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  1. So the husbandish and I are trying to make plans to come to RC '14 and I can't find any of the informational threads about RC '13. I assume they were deleted or archived which means I need some help from you guys. What hotel(s) are used by most people attending? What hotel was used by Reaper for some of the events of RC? When does check in start? What is the start time/day of activities? When do most people get there? What is the end time of activities? It's looking like we'll be able to make a 2 week vacation (road trip) out of the con so I want to make sure we are looking at
  2. With the separation of ticket sales and swag bag orders this year, how are the numbers shaping up for the quantity of folks attending? I am not looking for a specific number, but more of an order of magnitude: about the same as last year (couple hundred), HOLY COW the hotel isn't going to be big enough!, OOOPS, we could have had this thing in a double wide. ETA: I think the class (lack of availability due to pre sales) listings are a clue, just wanted to get an idea of how early I need to be standing in line each morning (or "camping" out in the lobby all night) to have a chance of
  3. So, A random thought popped into my head this morning. With Reapercon not being at the Factory this year, with mostly just tours and folks headed over to collect more minis, I figured the regular Factory workers are going to miss out on all the "fun goings on". Should we? Could we? Dare we? make a quick collection for a Friday pizza lunch for them?
  4. Logo by Jordan Peacock The North Sandalwood Special Animal Control (sometimes nicknamed the Unusual Animal Unit) is called in whenever there's something... strange. Exotic pets, wild animals that have ranged out of their habitats, usually. But sometimes... Sometimes there's something that other animal control offices don't even want to admit exist. And someone has to deal with it. In Jesse Hammond's ranch, there's something up with the jackrabbits. They've been acting strangely aggressive, and getting into places where no jackrabbit ought to be able to reach. And some of them see
  5. So. There are quite a few of us (some, anyway) from the Southeast US who will be driving to Texas in April for Reapercon. If you are interested in carpooling/caravaning to Reapercon this year (2014), please post here so we can figure logistics (and get a head-count). I know at least one person from SC is driving, and can carry up to 6 people in his vehicle (counting him, I believe). I will likely be driving as well (unless no one is interested, then I carpool with Bonwirn above); I have a Volvo Station Wagon, meaning 4 is the "comfortable" limit. Now then, details such as when
  6. So, I am officially going to RC14! Plane Tickets already boght, hotel reservations made, just waiting for the classes to be opened and tickets ready to sell. But one question did strike me: What should I bring to the convention? Miniatures to paint, as well as brushes and paint? Miniatures already painted (for show-off and such)? Cowboy hat and blue make-up (to the maskerade ball)? Camera (or what happen in Denton, stays in Denton)? Any suggestions? I will be going with my 9-year-old son (who doesn´t speaks english) Thanks
  7. I started painting my ringmaster Sophie last night and put a little more work in tonight. Still working on base coating. I thought I did a really great job with the eyes... then I took a look at my photo. I think the right eye (her left) needs to get redone. Colors used so far: Carnival Purple, Big Top Red, Palamino Gold, Noir Black, Caucasian Flesh
  8. well, the sun came out (still raining, but the sun is bright. I love this country) So i was able to get some decent pictures of my lady. Comment, critiques, cash and checks all gladly accepted.
  9. Ladies, Gentlemen, Goblins of all ages. Come one, come all. To see the daring deeds of ShadowRaven as he attempts to make Reapercon Sophie look good. In the first ring, we have primed, lined, and skintones to dazzle and amaze (at least I am somewhat amazed at how nice they are coming) For her skin, I began with a base of tanned skin, then highlighted with tan highlight, a blend of tanned highlight and rosey skin, followed by straight rosy skin. I am not happy with her eyes, but I hope I can straighten them out with a bit more of the flesh tone. Comment and critique, Please.
