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Found 176 results

  1. So we have discussed different times and days as to what is the best one to take the "Forumite" group pictures, and there has been no real consensus as to when / where/ how.... Thought- Take one EACH DAY after the dinner meal before everyone retreats into the Kraken bottles at the firepit? what does everyone think?
  2. knarthex


    I know it is early days, but for those of you plan on coming to ReaperCon from outside the USA, don't forget to check your passports are up to date for next October...... This has been a public service announcement from your Friendly Neighborhood Drow.....
  3. Hey all! There has been a bit of talk on the cosplay thread about moving the WIP's, so I decided, since my daughter and I have been contributing, to start a new thread. So, show us your costumes! The start of your costumes! The concept art of your.... You get the Idea! 8) George ps: This will let us know each other in a couple of Octobers!
  4. I'm not sure how here reads Figure Painter Magazine, but for those interested, there is a nice write-up on ReaperCon 2016 in the current issue (#44). This issue also contains an interview with Marike Reimer. Worth the read.
  5. Hello! I have a question on the upcoming ReaperCon this year. For the Master series paint open contest rules on the page https://reapercon.com/contestI could not find anything regarding personally designed Models that an artist 3D prints and then paints. for use as an example: That is my first attempt at a model I personally designed in Blender, and then printed, in the style of warhammer 40k, though as a mention I really like the look of the grav-flux bombard from forgeworld so I created a very close facsimile of it for my model. Under the rules I'm seeing I'm assuming that in the Painters Division it would not matter if it is 3D printed given the source of the model is not given consideration, just the prep and painting quality. However I'm curious what, if any, the ruling on 3D designed and printed models are in the Open Division. Given the rules and the scoring system, sculpted models are judged by design originality, creativity, difficulty, etc, would a custom designed 3D printed model enjoy the same criteria for judging, or would it even be welcome in this division? Arguably this could extend to the diorama and vehicle division as well given the criteria in those. I would like to argue that 3D designed and printed models should be welcome in any division; my design time alone for the model I gave as an example was clocked at 60+ hours. And while my tools and medium are different than a clay or greenstuff sculptor, I don't put any less passion or hard work into it.
  6. This was a promo mini I got at ReaperCon 2016 from the swag bag. He's from Endless Fantasy Tactics. Had him sitting primed, ready to go for a bit now. Goal: get something painted and done without worrying too much since this week was stressful. I picked up the backdrop at the same con from Hangar 18.
  7. Hello again, everyone! It's been a little while, but I finally have another mini to show off! If you're curious, you can check out her work-in-progress thread here. I had an absolute heart attack right as I was putting the finishing touches on the mini: I almost dropped her! I ended up catching her against my box of bases at the last second, but the force actually bent the barrel of her rifle, and cracked the paint! I think I was able to straighten it out, and there did not appear to be any chipped paint, so hopefully I am in the clear, but my heart probably just died a little... Originally, I tried to modify her to make her more of a werewolf hunter and wanted to put her on an elaborate base, but somehow that never quite came together. In the end, she just looks like a more modern Western-themed mini. Anyway, without any further ado, here she is! Thanks a bunch for looking, and I hope you like here!
  8. Thread is being locked. This is two topics, not one. It will be split if possible and posts which can't be will be lost.
  9. Picked this one up at Reapercon 2016. She had that New Orleans Witch feel... :)
  10. Well, I not only finished my dragon, I got her entered into the ReaperCon painting contest, and earned a bronze. I then went and got her professionally photographed cause I knew I'd never be able to do her justice. She's currently displayed, along with the medal, in the place of honor on my mantle above the fireplace. "Good night, Nathavarr. Good work. I'll most likely dump you in simple green in the morning." I am thinking about repainting the treasure on her base in bronze...
