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Found 176 results

  1. So I'm gonna add the ArtistCon Mouseling mini to the Moat House dungeon for ReaperCon....somewhere. Curious if anyone can think of stats to give him. I'm sure there is something in there that I can use for him, but figured I'd brainstorm the forum. What I'd like are old school D&D (or in this case Sword & Wizardry) creature creation for levels 3-5. Let see what everyone can come up with!!
  2. I received a PM some time ago about partnered entries being allowed in the competition. My gut reaction was no, but I indicated that I would discuss it with the Head Judge (Clever Crow) and I finally got around to that today. We want to be inclusive of different ways to participate in the competition so we are going to allow partnered entries starting with the 2015 competition. 1) All participants must be present when entering the competition with their mutual piece (i.e. no, "I'm going to play a game could you enter it?" shenanigans). The entry will not be accepted if all the participants are not present. 2) Its one entry so only one medal will be awarded. Even if 10 people are involved still only one medal. Additional rules may be added as we work through some of the other ramifications.
  3. So, my most recent work. I am quite happy with how he looks in hand. Comments and critiques are eagerly sought by all. Also, this is the first mini I have ever painted that I have given thought to posting in the inspiration gallery. What do you all think, should I,or should i wait until my skills improve a little more yet?
  4. I am trying to get a head start on a theme game for Reapercon 2015 using the Warlord Rules and the RAGE system. I think the "monsters" can translate fairly well for what I am thinking. However, to use minis like the Nova Corp, who have ranged weaponry, can melee up close, etc... How would you translate that or What datacards would you start with to not totally imbalance the game. Issues I am seeing... using soldiers with ranged weapons isn't as "hit or miss" as archery and spears. The soldiers should hit (MAV) as frequently as knights in combat, not the 2s and 3s for ranged combat, I was thinking more like 4s and 5s... but that would overpower them to have 4s and 5s for melee... or should those be reduced to 2s and 3s... Spell usages... combined with technology, replaced by technology, or just not existant? replaced means casters are RPG carrying folks with different types of grenades... Healers are medics, but need to be within X" to help (versus a spell just needing LOS)? Am I getting too bogged down in the mechanics? What are your thoughts?
  5. A while back, I found some excellent toy water pistols shaped and embellished like something Flash Gordon would keep in his bedside table drawer, just in case Ming tried a home invasion, you know? They came in packs of three, with six different designs. I bought all six, and began painting them (each is molded in a single color of plastic). Fine retro ray guns! Today, I noted that Dollar Tree has those same zap guns, again in packs of three... at a dollar a pack. I picked up some more. I think I may come to Reapercon next year as a Martian arms dealer...
  6. After the success of the ribbons at this years Reapercon I decided to create Ribbons for all the contests I'm involved with on this forum+ the year long giant contest. If you attend Reapercon and find me, I'll have a list of people that earned each ribbon, I'll hand over what you earned. How you earn Ribbons Enter a valid entry into a contest while it's active. A entry can only earn you one ribbon, so if you paint something and enter it into two overlapping competitions you only can claim one ribbon for that entry. This includes splitting up a diorama into single figures or taking a single figure and adding it to a diorama\squad or any other category type. Current Ribbons you can earn Spaceship Superstar -- Enter this contest by September. Year of Giants 2014* -- Enter this contest by the end of the year *title subject to change Expired Ribbons None Yet FAQ How many Ribbons will there be? -- Probably 4 as that's about all that fits into a year. We've got the long summer contest going on now, Halloween, Giants, and whatever I do next jan-march. I've been debating other achievements but there comes a point where the ribbon handing out could be excessive--but you never know, I may throw in hidden ones if I feel like paying for them. What about Challenges? Will there be Ribbons for those? -- If someone else wants to pay for them. I've only got the budget for the 4 and there are a lot of challenges that run throughout the year. I just can't afford all of them, nor am I involved in any of them. I can, however, include them in my order and hand them out at the con. I'm not\can't go to ReaperCon. Can I still get the Ribbons? -- Maybe. Depends on how many people want this option. I don't mind paying for the ribbons but shipping could end up being way more then what I paid for them. If I provide this service there will be a cost but I don't know what said cost will be until I price things out. When will you be ordering the ribbons?-- Probably next Feb\March. What if you end up not being able to go to Reapercon in 2015? -- Then I'll ship them to someone who is and is willing to hand them out to those that earned them. Will you post images of the Ribbons? -- They won't exist until next year but I might be willing to do mockups in photoshop. Depends on my time.