  10. So far I will be running games of CAV 2 at Reapercon this year. I so far am planning on running the games on Thursday and Sunday right now. If you want to learn how to play CAV or just want to rock a game then stop on by. If you are up for a regular game of CAV 2 then let me know so I can whip up a couple of lists. I encourage people to bring their own minis if they want a regular full game. The games I intend to run will be in a demo game format but will not be those tiny con style games. Come by and play one of the most fun mecha games out there. This thread is for C
  11. At long last, I've finished all the PCs for our Dragonlance campaign. This is Niko Cranewright, a kender with a...fascinating...penchant for folding every sheet of paper he comes across into a crane. This is the reason our party's wizard can't cast Magic Missile. Kender, miright? Anyway, I also entered Niko into the RCon competition. Surprising to me, a much less recent paintjob of mine was selected by the judges for critique (Janissa, or Cassie, seen in Show Off some time ago). I won bronze, and am quite pleased. Thanks to Derek for patiently walking me through the reasons Janissa was cho
  12. I finally got to my camera and thought I'd upload some pictures to share. It's a pretty random assortment of stuff, but maybe there's something of interest in there. Especially if you're curious about how to turn a VCR into an award-winning mini diorama! https://picasaweb.google.com/115811607220596609342/April272013?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCO_elo6-v8WrEQ&feat=directlink -N
  13. Photos from Reapercon, DispatchDave may have posted some of these. http://puppy-dangerous.deviantart.com/gallery/43360928
  14. One of the very fun things at Reapercon was the VCR Challenge. Noel (GuyWithCoolBackpack) has posted some photos that include shots of the challenge in progress and on display. Basically, we were handed a few old bits of electronica, some screwdrivers, and some minis. This is what I made. The mini is the bones version of the sweeping lady from #2825 Townsfolk, and the base is the laser apparatus from a DVD player. When I saw the mini, I knew I needed a lens for her to clean, so I was glad to see the DVD player in the pile. I painted her in a little over an hour, which is why I'm quite plea
  15. So... what's NEXT year's theme likely to be? And more importantly, can I adapt my all purpose purple velveteen top hat to work within it?
  16. The ReaperCon 2013 Warlord Tournament will be a 3 round tourney, with each round lasting approx 105 minutes (1 hour 45 minutes). Each player will bring a single 1000 point army list and play that same army list for all three rounds. Players will be allowed to choose faction doctrines to be in affect before the start of each round. The ReaperCon 2013 Warlord Tournament will be held at the Hotel this year. Some people know that from a different thread, but I am restating it for those that missed this information. Subject to change based on Reaper's needs, the start times (that means deplo
  17. I am finishing up the exclusive Fiasco PlaySet based around this year's ReaperCon theme of the Dark Carnival. Here's a teaser of the cover that my brother so kindly put together for me. There will be four official opportunities to play: twice on Friday and twice on Saturday. Be sure to show up promptly as we had tables fill almost immediately last year. I will also likely be walking around the Con with materials in hand for "unsanctioned" games.
  18. Well, I wasn't able to make it this year, and I have been living vicariously through the posts here... Time to set the clock so I can start planning for next year.
  19. forgive me if this has already been asked somewhere else but would it be possible to pickup our KS bones stuff at reapercon? It would save reaper cash and we could get our stuff... Not sure how much trouble it is or if it is worth it to reaper but I would be interested... Max
  20. I was wondering if I ordered a ticket to Reapercon and a bunch of stuff before the con, could a buddy who is attending the Con pick up the bag and order while he attends to con? It would save shipping the bag after the Con.
  21. All right! Here you go, separated by category (something new for this year). I present to you: the current class list for ReaperCon 2013. REAPERCON 2013 CLASS LIST NOTE: All classes can be considered hands-on except for Color Theory, Airbrush, and Q&A (or as noted in the description). Sculpting class students are encouraged to bring their own tools and supplies to work along with the instructor, though the instructor may have some supplies available to students who do not have their own materials. NOTE2: PLEASE bring an example of your own work to class or to one-on-one s
  22. Hey, all, I had a few questions pertaining to a mini I'm painting up for the Reaper Open competition. This is my first competition, so I'm not expecting to blow away the competition, I just want to give it a shot and paint a mini to the best of my ability. A few questions, though, that I'm hoping I could get some help on. 1) I've read the ReaperCon open rules, and it looks like you just bring the mini to the competition and sign it up there. Have I missed anything? 2) Is it generally considered good or bad form to post work-in-progress shots around here (in the appropriate forum) f
  23. I looked but did not see a list of guidelines or rules for submissions for the paint competition for Reapercon. I know that only all reaper miniatures are eligible for a Sophie, but what are the categories this year and are their any rules for submissions? I heard a rumor that there will not be an ordinance section this year? Also I am asking about rules because I have some ideas but some may consider them... bending the line of decency. Remember, I paint next to Martin at Paint club... :) Just wanted to make sure that there were no offensive dioramas submitted or over the top paints
  24. There is a thing I remember: how Reapercon.... and later Artistcon... was supposed to be the date of the Apocalypse. For some reason, a preacher decided that the weekends those events took place was the same weekend as last year's Reapercon and Artistcon. And for some reason, the Rapture did not occur. Read a lot about this guy. He got a lot of press, largely because his followers paid for a horde of billboards advertising the whole circus. Which never happened. Interestingly, we have an article here about what happened with those followers... a year later. Thought it might be of s
  25. Here are a couple of photos from ReaperCon, taken between my sessions of Fiasco. I'll try to grab a few more tomorrow and as them to my Flickr stream.
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