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Found 176 results

  1. The Spirit of Spring. I realized I didn't have anything painted up specifically for ReaperCon, and decided to get something worked up. Last time I entered, I got the certificate of participation. This time, I'm hoping to place bronze. I'm not stressing it too much, though. If I don't make it, I'll just ask why and keep trying.
  2. Alright, with two months to go until ReaperCon, I need to get cracking on my entries. I currently have two maybe four entries for Painters, one for Open, and two for Diorama. My definite Painters entries are: Reaper 14131: Elsabeth, Necropolis Captain in purples and blues prancing through a graveyard. Dark Sword DSM7442 Wood Elf Gooddess-Avatar Form in green among forest ruins (started in my previous WIP) My maybe Painters entries are: Kabuki's The Hunter in black and red on a simple base Reaper 03730: Jahenna, Female Vampire, back and white study. This is a commission for a friend and I may bring it with me if I finish in time My Open entry is: Hasslefree HFX004 Gen. I will need to link her actual pictures as she is nude. I am going to be converting her into a blue fairy. I have removed her horns and will be adding fairy wings. My Diorama entries are: "The Toad Bridge" which will feature some of Dark Sword Anthropomorphics facing off against each other. "The Hunt" featuring two Mouslings and a spider, but who is the hunter and who is the prey? I have ambitious plans but unlike last year, I am not going to force myself to finish everything. I will work on what I feel like working on and if I get it done, it goes. I won't stress about trying to get everything done as I have a few finished pieces already that I can easily bring. So now onto the pictures. First up is a group shot of all the models except for Gen, followed by a group shot of their bases. I have the bases on my Tablewar tray to make sure everthing fits. I did have to rethink the base for "The Toad Bridge" as the original took up half of the tray.
  3. CAV: Strike Operations at ReaperCon 2016! For this year’s ReaperCon I’ve decided to try something a little different than what we have done at in the past. Rather than schedule “hard†events at specific times we will running a variety of events throughout the entirety of the convention so people can come and go as their schedule permits. We found this format worked really well at CAVCon and am excited to see how it goes at ReaperCon 2016! This year’s events will include: Featured Organized Play Event CAV: Strike Operations “The Battle of New Vesta†Malick Pass After the disastrous march across the Treark Plains, the 7th Dornheim Brigade “The Iron Shieldâ€, pushes on in their attempt to capture the starport at Goltek City. The Adonese fire-base at Malick Pass continues to fire volley after volley of cruise missiles at the 7th and every attempt by Ritterlich fighter-bombers to take out the facility have been unsuccessful with heavy losses of aircraft. The 7th’s commander, Brigadier Molden Franz has sent his 12th Regiment to climb the mountain and take the base from the Adonese defenders, elements of the Regiment 14 “Iron Wood†and mercenaries from Ophelia’s Orphans. EVENT INFORMATION: Our featured scenario this year carries over story elements from our last Kickstarter, allowing players to participate in one of the opening “salvos†of the First Galactic War! Check in at CAVHQ to see scheduled start times. CAV: Strike Operations Open Gaming Players are encouraged to bring a Force Group of 5000 TVP of their favorite faction (per the Force Group Selection rules, p. 39 CAV: Strike Operations. Upgrades and Force Group Specializations are in use) to face off with other players throughout the show. Various gaming boards will be available for play to allow players a chance to show which faction rules supreme! CAV: Strike Operations Basic Training Join us as we drop new recruits into the “fire†as they learn to pilot a CAV for the first time outside the simulators. Drill instructors will be available throughout the show to teach pilots the basic skills required for playing CAV: Strike Operations. EVENT INFORMATION: No experience required. This event is designed to teach new players the basics in CAV: Strike Operations and typically will be completed in 30 minutes or less. All materials provided. Certificates for completing training. CAV: Strike Operations Paint & Take A great opportunity for miniature painters, new and experienced. Talon Games & Reaper Miniatures has provided a collection of prepared CAV miniatures, paints, and brushes for this event throughout ReaperCon 2016. Attendees are welcome to come in and paint the provided miniatures with the provided supplies. After painting, you get to take the miniature you painted! CAV: Strike Operations Open Painting Looking for a place to work on your figures during the show? Want to exchange ideas and maybe learn a new technique or two? Then this event is for you! Throughout the show tables will be provided for attendees to sit down and paint! Reaper Master Series paints will be available for you to use as well! CAV: Strike Operations Painting 101 Sit down and learn from the pros! Professional painters will be available to show you their best tips & tricks for painting CAV figures. CAV: Strike Operations Terrain 101 Learn to build many of the common terrain features found in a typical CAV game! CAV: Strike Operations Modeling 101 Throughout the show CAV lead modeler Chris "Thudgun" Lewis will be available to show off new models currently under design and answer any questions you may have! The Future of CAV:SO Sit down with lead game designer Jon "CAVBoss" Walker and find out what we have in store for the future of CAV:SO.
