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  1. So I mentioned in my WIP thread for my mohawk dwarf that I was working on dwarven chieftains for the other main clans in the world my husband has created for D&D. I figured while I was taking pictures of the mohawk dwarf (Chieftain of the Erdunir Clan Emerald) that I should make a WIP thread for the rest of them too. First up, chief of the MagmaFist Clan, (14561) King Axehelm of Kragmarr. He's a mountain dwarf. Chief of the duergar SteelSilk clan, (14324) Herryk Aesir. Chief of the Thumbbreaker Clan, also mountain dwarves, (14042) Thorgram. Chief of the deep dwarf Dulvine Clan, (02472) Thain Grimthorn, with weapon modifications. Chief of the hill dwarf Longfang Clan, (02229) Brag Ironballs (te-he!). Last, but not least, the chieftain of the derro dwarves (whose clan name I can't remember..), from MegaMiniatures. That's a lot of dwarves...
  2. Finally started painting this bad boy up. It's also my first experiment with greenstuff, used to fill some gaps. Doesn't look too horrible, I don't think. Base on the bone was Ushabti Bone from Citadel. Worked well enough, especially with some Agrax Earthshade over it. Cloth was done with a mix of three drops Intense Brown, two (small) drops Sun Yellow, and then given a wash with Carroburg Crimson. Yeah, Citadel's making me really lazy with washes. Not gonna lie. I likes it. Leather was done with Ruddy Leather, and then Oiled Leather on the edges and in lines to make it look old. The khopesh is done in old bronze, with an Athonian Camoshade wash. Gives it a nice tarnished look, though you can't see it in the pictures too well. Various wire-looking contrivances I did in Copper from the old Pro Paint line. Picked up some of those a week ago, and I've been itching to use them. Wood done with a mix of three parts Rainy Gray, one part Intense Brown, and then given a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade, to give it that aged, weathered look. Chains were done with Tarnished Steel, with an Agrax Earthshade wash to make them look a bit rusted. More on rust in a bit. Not much to say here, except that you can see the chains and wood a bit better here. Peeking out from behind his knee you can see the head of a morningstar. Done in Tarnished Steel, with a few highlights in Pure Silver. Here he is from the back. The hammer was done in Blackened Steel, with Old Bronze inlays. Here's his nice collection of heads. That orcish looking thing is painted with Orc Flesh (another old Pro Paint pot), with Reikland Fleshshade over it. The chainmail was done in Tarnished Steel, with a drybrush of Pure Silver for highlights, and then some Agrax Earthshade to age it. Here's his rusty old knife. Hilt was done in Old bronze. The blade was done in Tarnished Steel with Pure Silver highlights. I then gave it the Earthshade wash, and used Rust Orange Ageing Powder, from Back 2 Base-ix. Next time, I'm going to do a bit more study in how rust actually forms. This was just kind of haphazardly slapped on. Still, doesn't look too bad, I don't think. You'll notice, of course, he's unbased at present. I haven't decided how I'm going to base him yet. Part of the issue is that I don't have any bases large enough (though that's easily fixed). A larger issue is that his integral base isn't even. His right leg isn't quite long enough to have the leg set in the model while having the two base pieces fit properly. So, I'm going to have to fashion some way of leveling it. Likely I'll just make something out of Greenstuff. Rocks and so forth. Hopefully it'll look decent enough. But that's a project for another day. For now, I'm calling him complete for the day.
  3. As with many, I've recently fallen off the wagon after roughly 15 years of ignoring miniature painting, due mostly to the Bones Kickstarter, but also due to my gaming group's renewed interest in Warhammer Quest. Anyway, I've just started to take pictures, my picture rig is literally a few pieces of plasticard, my painting light, my phone's camera, and a couple of filters on photobucket. I've tried not to alter things too much electronically, but somethings definitely need "restored" when using a phone for pictures... First up, one of my first NMM attempts (just the silver armor and sword, not the gold stuff) - the figure is a lieutenant from Descent:RtL (FFG): I haven't done much basing work since I've been back at the hobby, as almost all my minis receive heavy use as game pieces. I might go back and base them later, the Micro Arts stuff is pretty cool, I got a couple dozen of those for my upcoming Bones Vampire package. There's also a small blemish on the bottom of his cloak (back). It's a chip courtesy of one of my less careful friends. I dulled it a bit in post but you can still see it's there. C+C appreciated.
  4. He's finally all done:- I know his eyes are terrible, and he's a bit too shiny (I'm still fairly new to using that brush-on sealer stuff, or any model varnish for that matter). But are there any other areas I need to work on? I'm very open to suggestions
  5. This here is Kassata Lewynn. Painted her in the original paintscheme, because I run the adventure path she appears in. She is also doubling as a pirate in my pirate campaign. Had some issues getting her picture to be crystal clear, but this will just have to do. This is one of those I like better in real life instead of on the picture.