  7. Hymn


    I apologize if the topic is covered somewhere, but I couldn't find the answer to my question on the forums or an affiliated site. If it's already covered, please link me. How does one go about volunteering for ReaperCon? I loved attending this year and would like to give some of my time next year to making it as great for others as it was made for me. Help?
  8. Hymn

    2014 Feedback

    Now that ReaperCon (my first!) is over, I'd love to know what people thought about it, especially versus other years. I know I had a blast! Bring on the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  9. As many of you may know by now, I'm the "Fiasco Master" of ReaperCon and I want to humbly thank all of my many players for sitting down at a table and playing their hands at Fiasco. There were so many great stories woven at those tables, I would love it if the players would regale us with their recolections of their game sessions. As the one who simply brings the books and materials and sort of just guides players though the very light rules of the game, I enjoy sitting back and listening to the radio dramas that emminate out of the players' imaginations. My only regret is at the "Fiasco After Dark" session is that I was running from table to table and never really got the full lowdown on all three tables. I'd love to know how that office building caught on fire, or how Pickle ended up in jail, or why the lovely barmaid was buried in the mines under the town, or if those kids ever really did get their bicycles. So please, take a time to share your stories and show people how crazy and creative Fiasco can be!
  10. kacey3

    ReaperCon Tee

    I finally got around to ordering my ReaperCon T-Shirt and it came in exactly as I customized it. In case you are unaware, with Zazzle, you can change things up a bit. You do not have to go with the exact design as presented, and it doesn't cost you a penny more. And yes... I "removed" the actual ReaperCon line by dropping it out of the printable area. I am a fan of more obscure iconography. Now people have to ask me what the shirt means.
  11. Hello, My friend and I played the Dungeon Crawl game at ReaperCon 2014, and it was great fun (with an amazing dungeon layout!!), and our first exposure to Warlord. I have a few questions, though, and I was hoping to get some insight. - The rules used were just the regular Warlord rules, but in a skirmish format? - Would it be possible to get a copy of the warband sheet? - From where are the monster stats? - Would it be possible to get copies of the random tables used? - Is the playing card initiative a Warlord thing? I really liked that. The two guys running it were very helpful, but it was still extremely chaotic (no fault of theirs). I'd really like to introduce this to my kids and my gaming group, and it is really getting me in the mood to start casting more Hirst Arts blocks. I bought the Warlord book at the con just based off of the game we played, but I'd really like to just duplicate the experience if possible (thus the questions above), and not go overboard or overcomplicate it. Thanks for running the Dungeon Crawl!
  12. Did you come by the demo table at RCon'14? If you did, I was the tall lanky guy behind the tables. ***DISCLAIMER*** I have no affiliation with Reaper or CAV:SO (Other than being a huge fanboy) So If you did come by the table, did you get a demo? Did you get a game in?
  13. I am so jealous of those of you who have $199 to spare! A full-size Nethyrmaul is available in the booth, in resin of course. They've got an assembled version hanging out at the checkout counter if you simply want to gawk.
  14. I just wanted to thank everyone, staff and otherwise, for helping my wife and I have a great reapercon experience. I started painting about a year ago and promptly got sucked into working 80 hours a week, so I spent almost zero time on the forums and we knew absolutely nobody here. Even so, we were unfailingly treated like a best friend by everyone, even when it was clear by the confused look in their eyes that they had no clue whatsoever who we were! (Interesting side note: ReaperBryan does not at all exhibit this confused look under any circumstances.) The classes were fantastic and the gaming was great. I would say something about painting in the open areas, but we barely got to paint because everyone was so friendly and talkative. I've been to a number of small cons and this was by far the best! We are totally coming back next year.