  4. Been working on a few big stompy robot designs since June, with an eye towards making my own independent faction for CAV, but also making them generic enough to be used elsewhere. This is the first one I've picked to work up fully as a ReaperCon entry, and be printable from a more-or-less standard 3D printer. The thing I've found is that curved shapes in the vertical axis really don't look that good. Too many "steps" as the shape is sliced into flat slivers. So, the trick was to print all the curves and other angled items along the plane of the print bed. Here's what the CAD looks like (PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 6.0). Each color is just making it visibly separate from the adjoining pieces, and doesn't mean anything once it is printed, as you can see all the blue pieces below. It's not all of the parts, since I forgot to take the picture of the other lower half. But, it is now all glued together, and some of the very flat parts were sanded smooth. I set out with the concept to also include some standard modelling items, so the barrel of the gun is a 5/32" (3.97mm) brass rod. I've got a couple of other ideas on some other little battle bots that use common items too... I just need to figure out what those common items could be. First shot shows the crewed side of the upper body. The gun itself is centered over the legs, and it is currently modeled in a split leg configuration. I've got it worked up that it can stand on two legs, as shown in the CAD render above. All that would need to be done is to swap out some short pegs that pin the joints together with some longer ones that go through both leg pieces, just for alignment and stability. Then here it is from the other side. This contains a fully decorative block of pieces, and the above shot shows a little block of deco as well. My intention is that should I keep making these, I can "upgrade" the later vehicles with missels, gun turrets, electronic suites, and other little fiddly bits. So this would equate to a Pre-Production Vehicle. Fully functional, but not something that'll be sent out and mass produced. One final shot to show the size comparison with a Spectre CAV that I've painted up before. I'm a little worried about how big of a base it'll have to be placed on, but then again, it's in a firing stance, and that's just how big it'll be. I've got the entire figure now drying from the slathering in acrylic gesso, which I'm using as part primer and part gap filler. Not something that would normally be used, but due to the nature of 3D printing, I believe it does well. I did do a couple test pieces back at the first of the month, and found a lot of modelling issues, but felt that the gesso worked rather well for what I wanted it to do. The plastic parts quite often had small gaps where it didn't fill in all the way, which I later changed in a couple small pieces to be 100% infilled internal spaces rather than the default 15%. I'll wait for everything to dry, then give it a good sanding. I might do a second coat as well, I'm not sure, but I really like how it came together. That is, once I got some epoxy glue that would actually work.
  5. Shakandara

    Sushi night

    The Basics: After missing last year due to unexpected circumstances, I'm greatly looking forward to returning to ReaperCon. I'm also looking forward to the tradition sushi night gathering! So, here's the details, for those interested in going: What - Sushi dinner (yes, the restaurant has non-fish items for those that still want to come but don't care for sushi) When - 7:00pm 5:30pm, Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 Where - Masu Sushi & Saki, 721 Hebron Pkwy, #103, Lewisville, TX 75057 I've said this in the past, and I'll say it again here to make it perfectly clear: this is *not* an official ReaperCon event. You will get no Reaperbucks for it, there is no badge ribbon, no guests of honor, etc. It's just a bunch of regular attendees who share a common bond and like to do a little more socializing away from the convention one night of the event over some really good food. Yes, this conflicts with the banquet on Saturday night. If that doesn't work for you, sorry, but it is our traditional night because it is what works for the core group of attendees. If you love sushi, but can't make this night: I highly recommend Masu. For those that came in prior years, it is in the same location as Bonsai was, and still carries largely the same menu - including the beloved Heart Attack. The reviews for Masu are just as stellar as Bonsai's were, so I have no doubt you will enjoy a good meal there. If you are looking for someone to grab lunch with at Masu one day during the con, hit me up. I'll gladly have sushi more than once during the con. ;) Reservations: In the past, I've coordinated the group reservation, which was a big challenging to do while at the con, especially to get a final headcount to make sure they had enough table space for us together. So, I'm trying something a little different this year: I've made a reservation for the people that I can guarantee are coming, and that's it. Anyone that wants to join us will need to call the restaurant on their own at (972) 956-9009, and make their own reservation. However, when you call, please reference my name (Vincent Hendricks) and the "ReaperCon" reservation. This will let them know that you are part of the greater group, so that they can combine the headcount of all our reservations together to set up the proper amount of space for us. Getting there: So while the restaurant is not far from the hotels/convention site, we encourage ride sharing. I encourage you to use this thread to arrange rides prior to the con; once on-site, if you want to go but need a ride, or have a car and can give others a ride, please seek me out so that I can help connect the drivers and riders together as needed. We don't want anyone to miss out because they were left waiting for a ride at the convention site. Waste not, want not: A final thought; if you purchased a VIP ticket, please consider finding someone to give your meal ticket away to for that night. I'm sure there are probably some people that would love to go, but couldn't justify the extra cost. Be a mensch, and let someone else enjoy that meal that has already been bought and paid for. :) See you for sushi! ~v
