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  1. OK so here is my finished take on Bertok. I'd love to get feedback on the NMM, its attempt number 4 at the technique and I still don't think I've got it right. Strangely there are some spots on him where I think I've done (by accident) an ok SENMM.
  2. This is another miniature I've had trouble photographing, both because its dark and the tentacles poking out from the mini. Hopefully I'll get a better background on the weekend. C&C welcome.
  3. These are two 'snakemen' I painted over the course of a year. The first half I painted last year. The rest I painted right about now. The quality is quite different. I have thus tried to improve the painting on the models, without fully repainting them. They are not my best work, but as a 'touch up and finish off' job I am quite happy with them. They will see a lot of play in my Serpent's Skull campaign. :)
  4. I came home today to find this in my mailbox!! Happy days!! Thanks Argentee!! Argentee is new to painting minis as am I so I'll endeavor to provide some useful feedback as I know that I really enjoy it when folks critique my work. Upon unwrapping it, the first thing that struck me were the eyes... I still fail to see how people are able to get eyes down onto such small faces without mushing up everything... The detail work on the fan, feathers and bodice shows a good measure of brush control as does the freehand work on the dress and fan.. A couple things that stick
  5. My girlfriend just started running the new Shattered Star adventure path for Pathfinder. I decided on playing a paladin from Qadira (basically india). I looked around and found this awesome mini, Tariq, Nefsokar Sergeant (so awesome in fact that I used the name Tariq). The original paintscheme on the site did pretty well for my needs, but I change it a bit. I particularly didn't like the fact that the helm had the same color as his skin, so I changed that. I also made the base more pronounced desert. I tried to put in some free hand work, but it didn't look like it belonged really. The
  6. Finally finished my version of Sajan, the iconic pathfinder monk. I set out to use the 'original' color scheme, but ended up not doing it all. Mainly on account of not having the skills to pull it off. PS: I am aware of the blotchy hand with the sword. This mini was broken, but I figured... *beep* it, it is still worth painting!
  7. did the warrior in LTPK1. doing my own touch ups to him now
  8. I believe this is a reaper mini, but I can't seem to find the number. Regardless, this is for tabletop. My first time trying eyes. :)
  9. My latest piece. I think I did a better job on shades and highlights this time around. As for the base, i need to get some materials.. Also tried a little freehand on this one... a couple of the lines are much fatter than what i wanted but once i started I was committed. Lessons learned... Going to stop attaching the mini to a base right off the bat, Im finding it just makes it difficult at times. Colors behave very different from each other with respect to thinning, glazing and such, gonna take more practice.
  10. Tabletop quality paintjob on some reaper (non pathfinder) goblins. Tried to be a bit extreme with the orange/yellow so they are readily readable on the table. You'd be surprised just how much goblins are thrown around during my combats.
  11. I've completed another mini, this time everyone's favorite dapper mind flayer, Professor Kraken. Right now, he's just loosely slotted into the base he came from. I'm considering a few options for a permanent base. I may get a pre-sculpted base and place him on there. Alternately, I may get some green stuff and try to sculpt a Victorian street, or even a dirt path for him to be running down. I tried a lot of experimenting with shading and highlighting on this mini. The results are... a little less than subtle, but I think they work, at least for tabletop. The bott
  12. Conversion of 65105: Talanka, Female Ogre Shaman into a hill giantess. The club is from the staff that was originally in her left hand. The drinking horn started as one of the tusks strapped to her back.
  13. Second miniature of the New Age of Miniature Painting at the Hellcow Household! I'm going to come right out and say it - I am pretty darned pleased with how this guy turned out. All of the little things I tried here, imo, worked just like I wanted them too with the sole exception of that headstone - I shouldn't have done the 'dipping' technique on it as I was unable to get the pale surface color I wanted. Oh well - now that there is a little dullcote on it I can clean it up later!
