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  1. This is Rosie, Chronotechnician 50016 and Slig Soldier 50017. This is my first attempt at greyscale and truly I don't know why I didn't just do a single figure on the first go. There must be something wrong with me to have thought I could pull this off, but once I began, there was no turning back. I entered it in the Reaper Paint into a Picture Challenge. One of the requirements of the Challenge was that the work be photoshopped into the picture. ShadowRaven most kindly did that for me. We were only allowed four photographs for the Challenge, but I did take some close up shots to show more of the small detail within the dio. I know I made quite a few mistakes here and those were do to inexperience and lack of planning. However, I don't regret completing and submitting the piece as it has been a good learning experience. C&C are most welcome. Any input on the composition of the scene would be greatly appreciated as I think I may have crammed way too much into the scene. Thank you for your time.
  2. I finally finished painting my fire elementals project. The project contains the following four minis: - 77196: The small fire elemental (Bones) - 77083: The medium fire elemental (Translucent red) - 02251: The fire elemental (Dark Haven Legends) - 77082: The large fire elemental (Translucent red) I have to say it was fun to paint the small, medium and large ones... But the huge one was just a lot of work, phft! I finished though! Woot!
  3. I had a terrible dream last night. In it, Reaper had got the Dying Earth franchise, and announced its intention to release miniatures of the major characters in the books -- Cugel the Clever, Mazirian the Magician, Rhialto the Marvellous, and many others. I was thrilled. I'm a big fan of Jack Vance's Dying Earth series, up to and including the RPG. Unfortunately, production would not start all at once. The first metals to be released would be two versions of Cugel the Clever -- one standing, in an action pose with sword, and one mounted on a traditional riding beast of the Dying Earth -- the Oast. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe. To Reaper, I make this plea: make all the Dying Earth minis you want, okay? I'll buy 'em. And I'm certainly fond of Jason's work. ...but no Oasts. No. Just... no. *An Oast looks like a very muscular human with blond hair and blue eyes, with heights ranging from eight to nine feet. Although they look human, the peoples of Ascolais insist they are not, and that they are no more intelligent than livestock, which the local tribes are wont to use them as -- for food, plow pulling, and riding beasts. And if that weren't bad enough, naturally, livestock don't wear clothes...
  4. IMAGE...Depicts my Jungle Girl running through her purple hue realm and arriving at the sandy beach on her island of Mora Toba...Her name is Lahini (from Kipling...meaning she-wolf)...I hope you like and enjoy my depiction of this beautiful little figure. FIGURE...REAPER (# 14579 = Handmaiden of Keskura)...Off site links due to topless nudity! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505159985834&l=cc98f4c363 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505593319124&l=90a1a2372e https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505463319137&l=e277fa4804 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505969985753&l=7c6d78e3b8 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=434505776652439&l=8368c9e993 Paul (Catdancer)...