  11. I figure that after the certainly very tired ReaperCon team takes an extended rest, they might want to see a little bit about what people thought about the con and potential improvements. I had some thoughts, and figured others could contribute any ideas they had for the edification of all. Things I liked: The Venue. It wasn't perfect, of course. If it could be magically moved closer to the hotels that would be better, but the place itself was very functional and nice. The lighting was quite good, I could paint pretty much anywhere, which was a real bonus and treat. I liked the class spaces a lot. Plenty of room, no tripping over one another, and the horseshoe shape was great for teacher feedback. I think it totally worked and made the con pretty great, so kudos on that. The Vendors and the little Vendor Scavenger hunt: Clearly designed to get us shopping, but it was really nice to have an excuse to go and talk to people, which is largely one of my favorite parts of the con. All the vendors were very nice and pleasant and sold really cool things. They were also all very kind when people would just come up to get their stamp. The Teachers: Nothing new, of course, but all the teachers were fantastic, willing to teach and talk, and endlessly supportive of anyone who wanted to learn. The Award Ceremony: 'Grats to Anne for keeping it moving at a good clip. That can't be easy. Things I didn't like as much: I spend all my time in classes but I did hear some people talking about how there is lots of gaming to do, and there is, and there's lots of shopping to do, but outside of the classes there aren't a whole lot of 'events' for painters. And they were probably right. There could certainly be more open painting 'events' for people to jump in on. Some examples: -More speed painting: The fact that speed painting filled up within seconds of being announced every time tells me there could definitely be more speed painting events. -Open Q&A for artists: Perhaps just a little time when you could give any willing artist a Mic and let people ask questions of them. Might need a moderator, though, just in case. -Painting Demos: Maybe set up a camera and an overhead projector and let people watch painters work. Or show off some paint formulas for interesting effects. Or have someone show off different charactaristics of different paints (blues being pretty transparent, whites covering well, etc.) Or an open viewing of youtube painting tutorials. Just some random ideas. Navigating the parking lot: Man, I don't know that I ever figured out how to get out of that place cleanly. Hard to get water: Maybe I missed something obvious, but I had trouble finding cups for painting water and places to dispose of my water when done. I didn't want to throw the water in the trash, so I always ended up having to head to the bathroom to dispose of it or fill up on clean water. --------------------- Small concerns, I know. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast at the Con and always intend to return. I just figured if anyone had any ideas on how to make it better, they might as well let their ideas be heard.
  12. I finally got around to taking show-off photos of my ReaperCon entries. I had quite a few so I will not be posting them all at once. First up is one of my entries in the Painter's category. I had three entries in this category and this was the one chosen for judging. She is the Wood Elf Goddess from Dark Sword. She is the start of a tradition for me to enter the Dark Sword freebie from the ReaperCon swagbag into the contest the following year, she was the one from 2015. I pictured her in the ruins of a building that the forest has reclaimed and I used ruins from Morland Studios that I roughed up a little. I made the tree out of wire and Vallejo's plastic putty and while it is not perfect, it was my first tree. I am still not happy with the foliage but it was the only kind I had and when I realized it, it was too late to get a different color in time. I had issues with the feathers and major issues with the gem on the staff but the green cloth turned out exactly how I wanted. Also I think this is my best skin to date. She got me a Silver medal and I received great feedback from both Rhonda Bender and Jessica Rich. Any feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello again, everyone! I've been really quiet on the forums recently because I have had the awesome honor of getting to paint a miniature for the Reaper collection, and (seeing as this is the first time I've ever done so) I wasn't sure whether I could share my progress without Reaper's permission! Turns out, I was unnecessarily secretive (the miniature has obviously already been released), so now I wanted to share the finished mini with you all! With the exception of some old gaming pieces, I don't believe that I have ever really painted the same miniature to a high level twice, but when Ron asked me to paint the Reaper collection version of my Golden Sophie-winning entry, I had to do it! It turns out that simply having already thought through the way I wanted light to interact with the sculpt saved me a bunch of time, plus the base was simpler, and I didn't baby my blends quite as much, so this mini took a lot less time than the original. I hope, however, that it at least doesn't look like it took a lot less time! All in all, it was neat to revisit a miniature and see the effect of different color schemes on the overall feel of the mini: Thanks a bunch for looking!
  14. Alright, so I started this little lady in one of my classes at Reapercon - Brice Cocanour gave her to us to practice on and I decided to finish her up when I got home. This was my first serious attempt at NMM on the sword and my first attempt at painting a crystal, as well as just putting into practice the blending and proper highlighting that I learned in class. I could have spent the rest of my life working on refining her, but it was time to call her done and move on. Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions in her WIP thread (which is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71503-77203-alastriel/ ) I really appreciate the comments and help. Although I'm calling her done, please don't hesitate to give any additional C&C - it'll help me to keep improving!
  15. Ok so at Reapercon, I took a bunch of beginner classes because I figured I needed some good instruction on the basics since I taught myself to paint through tutorials, videos and feedback here on the forum. I loved all of the classes but in Brice Cocanour's Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting, proper blending, highlighting and contrast really clicked for me. He gave us this mini, pre-primed in both black and then white for the lighting and had us choose our own colours and practice on her cloak. I chose MSP Tropical Blue and MSP Spectral Glow. Here's where I was after class (excuse my hastily taken hotel picture): And now here she is after tonight (excuse my terrible lighting): I can see where I need to work on the blending a bit more, but I'm pretty proud of how she's looking. Comments and criticism welcome, as always!