  6. My show off thread for March. Comments are always welcome. Finished Reaper 77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger x4 Finished Other Brands Unknown: Harpy AEG/Valiant: Clan War Unaligned Shugenja GW: Wraithguard GW: 3 Empire Spearmen (2 regular 1 hero) (2000 WHFB starter.) GW (Citadel pre-1990): Fimir Noble Ral Partha: Thri-kreen (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) GW LotR: Ringwraith x5 Ral Partha:Gith (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) GW (Citadel pre-1990): Dwarf Adventurer (Bandit) Ral Partha: Anakore (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) Bonenami: 134
  7. Well, this guy has been done for a while, but I only just got around to shooting him, it was such a nice day, i was able to use God's own lightbox. I'm quite happy with this guy.
  8. Last week I began my first forays into miniature painting. I purchased a metal Pathfinder Amiri and proceeded to spend the following hours alternating between happiness at the fun of painting cool things and cursing at the difficulty of trying to apply paint to something so ridiculously tiny. I knew that miniature painting would be difficult in theory, but I didn't appreciate how much skill there is involved until I got to experience the joy of trying to reach a tiny area of the figure without accidentally bumping the paint-leaden brush against adjacent edge/surfaces. She's not a great (or even good) paint job, but I'm still pretty proud of her. =D I am pleased to have a painted mini on the table at my Pathfinder games. I was previously using a cardboard pathfinder pawn. After I finished Amiri I went back to the game shop and walked out with a bag full of bones with aspirations of having a monster army. Toward the end my speed was improving by quite a bit. I managed to shave a couple hours off my time spent on each figure. :-) I made the mistake of priming these guys with the same P3 primer I used on Amiri (it worked beautifully on the metal mini) and it made the surface of the plastic figures tacky. After browsing these forums I learned that you're supposed to just paint right on the bones. Oops! I purchased two of these dragons. The next one is going to be blue! I used . I used a hot needle to poke holes in the bow that touches his leg and where he's grabbing the string. Any critiques or advice is much appreciated. Thanks for looking. I have a new bag full of Bones that's waiting to be painted. The army grows =D ---------------------------------------- 3/4/12: Finished the orc trio. I tried photographing against a medium tone ground instead of black. Hopefully they're a bit clearer. 3/21/12: Blue dragon and elf choking himself. The photos on this are a little bit more blurry. I took them with a relatively sunny winter day's light coming through the window, but I don't think it photographed as well as when I took it on the brown cardboard box in my basement with bright lights on. Using silver highlights for the blue dragon's scales was not the greatest idea ever. They look more like highlights in person, but they're definitely not as great as the more subtle copper on the red. I was going to pick up 3 more dragons to get a green, white, and black dragon in my mini arsenal, but with the kickstarter minis set to hit stores in a few months, I'd like to get some different sculpts to play with =3 When I looked at the blister pack of the elven archer in the store I thought it was a lady elf. Ooops! I picked up a Pathfinder Sheilu mini after I realized my mistake. I'm sure that this guy will get some use on the table someday, even if it's only as a stand-in for someone who forgot to bring a figure.
  9. One completed shadow demon. Parts come from three manufacturers and four different sculptors. Link to WIP thread
  10. So, I recently came across some shadow corps minis on eBay, and bid before realizing they were 15mm scale. These are the ones riding bears and rams. If that's not enough, in a large lot I bought from a buddy a few months back, I have some 15mm Ral Partha D&D dwarves. Now, normally I have no interest in 15mm. Not a size that comes into roleplaying that often. I'm mostly a 28mm guy. But y'know, a thought occurs to me. Next time I run a fantasy-based game, there has to be some role for extra tiny bearded guys, beyond the obvious "shrunken dwarves." What sort of people could these guys be used for? What are they? A related subrace? Dwarven pygmies? Something more exotic? Any ideas?
  11. My latest experiment; combining parts from Reaper, Wyrd, and RAFM. Part of my effort to represent the old Fiend Folio in miniature.
  12. Here's the first finished mini in my L2PK journey:- Not the most exciting mini I've ever painted, but it was fun none the less. Comments and criticisms are very welcome, this little adventure is all about making me into a better painter, so I am yours to mold.
  13. It's been a while since I took pictures while painting so I figured lets give it another try. What I am working on here is 14578: Sea Hag, Razig. My vision: A 'nice' sea hag with shades of blue, purple and green. All kind of pastel-ey. My techniques: I want to try new things so I am trying wet blending on the skin. Most of the skin is done (though critique is welcome). I have only put up base colors on most of the rest of the mini. I am still trying to figure out when to wash the green and purple (and brown) or if I should at all. It should be said this is going to be a tabletop miniature paintjob. Oh and I aim for her to be standing in shallow water. :) This is where I am at the moment (no lightbox, I have to take it all out and that just takes to long during painting) Ideas/critique welcome! :)
  14. I recently finished this sea hag for a pathfinder session. I used crystal gel for the water and then drybrushed it. It really looks like she is standing in some shallow water near a beach. I am quite happy with the way she turned out.
