorials lined up and this is the first. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks! EJ
  2. Very quick paintjob, good just for tabletop. I've used some gs to 'blend' the integral base into the round base I'v put it onto. WiP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69574-stone-giants-base/
  3. I've just modeled some rocks trying to 'blend' thje Stone Giant's base into a 50mm round base I have put it onto. Plan is, after gs is cured, to sand it a bit, add sand to the base (actually, coffee ) then once painted, finish it with some static grass between the rocks. What do you think? Removing the figure entirely from the cast base would had been a better option? Point is I like the rocky base, so I tried a way to keep it trying to make it not looking too much as 'pasted in' ...
  4. Hey guys, I saw a couple of people online converting bird houses from Michael's into dice towers and after having great luck converting one of their cheap model ships into a spelljammer ship, I decided to give it a go. I took the bird house apart and stuck in all of the tower guts. Then I gave it a base paint job. I am thinking of painting some moss or vines onto the tower and also adding a crest of some sort on the front. I thought about adding a flag to the top, but I want to build this to withstand frequent transport as I play at a friend's house. I'd love to have some suggestions to spice it up. I want to use it as a display piece at home but then be able to take it to the table for play.
  5. I spent quite a while on him, I'm not entirely happy with how he turned out. I'm REALLY not happy with the base (first time using mud effects and water effects, wanted to add some more plantlife but it wasn't working out) I screwed up the OSL on the eyes but I didn't want to go back and fix it so he just has really super glowy eyes. And I probably redid the wings a bunch before I was about ready to just tear them off completely. I'm my harshest critic, what do you think?
  6. This was the first Bones piece I picked up. Just thought it looked realy cool and fun to paint; it was. -Gunz
  7. Neo

    Skeleton Giant

    Another commission piece
  8. Neo

    Cthulu called me

    A commission piece for a friend.
  9. Hi everyone, a brief post just to suggest a little, neat ruleset to play with all the Bones minis you've got from the KS. Battlesworn is written by Andrea Sfiligoi, author of Song of Blades and Heroes. Like SBH, it is a generic fantasy ruleset you can play with any miniature you have, its main mechanic is based on secret bidding. Also, it fits perfectly with Reaper Bones (someone else already found it). You can get it for a small price at Ganesha website: http://www.ganeshagames.net/ I'm not associated in any way to Andrea or Ganesha, just love his games =)
  10. Finally got back to painting some of my Reaper Bones. In this tutorial, I'm painting the Bones Zombies for dipping, and doing a comparison between Army Painter strong tint and Minwax Polyshade. Muhuahahahahahaaa!
  11. I had the pleasure of opening a big box from Reaper a couple days ago and did an inventory after assembling Kaladrax, (I couldn't resist putting that beast together). Lots and lots of painting in my future!!
  12. Hi all, Trying to get my current backlog I brought with me to NY painted down so that I am ready for the Bones stuff incoming sometime in June I expect. First up Barrow Wights! Manufacturer: Games-Workshop System: Lord of the Rings Scale: 25mm
  13. I've painted a few of these Bones figs over the last couple months and decided to make some how-to-paint videos. This one is mainly about prep-work, and some of the paintlines and primers I use. Let me know what you think? ~Jeff~ Edit: Weird.. I recorded this in 720p, but apparently YouTube busted it down to 480p. Ah well.
  14. Just made a short video of this Purple Worm that I painted up using mostly oil based paints. Let me know what you think.
  15. Got a new job in a cardiovascular ICU and I just haven't had the time to paint like I was the past few months. He had a light coat of white primer b/c I use Vallejo paints, which are not optimized for Bones minis. As with other Bones minis I've painted, I noticed zero difference between painting the Bones figure and painting a metal figure.
  16. So I finally got a big order of Reaper Bones in and started in on the Skeleton. I really enjoyed painting this guy. I leard a lot from washing and dry brushing him. My thanks go out to all the advice I received from you all here, and to a Marc Messenger on the RVR miniature painting group on Face book for guiding me through the process. Click to see my Reaper Bones Unboxing. :)
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