  16. Okay, with Reapercon being relatively soonish, my brain will not stop thinking about ideas and such for Reapercon which isn't a bad thing. A tad annoying but not bad. At Reapercon I picked up these two. And when I ordered the stuff for Secret Sophie I got him And when I went to Reaper the other day, I picked him up (Yes, I know I'm lucky to live close enough to pop over there ) Now that I have them all I can start! So today I went and worked at my computer a bit with my drawing tablet here's what I got so far! This is just testing the ideas. (Please ignore the messiness, lack of detail, and the extra doodles.) What do y'all think? It'll be quite a bit smaller and much of the extra space in the drawing will be gotten rid of. I think I'll add some spiderwebs and skulls to the Maggotcrown portion, maybe a dog or some blood on the ground in the Duskwarden part. Still thinking and letting it process. Any advice would be appreciated!
  17. A general question of interest. During ReaperCon, I was one of the lucky participants of Reaper Wolf's RPG sessions that starred this year's four factions. One thing he mentioned was that the individual adventures (one per faction and one mashup, so five total) would be downloadable and available the Friday following the con. Two and a half weeks later, I finally remind myself to download them. But... where are they? I can't seem to find them on the ReaperCon site, if that's where they are. Since several of us forumites participated, I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering this.
  18. I keep meaning to become more active on the forums. Let's see if it happens this time around. ;) This is all about the Seoni bust I brought with me to ReaperCon this year. I wanted to sculpt a bust this time since I had a lot of fun converting Jason Wiebe's Grudge last year, and while I don't play Pathfinder (this is mostly 40k/Magic city), I really dig a lot of the artwork. I sculpted the head/torso out of Beesputty. This was my first time working with it, and I liked it a lot more than Fimo, or Super Sculpey. Still, though -- I sculpted the head/torso multiple times until I was almost happy with them. The eyeballs are Green Stuff -- I would have ordered steel bearings ahead of time, but I didn't know what size I needed until I was ready for them. At that point, I spent an hour or two rolling out maybe 100 tiny balls of Green Stuff, and then I came back the next day to see what looked right. The date on this pic is 10/2, but all of September was nothing but a month's worth of mistakes, implosions, catastrophic disasters, etc. And Kev White saying, effectively, "Her nose still sucks." :) Yeah, yeah, I know. No time to fix it. 10/2 was my cut off day. I *thought* I was being generous with time. This is the start of her clothing. I made a pattern out of aluminum foil, and then used it as a guide for cutting the entire top of her dress out of a single sheet of Green Stuff. After taking a couple more sculpting classes at ReaperCon, I think that if I do this again, I'm going to approach this differently. The cloth is way too thick. I'll use the method of filling in gaps, and then adding a small amount of texture onto the body instead. Cloth thickness also made it difficult to do the bias tape/ribbing along the edges of her dress. Added some of her necklaces and hair structure here, too. My first attempt at doing hair. It sucks. Bad. I watched a couple videos on hair, and everyone seemed to use Sculpey. I gave it a try, and liked it more than my Beesputty attempt, but it still sucks. All the feedback I received at RC was the same: "It sucks." Lol. Detail of the staff/wand. I've done tons of conversions for friends, and this really only took maybe an hour to do. The gems are leftover eyeballs. The ab armor plate took a couple tries. The base is Apoxie. I made maybe 5 patterns out of paper before I was happy with the size, and once I had the shape cut out, I draped it over Seoni's waist for the shape, and let it cure. I'm mostly happy with the design, but next time I'll work slower, and square off the edges a little better. All the pieces together. Primed, and sort of base coated. Sort of. I was mostly happy with the tones (I wanted to paint her in a dark skin color -- something a little more Varisian), and in the future I'll be doing that. Hair suckage is more evident here. Her nose is blue because she fell over. :P No time to do stuff right! Let's go! The "final" piece. I really wish I could have had another 20 hours to paint, but October was pretty messy as as far IRL events went, though. She'll still get her 10-20 hours of paint. Maybe. This was more of a learning experience/"Can I actually do this?" kind of thing. I'm actually more motivated to start completely over, and correct a lot of the mistakes that I feel I made during the entire process. Am I content with what I turned in, though? Yeah, I am.