  5. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion (removed sword and added chain mace hand)... NOTES IN REGARD TO FIGURE...I executed my figure in my standard way (as other black orcs I have posted on this forum), but made the following changes/alterations as suggested by a couple of Reaper members. 1. I placed this orc on a darker base setting which is less pristine (Ying-Yang) and more as part of a flowing/belonging into the scene. 2. I dulled down the flesh skin tone and flesh coarseness on the creature. 3. I dulled down the shiny aspect of the weapons and added a slight rust aspect to the chain on the mace. Please advise...if you like this type of execution better. Paul (Catdancer)
  6. Well I finally got some painting done again. 3 Bones Zombies 1 of Tre Manor's Zombies from his first KS Tre's Zombie beside the Reaper ones
  7. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FINISHED...This is the finished and mounted figure from my (WIP) posting of step-by-step painting of same said figure. I hope that you like it,,,and my style presentation of the Black Orc. Paul (Cardancer)
  8. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FOLLOWUP...This is a followup posting to my (WIP) dated 2-7-2014 and a reply to a (PM) that requested how I paint my black orcs and materials I use. STEP-BY-STEP...This is a brief basic step-by-step process that shows how I paint (my) black orcs. PHOTO 1...My figure is primed with Krylon flat white...first basic body/skin cover is a mixture of (midnight black/espresso/hauser dark green). PHOTO 2...Body/skin highlight is done with a mixture of (dark flesh/medium pink flesh/ac flesh/sable brown)...dry brushed on all higher areas...(let dry)...body is washed with paint mixture of (hauser dark green/midnight black/dark flesh)...(let dry)...body is washed with mixture of (lettuce/citrus/eggplant) artist ink. PHOTO 3...Face done...(eyes are mixture of bright yellow/mint green)...(mouth is mixture of berry red/true red/pink parfait...washed with strawberry ink)...(teeth are a mixture of Wicker white/cool white)...(face highlights a done using pink flesh tone/melon/pink parfait). PHOTO 4...Upper torso leather work is a mixture of (espresso/brick red/burnt sienna/deep burgundy)...washed with midnight black ink...highlights added with (brick red/deep burgundy)...metal work is metallic steel...horns are (wicker white/cool white)...all leather areas are washed with brown artist ink. PHOTO 5...Lower torso work...kilt painted as Russian red bear...mixture of (espresso/midnight black) base coat...wash with jet black ink...highlight/drybrush with (chocolate brown/light cinnamon/sable brown/honey brown/brick red)...boots (same process as upper torso leather work)...sword is a mixture of (metallic steel & charcoal)...washed with eggplant ink...highlighted with sterling silver cream...(let dry)...wash entire figure with mixture of (egg plant/jungle green/night shade) artist inks. NOTE...Since the battle staff is a conversion and not part of the original figure...I will not discuss the painting of it, since each person may have their own taste as to how they wish to paint it. SHOWOFF...I will post the finished figure in the Show Off forum when the painting is finished and the figure is mounted to his base. I hope that you find this short step-by-step posting useful/helpful. Paul (Catdancer)
  9. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321) TITLE...Uruk-Hai (Black Orc) NOTE...Figure is entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 - Single Entry Thread)
  10. I finally sat down and finished Dain Deepaxe in Bones. He shall be my player character, a cleric, in a campaign a friend of mine is running. Somehow it just took forever to finish him. Probably because I was working on fire giants and have a good month timeout due to sickness. (The pills made my hands shake, thus painting was a no go :() So here he is! In his typical colorscheme glory!