  15. 4/13/14 EDIT: A sample of the tournament scenarios is now available. Thank you for bearing with us. 3/31/14 EDIT: Pool play have been given a 5 Turn maximum. Finals games have no Turn maximum. There is also no scenarios and no scoring for the finals games; they are pure kill 'em all, last (wo)man standing. If neither side in a finals game is able to eliminate the other, then the player that has inflicted the most casualties wins and will advance. Terrain for the tables has been finalized, and the scenarios for pool play are about a third finished. A representative sampling of them will be posted soon. In keeping with the last few years, the scenarios have been geared to fit the Western theme of the convention, without completely breaking the fantasy genre of the game. 2/10/14 EDIT: This post will be updated periodically as more information is ready for release regarding the Warlord 2 tournament for ReaperCon 2014. If questions are raised that require clarification for the tournament, those questions (and answers) will be added to this post as well. So, without further ado... Tournament Schedule The ReaperCon 2014 Warlord Tournament is a 1000 point, single list open pool play qualifier, followed by a two (2)-round seeded finals. Each player must play a minimum of three (3) pool play games to qualify for advancement to the finals. These pool play rounds are scheduled as follows: Slot 1: Thursday, 1pm-3pm Slot 2: Thursday, 3pm-5pm Slot 3: Thursday, 7pm-9pm Slot 4: Thursday, 9pm-11pm Slot 5: Friday, 9am-11am Slot 6: Friday, 11am-1pm Slot 7: Friday, 2pm-4pm Slot 8: Friday, 4pm-6pm Slot 9: Friday, 7pm-9pm Slot 10: Friday, 9pm-11pm Slot 11: Saturday, 9am-11am Slot 12: Saturday, 11am-1pm Tickets will be $1.00 for each round you play. There will be a limited number of tables available for the tournament during each slot, so plan to play as early in the convention as you can, or you may miss out. For this reason, please also limit your registration to a maximum of three (3) rounds; if there are additional seats during any of the slots, players are welcome to get in additional games. However, priority will be given to players that have not yet met their three game minimum qualification for the finals. There will be a very limited number of tickets available onsite (much like the classes) if you happen to miss out on getting them during pre-registration. The tournament finals will be held Saturday afternoon, from 2pm-6pm. It will consist of two (2) rounds. All players that are advanced to the finals will play both rounds. The Army List Each player will bring a single 1000 point army list and play that same army list for each round of the tournament (inclusive of the finals). Each player is responsible for bringing a minimum of two hard copiers of their army roster. One of these must be presented to the tournament organizer for verification no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the player's first game of the tournament. The second hard copy is to be made available to the player's opponent for each game. The hard copy of the list must contain - at a minimum - the actual total point value of the list, troop composition, all equipment (and which models the equipment is assigned to), and the datacards for each model in the army. Printouts from the ReaperGames.com army builder are acceptable, but any equipment should immediate follow the model with which it is associated, as follows: Troop 1 Duke Gerard Holy Weapon Armor of Courage Ian, Mage Apprentice Book of Tactics Templar Knight x 7 Templar Ironspine x 4 Musician In this example, the Holy Weapon and Armor of Courage both immediate follow Duke Gerard, indicating that he has both items. The Book of Tactics belongs to Ian, as it follows his listing. The Musician is assigned to one of the Templar Ironspines (the player is responsible for identifying to their opponent which specific model carries it). Players will be allowed to choose the faction doctrines they wish to use before the start of each game in the tournament, after assignment of scenario and opponent, but prior to deployment or any other game-related actions. Official proxy rules are observed for the tournament. Painted armies are not required, but are encouraged. Tournament Specific Rules 1) All models using the Swift Attack ability must have space to make base to base contact with the enemy model they wish to attack on their action. 2) When using the Summoned (Demon) SA granted by the Gate ability of the Demonic Conclave doctrine for the Darkspawn faction, demons summoned in this manner must be of equal or lesser point value than the summoning model. 3) Sir Broderick, Justicar is allowed to lead Justicar soldiers. 4) The abilities gained by the Howl portion of the Koborlas "Call of the Wild" Doctrine can be used as a free action once per game turn. Tournament Format Each round of the tournament will consist of a "kill 'em all" format game. Players will have 105 minutes (1 hour 45 minutes) of the 2 hour slot to complete the game, 5 Turn maximum. Each game is worth of total of 20 points; 1 point is awarded for each full 100 points of the enemy eliminated (the full 10 points are awarded for defeating the entire force, regardless of the actual list value), and 1 point is awarded for each full 100 points remaining of the player's army. Equipment cost is considered to be part of the model associated with it, with the exception of totems (the points for which may be earned either by defeating the entire army, or by defiling it during the course of the game). If there are any unearned points, these are divided equally between the two sides, with any odd point awarded to the side with the highest points from kills. For each pool play game, players will be paired based on similar average cumulative game score (adjusted to avoid repeated pairings where possible during the first three games). If a player is able to play more than three games, they may drop their one