  19. So I entered this at reapercon in the painter's category, at the time I painted it I was happy-ish, now not so much. But, I can't really tell what I don't like. Rhonda Bender told me I was losing the mid-tone and I agree, however I'd still like to hear y'all's thoughts. C&C appreciated and very much wanted!
  20. My Reapercon painters entry; he earned a bronze. WIP can be found here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70844-vlad-von-carstein-wip-for-reapercon/ I don't know why it's that shiny; he's had 2 coats of dullcoat....
  21. It's just not fair. Clowns are scary! Great OSL, concept, and execution. Smooth as silk: Loved the corn stalks:
  22. I started this guy last year at Reapercon in the Convert a colossal skeleton class, and entered him into the open category at this year's Reapercon; he earned a bronze. WIP is located here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62739-colossal-skeleton-conversion-for-reapercon-2016/
  23. Since the con is over, I thought it would be fun to tally up all the ribbons available. I'll update this post as people mention ones I've missed. "Official" Reaper Ribbons MSP Open ~ Enter the MSP Open Painting Contest Hall of Fame ~ Be inducted into Reaper's Hall of Fame Fanatic~ Enter a Reaper Model in the MSP Open Gravedigger ~ Participate in the Paint and Take Haste ~ Participate in the Speed Paint Event Crit ~ Played a Scheduled Game Reaper U ~ Take a Class Winner ~ Win an Auction item Oh Hai ~ Attend the Meet & Greet Big Meat ~ Attend the Thursday Dinner Big Enchilada ~ Attend the Friday Dinner NOM ~ Attend the Saturday Dinner VIP ~ VIP Attendee Shopaholic ~ Purchase an Item from a Vendor High Roller ~ Purchase over $100 in the Reaper Booth Prime Time ~ Use the Spray Booth Night Stalker ~ Post and Tag photos on social media Treat! ~ Win a Raffle Prize Pathfinder ~ Participate in a Pathfinder Society Event Spooky ~ Wearing a Costume Mother Trucker ~ Eat Lunch at the Food Truck Bonehenge ~ Join Bonehenge Faction Duskwardens ~ Join Duskwardens Faction Cthon ~ Join Cthon Faction Maggotcrown ~ Join Maggotcrown Faction Tourist ~ Take the Reaper Tour CAV ~ Play a game of CAV Noob ~ First Time at ReaperCon Sophie Says ~ Participate in Sophie Says Masterful ~ GM a Game Skainter ~ Take a Paint Class & a Sculpt Class Big Spender ~ Spend $10k on one Auction Item Triple Crown ~ Have entries in three categories in the painting competition. Staff ~ Be part of the Reaper Staff Volunteer ~ Be an volunteer "Unofficial" Ribbons Mostly given out by individuals who had them made for the con. Forumite ~ Find Harrek and tell him your forum handle Bingo ~ Get a forumite Bingo card from Pegazus and meet enough forumites to get a Bingo Ludo Friend ~ Find and introduce yourself to Ludo Pumpkin King ~ Tell Tom his Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos are amazing! Glitterbomb ~ Find Leopardpixie Adorkable~ Find CanuckOtter Report for Duty ~ Salute Colonel Kane (At the CAV demo table) Survival Speed Paint ~ Be a spectator,heckler, or painter in Ludo's Survival Speed Paint (Just make sure ReaperBryan doesn't catch you participating in unsanctioned painting events I'm Why We Can't Have Nice Things ~ Know KytheraOA's secret phrase Blank Rainbow Ribbon ~ From KytheraOA for being LGBT+ friendly I met Guindyloo and survived. It's probably just heartburn, right? ~ Meet Guindyloo Taste the Weasel ~ Have Knarthex catch you with a brush (or sculpting tool) in your mouth. World Wide Miniatures Day ~ Participate in maxstyles' World Wide Miniatures Day in some capacity Talespun ~ Listen to a tale from Andy (Talespinner) Ask me about Tabletop Plus ~ Visit the Tabletop Plus booth and get a rundown on their product. Werewolf ~ If you are a wolf on the forums from NomadZeke Figmentius Exchangus ~ Find Fanguad if you participated in a forum exchange this year
  24. Hello again, forum friends! Life has been crazy lately as I have temporarily been working 12-hour shifts (alternating days and nights) at work, so that has made painting a little more difficult. But now I'm back at it and getting all ready for ReaperCon! (Which I can now also say after experiencing both GenCon and ReaperCon is definitely my favorite of the two!) So, first up, here's where things sit with my Bombshell Miniatures entry (which will be entered in the Diorama Division as I hungrily search for the Gold in that category which I fell short of last time): I got as far as basecoating her sleeves today, but I was so surprised by how much I am liking their base color that I am seriously rethinking my whole color scheme for her. I will call her "Solomina Kane" (for rather obvious reasons ), and I can't wait to reattach her to the base so she can fight some evil! When attached to the base, her pistol points directly at the tallest skeleton's skull. Meanwhile, I have also been prepping to teach my ReaperCon classes. As a part of that, I wanted to whip up a mini for the Conversions class that would give me a starting place for what to demo and help me figure out how much I could reasonably fit in a two hour class (though I would love to show more stuff outside of class). So, I present you with an... interesting... take on Reaper's Goldar the Barbarian: I really want to just turn everyone loose in the class (with as much or as little guidance as each person would like) with their own Goldar, some random weapon from one of Reaper's Weapon Packs, maybe a shield, and a bit of green stuff! I'm quite looking forward to it! And then, while I have been working on my stuff, my wife has been continuing to paint and improve at an alarming rate! I keep telling her that she needs to enter this mini in the painting competition at ReaperCon, so we'll see if she takes my advice! Okay, so this first post is way too big, but I'll try to make up for it with more frequent small posts!