  11. After 3 months I finally finished this fire giant queen girl. It has been hell! But she is finally done. ... There are three more fire giants here in various states of done. Darn! That's it I am going to 'hide' back with smaller miniatures for now. PS: Cloak pattern was heavily inspired by someone's existing paintjob, so kudos to that painter. :)
  12. Here is an index to all my completed minis. If there is no link, that means I haven't started painting. A link to a WIP thread will appear if I'm working on it currently. *WIP(start) means it's the first post for a particular project in my defunct consolidated WIP thread. Reaper: 08901-LTPK1 (Anhurian, Rat) 08903-LTPK3 -WIP 08904-LTPK4 - WIP(start) 08905-LTPK5 -WIP 77098-Spirit: attempt 1, attempt 2 77009-Werewolf: attempt 1, attempt 2, WIP2(start) 02303-Mason Rowan 50042-Townsfolk: Modern Children -WIP 50051-Max Decker, Private Eye -WIP 03721-Vonsalay -WIP 77007-Ghost-WIP(start) 03248-Classic Horror: Dracula -WIP 77176-Familiars [i already lost 2 down the drain :'( ] -WIP P02198B-Ferocious Felines Small -WIP1, WIP2 WIP 3 77117-Vandorendra, Snake Demon -WIP 77067-Virina, Female Demon -WIP 77028-Mortar, Gargoyle -WIP 80024-Deputy Wayne Tisdale -WIP 77045-Orc Hunter (Spear) -WIP(start), and 77051-Orc Stalker -WIP(start), and 77059-Orc Beserker - WIP 77193-Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage -WIP 02509-Mother Superior -WIP 03435-Dire Boar -WIP 77169-Flesh Golem -WIP(start) 77186-Tiik Warrior - WIP 77022-Michelle Ranger - WIP1, WIP2 77114-Faceless Horror - #1, #2, WIP1, WIP2. 77083-Medium Fire Elemental 03027-Spectre - WIP 77056-Orc Sniper #1 #2 - WIP 77043-Orc Marauder #1 #2 - WIP 77002-Orc Archers - WIP 77003-Orc Spearmen - WIP 77108-Bones Shadow Dragon - WIP 77088 +77140 conversion - WIP1 - WIP 2 77057-Juliet-WIP 77097-Grave Wraith - WIP 77099-Night Spectre - WIP 77029 - Unicorn - WIP 77006 - Great Worm - WIP 77016 - Rats - WIP 89003 - Pathfinder Goblin Warriors - WIP 77024 - Goblins - WIP Bones 2: 77247-Pillar of Evil - WIP 77159-Ghast - WIP 77114-Mummy - WIP 77211-Gauntfield - WIP 77201-Dragoth - WIP 91007-Bone Fiend - WIP 77237-Skeleton Guardian Archer - WIP 77238-Skeleton Guardian 2H Sword - WIP 77239-Skeleton Guardian Spearman - WIP 77240-Skeleton Guardian Sword - WIP 77241-Skeleton Guardian Axeman - WIP 77242-Skeleton Warrior Sword - WIP 77243-Skeleton Warrior Axeman - WIP 77244-Skeleton Warrior Spearman - WIP 77245-Skeleton Warrior Archer - WIP 80035-Dumpster - WIP 77356-Anhurian Swordsman- WIP 77357-Anhurian Crossbowmen- WIP 77358-Anhurian Bowmen- WIP 77359-Anhurian Spearmen - WIP 77378-Caryatid Columns - WIP 77312-Ice Wall - WIP 77362-Angels of Sorrow - WIP 77306-Translucent Slimes - WIP 77276-Sea Hag - WIP 77369-Translucent Shadow - #1 - #2 - WIP 77224-Rogan - WIP 77202-Warg -WIP 77216-Companion Animals - #1 #2 WIP WIP bear(s) cougar(s) hawk(s) wolf(ves) wolverine(s) 80036-shipping container - WIP 77126- vermin /spiders(2) - WIP 77137-sarcophagus - WIP 77302-female paladin - WIP 89031-Whispering tyrant - WIP 89021- Mystic Theurge - WIP 77349 - Goblin Command - WIP Bones 3: Goblins 77444 - Goblin Warriors - WIP 77445 - Goblin Skirmishers - WIP Hobgoblins Orcs Ogre Command 77566 - Ogre Chieftain - WIP 77568 - Ogre Matriarch - WIP 77567 - Goblin Standard Bearer and Musicians - WIP Ogres Chill Out Lycanthropes 2 Goremaw Dagon Mythos Expansion Stoneskull Expansion Graveyard Expansion 77491 - Kickstarter Sophie - WIP Non Reaper: (so far these are only Mega Miniatures, but will eventually be a few boardgame minis). Mega Miniatures: (the first few were in one post) F-40 - Guard with spear raised DEAL-0145 - Guard with crossbow DEAL-0014 - Ghost DEAL-0169 - Thief throwing dagger DEAL-0501 - Bureau important person with dog DEAL-0225 - Amazon drawing sword DEAL-0494 - Bureau hands on waist DEAL-0172 - Aging Wizard DEAL-0336 - Thief thrusting Hearthstone: Redcaps -WIP1, WIP2 Chuppa Dark Sword: DSM2112 - Male Fighter with Spear -WIP - WIP 2 - DSM5073 - Arston Whitebeard -WIP Paymaster Games (Going Native): Hasslefree: Kev White does Matt Dixon: Harwood Hobbies: Hazmat Team (4) Flashlight, Geiger, Laptop, Clipboard RCMP Constable Lestrade Normal, Armed Cultists: The Duke - WIP Demon - WIP Mr Karswell - WIP Ritual Leader - WIP 3 Axe Cultists - #1 #2 #3 - WIP The Enforcer - WIP Red Box Games: Warbands of the Cold North II: Red Gunhildr Pretty Laerke Female berserker shaman Other: RAFM-Nightgaunt -WIP Grenadier-Halfling -WIP End of Times (Ian Mountain) Maximilian Eve Dr Prometheus Father Patrick Ripper Kobold Press Bestiary Paymaster Games Going Native: New World Monsters Crooked Dice Dark Age Outpost Dollar Store: Centipedes - WIP Spiders - WIP1 WIP2 Board Games: Talisman Folkore: The Affliction Zombicide: Walk of the Dead-WIP Murder of Crowz-WIP Very Infected People - WIP Black Plague Character pack - Hildir (WIP1, WIP 2) - Goat (WIP) - New completed minis will appear in posts below, and will be linked to in this top post. Running total: 2013: 17 2014: 3 2015: 20* (45) 2016: 20* (68) 39 (by March 19)+1 aug +7 sept +10 sept +1 oct +10 dec 2017: 20* (69/33)(july30) 2+2+3+2+2+1+1+23june+33july updated July 30, 2017 (new minis still to be added)
  13. I have been doing some table level quality painting on some of the smaller Bones miniatures (to offset my foray into giants). Here is a evening painting. Two beetles which really look kinda like spiders. At least my players didn't notice they werent spiders. I even used the purple-ish paintscheme in the Pathinder Bestiary for a spider on them. I only recently realised these are beetles. I feel kind of silly. :P Its oddly relaxing to paint for 'just good' instead of 'try new things all over this model'
  14. Ok here is some more Bones Skeleton's for your viewing Critique. Finished these guy up last year. Still experimenting with basing at that time. Also tried some rusting. Here is one I just finished. Attempting a blue shadowing effect. Didn't like it for bone. But think it would be great for an ice effect if I darken the shadow just a bit more.
  15. So, here I am sitting in my truck, waiting for the group of Boy Scouts to finish their caving expedition in Northeastern Tennessee. While playing around on my phone, I thought I remembered a store along I-26 near Asheville that sells Reaper Products, a quick search and voila! Pastimes on Weaverville highway, exit 23 on I-26 just outside of Ashville. Normally going through Ashville, I'm headed towards Knoxville, not Bristol. This time, fortune smiled at me! All the miniatures and games in the store are 50% off! Spent a bit too much money, but am happy with what I bought. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend stopping in and checking out the shelves. But don't count on any CAV pieces, as I bought the last two that he had... :)
  16. Hey folks! Finished up the male cloud giant from the BONES KS 1 Vampire level on Saturday. I just went with the layering effect as he's going to be a tabletop mini. But I did want to do something different with the skin and the kilt about his knees. There's also a size comparison shot so you can see how big he is. Thanks for looking!
  17. So, I've decided on a mini for the Here Be Dragons contset, though how one follows that Nethyrmaul, I'll never know. I'm going to paint this bad boy: With a twist...LIMITED PALETTE!!! Okay, I've decided on four colors to use: I've basecoated him in 'Sample,' which is suspiciously similar to Payne's Grey, though slightly purple. The horns, claws, teeth and spines will be painted with Bleached Bone. The wings and under-scales will be painted with Ice Blue. The main body will be painted with Astronomicon Grey. The base will be painted with a mix of Bleached Bone and Ice Blue (maybe, I'm not sure on this choice, yet). I'm currently working on the horns/teeth/claws/spines right now. Watch for more pics later.
  18. Well I finished up Nethyrmaul for one client, only to have TWO more shipped to me for other clients. LOL It truly is the year of the dragons for Midwest Miniature Guy Studios. That's alright cause it's minus 30 here in MN on Christmas Eve. So as we all bundle up and get ready for our evening celebrations (the family is headed to Mass tonight, then popcorn eating and Christmas lights around the town!) I leave you with my first version of ye old dragon. Happy Christmas Reaper Peeps!