lowest score, averaging all remaining game scores. Thus, a player who plays three games uses all three scores, a player with four games drops the lowest and averages the remaining three, and a player with five games drops the lowest and averages the remaining four. Table priority will always be given to players that have played less than three games vs. those that have played three or more. Space is at a premium this year, and the intent is to accommodate as many players as possible, with as flexible a schedule as possible, while maximizing the use of the tables once qualifiers have been completed for the majority of players. In addition, each game will also consist of a scenario component. These will award Victory Points (VP) based on the specifics of the scenario. VPs are tracked separately from game scores, and are cumulative, regardless of the number of games played. VPs will be used as a tie-breaker, if necessary, for seeding both within pool play and for finals. A limited number of players (based on the final number of players in the tournament overall) will be advanced to the finals bracket on Saturday afternoon. Finals games have no Turn maximum. There is also no scenarios and no scoring for the finals games; they are pure kill 'em all, last (wo)man standing. If neither side in a finals game is able to eliminate the other, then the player that has inflicted the most casualties wins and will advance. Seeding will feature high vs. low in the first round of the bracket, with a final of winners vs. winners and losers vs. losers in the second round. These games will be used to determine final placements in the tournament, and crown the new Warlord for 2014. The Scenarios Please "Save As" the following document for the ReaperCon 2104 Warlord Tournament sample scenarios: RCON2014WL2TOURNSAMPLES.pdf Come Get Some! ~v
  16. Greetings from the shambling horde! I'll be hosting two games of Zombicide at ReaperCon this year, and I'm looking forward to eating...whoops!...meeting anyone who signs up. These are two firsts for me - first ReaperCon and first time running a game at a con. I can't wait to see what everyone brains...sorry...brings to the table. .millionsofRobots
  17. Less of an issue cause we don't have to wait on any groggy Reaper folks to unlock the door but in case anyone forgot to check. Thursday Apr 24 Partly Cloudy / Wind 82°F 53°F Partly Cloudy / Wind CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: W at 25 mph Fri Apr 25 Sunny 85° 60° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: SSE at 13 mph Sat Apr 26 Partly Cloudy / Wind 86° 68° Partly Cloudy / Wind CHANCE OF RAIN: 10% WIND: SSE at 20 mph Sun Apr 27 Isolated T-Storms 89° 62° Isolated T-Storms Potential for severe thunderstorms CHANCE OF RAIN: 30% WIND: SSW at 19 mph
  18. So, the week before Reapercon, I find out the Monday and Tuesday before I leave to drive to Reapercon, I will be driving 6 hours each day to Lexington KY for a 2 hour meeting on Tuesday afternoon. On my drive home, my boss texts me that I had better check my email before I head out. He had tried to schedule me for meetings on Tuesday, only to find out the I already had meetings scheduled, in Lexington for the Tuesday after Reapercon... When I don't get back to Greenville until Monday afternoon.... So, anyone in the Lexington area up for dinner on Tuesday night?
  19. How big is she? Is she standard mini sized or bigger? I am not at reapercon and was planning to order her but her price seems kind of high for a standard size mini and she doesn't have any Bryangles in the picture.
  20. A New miniature emerges! A Mouse with no name! (01530: 2014 Convention Mousling: Mouse with No Name by Victoria Lamb) So many new minis! I am drooling on them all!!!
  21. I like the new ReaperCon Sophie. Will she available during the ReaperCon in the webshop to order her? From Germany it is not easy to be at the ReaperCon's.
  22. The ReaperCon Class Schedule can now be found here: https://reapercon.com/classes The ReaperCon Games Schedule can be found here: https://reapercon.com/games There are options to look at just a given day, or to see everything. Play around. *the schedule will be removed from this post when the ReaperCon website is updated with the schedule NOW - ALSO BE AWARE We have several instructors we are working with to finalize the details of their classes. These will fill most of the TBD (To Be Determined) spaces. HAVE FUN!
  23. WHOOOHOOOO! The count down timer to Reapercon has been posted! Now I no longer have to do the math in my head!
  24. So the husbandish and I are trying to make plans to come to RC '14 and I can't find any of the informational threads about RC '13. I assume they were deleted or archived which means I need some help from you guys. What hotel(s) are used by most people attending? What hotel was used by Reaper for some of the events of RC? When does check in start? What is the start time/day of activities? When do most people get there? What is the end time of activities? It's looking like we'll be able to make a 2 week vacation (road trip) out of the con so I want to make sure we are looking at reserving rooms at the right hotel. (anyone out there that might want to share a room with a guy that snores??) TIA for the help!!
  25. With the separation of ticket sales and swag bag orders this year, how are the numbers shaping up for the quantity of folks attending? I am not looking for a specific number, but more of an order of magnitude: about the same as last year (couple hundred), HOLY COW the hotel isn't going to be big enough!, OOOPS, we could have had this thing in a double wide. ETA: I think the class (lack of availability due to pre sales) listings are a clue, just wanted to get an idea of how early I need to be standing in line each morning (or "camping" out in the lobby all night) to have a chance of getting at least one class per day that I wanted.
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