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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, Just so everybody knows, I'll be running themed RC 2015 rpg events as I have the past many years. I'm sticking with the three-hour block formats running each adventure twice over the course of the con. Four factions compete for control over the Axis, a massive space station 20+ kilometers in diameter. Old Terra is a distant memory, the Axis has been home to the remnants of Humanity after their colony ship suffered a mishap and was cast adrift. Since then additional drift-fleets from every corner of the galaxy have come to the station, docked, and added to the chaos. While the final details are still coming together I can reveal the factions: Confed: This is the democratically elected government promoting equality among the races but struggles to keep the peace with the assistance of the IMEF: Interstellar Marine Expeditionary Force. Their enemy is the Tribunal. (Good) Tribunal: A shadowy organization seeking to manipulate and gather power at any cost. They use any means at their disposal but prefer assassination, extortion, and mayhem. To them the ends justify the means. (Bad). Mutants: Science run amok! The mutants are the result of accidental and deliberate genomic modification due to radiological and xenobiological contamination. Think John Carpenter's The Thing with the infected struggling to maintain their hold onto what remains of their humanity. In exchange for their warped physiques they possess a staggering array of physical and mental abilites. (Neutral) Freelancers: Not so much a faction but rather a loose brotherhood of squabbling scallywags, drift trash, star-mercs, and assassins looking for their next score. (Neutral) There will be numerous outside groups working with and against the four factions, for hints on what's to come scope out the Fig-Finder searching 'Sci Fi' and see what turns up. If your a fan of Babylon 5, Deep Space 9, Star Wars, Star Trek, and/or Firefly you'll find a lot to love in this years offerings. In the weeks ahead I'll continue to drop tidbits, rumors, maps and maybe a fully statted character or threat to keep ya interested and guessin'. As usual my games will be available for pre-reg, I'm still finalizing the event descriptions so stay tuned. Seating will be limited to 6 but I reserve the right to seat another player or two. Four factions means four different faction-themed events. The fifth event will be an all-faction mashup and it seats 8. Pregenerated characters will be provided along with all materials. In addition to the very brief blurb above, an announcement: After careful consideration I've decided to use the West End Games D6 Space, Fantasy, and Adventure rpgs for my events this year. Yes, Fantasy and there will be characters who can access the mind-bending flesh-rending powers of the Source. In previous years I've used Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and even Ubiquity to great success. Those of you interested can find ALL of the WEG D6 material at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow sites for FREE. Yes, free. Eric Gibson has generously provided .pdfs of the rulebooks and supplemental books to the D6 community at no cost. The Open D6 license has allowed a variety of publishers to run with the ball and generate their own great content and I encourage ya'll to explore what the D6 community has to offer. In the meantime keep your Chimeran Spikeplasm Pistol handy, there are sinister things skulking the Axis corridors and people disappear every day. A final word of advice: never dicker with a Bathalian. The loss of your mind is the least of your worries... Stay tuned! >>ReaperWolf
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