  19. Finished up the PF Red Dragon on Thursday morning. Finally got some pics taken of it. This will be going to Matthew Solarz, owner of Center Stage Miniatures, for his private collection.
  20. I've been fascinated with NMM since I first saw it. How does one make regular colors look like metal?! I've delved into NMM every once in awhile, but never with what I consider great NMM. This is no exception for me, but it's getting a wee bit closer. :) Duke Gerard here is from the first Bones KS and my 4-5th try at NMM. C&C not needed (I know what needs work and I'm working on those areas on other models), this is mostly for the new painters and for painters struggling with NMM. Cause even I'm still doing so and I've been painting for over 13 years now. So enjoy and take what you will from this post! :D
  21. I had taken a bit of time off, and the results show.. but, not too bad. It was a bit chalky, so I did a few green ink washes to even it out and bring out the green more..
  22. Hey folks. Been awhile since I've posted anything again. Been working on commissions for Center Stage Miniatures and private clients. However I was able to get the new Bones River Troll finished this week! So I thought I'd share him with ya since I haven't seen one posted yet. I know one person was working on him, but I'm not sure if he was done yet. Any way here he is! His back scales basecoat was Ceramcoat Deep River Green. Then a wash of GW Drakenhof Nightshades (dark blue wash). Then I started highlighting up using yellow in the Deep River Green. His chest, belly and underside of his arms are in this order; Basecoat: Ceramcoat Leaf Green, Wash of dark blue and GW Agrax Earthshade. Reestablish the basecoat. Start adding some Oyster white to the basecoat as first highlight. I made the paint as transparent as possible and really blended the colors together as best as I could. I kept adding oyster white to the mix until I was using straight oyster white. His clubs basecoat was GW Bestial Brown, followed by a wash of agrax earthshade. Highlighted with several browns. Skraag brown, snakebite leather, bubonic and then rotting flesh with skull white as the highest highlight. Leathers were Scorched Earth (basecoat) then highlighted up with some Ceramcoat Golden brown. The fur is scorched earth with overbrushing of bestial brown, snakebite leather, vomit brown, and rotten flesh. The skull is bestial brown, oyster white and skull white. The head is scorched earth, RMS rosy flesh mixed with sky blue. I kept highlighting the sky blue with some more rosy flesh until I got the desired look I wanted. His hair is black with bright grey highlights. The underside of his wrap is Scorched Earth, with Golden Brown as the next highlight. I then added in more white into the golden brown for the following highlights. The scales of his wrap are, scorched earth, bestial brown, skraag brown, deathclaw brown, bubonic brown, rotting flesh, and then a touch of white on the very edges. Teeth and claws are bestial brown, ushabti bone, oyster white and skull white. I used tentacle pink for the gum line around the teeth. The base is black with overbrushing of charcoal, charcoal+bright grey, bright grey, skull white. Then I glued on some GaelForce 9 marsh lands and dead static grass mixture. Hope you like him! I'm looking forward to seeing the looks on my gaming friends faces when they see him on the table.
  23. Okay, here's what I've completed thus far in the paint binge. These are all speed paints, and were primed Thanksgiving morning, and were finished either Last night (Oxidation Beast) or this morning (Kobolds!). The oxidation beast is like its siblings in my WIP thread, I'm going to eventually put metal pieces and paint them rusty for basing, but until I do so, I'm leaving it bare and I'm good with that. I'm also aware of the bonesium showing on one kobold and the underside of the Oxidation beast (I'm not worried about either). Total time on these: Kobolds took about 7 hours total, oxidation beast was 45 minutes, including ink drying time. Now for the Pics: Kobolds Oxidation Beast
  24. I just saw this in The Gaming Gang website. I guess Reaper is releasing new miniatures! Woohoo! This year 12 days of Christmas will be GOOD!
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