  25. CAV: Strike Operations at ReaperCon 2016! For this year’s ReaperCon I’ve decided to try something a little different than what we have done at in the past. Rather than schedule “hard†events at specific times we will running a variety of events throughout the entirety of the convention so people can come and go as their schedule permits. We found this format worked really well at CAVCon and am excited to see how it goes at ReaperCon 2016! This year’s events will include: Featured Organized Play Event CAV: Strike Operations “The Battle of New Vesta†Malick Pass After the disastrous march across the Treark Plains, the 7th Dornheim Brigade “The Iron Shieldâ€, pushes on in their attempt to capture the starport at Goltek City. The Adonese fire-base at Malick Pass continues to fire volley after volley of cruise missiles at the 7th and every attempt by Ritterlich fighter-bombers to take out the facility have been unsuccessful with heavy losses of aircraft. The 7th’s commander, Brigadier Molden Franz has sent his 12th Regiment to climb the mountain and take the base from the Adonese defenders, elements of the Regiment 14 “Iron Wood†and mercenaries from Ophelia’s Orphans. EVENT INFORMATION: Our featured scenario this year carries over story elements from our last Kickstarter, allowing players to participate in one of the opening “salvos†of the First Galactic War! Check in at CAVHQ to see scheduled start times. CAV: Strike Operations Open Gaming Players are encouraged to bring a Force Group of 5000 TVP of their favorite faction (per the Force Group Selection rules, p. 39 CAV: Strike Operations. Upgrades and Force Group Specializations are in use) to face off with other players throughout the show. Various gaming boards will be available for play to allow players a chance to show which faction rules supreme! CAV: Strike Operations Basic Training Join us as we drop new recruits into the “fire†as they learn to pilot a CAV for the first time outside the simulators. Drill instructors will be available throughout the show to teach pilots the basic skills required for playing CAV: Strike Operations. EVENT INFORMATION: No experience required. This event is designed to teach new players the basics in CAV: Strike Operations and typically will be completed in 30 minutes or less. All materials provided. Certificates for completing training. CAV: Strike Operations Paint & Take A great opportunity for miniature painters, new and experienced. Talon Games & Reaper Miniatures has provided a collection of prepared CAV miniatures, paints, and brushes for this event throughout ReaperCon 2016. Attendees are welcome to come in and paint the provided miniatures with the provided supplies. After painting, you get to take the miniature you painted! CAV: Strike Operations Open Painting Looking for a place to work on your figures during the show? Want to exchange ideas and maybe learn a new technique or two? Then this event is for you! Throughout the show tables will be provided for attendees to sit down and paint! Reaper Master Series paints will be available for you to use as well! CAV: Strike Operations Painting 101 Sit down and learn from the pros! Professional painters will be available to show you their best tips & tricks for painting CAV figures. CAV: Strike Operations Terrain 101 Learn to build many of the common terrain features found in a typical CAV game! CAV: Strike Operations Modeling 101 Throughout the show CAV lead modeler Chris "Thudgun" Lewis will be available to show off new models currently under design and answer any questions you may have! The Future of CAV:SO Sit down with lead game designer Jon "CAVBoss" Walker and find out what we have in store for the future of CAV:SO.
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