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Found 6 results

  1. Hello again everyone! Well, I'm finally back to work on another project, and this time I want to go kind of big and grand! I poured over my collection of unpainted minis for a while before finally settling on Bobby Jackson's beautiful 2014 ReaperCon Sophie, but, in the end, the Western genre just wasn't doing it for me (even though I'm actually from the West myself and often pack my own gun belt and revolver when I'm out hiking or target shooting). Consequently, I decided that, with a few tweaks to make her look a little more modern, she would make a fantastic Werewolf Hunter out on a night hunt! So, out came the green stuff! My modifications weren't all that serious, but I hope they alter the character of the mini just enough (especially when I later put a huge, very dead werewolf on the base with her!). I thought long and hard about how I wanted to paint her, and, in my mind, I continue to picture a night scene (surprise, surprise), so I am going to try to work blue-grays into every color in the whole composition. However, I don't want to mute her completely (to the point of going monochrome), so I figure she'll be standing in full moonlight such that all of her colors still show through. I also really wanted to work on my painted textures. With all that in mind, here's where she's at so far: (The wings and hair are only basecoated.) I've cleared the "get the first paint on the mini" hurtle, so let's hope that this spurs me on to paint like crazy now!
  2. So, my most recent work. I am quite happy with how he looks in hand. Comments and critiques are eagerly sought by all. Also, this is the first mini I have ever painted that I have given thought to posting in the inspiration gallery. What do you all think, should I,or should i wait until my skills improve a little more yet?
  3. In a different thread Vince put out a call for terrain assistance the night before ReaperCon. He needed a big hill. (A table was planned that called for a graveyard on a hill.) A link to that thread. I saw the thread and a few PMs and text messages later it was determined that there was a hill hiding in my rather disheveled workshop room that might do. It looked like this: It was an unfinished slab of pink foam (the top had a basecoat on it). This shot was originally sent via phones to [give] Vince an idea of how big it was. That is a Storm Giant from the KS 1 batch along with a paint bottle for scale (I lack a copy of Sir Forscale).
  4. So. There are quite a few of us (some, anyway) from the Southeast US who will be driving to Texas in April for Reapercon. If you are interested in carpooling/caravaning to Reapercon this year (2014), please post here so we can figure logistics (and get a head-count). I know at least one person from SC is driving, and can carry up to 6 people in his vehicle (counting him, I believe). I will likely be driving as well (unless no one is interested, then I carpool with Bonwirn above); I have a Volvo Station Wagon, meaning 4 is the "comfortable" limit. Now then, details such as when to leave (or meet up on the way) need to be determined. Due to my class/exam schedule, I will not be able to leave until Wednesday, 04/23 (and will likely haul-keister to get to Texas that night, although sleeping in a rest stop does save on hotel bills). Wanna join us? Let us know. As I said details are kind of up in the air, and I will PM the few of you I know expressed interest. -Dave
  5. For next year's swag bag you guys should totally put in Reaper decals I'd love to have one on my car. The spiffy clear kind that can go on windows would be especially nice Gots to get me more swag, need more pens hehe
  6. Hey everyone!!! WHAT A CON!!!!!!! First off i have to give kudos to the Reaper Miniatures Team for pulling together a great ReaperCon in the midst of the HUGELY successful Bones Kickstarter!! Being local to the company I can testify that every able body was involved from the volunteers helping sort out bones to the man who signs the checks. And now for the meat of this post. As many people who attended this RC know, there wer a few firsts in the paint competition: Youth division is now able to win medals The youngest painter (14 months) won a certificate *and his dad is STILL trying to figure out how he blended gold and green* A new division was created - Dioramas The first ever group diorama submission (from what i was told) There was a Dark Sword Miniatures Best in Show The Best In Show made people stop in their tracks and quote George Takei by saying.. "Oh My!" Derreck won his first Gold Sophie.... err wait a sec... i mean ANOTHER PAIR of Gold Sophie :) *well done sir, well done* And I am sure i missed something else in there somewhere. The two items which i am going to discuss here involve the new DIorama category AND the group submission! When i first asked Anne if anyone had done a groupo project and was told no, i was a little surprised. So i took a small idea that i had, mentioned it to the Reaper Paint club folks and it took off into the 39 miniature monster that was presented at the show. It was incredibly fun and winning a bronze for it, as a team, was rewarding beyond belief. So, after asking for permission and getting the go ahead, i hearby welcome all paint groups, clubs, gatherings, gaggles, hordes or whatever to join us next year for Paint Club submissions. Here are the rules and guidelines that we setup and followed, but we may tweak them a bit so please check back often: We only used Reaper Miniatures Has to be based on the theme of that ReaperCon Theme for 2014 is Wild West, but remember, Steam-punk variations are always welcome! Try to keep the size under 12"(W) X 12"(L) X 16"(H) (we failed in this part because apparently i cannot measure well) *Up for debate* No professional painters were allowed to paint anything, advise only Rule Eliminated by popular demand!! Try to keep each persons involvement to no more than 30% of the work (for smaller paint groups, this will be revised as necessary) I have not nailed down the prize for this yet. Perhaps a unique trophy which gets handed from paint group to paint group like the stanley trophy or something. Anyway, what do you guys think? Anyone interested? Any additional ideas or Rules? See you guys out there and PAINT ALL THE THINGS!!!!
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