  6. Okay prepare for lengthy thought..... ​(Before it dies of neglect and loneliness....) Whilst on the hangouts over this weekend, the old "dungeon romps" that we used to do in these threads was mentioned, I believe by Adept Legacy. As we batted the Idea around, we wondered if people would be interested in painting up their "Forum Personae" for use in a diorama. It would go something like this, (Maybe) People find a mini that they feel represents them self in their "forum personae" IE A Drow Elf for myself, the axe toting Barbarian with an INT dump stat for Ub3r, a Jedi Hamster for David B, etc (you folks get the idea!) and paint it up by ReaperCon 2017. (That would give us over a year.....) Someone (Some group?) that builds terrain, and lives close enough to Reaper HQ to be able to transport it there, could build some dungeon terrain of various sorts to place all of the minis on as our erratic, eclectic, eccentric adventuring party..... (Hopefully with a mushroom patch or two.... ) (Size to be determined by number of folks that 'sign up') Everyone brings (or mails for those that can't attend) their contribution to the thing, and it is set up there for us all to look and smile and remember things.... Then, everything gets donated to Reaper for display in their corporate HQ, as a THANK YOU! from all of us for hosting such a wonderful Insane Asylum forum for us all to play in..... Would anyone be interested in doing something like this????? And does Reaper have a place that they could display it? Maybe it could become a yearly thing, that new folks bring "Themselves" to add in, and if folks change their personae, they could change their mini too! I can only imagine some of the possibilities.... (Certain 'people' sneaking and peeking from air vents for example.....) George
  7. Do you want to Run a Game? By Game, we mean Any RPG, any board game, card game, or miniatures game for which you need table space and up to 6 chairs. We are making a few changes to how we register games you'd like to run. This year we have a link on the Reapercon.com website for events to be submitted. It will reduce the amount of time I'll need to spend on follow up and provide all the information Bryan needs to get your items listed on the Con Site. https://reapercon.com/submit_games Until we approve your completed form, please do not solicit for players as your event is not confirmed. With the venue change, tables are fewer and your event is not a sure thing until we get back to you. I won't be accepting requests via comments in thread or via PM. If and only if you have questions about the form, please email me: [email protected] Please use a clear subject line so my filters don't move you to Spam folders. Thanks, Cheryl
  8. Hey folks! Just wondering if anyone knows of any decals that can be used to put writing in open books at our 28mm scale.... Doesn't have to be designed specifically for it, it just needs to look like it! Thanks! George
  9. For those that don't do Facebook. From Reapers FB page: Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi based on art by Izzy "Talin" Collier and available at ReaperCon in October.
  10. I thought that a thread specifically for the painting competition for 2016 would be helpful. Here are some links that I posted in another thread that people might miss: Direct link to the contest rules: https://reapercon.com/contest Manufacturer Awards: http://forum.reaperm...acturer-awards/ My Recommendations on entering: http://forum.reaperm...?hl=competition And one more while I'm thinking about it: http://forum.reaperm...mas/?hl=diorama When I know what times we start excepting entries I will post it here. I know that we will start accepting entries on Thursday. Here are, perhaps, the most important things you need to remember: 1) If you have a full convention pass (VIP, etc) your entries are due by 5PM on FRIDAY period, end of story, no exceptions. (I.E. Don't try to take a class on Friday night and expect to apply the technique to your diorama and then be able to enter it on Saturday). 2) If you have a Saturday only pass your entries are due by 12 noon on SATURDAY period, end of story, no exceptions. 3) Bring all of your entries at the same time, period, end of story, no exceptions. 4) Every piece you enter must have a title, even if its the name from the manufacturer's packet. If you really want to know how I feel about titles then read my threads (listed above) on my recommendations on entering and my thoughts on dioramas. 5) Please pay attention to the rules in the contest section of the ReaperCon website (its the first link I have listed). The rules are there for a reason and Michael Proctor and I have spent more than a few hours fine tuning them specifically for ReaperCon. Yes that means that while we used the MMSI rules as the basis for this competition there are differences between the two.