  14. It seemed appropriate (not to mention easier) to go with the skeletons for my first attempt at painting bones. I'd like to get a better close-up, but my camera won't focus any closer than this (I've a Nikon Coolpix L19). As you can probably tell, I went a little crazy with washes this time around. I started off painting them a nice solid Uthuan Grey from the citadel paints I got. Next came a wash of Reaper's Walnut Brown, to bring out the details. It was a little too strong on one of them, so he also got a wash of Reaper's Pure White on top of that. Then they got a wash of Ushati
  15. Another mini done. This time I tried a little more with shading. I decided to finally give the grass green color from my Learn to Paint kit a go, and it formed the base coat for the troll. It may have been a little too bright, in hindsight. Mixed blue and green for the hair. Did some highlights by mixing the green with tanned skin. I wish I'd had some yellow to work with. I think that might have shown up better. You can't really see it in any of these pictures, but I lined the more obvious veins with black. I figured that would work well with the green skin. A look at
  16. Since I finished up the Man-at-Arms, it was time to turn my attention to the other mini in the set: the Barrow Rat. I tried some of the advice I received on the board, and I think it turned out a lot better this time. Here's a top view. Not a lot of detail on display here, but you can see how I glued it to a bottlecap for handling (rub-off of the primer was a major issue on the last mini). You can also see that the base is primed, but not painted. I'll be painting it eventually, but I just wanted to paint the mini this time. Here's a side-view. You can see the fur textur
  17. Since I had so much fun with the last one, I thought I'd go for a second. Only this time leave it up for a week so more people can get in on it and tell me what to do. Er, paint. *channels cylon* By. Your. Command. Anywhat, here's what we've got in the ring. 1. Representing Reaper Miniatures, weighing in with three skeletons and a hot chick, give it up for: 03100, Thanis, Bonecaller! *crowd cheers* *camera flashes strobe* 2. And from RAFM miniatures, for your entertainment with his whacky bag of tricks and prestidigitation, it's 3737, Lich Magician with Skeletal Rab
  18. Okay, this is my first attempt at painting a metal mini. I don't think it looks quite as nice as my space marines, but I also experimented a lot more. The eyes were done as one of the earlier parts of the job, and it shows. Eventually, I just got frustrated with trying to get the eyes to look somewhat eye-shaped, and said "good enough." At some point, I may return and actually paint something on the shield. For now, simple blue will have to do. You can see where the wash meant for the metal rim intruded on the blue. I tried going with some vertical striping on th
  19. Not sure how many people saw the article but I scoured the forum and didn't see anything posted about it so here you go if you missed it. I'm just going to post the link (hopefully) so you can head there yourself and save some space here. It's a great, albeit short, piece about the impact Reaper's KS is having on the RPG industry and what it says for the future of the gaming market. Great job guys!! http://www.wired.com/design/2012/08/reaper-miniatures-bones-kickstarter-success/
  20. I almost hate taking pictures of these minis, not only because my photography skills suck but it seems to magnify all my little imperfections... at least my light looks less yellow this time... think i just need more of it... anyway... Here is my third...No tossing away supplies Baphomet...
  21. So I just got into painting minis, i don't even play any miniature games ... yet anyway, but i wanted to post a couple pics to show the first couple completed projects My first attempt, The emperor's champion Second go round, Not quite sure i like so much metallic in one place so i tried something different. Reaper's Torrent (i know its supposed to be water but i think the molten rock looks cool... maybe I'll take 50141: Inferno and try to pull off Ice or water Just started playing around with basing so im going to try to have a more finished looking end product moving forward.
  22. Hello all, I bought an Additives Triad the a little while back - I think it was late March - and I was surprised at the consistency of the Brush-on Primer that came in it. I used it right away, and it didn't form drops out of the bottle, but rather it oozed out of the dropper, acting more solid than liquid - it reminded me of squeezing toothpaste from a tube, with it coming out of the bottle in a snake-like fashion rather than drops. Is this normal with the Brush-on Primer? It's just been difficult to measure water ratios with the primer acting like this, and with this being the firs
  23. 02745: Ulern, Anti-Paladin Facing 02758: Stern Kestrelmann, Paladin
  24. These Reaper dwarves are old school, circa 1995, sculpted by Bob Olley. Enjoy! More photos in my gallery: http://www.mamageekminis.com/gallery.html?index=55&gal=11
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