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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, I have received the ok from LadyStorm to promote my 5e D&D game for ReaperCon 2015. It will take place in a sci-fi setting and will use the futuristic variant rules. Players will be able to choose between Pre-generated bounty hunter characters or create their own based on the 5th edition ruleset. Players will be able to choose their bounties and will have to join forces to bring in their targets....either dead or alive. I will have the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manual with me, along with any character sheets, pencils, handouts, and miniatures that will be required to play. Players need only bring a set of dice and/or a miniature of their choice (if not then we can provide that for you). Unfortunately this will not be a D&D Encounters official game and it will not count towards any official characters. However, if you have wanted to give 5th edition a try and/or are looking for a fun twist on 5th edition, then join us!!! Look for my game when registration opens for it! Intended for ages 16+ For D&D basic rules .pdf's please visit: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules Should you have any questions...please feel free to ask in this thread. Dates and times of the games Thursday April 30, 2015 from 2pm - 6pm (4 hours) Friday May 1, 2015 from 2pm - 6pm (4 hours) Saturday May 2, 2015 from 2pm - 6pm (4 hours) All statistics and race, gender, age, name, etc info will be penciled in to allow for personalization of your character. Pre-made Character Concepts (all classes will start at level 5): 1) Goliath Barbarian (Path of the Berserker) - Mad Max themed off-world/outcast bounty hunter designed for maximum damage and damage reduction. A great front line melee "in your face" kind of character brandishing a Vibro-Great Axe. 2) Human Cleric (War Priest) - This character will wield their holy symbol as their weapon. It helps that their holy symbol is larger than they are and has 12 laser pistols concealed in hidden compartments. They will dish out large amounts of damage, and with the aid of their god, they will rain down pain upon their bounties. 3) Human Fighter (Champion) - This character's class abilities are all given to him/her by a chemical harness attached to their arms, legs, chest, and head. This "poison" will give them immeasurable Strength and Speed that will allow them to push themselves in combat, punching harder and faster than most, and even giving them brief health without any limitations. However, "poison" is highly addictive and the longer it is in your blood stream the more damage it does to your body. 4) Human Monk (Way of the Open Hand) - This ex-Yakuza enforcer is well trained in martial arts and is just as exceptional with his vibro-kitana as he/she is with their fists and kicks. Clad in formal business attire, they can blend into crowded streets and strike down their bounties before they even see the first fist fly. 5) Half Elf Paladin (Path of Vengeance) - This Paladin enters the field of combat dressed in traditional religious regalia, but hidden under their sleeves lies a pair of blessed longswords that will strike down any heretics they find. Normally, he/she is a calm and collected individual, but once they are given a calling, the Paladin will follow it until either their target is vanquished....or they are. 6) Wood Elf Ranger (Hunter) - The Ranger puts the hunter in Bounty Hunter....armed with a laser rifle, an array of traps and gadgets, and dressed to be able to take on a small army, the hunter always gets its prey. They are able to track down their bounties even in the densest of jungles. No one is safe from them. 7) Cyborg Rogue (Assassin) - The rogue is cybernetically enhanced to take out bounties silently and efficiently. The rogue comes with a kitana and laser pistol as well as a state of the art integrated stealth camouflage system. It's almost like they once played game involving metallic gears that are solid. 8) Tiefling Warlock (Fiend Pact) - "If you ask any of the other bounty hunters, Warlocks are the ones you stay away from. it's as if they made a pact with a devil. Sure we can blow things up, but they can summon hellfire and brimstone and not even mess up their black eye liner." - Random bounty hunter 9) High Elf Wizard aka Gearhead (Evocation) - The Gearhead uses technology as their main means of punishment. They can shoot jets of fire from their wrists watches, fire rockets from their shoulder mounted launchers, overload their systems to create shock waves of lightning. Don't let the grey pointy hats and beards fool you, they mean business.
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