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  1. I told a friend it was either going to be green and diseased, white and albino or classic Dire Bat black. I ended up albino-ish brown, lol. If only Reaper had Dire Bat variants I would totally pick them up. Hope you enjoy. quite a large bat
  2. Figure: Khalib, Runelord Apprentice Manufacturer: Reaper SKU #60098 Material: Pewter WIP Thread: Located here. I was given a half painted figure from one of my Pathfinder group members, he had only painted up the robe and was struggling with how to do the skin, face, book, staff, hair, sculpting of the beard, and basing so he asked me really nicely to see what I could do with this figure. I accepted of course and here he is after I've finished with him. Anyhow, here is Fenzik the Sorcerer (Fortune teller and conman). I'd love C&C on the parts that I personally painted as the robe was painted by my friend. Thanks for looking!
  3. My Bones Zombies with some reposing and headswapping: A Ral Partha Ghoul (11-434) painted at the same time: And since I love group shots, here is the horde:
  4. Here is my take on Reaper's Winter Wolf. I do regret using the Snow effects, the fake snow didn't come out like I hoped. And for a total change of season, Autumn Bronzeleaf (the metal version) in summer garb. The colors on the metal is totally not like the figure at all, what looks like steel here is actually blueish with bronzed highlights.
  5. Quick paintjob of the Reaper Sylph (Warlord 14552), with clouds added with greenstuff to make it look like she is above the clouds.
  6. 77170 - Clay Golem Bones Follow the build - WIP Finally got this little guy done. Sorry for the bad pictures. I really need a better camera and way of taking pictures. Hope you all like.
  7. So as I've been getting back into the swing of painting more frequently (as opposed to occasionally dabbling), I've been mucking about with some of these new-fangled teknologies you crazy kids have been inventing (Why, in my day, we painted with Testor's and we liked it, by gum!). One thing I got my hands on was a jar of Army Painter's Quickshade - the soft tone, and I figured I'd see how it works. I've been working on a couple of the Reaper Bones trolls (bought specifically to test primed vs. unprimed painting), and an old Chainmail minotaur skeleton that were both close to complete (or so I thought. So, I opened up the can, and away we go! Thing One and Thing Two got blooped right into the can, using a pair of bent-nose pliers I have for such purposes. Unfortunately, there really isn't anywhere in this apartment to really shake the minis off - I was using the cover from a stack of CD-Roms as a shake hood, but the results were less than awesome. I tried brushing some of the quickshade off, but... I actually really like the way Thing One's plague boil ended up - it's really creepy and icky looking, and I decided to leave it glossy and wet-looking. Other than that, however, it's definitely way too much quickshade on too many parts of the mini, in both cases - although not quite as bad as I first thought. So, learning my lesson (I hope?) on Mervin the Minotaur, I used a brush and tried to brush on the quickshade instead - with, I think, much better performance, although if I'd known how much it was going to stain the existing topcoat, I likely would have been more aggressive with my use of ghost white? I've decided they are, basically, almost done - I want to do some touch up on Thing One's base (where the quickshade apparently lifted up some of the not-quite-as-dry-as-I-thought paint?) and some general touch up and maybe a little extra highlighting and drybrushing on Mervin. But these have both gotten two coats of Reaper brush-on sealant, and are pretty much good for tabletop, I guess?
  8. This seems to be the "in" thing these days - a single, centralized thread of one's progress, both to keep from cluttering up the forums and to document improvement. I could probably use something like this; I keep thinking that I'm not getting better, and then I look at minis I did a year ago and shudder. So, here we go. I can't promise to keep it up to date, since my schedule's usually pretty hectic and I have a bad habit of forgetting about or neglecting projects in progress... *guiltily shuffles the Armies of Anhur out of sight with his foot* ...but I've been somewhat active lately, so we'll see how it goes. Previous WIPs: *Learn To Paint Kit 1 *The Armies of Anhur *She Got The Booty! *There's Something Rotten In The Pumpkin Patch...