  11. So my 6 year old daughter is nearly done with her entry. I wanted to find out more about what all needs to be done so she can get it into the contest. From what I understand she needs to be there at the time, correct? Award ceremony is on Saturday at 8? I am trying to get things hammered down so I can make plans with wife because she will probably be bringing her up to the event when needed since I may already be up there taking classes and just hanging out. So far I am loving what she has done and have only pointed out things for her to fix up and she has done all the work except the super glue. I am going to try and find a way for her to do the gore effects she wants so that all i do is mix up the components and then she can place them wherever....if that is possible with this sticky stuff she won in last years auction.
  12. This resin figure was the "Gold Badge Mini" included as part of your ReaperCon pass for 2015. I think extra copies were for sale at the convention, but I can't remember correctly. I think the resin figures were selling for $25.00 a pop but someone could correct that information. My goal was to put a paint job to the figure that was worthy of such an amazing sculpt, and for the baseline cost of the figure. I envisioned this evil knight to have once been a legendary hero of much repute in his native land. Perhaps he was the 'first sword' of his king before befalling a terrible fate...something like Lord Soth in his antique armor. All contrast is a function of painting. I used Frontier Blue for much of the shadows. Reaper paints only and a Round #1. Hope you enjoy. Any and all feedback always appreciated.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2075845336/pre-painted-flat-packable-sci-fi-buildings-by-hexa Preprinted MDF buildings/terrain suitable for sci-fi wargames. At least one of these guys was at ReaperCon this year at the Hangar18 booth.
  14. My reapercon diorama entry. It received a bronze medal and plenty of constructive suggestions. I do like doing the critters on occasion, it's a nice break from skin tones. Anyway here is our intrepid group of furry critters driving back the thing in the well, or trying at least....
  15. Here is another piece I took to ReaperCon. I entered her into the open category and to my surprise earned me a gold medal. Then I was speechless when she was given the Dark Sword Best in Show Manufacturer Award. There were so many beautiful Dark Sword entries at the show and I am honored that she was selected. I quite enjoyed working on this piece and I must Thank everyone who gave me feedback in the group thread http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58747-groupopen-dsm-wips-stephanie-law-masterworks/page-12?hl=%20stephanie%20%20law as there were a few times with her that I needed the inspiration from all of you to continue painting. Here are a few of my completed photos. This one shows the Kirin in focus better I love painting Dark Sword Miniatures and plan on finishing up a few more of the Stephanie Law miniatures soon. Again Thank you to everyone who helped me push this piece in the WIP thread and also gave me inspiration. ReaperCon was awesome (I know I said this already in other threads, but I can't help myself) and I enjoyed meeting everyone.
  16. I spend less than 2 hours on this guy. He was the practice mini in James Wappel's Advanced Glazing class at ReaperCon this year. The brush that is pictured is the brush used to paint him. Wappel likes using cheap craft brushes since they are affordable and since he gave one that is what I used. This fellow was based and primed whitish by Wappel before class and we spend the class mostly applying glazes or glazes mixed with some thicker colors for things like spots. It was a lot of fun. For those interested in the base, Wappel has a blog post with the process. He also has two posts showing his process on the example minis that he prepainted for the class.