  15. A buddy of mine at work requested I paint a rogue. This is the first mini I've ever painted for someone else. Hopefully, he likes it. Did a lot of dark colors, since he seemed like a shadowy guy. Even tried for a little gem effect on his broach. I feel my painting is improving. The eyes don't make me want to paint nothing but oozes, otyughs, and grimlocks for the rest of my days. I'm less satisfied with the basing. I tried some snow and added some earthshade to get it to look dirty. Not sure if I'll stick with this. I may scrape it off and try again. Also, I should probably have painted the broccoli base first. Still need to work on my blending, but now at least it exists. I added a little snow to the upper folds of the cloak, to make it look like it's still snowing a bit, and left little bits stuck around. The single flecks aren't glued on, and if I do rebase him, I can just brush them away. Nothing's sealed yet.
  16. Working slowly through a bones troll. I realize this is antithetical to the Buglips process (and I eventually hope to speed things up when I get to the other nineteen), but I wanted to get a look at how the effect was working. Basically, I'm trying to blend the dark and the light green. Also trying to decide what to color his hair. Black isn't going to show up well, and I'm not sure what won't look horrible. I'm almost tempted to do a slightly greenish yellow. I haven't decided what I'll do with his boils. If I don't go for the yellow hair, I might give them yellow highlights. Or maybe yellow-white on the tips if I want it to look really disgusting. Blending is working best on the sides. Not so great on the arms and legs. Those maintain fairly solid boundaries. Somewhat improved, but you can see pretty clearly where the dark stops and the light begins. You'll notice basically nothing's painted yet except the skin basecoat. I just haven't figured out what all I want elsewhere yet.
  17. Okay, finally got a mini I wouldn't be ashamed to bring to the gaming table. I still have a ways to go, but I think I'm definitely on the right track.
  18. I asked some friends what I should paint next, and wizard was the unanimous choice. I chose Tox, 02700, because I felt the robes would give me plenty of practice actually trying to get the colors to blend for shading. For once, I'm actually pretty happy with the eyes. Those I'm going to have to be very careful about not hitting. The orb in his hand I'm going to shade down to red. The one in the staff I'm less sure about as yet. The staff itself will be getting an intense brown drybrush (it's currently painted walnut brown, not very different from the black primer). I'm mostly satisfied with the basic look of the sleeves, though obviously I'm going to have to do a lot of clean-up there. Sorry the picture's not quite as good here, but you get the general idea. The dragon on the back is a slight metallic; I mixed a dab of copper in with some carnage red. I'll work some highlights in. I was thinking maybe a heavier copper mix for the highlights. Anyone tried anything like that before? Is this a good idea? The dragon on his shoulder is carnage red, and it's going to get some black mixed in. Any thoughts, recommendations?
  19. This is where I will be accumulating my finished miniatures for February. Comments are always welcome on the minis. Finished Reaper Figures 14267: General Matisse,Overlords Warlord 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess 03555: Thilinos Nightflame, Dark Elf Finished Other Figures Swords & Soldiers: Dream Park - Villain (1992) Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 1 Strain x 8 Ral Partha (?): Halfling Paladin Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 2 "Quasimodo" Strain x1 Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Hurley Avatars of War: Harpy of the Apocalypse Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 2 "Stalker" Strain x1 Ral Partha: Dark Sun Gladiators - Neeva Citadel (GW): Dwarf (pre-1990 pre-slotta). Bonenami: 114
  20. This conversion project sat half-finished for many months. Finally got her finished. While I was at it, I painted her a boyfriend.
  21. Hey guys, I am new to the reaper boards, and miniatures in general. I've collected them for a few years (for gaming campaigns), but just recently started painting, and taking some interest in basing. That said, I have no idea what I am doing! The minis already have small bases as part of the figure, so I am wondering how to base these. Do I cut away the metal base it comes with? If you can point me in the direction of a good guide, that would be wonderful. Thanks, Risingdark
  22. Did this in an hour or so. Kind of messy but hey, he needed to game!
  23. Scratch build base of green stuff and fake crystals.
  24. Ok so I'll keep all my work in here at least for the non-Reaper miniatures. Reaper Minis 02697: Yeti P14087B: Fairy with Book / Moth 02665: Killer Frogs 02100: Trissa Cloverhill Non-Reaper Minis GW (pre-1990): Half-Orc Fighter with Sword and Shield GW (Pre-1990): Half-Orc Fighter with Two-Handed Sword GW (LotR): Legolas (Fellowship Boxed Set) GW (LotR): Rohirrim Archer GW (LotR): Rohrirrim Infantry x2 Dark Sword: DSM3103 - GlenRaven - Female Rogue Redbox Games: Christia the Chaste Redbox Games: Lesser Infernal GW: 6x Empire Spearmen (6th Edition starter set) GW: Eldar Dreadnaught (original small head).
  25. And now its time to start on my December painting spree. Finsihed Reaper Minis: 02924: Bertok, Barbarian (L2PK-4) 02664: Phase Cat 02509: Mother Superior 60038: Chammady Drovenge 02672: Clawed Devil 77011: Dwarf Warrior 02670: Ulric Bloodclub Finished Minis from Other Companies: GW (pre-1990): 3 stage Adventurer - High Level Illusionist GW (LotR): Orc Warg Rider GW (pre-1990): Chaos Sorcerer (I think.) GW (Pre-1990): Dark Elf Warrior GW: Plastic Empire Spearmen (6th Edition Starter) x5 Ral Partha: Sea Elf
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