  9. It felt like painting something out of my childhood with this (I'll confess to being really into the whole Drow thing for a while for the very, very obvious reason): This was my second Bones piece (I painted one of the IMEF guys for my brother, as he thinks it's cool I'm painting and is supporting my whimsy and wanted some space marines as he's a huge Mass Effect fan; still have another to do). It really seems to paint differently than the metal, but maybe I'm just imagining it. I'm following the general guidelines I see for them, but anyway. Could NOT find one of these painted to give me ideas, and I kind of had a hard time telling where her top ended, neckline-wise. So did some ballparking there. Turned out purpler than I'd've liked, maybe--I want to work on mixing a grayer shade for the base coast before I do any more dark elves (I have the male arachnid, the queen, some others. Yay)--but I was kind of happy wth my highlights. Still working to brighter brighter brighter them. But I had a lot of fun. And it totally creeps my wife out. So there's that. As always, advice for improving, her or especially in general, is totally appreciated.
  10. I finished up Kaladrax a couple weeks ago. He should be arriving at his new home in Arizona tomorrow. :D Hope you like him. And the ever popular size comparison shot!
  11. Wow! Over 350 fantasy minis to choose from? Count me IN!
  12. And here is the mini I will probably be entering in the Single Mini portion of the Spaceship Superstar contest. His casting was a bit off, and his face is lopsided, but them's the breaks.
  13. And here is Rex, Dark Future Hero, for the current Bones Beauty Contest, and maybe for the Spaceship Superstar Single Mini. "I'll be back."
  14. Another day, another attempt! I'm not happy with the pictures I was able to take AT ALL lol. I was fairly pleased with the way this turned out, at least in part. I base-coated with a bluish gray (all the armor), and then dry-brushed highlights with a metallic silver. I left my homemade wash off this time. Also, big news as per everyone's previous advice: I took a shot at lining. Just used black and hit edges/boundaries. Hopefully it's noticable. He doesn't feel AS dark in person (the purple of his under-shirt-skirt deal isn't coming through at all here, I don't think), but I'm wondering now, looking at the pictures, if I should try a round of lighter dry-brushing. I did a little white, but I'm not sure it worked out. This was my first time using metallics really, too. Once again, advice for improving is supremely appreciated!
  15. Just for fun, I painted this guy up. The body was painted with Tamiya X-24 Clear Yellow, then drybrushed white, then given a generous coat of glow-in-the-dark yellow. He's still pretty translucent, but he's definitely not green anymore. As always, C&C welcome!
  16. Here's The Black Mist for the Trash It Beauty Contest, though I don't have any appropriate trash for his base (so I'll be skipping the basing contest with him). The cobblestone street was given an extra coating of gloss varnish at the end, so the street would look wet. I'll definitely look into getting some better photos for the actual contest entry, though. As always, C&C welcome!
  17. So, yeah, hey. I'm trying to figure out how to up my game. I don't know if I'll go back on this guy right away, but I can apply to the next mini, for sure. I figured I'd post my latest and then I can take whatever advice anyone has and build on it in the advice/etc. forum and elsewhere. Hope this is okay. This is the fourth mini I've painted since I fire up again last week, after a flat ten-year layoff from painting (and then I had no techniques going at all, but anyway; I'm basically learning from square one): I primed with flat-white Krylon primer. I mixed all my own paints, basically from primaries, black, white, a couple browns, a gray, a green, and a flesh tone. I'm using a homemade wash concoction (I have the Reaper washes in the mail), and I'm unsure how much good it did (don't think it's sticking well enough, for whatever reason). I'm trying to learn to shade and highlight--I really want to figure the whole washing and dry-brushing thing out. I think maybe I needed brighter highlights or something. Also, if you can see with the lousy pic, does the paint look clumpy or something on the clothes inside the robe? I'm wondering if I'm not watering the paint down enough (I really think this but still haven't managed to stop doing it). Possibly related, my face seem to come out smudged much too frequently (though this one less so than others). Just bad brushwork, maybe? At the same time, I'm childishly super-proud of this! I'm getting better as I go along, and I'd be happy to sete this guy on the gaming table if I still played D&D. But I still want to improve! So any advice/tips/lashings/exhortations anyone has are most appreciated!