  17. Josephine Lucero was a miniature I purchased back around 2000 or so as a character for a D&D game. When I started painting miniatures as a hobby, she was one of the first I painted because I still had her sitting around. So she is probably my 2nd or 3rd miniature painted (I do not count high school painting attempts). This was about three years ago (Reaper got me hooked with a Paint and Take at PAX East 2012). I remember the dress in particular was Pro Paint Glacier Blue, since I had a pot of it from 2003 or so that was still more-or-less okay. Fast forward to ReaperCon 2015. I was digging around the metal trade table when I spotted Josephine. I decided I would paint her up again in more-or-less the same colors, and got started right away (modulus lots of hanging out and chatting). I used some tips from Corporea's Flesh and Faces class, as well as some new Scale 75 paints I picked up. Overall, I probably spent less time on Josephine 2.0 than I did back in 2012 (though I don't really remember how long I spent back then). Derek and some others gave me a few suggestions near the end of the con, but I decided that she would a 100% "Painted at ReaperCon" miniature, and didn't put those final touches on her, even though they would have been fairly easy to do. P.S. And I just noticed... I forgot eyebrows. Grrr. I even noticed that she needed them multiple times. At least they're sculpted on so she doesn't look too weird without them.
  18. This was one of my two entries I was keeping hidden until after reapercon (and, oddly enough, the one that didn't get picked for judging, but I guess it makes sense.) The big thing I was told is that I lost the mid-tones on the robes which really didn't help. This is the official reapercon photo, but it's far superior to what I can take as is.
  19. As quite a few of you know I was able to attend ReaperCon this year and I wanted to share a few pieces I took. This was a fun little Diorama that I decided to try to paint in April. I was surprised at how quick the mouslings were to paint and I tried to keep them simple as their size would be very easy to overwhelm. To keep them looking like a unit I painted all their uniforms grey with a different accent color for each one. I added some tentacles from the Descent Kraken miniature and made up a murky water, space rocky base for them all. I was quite honored that these little guys brought me home a Silver and was excited to see them among all the other great entries on the display table. And a couple of closeups Once again I loved meeting everyone and Congrats to all the painters who entered the competition. Fingers crossed I'll be able to attend again soon.
  20. Hey everyone! I'm back from ReaperCon and finally putting up the pictures of my finished diorama! I had such an awesome time hanging out with all of you (both seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!), and I already can't wait until next year! Thanks a bunch to everyone who took my classes; you were a great bunch of students, and I hope you learned a lot! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me (but, of course, that goes for anyone on the forums since we all just like to talk minis)! I ended up with a silver for the piece in the MSP Open, but I learned a lot about what makes a diorama successful while I was learning to be an assistant judge, so hopefully I can shore up some of my mistakes for next time. My biggest takeaway from watching the official judges do their thing was that the piece would have benefited from being smaller and more focused. Thanks a bunch for looking, and stay tuned for my next WIP in preparation for Gen Con!
  21. If you are attending ReaperCon we have a little game for you to play; the ReaperCon Vendor Grand Prix. In your swag bag will be a card, around the edge of that card will be the logos of all the vendors at the show. To play simply visit every vendor in the hall and they will punch your card (no purchase necessary, but feel free to spend money anyway). You don't even have to be the first person to complete the card to win! Once you have all the punches turn it in at the Reaper booth and get your free "Malena the Sorceress" exclusive miniature! You gotta play to win though so don't forget to spend some time in the vendor room during the con, it will be worth your while!
  22. kacey3

    Fiasco! Wrap Up

    Another ReaperCon is coming to a close and we had some great Fiasco adventures this time around! Feel free to start regaling any tales of your misfortunate adventures here. I can attest to the fact that there were some truly fantastic stories this year. Thank you all for playing and I am truly looking forward to more wonderfully horrific games next year.
  23. We've got a few pictures from last night's playtest of Hostile Takeover. If you enjoyed last year's game, How the West Was Eaten, then Hostile Takeover will be right up your alley. Sorry, there's no church to burn down this time… There's another playtest on Sunday, should be some more fun pics shortly thereafter.
  24. I had a brief discussion with Michael Proctor (Clever Crow) about the Open Category while we were at Genghis Con. It is was worth pointing out to everyone that your display can include pictures of your in progress work. In fact for this category I would encourage it. While we are familiar enough with Reaper miniatures to confidently figure out conversion work there are a lot of miniatures out there that we aren't familiar with. If you have pictures of the stock model (even off the manufacturer's site) and what you converted it would be of tremendous help to the judges figuring how extensive and well done your conversion work actually is. Don't forget this is also the category for scratch sculpts, so if you have been sculpting bring it down and enter it!
  25. I might be having some trouble seeing the ReaperCon website. I'm on a third-gen ipad with Safari, and all I can see is the home page and the sign-in page. Clicking on anything else gets me a blank page with the header on it. Do I need to be signed in to see the rest of the site?
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