  18. As promised, here are 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock and the Little Death Familiar (Named Ezekiel and Jack, respectively): (Yes that is what you think it is.) As always, thanks for looking, and C&C welcome!
  19. Here is my finished Bertok from the LTPK 4. Thanks for Viewing and any comments.
  20. So, these are my first two completed BONES minis. The Fire Giant queen and an Orc that was too big to fit on a 30mm base, so he became an Ogre instead. Sorry for the bad photos, the Fire Giant queen was varnished with her first coat of gloss before I remembered to take any (and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired). C&C welcome.
  21. We spend a lot of time requesting and asking things of Reaper, but I figured we should all take some time to consider what we can do for them. Obviously, the big thing is to buy their products. Outside of that, what can we do to help further the Reaper cause? If you are a ReaperPeep on the inside, what would be your biggest request of us followers who want to help you succeed?
  22. I was asked to paint a few Reaper miniatures up to fit in with an undead Mordhiem army. As this is outside of my comfort zone I thought it would be a good idea to do a WIP so I can get some feedback on them. The three figures are Reaper's 03345 Ridley Darkedge sculpted by the incredible Julie Guthrie, 03496 Castrus Vile sculpted by the great Guy England and 0390 Ilkhand the Bloody sculpted by the wonderful Werner Klocke. I hope to included lots of photos as I paint, but unfortunately I sometimes forget. So to start I prepped Ridley tonight and boy did he need alot of work. I spent alot of time removing mold lines first with my scalpel, then with files and finally smoothing him out with some fine grade sandpaper. Then I washed him in some soap and water, after gluing him to a square base with a start of some sand I primed him gray. After I saw him primed almost as always I saw a few issues which needed corrected. So since this is a WIP I shall share all my mistakes in hopes it may help someone avoid them. Here he is all primed with a few issues which I will fix before painting. The area behind his arm I will use some liquid greenstuff and level out, after it is dry I will use a bit of brush on primer. The tiny speck of either dirt or metal flash I missed on the cloak I will simply take my scalpel and cut it off and prime as well. The sword since it is so tiny and I don't want to spend the time with liquid greenstuff I figure a bit of superglue applied carefully with a toothpick with fill in the tiny pit mark. Although since I only primed him tonight I want to let it cure until tomorrow until I mess with it as it will help keep it stronger and that way I do not risk gumming it up. I will take an after photo before I lay some paint down. To help visualize a color scheme I printed out some black and white photos of the mini from Reaper's site and applied paint to it. This helps me get a better idea for my base colors and allows me to make notes as to what colors I used to start with. Here is a quick iphone picture which does distort the colors a bit but it should give you an idea. I learned this trick from both Derek and Marike and it certainly helps me with color as I sometimes really struggle with picking colors. We settled on the colors in the second picture. The cloak with actually be a base color of P3's coal black and will hopefully have some freehand added before he is finished. That is all I have to share for now I hope to have time to paint tomorrow and will post more then.
  23. Here is my attempt to recreate Tsuko from LTPK 2 using only the LTPK2 thread. Only thing I changed was that I used Tanned skin triad. Thanks for Viewing and C&C are always welcome.
  24. Here is another bones I finished up. Thanks for viewing.
  25. Here is one of the first KS1 Bones character miniatures I completed. Given the discontinued (in Bones) status of this miniature, I took it upon myself to prove it can still turn out well. Her raised left hand is the primary reason for the discontinuation in Bones and I understand why (see the metal for comparison: http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03547); but I believe I was able to make the most of it. Juliette, Human Wizard, formerly 77057:
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